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Fanfiction: Harry Potter

Fantastic Beasts Era

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Warmth Newt looks for a little bit of warmth.

Marauders Generation

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Payment Due After a long, hard night with the full moon, Remus and Sirius spend the day together, unexpectedly battling a resulting case of the sniffles.
Hogwarts Hallways What secrets the Hogwarts Hallways have to hide. It's a good thing the paintings can't talk. Oh... wait...
Dark Dormitories Set the night after 'Hogwarts Hallways' takes place and in Sirius' point of view this time, he reflects upon Remus and a bit of the sweeter and also raunchier parts of their current relationship.
Sick as a Dog Everyone's favorite dog is, well, sick as a dog. Poor Siri. But Remus stays home to take care of him.
Breakfast Time A simple but sentimental story set in the marauder's last school year. Sirius keeps an eye on Remus who happens to have a cold.
Journeying A trip to alert the 'old crowd' finds Remus and Sirius in Finland. After a long train ride and a cold afternoon walk in the snow they reach the house of an old friend, perhaps worse for the journey.
Three Sides to Every Lifetime: Mischief Part 1 in my 'Three sides to every lifetime' trilogy. A light story set in their seventh year, in which we find Remus and Sirius both sick in bed, poor things.
Three Sides to Every Lifetime: Romance Part 2 in my 'Three sides to every lifetime' trilogy. Set about half a year after Harry's birth. Amidst the terror, fear, and suspicion, Remus and Sirius survive the only way they know how.
Three Sides to Every Lifetime: Recovery Part 3 in my 'Three sides to every lifetime' trilogy. Set in the summer after Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts (summer between books 4 and 5).
Lupercalia Set on February 15th 2003, Sirius must do a little bit of convincing to get a cold-ridden Remus to celebrate Lupercalia in their traditional way.
Strawberries Remus, sick in bed, is seduced by Sirius and a container of strawberries.
Growing Up a Little I'm constantly mentioning how I don't feel Sirius ever really had a chance to grow up. So I thought I'd try my hand at a story that goes against that. Cold night, lots of tension, sneezes, a little brotherly hurt/comfort, and profuse use of nicknames.
Sleeping Arrangements Remus has "moved into" Sirius' bed and must get used to it. But this night turns out to be a bumpy ride.
Desperation and Pleasure There are times when you're so desperate for pleasure (no, not that kind of pleasure!) that you'll do just about anything to get it. And Sirius is desperate. This is set in their second year.
Perfect Angels There are certain drawbacks to MWPP out marauding on the grounds in the middle of winter. Namely, terribly sneezey head colds of course. What a surprise ;-)
Love and Lightheartedness Despite a strong sense of humor and other things he could be doing on a day off from auror training, Sirius does an excellent job at being a caregiver when Remus comes down with a bad cold
Snuggles and Some Seriousness Sequel to 'Love and Lightheartedness'. Sirius is a bit under the weather and switches roles with Remus, who takes care of him this time.
Hunter's Moon The four Marauders, together for the first time, investigating and adventuring. Can't help it if there's a little sneezing thrown in for fun, the boys are just too cute to resist *G* Written for the SF Halloween Challenge
Of Scarves and Sentimentality Seven years at Hogwarts means seven winter holidays and winter colds for Remus Lupin. Written for the SF Winter Holiday Challenge
A Grim Night Sirius and Remus come home after a battle with a few Death Eaters, not much better for the fighting but very much more alive than their foes.
The First of Many Nights In which an already sick and sniffley Remus is left in the Shrieking Shack to transform and spend a miserable night alone. Or so he thinks.
The Second of Many Nights Sequel to 'First of Many Nights' in which they spend the night together... again.
Resolutions The marauders make resolutions for the new year. Written for the SF Winter Holiday Challenge
Crying Wolf Sirius learns a few lessons about crying wolf. Incidentally, so do the others.
Finding the Right One Sirius comes down sick. Then there is a cold night and lots of bed-hopping.
You Stroke Me like the Rain Wet puppies, and a little suffering!Sirius
Comfortable Place on the Couch A comfy couch, and a little more suffering!Sirius. Sequel to 'You Stroke Me like the Rain'
Nowadays You Can't Be Too Sentimental An after-mission walk home with more suffering!Sirius. Sequel to 'Comfortable Place on the Couch'
And Still You Want Me Late at night with a not-so-sleepy suffering!Sirius. Sequel to 'Nowadays You Can't Be Too Sentimental
Reception The wedding reception doesn't sit particularly well with Remus but his friends look after him through it and problems.
Dreams I wonder if you care. I wonder if you still remember. Once upon a time in your wildest dreams
Fighting the Loneliness Sirius is sick and thus alone and bored in the dormitory all day. But he manages to find a way to fill the time and put himself to sleep. And Remus is just normally worried.
Healing Remus, who's become a male prostitute after Hogwarts to get by, has an encounter late one night with a dark, mysterious stranger. Written for sneezefic weekly hatching #8
Counting On It A lazy afternoon, an allergy, and some affectionate puppies.
Victories After a Quidditch Cup win, there are celebrations, calmer times, and numerous victories.
Motorcycle Ride Sirius takes Remus on a ride. Remus does most of the riding and all of the sneezing.
Drink Up Sirius is drinking orange juice. Remus is perplexed. This isn't much of a summary but the fic's just not that long.
Hopeless and Sniffly Remus is pissed at Sirius... but finds it difficult to stay that way.
Futile Hopes & Unexpected Kindnesses Remus isn't feeling well. Snape's not exactly his usual self, either.
Here Comes Peter Cottontail Remus is sick in bed during Easter Holiday. Written for the Beginnings & Endings Challenge
If God Doesn't Root for the Marauders, Why Does He Make the Autumn Leaves Maroon and Gold?
*Fic Commentary*
A love-sick Sirius makes note of Remus' mothering instincts and attempts to use them to his advantage. Written for the Beginnings & Endings Challenge
Babysitting Sirius does some babysitting.
Misery Loves Company A sick and miserable Remus spends a sleepless night reading in bed.
Fever 1 Sirius is not feeling well and depressed. Remus gets to the bottom of it.
Snow Drabble 2 Snow-watching which leads to snuggling
Godfather Material James is not at his best and neither is Remus. Sirius handles them both.
Hankies Remus tries his luck at a gay muggle night club and, ah, gets both sneezy and lucky.
The First Day of Spring Remus does NOT enjoy the onset of spring. Written in exactly one hour on the first day of spring (2005)
Warming Up Snowball fight fun, a few sniffles, and snuggling temptations. Inspired by a work of fanart.
Lethargic Remus is ill and on the bathroom floor. Written for the 132 Moods of Sneezefic challenge. This is a prequel of sorts to Hot.
Hot As Remus is just getting over being ill, Sirius lures him out of their flat for an evening of fun. Written for the 132 Moods of Sneezefic challenge. This is a sequel of sorts to Lethargic
Sweet Nothings Sirius needs some love. Or is it the other way around?
2005 Gift for Vignette The Marauders attempt to pull of their biggest and best prank ever… a...d they'll succeed so long as Remus' sneezes don't get in the way. Written as a gift fic for Vignette during the 2005 holiday season.
2005 Gift for callmetina Sirius is sick and all Remus wants to do is take care of him. Unfortunately, that's the last thing any of his friends want him doing. Written as a gift fic for Tina during the 2005 holiday season.
Honesty is the Best Policy Sirius is freezing cold and thinks he can manipulate Remus...
Off-Color It's Halloween and Remus has a head cold. That's not a surprise...
Friends will be Friends According to Sirius, it's a bad time for Remus to come down with a cold. Both of them learn a little something about friendship.
Secrets Remus is a man of many secrets. What happens when another gets out? Written for the Annual Challenge- Love Theme
Let Sleeping Wolves Lie Remus is sick and tired. Luckily, he finds a nice place to nap. Inspired by and based on silverelf's most wonderful holiday gift to me.
Birthday Ficlet for Callmetina Short PWP with the pups
Five Things that Make a Remus J. Lupin See the title.
K is for Kite Remus/Sirius. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
U is for Understanding James/Lily. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
Bonus 1 One night during the war, Sirius is visited by Remus' patronus.
With Friends Like These Sirius is sick but incredibly stubborn. The other Marauders do something about that.
Who Needs Enemies? Sequel to “With Friends Like These”. Sirius is sick, miserable, and a little depressed. The other Marauders watch over him.
The Last Train Ride Events leading up to Remus going to teach at Hogwarts.
Tina's Request 2007 Sirius comes down with a horrible cold but elects for the care of his friends over the care of Madam Pomfrey. His friends are caring but not convinced it's the right choice.
The Thoughts of Remus Lupin, During a Snowstorm while Sick with a Cold Part of a multi-fandom series of stories with similar titles (which sort of explains it all)
1983 Remus is ill on Lupercalia
Gift for Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw 2006 Remus knows what to do about the Sirius' sorry state of frustration combined with a head cold.
Gift for Tina 2007 Remus gets sick for the first time since he and Sirius become seriously attached to each other. How will each puppy cope?
Pointing the Finger James didn't get any sleep last night and wants to know who to blame.
The Stuff of Fairy Tales Remus attempts to escape into a good book.
Day 12 Snape is sick and miserable, but at least he’s alone.
Because Sirius doesn't like doing his homework, but Remus refuses to do it for him.
Holiday Overindulgence The pups overdo everything during the holidays.
18. Dust Gimmauld Place is dusty. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
49. Tease Because Sirius loves Remus, that's why. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
94. Weird Sometimes, Remus just doesn't understand the things Sirius does. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Y is for Yearning Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
Day 12 Sirius doesn’t want to bother anyone with his cold
You've Been Out for Days. I Was Worried You Were Dead. “I’m as good as.” Remus limps down the hallway of Number 12 Grimmauld Place.
Secret Keeper James shows up drunk at Sirius’ place one snowy night.
6. Reunion Sirius has returned after a decade, but some things are pretty much the same. Part of my More Drabbles project.
Drabble 1 Sirius knows all of Remus' weaknesses.
Scarf Sirius loves just about everything Remus does.
Second Time Around Remus is a kindhearted lad, and that doesn't change over the years even when lovers do
Hanging On Short ficlette. Remus visits the attic alone. Bill understands and gives him something to hold onto
Needs My first Snape fic. Snape catches a bit of a sniffle (or something) and Lucius Malfoy arrives to have a few needs filled.
Night Detention A story set just before 'Breakfast Time' which explains a bit better where Remus' cold came from. Poor Snape *G*
Dark Eyes In the second book, it's clearly mentioned that there are many colds around winter time. And there is also a passage wherein Snape sneezes at exactly the same time Ron stubs his toe as he and Harry sneak out of the castle to see Hagrid under the invisibility cloak. So this story picks up on those hints and follows a poor, sniffley, miserable Snape around a bit. And if you think Snape was bitter and vindictive before- wait till you see him miserable and tired and, well, rather cute as well.
Familiarity Snape is sent to look after a sick Draco, and can't help thinking back to a time when he and Lucius were at Hogwarts together. Written for the SF Winter Holiday Challenge
The Perfect Excuse Having spent a few days working for Dumbledore, Snape needs an excuse to explain his absence to the death eaters. Written after I requested boykissing requests.
2005 Gift for a4o While at Hogwarts during the holidays, Snape has a cold. But he also has a plan to get over it more quickly. Written as a gift fic for a4o during the 2005 holiday season.
BVB's Request 2007 Snape is miserable after the events of HBP. Not to mention that he's got a cold.
Deadly Medicine Sirius is staying with Remus the summer after book 4, and comes down with a little cold. With Remus away, Dumbledore asks Snape to look after Sirius. This is inspired by Gayle's wonderful suggestion, not my own genius! *G*
Escape Snape is sick and needs to escape from a certain someone.
3. Cat Snape has a cold... and a cat. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Following Snape My second HP fanfic... with adorable little Ron and Harry who are suspicious as usual and wander into the Forbidden Forest. And of course, our favorite four from the past have their part in here as well! *G* Lots of cuteness and, well, you'll see! :-)
Storytelling Harry's got a cold and Sirius and Remus amuse him with a before bedtime story from their days at Hogwarts.
The Fighter Snape is not the world's most cooperative patient, but Remus has patience.
Mischief Managed The Marauders are up to their usual mischief... but run into a problem or two. Written after I requested boykissing requests.
Futile Hopes & Unexpected Kindnesses Remus isn't feeling well. Snape's not exactly his usual self, either.
A Week's Worth of Visits During the week leading up to the full moon, Remus isn't feeling well and Snape isn't entirely thrilled, either. The fact that Snape is required to see him for daily potion deliveries only makes things worse. This is the full-fic version of 'Futile Hopes & Unexpected Kindnesses'
Gift for a4o 2006 Snape is sick and Remus knows he needs some care... of one sort or another.
Snowfall Take one Snape and one Lupin, throw them into a cabin together, add a cold, and stir.
Gift for superimmunegirl 2006 What happens during two sleepless nights for Snape and Lupin.
Lupin's Tale (Where Are We Going) Snape isn't able to give Remus Pepper-up potion. But he is able to help Remus in other ways.
Day 11 On Boxing Day, Lily takes a walk and happens to stumble upon Severus.
Special Big Brother Magic Sirius did not want to come home to spend the Christmas holidays with his family.
Day 12 Lily and Snape run into each other during break at Hogwarts.
new Scarf James gives Remus a scarf for Christmas, and Remus loves it.

Harry's Generation

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Trip to Diagon Alley Harry and Ron are shopping in Diagon Alley.
Bedside Manner Set years in the future, Harry comes down with a bit of a headcold, and we discover Ron's wonderful bedside manner.
Halloween Sniffles Set during their last year at school, Harry comes down with the sniffles on Halloween. This story, though a bit contrived, was created for a challenge posted on the sneeze fic mailing list.
The DeForré Potion Harry has mysterious sniffling and sneezing attacks and no one's quite sure what's wrong with him. Note: In response to the 'Harry is very allergic to Crookshanks and it is a while before Hermione realizes this.' Challenge
Harry Potter and the Hyacinth Harry's got an allergy to a potion ingredient and Snape is not at all pleased with this as one might expect.
Reunion (1)
Reunion (2)
Reunion (3)
Harry, Ron, and Hermione agree to meet in Hogsmeade the December following their departure from Hogwarts to catch up. A slightly different approach, this is actually 3 separate stories, all with the same plot, but different pairings and as many differences as similarities.
Fallen After a friend's death, Harry is rather angst-ridden and sick in bed. He awakens in the middle of the night and contemplates it all.
The Most Timid Lion Sometimes, mistakes can't be avoided, and their results can be disastrous. But Neville's not the only one who makes them. And throwing in a little hurt/comfort doesn't hurt anything, either.
Fussing Harry's spending his sixteenth birthday at The Burrow and hoping not to be fussed over when he comes down with the sniffles.
It is Halloween, After All In this very short PWP, Ron and Harry spend a Halloween night together. Written for the SF Halloween Challenge
Attempts at Comforting In this short PWP, Ron catches a cold and Harry tries to comfort him.
Deviating Neville has a special routine on Tuesday evenings. Harry has a head cold.
Laughing Set the winter after their last year at Hogwarts, the trio spend the holidays in the Alps trying to cheer Harry up a little. Plans, however, have a way of not working out, especially for Harry. Written for the SF Winter Holiday Challenge
Slowly Smiling Ron sleeps through part of class and part of the first snowfall of the season
Planting Asphodel Neville's grandmother's health is growing steadily worse, and he goes to Harry for comfort in the middle of the night.
A Promise Made Ron gets a little disagreeable when sick. Fortunately, Harry knows how to deal with him. Written after I requested boykissing requests.
Gift for Carolee Harry and Ron have different ways of dealing with illness and it gets in the way of their relationship... for a little while at least
Bearing Gifts After a snowball fight, Harry catches a cold. He doesn't like admitting it, but he doesn't mind accepting a few kindnesses from his three friends who come bearing gifts.
2005 Gift for circe Harry returns to Hogwarts, and to Snape, with a head cold. Written as a gift fic for circe during the 2005 holiday season.
2005 Gift for Pixie_Dusted Harry comes down with a terrible cold. Written as a gift fic for pixie_dusted during the 2005 holiday season.
2005 Gift for Symphonyflute During the holiday, Harry comes down sick. He has too much on his mind to take care of himself properly, however. Written as a gift fic for Symphonyflute during the 2005 holiday season.
Twas the Night Before Christmas It's Christmas Eve and Harry has a cold.
Ron Penalty Drabble Ron the Auror is sneezy.
Suffering in Silence Takes place autumn of Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Harry falls sick but, due to what he learnt at the Dursleys', tries to hide it from everyone. However, one person, either a teacher or a student, notices and helps him get better.
A Valid Excuse Harry has a headache.
Gift for Silverelf 2006 Harry's sick and, for the first time ever, a little needy.
Day 4 Cedric might have come in first during the Second Task, but he lost the battle with his health.
Turnabout My first sneezefic starring Percy and Oliver (as a couple). After a hard day at the office, Percy heads to Oliver's place to take care of a few needs. Of course, it turns out that Oliver needs a bit more than Percy does. Set a year after their graduation from Hogwarts.
Promises There's just something terribly irresistible about a handsome, wet Quidditch player with a head cold. Percy would be inclined to agree.
Becoming One Almost too short to summarize. Fred and George have at it, basically. And the sneezing comes in afterwards
Impressions can be Deceiving Hermione gets a bit more than she wanted at the library, and perhaps a change of heart as well.
Day 10 Blaise catches a cold and isn't so thrilled about it.
Following Snape My second HP fanfic... with adorable little Ron and Harry who are suspicious as usual and wander into the Forbidden Forest. And of course, our favorite four from the past have their part in here as well! *G* Lots of cuteness and, well, you'll see! :-)
Storytelling Harry's got a cold and Sirius and Remus amuse him with a before bedtime story from their days at Hogwarts.
Harry Potter and the Hyacinth Harry's got an allergy to a potion ingredient and Snape is not at all pleased with this as one might expect.
2005 Gift for circe Harry returns to Hogwarts, and to Snape, with a head cold. Written as a gift fic for circe during the 2005 holiday season.
Chance Encounter Oliver finds himself in Diagon Alley on St. Patty's Day and runs into some old friends
April Fools 1 Fred and George play an April Fools Day joke on the rest of the school and are present to observe the first witnesses to it
April Fools 2 Fred and a sick George scheme, but the day comes back to bite them.
April Fools 3 Fred and George are again accused of doing a prank they weren't actually responsible for. This time people are less amused.
Sneezing Sweets Fred and George work on the latest addition to their snackboxes. Written for sneezefic weekly hatching #10
The Last Fred and George are sick in bed together, and decisions must be made.
new Worried Charlie is worried, because it turns out he’s allergic to dragons.
Council Meeting Charlie isn't feeling particularly well and, as he's in a vampire council meeting, it isn't particularly the easiest of situations.
Day After An immediate continuation from 'Council Meeting', Charlie's got a cold and deals with it.
Unexpected Visitor Charlie's sick in bed and gets an... well, you can read the title well enough. And sometimes unexpected visitors can be the best kind :-) This could possibly follow 'Day After' or be a completely on its own thing
Waking in a Winter Wonderland Bill comes down with a cold on the way to Remus' cabin where they intend to spend the holidays together for the first time. Written for the Beginnings & Endings Challenge
Gift for BrigidMN Percy and Oliver are just getting used to their relationship, just to have it disturbed by their previously made holiday plans. But to Percy's frustration, there are some things neither of them can plan for.
And a Minute Percy and Oliver, ambiguity and cuteness ;-)
Tug of War When Percy gets a cold, it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Oliver.
2005 Gift for Brigidmn Oliver and Percy are stuck in a train station on Christmas Eve... but they're also stuck with each other. Written as a gift fic for Brigidmn during the 2005 holiday season.
Together Again Percy & Oliver celebrate their anniversary at a pub.
Clearing His Head Just a look at Oliver Wood. If I say more, it'll ruin the story.
B is for Brothers Bill & Charlie. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
M is for Midnight Cedric/Oliver. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
N for Naughty Percy/Oliver. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
Identical George has a tickle in his nose and feels miserable. Fred sort of helps and sort of... gets curious.
Day 2 As the war intensifies, Fred and George worry about their store… and their colds.
From Memory Oliver's under the weather and also has a touch of nostalgia.
Gift for x_posed_again 2006 Marcus stops in for a short visit with Oliver, but it doesn't turn out as Oliver had expected.
Scottish Hospitality Oliver Wood's team plays Marcus Flint's team for the first time since the two left Hogwarts. They're professional and there's a bit of tension… but also possibility for friendship?
Gift for x_posed_again 2007 Marcus arrives home, full of surprises. Though this is a standalone fic, it's DEFINITELY recommended that you read my 'Scottish Hospitality' fic before this one because of established facts and references.
Day 5 Oliver finally gets a chance... (Oliver/Marcus)
Darkest Nights Turn Into Dawns George Weasley attempts to cope with what life has given him.
Lots Can Happen in Five Minutes A slightly hectic but notably important morning for George Weasley and family.
Sharing Percy and Oliver share a fun time out… and some other things, too.
Gift for Brigidmn 2006 A cold helps to reaffirm a thing or two for Percy
Gift for Vignette 2006 Oliver runs into Cedric and stuff happens.
Gift for Brigidmn 2007 Percy and Oliver are off on holiday, and happen to be sick.
Brigidmn's Request 2007 Percy and Oliver take a holiday trip to a very cold Canada.
Discovery For the first time since they started dating, Charlie comes down with a cold. Neville expected a runny nose and maybe being cuddled to death. He didn't expect this.
Not-so-strange Bedfellows Percy Weasley comes down ill and stays the night at Oliver's for the first time.
Day 1 Oliver and Marcus must cope with being forced to share a flat.
I Hate You Marcus and Oliver in the morning.
Bliss and Complications Neville doesn't want anything to destroy his good mood.
Day 5 Marcus Flint is new to the team and trying to find his place there, but he’s a bit unpredictable.
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Whenever Charlie comes down with something, big brother Bill comes to take care of him. It works the other way around as well.
Coming Out This Christmas Charlie considers coming out to his family at the Weasley family Christmas dinner. A follow-up to "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder"
2. Desperation Percy's very proper when he sneezes. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
32. Double The twins are sneezey. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
41. Nervous Neville sneezes when he's nervous. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
44. Relief Oliver helps Marcus out. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Day 8 Marcus Flint has recently joined Puddlemere United and is out to prove himself.
Day 7 Oliver’s sick and angry at everyone about it.
Hold On. You're Too Sick to Go Anywhere. Oliver turned, one hand on the doorknob and the other clutching a tissue pressed to his nose.
Day 10 Neville gets a care package from England and has some unplanned fun with his boyfriend.

Next Generation

Title & Ratings Description & Information
71. Pressure Albus is under some pressure. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Nargles Christmases can be difficult for orphans.
Day 10 Cursed Child alternate timeline Snape is full of regrets, and then he's full of cold.


Title & Ratings Description & Information
A Private Moment Set in a Regency AR, there is present-giving and Sirius indulges Remus.
A Letter from Mssr Padfoot Set in a Regency AR, this is a letter Sirius sends to Lily when the Potters are in hiding
The Least Odd of the Oddities Picking up on some hints through out the books, I picked Hagrid to start out with in my first Harry Potter fanfic. It was a lot of fun and got me into the style of writing HP fanfic... leading the way for more I hope!
Avoiding The beginning of the term is off to a slightly awkward and rocky start for Madams Hooch and Pomfrey
Gift for Bobsmonkeymafia 2006 Tom Riddle is sick and too good for a trip to the hospital wing.
Full Circle A short PWP which is completely an excuse to throw all of my favorite Harry Potter ships in the same story