Title: The Thoughts of Remus Lupin, During a Snowstorm while Sick with a Cold

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: NOT my characters! Please don't sue me!
Summary: Part of a multi-fandom series of stories with similar titles (which sort of explains it all)

The Thoughts of Remus Lupin, During a Snowstorm while Sick with a Cold


Why is it that mushy oatmeal makes me feel sick, except when I'm already sick? And then it makes me feel warm inside and out.


Why is it that Sirius' thick feather comforter makes my nose tickle, except when it's already tickling? And then it makes me so warm and comfortable that I wouldn't want to sleep anywhere else when sick.


Why is it that the Marauders' teasing usually makes me blush, except when my cheeks are already flushed? And then it's actually kind of nice and endearing.


I love when they pile onto the bed with me. There's snuggling from them and it's just a little affectionate, but mostly makes me nice and toasty. There's sniffling from me and it's just a little annoying, but mostly they ignore it as though I were perfectly fine. They always give me first crack at the candy or they nick some hot chocolate from the kitchen and give me the fullest mug.


When I start nodding off, Sirius wraps his arms around me and lets me fall asleep against his body. He lets me use his chest as a pillow and strokes me… sometimes a little inappropriately, which makes me smile. He conjures up peppermint lotion to rub on my chest to help free my sinuses… and sometimes he rubs it elsewhere to help take my mind off my cold.


And when the snow is really coming down outside, and I sit in bed, looking longingly out at the snowball fights and snow angels, a few simple spells turn our dormitory into a winter wonderland without the cold temperatures. The magical flakes sparkle in the candlelight and the faux snow blankets everything in the room without soaking it.


Why is it that colds make me miserable, except when I actually have a cold? And then I couldn't be happier.