Title: A Promise Made

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter post-Hogwarts

Rating: PG

Pairing: Harry/Ron

Spoilers: er, none really

Disclaimer: These lads would be doing this all the time if I owned them. As it is, I do not. This is just an innocent little ficlet

Summary: Ron gets a little disagreeable when sick. Fortunately, Harry knows how to deal with him.

Notes: I requested boykissing. Carolee requested Harry/Ron



A Promise Made


     "And that's all for this week. See you back here on Monday," the instructor said, giving them all a wave. Then he took a step backwards and vanished into the chalkboard.


     Ron sighed and reached down, scratching his ankle where dark blue robes and slumping black socks parted. He looked up at the students racing to the front of the small classroom to try and figure out where their instructor had gone. "You would think after four months they'd give it up." Their instructor of Concealment and Disguise had been a top auror in his day. Harry and Ron had both decided after a few months of being stumped that if the man didn't want to be found, he never would be.


     "You would think." Harry closed his notebook and stuck his wand in his robe pocket. Several students were banging palms against the now solid chalkboard. Harry had to speak up over the din. "Com on, let's get going. Straight home." Many times on Friday after lessons they had drinks at the pub 'round the corner, but not this time.


     "Awww, Harry..." Ron groaned, standing. "I told you I wasn't that sick. I could really use a drink."


     Harry shook his head, standing and linking his arm in Ron's. "You made me a promise, remember? I let you come to classes today so you wouldn't fall behind and now you need to go back home and rest." Auror training was a good deal different in form and feel from Hogwarts. While Ron was never one to mind missing a class or two back in school, missing even one lesson now put him leagues behind. And given that only about 5% of those who started the training ever finished, Ron was filled with determination to make it through.


     "But I haven't even sneezed in the last hour, didn't you notice? I'm feeling better. Maybe it was just a five hour bug or some morning congestion or something," Ron argued.


     But Harry wasn't buying it. "Not half an hour ago I saw you rubbing your nose for ten minutes straight to keep the tickles away. And your voice is as scratchy as it was when we woke up this morning, you just don't notice it any more. You're going straight home and getting right into bed."


     Ron grudgingly walked with him, out of the auror training building, and down several streets to a place where they could apparate home without being seen. Ron managed to keep his sneezes back until they were home in the one bedroom flat they shared. Then he let them go, with one hand cupped to his nose and mouth. "ehh-IHHHShhhhhh! IHHHKshhhhhh!" Ron sniffled and rubbed the back of his hand at his nose.


     Making for the squishy, comfy couch, Harry pulled Ron back. "Ah-ah. Bed."


     Ron pointed at the couch, which looked so welcoming, and a good deal closer than the bedroom. "But I'd rather just crash..."


     Shaking his head, "Absolutely not. You'll sleep better and more comfortably in bed." Rubbing his nose and sniffling, Ron left the argument there. Harry rubbed at Ron's shoulders, guiding him into the bedroom. Ron walked stiffly, as though he would have liked nothing more than to collapse on the first thing he saw and stay there until the illness passed. But Harry was not to be crossed when it came to Ron's health. And so they ended up in the bedroom. Of course, ending up in the bedroom wasn't exactly a new thing for them.


     Ron kicked off his shoes on the way, and pulled off his training robes. Harry maneuvered around each and covered Ron up with the blankets. His arm around Ron, tucking the covers around tightly, he smiled and leaned in for a full kiss. Ron scowled and turned his head away. "Don't."


     "Why not?" Harry asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed and petting gently.


     The cheek and ear not pressed against the pillow flushed red. "I... I'm sick. I don't feel like it."


     Harry smiled and would have been amused, had it not meant Ron's suffering. "I thought you said you were feeling better?"


     "I lied." He shivered under the blanket and Harry instinctively felt his forehead. Warm. Maybe too warm. But he'd be all right now that he was in bed with Harry to watch over him. "I just don't feel much like..."


     "It's all right," Harry whispered, stroking Ron's cheek. "I didn't mean sex. Just a little kiss..." Again he leaned over, and again Ron pulled his head away. "Not even a kiss?" Ron shook his head. "Please?" Ron shook his head again. "How about if I make you a promise not to get sick?" Yet another nod made Harry abandon the issue for now.


     Harry sighed lightly, figuring that Ron must be feeling bad indeed if he refused even a kiss. Adding to this assumption was the fact that Ron seemed to need to sneeze again. It seemed that now that he was home, he wasn't holding back any more. Harry watched him concernedly. "If I'd known you were really so sick, I never would have let you go in today," he whispered to himself.


     Busy with his sneezes, Ron did not hear the comment. He curled up a bit more, holding a hand loosely to his face as his breaths grew ragged and shallow. "ehhh-ehhhh..." Then his eyes, which were tightly shut, relaxed along with the rest of his face. He shook hard at the force of the sneezes. "Ihhhh-HIHHHSHHH! YIHHShhhhhh! IHHHKShahhhh!"


     Harry reached over, retucking the blankets and rubbing Ron's arm tenderly though them. If ever he'd wanted to kiss Ron before, he wanted it even more now. Ron looked up at him, eyes deep and full of hurt. "Harry... I need... I mean, could you..."


     Harry nodded, back to stroking Ron's cheek. "Of course. I'll get you anything you need. Just name it."


     Taking a deep breath, he blurted out, "Glass-of-juice-cough-syrup-heating-pad-tissue-box-and-another-blanket-please?"


     Trying his hardest not to laugh, Harry nodded. Mrs. Weasley had always been the smothering type when one of her children fell ill. He had large shoes to fill, but was determined to not only put up with a demanding, argumentative Ron but care for him properly. "I'll be right back then." He attempted to kiss Ron before leaving his side, but Ron turned his head and buried his face into the pillow. Harry settled for ruffling Ron's hair, which was quite long since he'd been growing it out.


     By the time he returned with a full tray and a blanket tucked under one arm, Ron was fast asleep. His mouth was half open, though he seemed to be breathing through his nose. One hand lay open on the pillow beside his head, palm facing up. His whole body was half curled as he lay on his side with covers up to his neck.


     Harry gave a sigh and set the tray on the nightstand. He covered Ron with the extra blanket, but found himself drawn to that pale face. There was something about a sleeping man that made him irresistible. He looked like the sweetest and most innocent thing in all the world, wizarding or muggle. Ron was no exception. Asleep, he had no demands and there was no arguing. He still looked a bit sick, but there was nothing to stop Harry now.


     Smiling, Harry squatted down halfway, so he was face-to-face with Ron. He leaned in close, so he could feel Ron's light breaths upon his face. "I promise I won't get sick," Harry mouthed. Then, hoping he would not wake Ron up, he pressed his lips to Ron's mouth. Though asleep, it almost felt as though Ron were kissing him back. It was a warm kiss, and it lasted far longer than Harry had intended. Once there, it seemed a shame to stop. Harry savored it, wishing it would soothe Ron even though the man was asleep.


     Breaking the kiss off finally, Harry opened his eyes. Ron was still out, but now he was smiling slightly and Harry was sure he had not been before. Harry sighed happily and climbed into bed behind Ron, scooting right up behind the other man. He reached over Ron with one arm, taking him in a hug. His hand met Ron's open one, and Harry linked their fingers and squeezed tightly. Then his other hand stroked the back of Ron's head, the long orange-red hair feeling soft as always. Smiling still, Harry snuggled up as close as possible and resolved to watch over Ron until he awoke. Though he couldn't resist giving a few kisses to Ron's cheek and neck in the meantime.