Title: You Stroke Me like the Rain

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Sirius/Remus

Rating: PG (despite the image that the title evokes!)

Disclaimer: Oh, the pups are SO not mine

Summary: Wet puppies, and a little suffering!Sirius

Note: This is a 60 minute fic. The title is from a line in David Bowie's song 'Velvet Goldmine'



You Stroke Me like the Rain


     Laughing, Remus pulled back his arm, taking with it the part of the cloak he had been holding over Sirius' head. Both men were nonetheless drenched and laughing over their attempts at being otherwise while running in from the rainstorm. "Told you we should have aparated," Sirius said, locking the door behind them with a flick of his wand. Placing his palm flat against one wall, he gestured for Remus to back off, then he shook off. Little droplets of water flew from his clothes and black hair for a few seconds before he transformed into the big black dog that was his animagus form. The shaking was much more graceful in that form, and dried him much more thoroughly.


     When he transformed back into a man, Remus had an arm up to protect his face from the rain drops, but he was shaking with light laughter. "What, and miss out on that display?" Remus replied. He peeked over his arm to be sure Sirius had finished.


     Sirius crossed the flat and threw open the door to the refrigerator. Hunched over, he carefully studied the fridge's contents for a few minutes, then triumphantly withdrew a butter beer that had been hiding in the back. Not seconds later, Remus had pulled it from his fingers. Sirius made a grab for it, but Remus held it behind his back and was quicker in darting away. "Moony!" Sirius groaned.


     "You're still sick. You shouldn't be drinking this." Knowing for a fact that it was the last bottle in the fridge, Remus kept it behind his back and out of Sirius' reach.


     "Not that sick," Sirius replied, rubbing a finger against the side of his nose. "Besides, that rain was freezing cold. I'm surprised it wasn't snowing, actually. And I need it to warm up." Appealing to Remus logically was usually the best, but this time the man would not relent. So he leaped forward, making another grab for it. Weakened by his slight head cold, he overextended and missed.


     In an attempt to keep it from Sirius, Remus shoved it down the waistband of his pants. The bottle was cold against his skin, and he doubled over nearly in half, gasping at the shocking sensation. Then he pulled his shirt over his waist, hiding the bottle from view.


     Sirius' pale eyes narrowed at the bulge around Remus' mid-section. "And the fact that it's in your slacks is supposed to keep me away?" he laughed.


     "It will if you know what's good for you," Remus warned, filling up a tea kettle as both his hands were now free.


     Sirius made for him again, wrapping his arms around Remus middle, pressing his front to Remus back. Being slightly taller, he seemed to almost envelop the brown-haired man. "Moooony," he whined softly into Remus' beautiful ear. He nuzzled his face into the short hair, then pulled back with a violent shiver. His arms left Remus as his hands cupped themselves to his nose and mouth. He turned, unsteady for a moment on his feet until he leaned against the refrigerator for support. He sneezed thrice, violently, and shook with another strong shiver.


     Remus cast a look over his shoulder and turned on the stove. "Out of those cold wet clothes right now," he ordered, and Sirius began stripping at once. "And wrap up in the blanket on the couch. I'll bring you some tea to warm you up the moment it's ready." By the time he finished speaking, Sirius had complied, leaving a trail of soggy clothes behind him on the floor and curling onto one side of the couch in the large afghan they kept over the back of the couch. It was used to hide the fact that what the couch really needed was a slip cover or a good toss into the trash dump. But they kept it around for a good reason.


     Remus settled on the other side of the couch with a large cup of tea not long after. Sirius uncurled and wrapped the blanket around Remus, who had shed his shoes, slacks and shirt as well. He'd also picked up Sirius' clothes and put them all in the bathroom to dry. Remus accepted the blanket, and Sirius leaned back against him with the blanket wrapped around them both and held close against his bare chest.


     The tea, which Remus held for Sirius to drink so the man did not need to bring his arms out from beneath the warm blankets, seemed to help warm them immensely though their shared body heat from the snuggling wasn't hurting either. "Better?" Remus asked, nuzzling into the back and side of Sirius' neck and kissing softly. He took a few sips of the tea as Sirius nodded.


     Sirius' hair was still quite damp from the rain, and when he craned his neck Remus could see small droplets on Sirius' forehead. Whether they were from the rain or from a feverish sweating, Remus could not tell. But he watched silently as he saw a few of the drops slide down the side of Sirius' face as though caressing it. Remus frowned. That was his job.


     He reached over with his free hand and drew it gently over Sirius' damp brow, then his cheek. Sirius shook with another shiver and snuggled back against Remus' warmth. A few cautious sniffles later apparently had not restrained the approaching need to sneeze, so he shook again with it. Remus held the tea steady so it would not spill upon them both, and hugged Sirius close in support afterwards.


     Between the two of them, the tea was finished off quickly. When it was done, Sirius turned a little onto his side and lying back, using Remus' shoulder and chest as a pillow. Remus tightened the folds of the blanket around them both and hugged him close. But one of his hands gently stroked Sirius' head.


     Often he petted Sirius as though he were still in his dog form. This time, with the wet hair and all, it both made Sirius relax and shiver. Droplets continued down the side of his face and down his neck. Remus continued with the gentle petting, though he tucked the blanket around Sirius' neck as best he could to keep the drops from touching the rest of him. As the strokes grew soft and steady like the rain itself against the back of his head and sometimes his cheek, Sirius closed his eyes. He sniffled a few times more before beginning to nod off in Remus' arms. With whatever strength he had left, he pulled his head up and gave Remus' chin a quick kiss. Remus beamed back at him, then snuggled him close. Sirius sneezed again, into the blanket, against Remus. But after just a few more sniffles, he fell to sleep.