Title: Gift for Brigidmn 2006

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: Oliver/Percy

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or their world. This is fanfiction and I'm just playing for fun, not making any money.

Summary: A cold helps to reaffirm a thing or two for Percy

Notes: Written for Brigidmn as a holiday gift. Enjoy!



Gift for Brigidmn 2006

            Percy's nose tickled mercilessly and he tried to sort of wiggle his nose. He carried a tray full of hot buttered honey rolls and mugs of steaming tea, so one sneeze would most assuredly shake him into spilling it all over. And sneezing was bad enough without worrying about staining the carpet. His breathing hitched uncontrollably and he had just enough willpower to hold the sneeze off until he had deposited the tray  on the bed.


            Then he turned and cupped a hand over his nose and mouth. He felt the tickle build and his whole body tingled with the urge to sneeze. It overpowered him completely, and then made him pull back and pitch forward. "huh-Kutchooo! H'chuhhh!" He" straightened up with a sniffle, and then went right back over again. "ayChoo!"


            Oliver sat up in bed and carefully set the tray on his lap. "B'mordig, Berce," he said.


            Percy replied in the form of yet another sneeze. "heh-Yehshuhhh!" He shivered, standing there in joke white and purple checked pajama pants.


            "God bless ye." Oliver yawned. Then he gave the bed beside him a pat. "Cobe od. Get back in bed."


            His nose running against the back of his hand, Percy climbed into bed. He curled on his side, trying to get warm again under the blankets. He sniffed wetly and "huhh-TShoo!"


            "Boy," said Oliver. "You've really got the sdeezes this bordig, haven't you?"


            Percy nodded boyishly and sniffled. "Olly, where's the Kleedex gode?"


            They had taken a small box of tissues to bed with them, and that box was now around somewhere. They both felt around, searching, and it was Percy who finally found it, tucked halfway under one of the pillows.


            Percy pulled a few tissues out and handed them to Oliver. Only then did he take two for himself and blow his nose.  "Yes," he finally said. "I guess I am feeling pretty sneezy. Sniff! And sniffly. And all that. Sniff! But more importantly, how are you?"


            Oliver shrugged. "Bostly just stuffed ub. By head..." He pressed the butt of his hand against his forehead and tightly closed his eyes. "Feels just awful." He fingered the tissues for a brief moment, then made good use of them. "hah-Chishhh!" The sneeze rocked him, jostling the items on the tray but thankfully not spilling any. "I guess I'b a little sdeezy, too."


            Percy answered with another sneeze of his own. "huhh-Chuhh!" He blew his nose and coughed a little as congestion set in.


            "Bless ye. Berce, tell be you're dot goig idto work sick."


            Percy hesitated, unable to tell him that. Oliver groaned. "I'll see how I feel on Monday." Oliver groaned again, with a more exaggerated, dramatic groan. "They need me at work," Percy justified.


            "You're dot the bloody Bidister of Bagic," Oliver pointed out to him.


            "I know. And I didn't say I would go to work. Just... we'll see."


            "Berrrrrcy!" Oliver moaned, trying for a different answer.


            "Ooooliver!" Percy echoed in the same tone, mocking him.


            Oliver sighed and decided to let the matter drop for now. He helped himself to one of the mugs of tea and Percy took the other. "Lovely breakfast, thadks."


            "I woke up this morning feeling just miserable. And I just had to make some tea. There's nothing like it when you're sick."


            Oliver agreed with a nod, too busy drinking.


            Percy took a sip, then rubbed the side of his hand at his nose. "yeh...K'shoo! kehShoo! Hehh... ehh..." His twitching nose calmed, and this time he wiggled it to try to sneeze. The urge was strong, and he needed the release. But it just wouldn't come. He sniffed and shook his head in frustration as the urge very slowly faded.


             "I'b so sorry you caught this bug frob be," Oliver said, trying to sound sweet though his stuffy nose did not help any.


            Percy blew his nose with one hand, which gave him time to think. Too much time, perhaps. "How do you know I caught it from you?"


            Oliver shrugged. "Well, I cabe dowd with it first. So you brobably got it frob be add I obviously got it frob--"


            "Charlie," Percy finished for him. "Right." He sounded cold. Hurt. And it had nothing to do with his symptoms. "Obviously."


            "Berce?" Oliver reached over, intending to gently touch Percy's cheek.


            But Percy would have none of it and pulled away. In fact, he put the teacup back down on the tray and got out of bed. He shivered again and crossed his arms over his chest, hugging himself to stay warm. "It's okay," he said, swaying a bit. "I understand, Oliver."


            Utterly confused, "Understad what?"


            Percy looked ready to answer, but another sneeze snuck up on him. "h'yihshoo! hehhShoo! Sniff! Kutchoo!"


            Oliver wasn't going to let this go, though. "What is it you thig you uderstad?"


            "That you'd rather have Charlie. Sniff! Sniff! You spent a lot of time with him when we were visiting my family over the holidays and it makes sense that you'd... get close to him in that way and catch his cold."


            "Are you feverish?" Oliver asked. "Because you're talkig dodsense. I just talked with Charlie. About Quidditch add dragods and stuff. I dever... I would't..."


            Percy shook his head and rubbed his hands up and down his bare upper arms. "I can't blame you. He's incredible. Those muscles and his build, compared to this scrawny body? And he shares a lot of your interests. I should have known you two would hit it off. And it's not like this hasn't happened before." As though he'd developed some sort of allergy to his heartbreak, Percy turned and sneezed freely towards his shoulder but away from the bed. "huhTChoo! H'Shoo! Sniff! Look, let me just have a cup of tea and get dressed, and then I'll start packing my things up."


            Oliver coughed and shook his head. "I'b dot breakig ub with you. Add I dod't wadt your brother- ady of theb. Sniff! I wadt you."


            Percy took a hand off his arm and swiped at his nose, then resumed hugging himself. He shook his head. "But... why would you? I'b..." He looked himself up and down with self-conscious disgust.


            Oliver set the tray aside on the nightstand. Some of the tea in Percy's cup sloshed out but didn't make it as far as the bedsheets. Oliver got up, bringing the rose-colored comforter with him. Percy shied away as Oliver offered it, which made Oliver uncomfortable and slightly annoyed. He forced it on Percy and then sat down on the bed with a sigh. "Bollocks, that's what you're talkig. Of course I wadt to be with you. You're sweet add sbart add you bake be laugh. Add you're dab sexy, Bercy Weasley."


            Percy looked incredibly doubtful but he pulled the comforter around his shoulders and hugged the extra part to his chest. He shivered again but quickly warmed up.


            Oliver stood back up again and snuggled his way through the comforter to Percy. He took over the task of holding it, and pressed his body up against Percy's. Black T-shirt to bare chest, loose white jockeys to preposterous pajama pants. "You're hadsobe- you are! The curly red hair which matches above and below." Oliver ran his hand through Percy's hair. Percy flinched, and Oliver continued. "Those cheekbodes add gedtle eyes add beautiful lips." With a shared cold between them, Oliver did not hesitate to give Percy a kiss and did not worry that it wasn't returned yet. "Those strog, thid legs, those idcredible abs add flat stobach, the sbooth chest add those fuckig fabulously sedsitive..." He ran his thumb over a nipple and Percy shuddered into him. Oliver straddled one of Percy's legs pressing his cock into Percy's thigh and feeling Percy's stir against his own leg. "I love your cock... and love the way it loves be." He bent his legs at the knees, slipping lower, then straightening up again. Friction, rubbing, and tightly clenching Percy's thigh between his legs.


            Percy whimpered and rubbed back instinctively. He sniffed and Oliver reached up, cupping Percy's face. Percy felt another tickle, one deeper and stronger, starting in his crotch this time. His nose was running, and he was sniffling, so Oliver guided Percy's head over, letting the man sniffle into Oliver's shoulder. "But Oliver," Percy whispered, wanting tissues but wanting Oliver a whole lot more. "How can you... when you could have someone more--"


            "I've had others, Berce. Lots of theb, aye? Esbecially whed we were sblit ub before. But I'b back with you add that's where I wadt to be. I dod't wadt adybody else, add I certaidly dod't wadt your brother. The odly bersod who I've kissed or beed with sidce we got together is you." He stepped back a few centimeters and cupped his hand around Percy's hardness. "Have you got it through that thick skull of yours yet that I habbed to love you?"


            Percy's sniffle was long and wet and he wiped the side of his hand beneath his nose. "Oliver..."


            Oliver nodded expectantly.


            Percy aimed a light punch at Oliver's arm. "That's for giving me this cold. Thanks a lot."


            Oliver smiled. "You're quite welcobe." Percy let himself be pulled back to bed, snuggled and tucked under the covers. "Now..." Oliver found the tissue box again and gave it to Percy, who immediately blew his nose thoroughly. He sighed at the relief and relaxed into the warm blankets and body beside him. "Would you like that tea dow?"


            "Nuh-uh," Percy shook his head. "Not now that you've got me all hot and feeling so special." While still nuzzling into Oliver, he wriggled out of his pajamas. Oliver slipped all the way under the covers where he managed a bang-up job at fellatio despite his stuffy nose. And even Percy's fit of a handful of sneezes didn't slow things down.


            Percy offered to return the favor, but Oliver kindly turned him down, preferring to snuggle and nibble at the rolls Percy had brought. They drew the covers tightly around them. Percy made another attempt at drinking the tea, only to give up after reheating it and having a few sips.


            "h'Ktchuhh! hehhChuhh! Ahh-Hih-shuhh! hehChoo! " More tissues, more snuffling, and more cuddles from Oliver. Percy lifted his head and gave Oliver a small kiss, which quickly turned into a more involved one. Percy closed his eyes as Oliver's tongue found his mouth, with lazy probing and savored strokes. When the kiss ended, Percy stayed in place, wishing it could continue. "Thank you," he whispered again. And then, "I won't be leaving this bed until I feel better." He sniffed, smiling at Oliver's relieved expression. "And I won't be leaving until you feel better, Love."


            With an adoring sort of sigh, Oliver melted right into Percy.