Title: Dark Dormitories

Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Harry Potter, during the later school years of the four Marauders

Characters: Sirius/Remus
Parings: Sirius/Remus
Rating: R, slash
Spoilers: read the third book and my fanfic 'Hogwarts Hallways'
Disclaimer: J.K.R.'s characters/world... my sick, twisted mind
Summary: Set the night after 'Hogwarts Hallways' takes place and in Sirius' point of view this time, he reflects upon Remus and a bit of the sweeter and also raunchier parts of their current relationship.

Comments: Always appreciated! :-)



Dark Dormitories


     I headed up the stairs slowly due to the soreness on my rump. Not that I hadn't deserved a spanking, but this one hadn't been the enjoyable sort. I reached the common room and slinked in to stand by the back wall. I surveyed the contents carefully, finding it rather busy for a weeknight. Pietre and Denise lay on the floor doing homework. Lilly sat on James' lap as he played chess with Peter; unsurprisingly, James was winning. There were a dozen others about, doing work, having conversations. Mid-year exams and exercises had been dreadful this week for most, but it looked as though the stress was lessening at least for a few. And then there was Remus. He sat alone at one small table in the corner near the fireplace. The table was littered in pieces of parchment and discarded tissues both, the poor lad. The poor, sweet, sexy lad.


     I watched him shiver in his seat. He needed a blanket, he needed a warm tea, he needed me to keep him warm. He was always chilly in his torn, ragged garments. His eyes stared forward, glazed over, focusing on nothing at all. His nostrils flared just slightly, in an instant, with a slow exhalation, and he shook his head as if to rid it of a thought or feeling. He stretched an arm straight out on the table for balance, his other swooped down to snatch up the unfurled handkerchief on his thigh. Then it happened all at once: the sharp breath inward, the rocking forward in the creaky chair, the sneeze itself "heh-Emphshh!" He held his handkerchief up a moment after, waiting perhaps for a second that was close but just out of reach. Finally he retracted his arm and set the hanky back down on his leg. With a sigh, he sniffled and eyed the tissues scattered on the table as he continued to twitch his nose. As frustrating as the sneezing was, not sneezing seemed to be worse. "ehh-Imchoo!" He rocked forward, arm outstretched to stop himself from falling into his papers, other hand cupped in front of nose and mouth. It took a deep breath and burst of energy to pull back, grab his handkerchief, wipe at his nose, then tuck it into the folds of his robes.


     Remus had been sick last night when I tracked his scent to the downstairs hallways and took him in the nook in the middle of the night. He had sneezed then, as he had his way with me, but still I think I made him forget his sickness for just a little while as we fucked. From the look of him now, such a task of forgetting would be more difficult. But a task worthy of my expertise. I smiled as I remembered the look on his face when he found me waiting for him last night.


     He dug around in his garments for his handkerchief and opened his mouth slightly to moan softly. I could not hear him from across the room, but knew well the sound of Remus' moans. He hunched over the table a moment, then shook with a quiet, muffled sneeze "hehumshh..." and the need to blow his nose afterwards. As he tucked the handkerchief back away, he took a look around the common room. I noticed a few pairs of eyes zipping from him down to their books or papers. But he did not spot me, despite my rather obvious appearance, dark and in sopping wet robes. His ears and cheeks went flush and he buried his nose in his sleeve and his face in his work. But just as he was losing himself in deriving a complicated mixture formula, his nostrils flared again and his body shook with shiver and sneeze "eh-Humchoo! Heh-Hemshaa!" Rubbing his nose on one sleeve, he straightened the parchment on his table and flipped the pages of the book back to where they needed to be.


     Then I placed my hands on his shoulders. They pushed down gently, then pulled at him in soft massages. Sniffling, he looked up to see the face he knew would be there. My face was wet with raindrops, and a few fell onto his shoulders, his face. "Cold still giving you trouble, Remus?" Remus sniffled again and kicked the empty chair back an inch from the table for me to join him. I gave his shoulders a last, friendly squeeze then slipped into the chair. With my voice lowered quite considerably to a soft, serious whisper, "How are you feeling?"


     With a  shrug, "Sabe." Slightly embarrassed, he pulled out the handkerchief and gave his nose a few soft blows. A few pairs of eyes glanced at him and quickly away again to see me there. James', however, stayed upon Remus, then moved slowly to meet mine. He mouthed something which looked like 'is he ok?' and I nodded back in reply, placing my hand on Remus' upper arm comfortingly. Without the congestion this time, Remus answered, "Same."


     "My Remus," I leaned in close, breathing in his scent, so close I could have licked his lips if we had been alone. "I can take care of that." I shuffled his things into a rough pile and tucked it under my arm as I stood. "I can take care of you." Remus stood, albeit reluctantly with more people looking towards us. Then I marched him to our dormitory room and as I put his things down on top of his trunk, he climbed onto my bed. Mine was at the end of the row, beside the window, across from James'. Remus' bed was just next to mine, and Peter's across from his. There were a few other boys in our year, but none of them were in the room at present either, leaving us quite pleasantly alone.


     I waved my hand and the curtains closed around us. The over-the-bed light sprang to light, and I could see him trying to hide a strong shiver. His robes were torn, and mine were wet- we both needed blankets badly. I stripped down to my boxers, and took him in my arms as I brought the blanket up and around our shoulders. "My Remus," I cooed again as I stroked his hair and hugged him close. I felt him warm to me, and relax against me. Remus kissed my neck, my chest, and ran his hands up my body. "We can just sleep if you'd prefer."


     He shook his head, nuzzling against me with a soft, wolfish whimper. Then he guided my hand towards his crotch and bade me stroke him. His invitation was quickly, eagerly returned and I stroked him gently once from outside, then pulled his pants down and stroked him bare. It was still new, still exciting for me to touch his cock with my rough hand, and he grew hard the instant our flesh met. I rubbed until I heard him gasp, a soft realization of his readiness. Then I broke my hold on him and slid down the bed. He sniffed, closing his eyes as I kissed the spots of his skin exposed beneath the tears and holes of his school robe. One by one, tender, pale, sweet, smooth skin. Very tasty. I kissed him better. "I want you," I breathed, my hands plumping his ass. But he was still cold to the touch, and still shivering.


     Shivering was not his only problem, however, as the sneezes came upon him again. "heh-Epshoo! Eh-heh-Cheshoo!" And then a pause, pregnant. "heh-EHH-shoo!" His nose ran, and he ran his robes under it. He was embarrassed and tried to pull away from me. But I held him closer, running my hand over the back of his head, through his hair. And he closed his eyes longingly at the touch.


     So I gave him more. I stroked his head like one does a dog. I rubbed the back of my hand against his cheek. I ran my hand down his arm, patted his back, held him tight. He coughed, shaking in my arms but I only held him tighter. "My Remus," I muttered, breathing in his scent so strongly, running my hand soothingly over his body. "I love--"


     But I was cut off by another sneeze. His body tensed up, then jerked against me. "heh-Ehhshhhuh!" And went weakly limp just after with a groan. "I feel sick, Siri," he whined, sniffling, nuzzling. Then he shivered violently and cuddled closer, curled, cold.


     "I'll take care of you." I nuzzled him back with a soft kiss. "I will warm you." I promised, giving him a not so soft kiss. I broke my hold with him, and he with me. Then I lunged over beyond the curtains, grabbing at the blankets of Remus' bed. Remus, meanwhile, pulled off the rest of his clothing, shivered, and tightened the blanket around his shoulders. I pulled them around us both and it took a moment before they became warm against our skin. And our skin grew warm against our skin. Warm and hard. Hard and ready. Ready, despite the sickness he felt. And I knew it had to be now if ever. "I will heal you."


     I breathed on his neck, hot, moist. My eyes closed as we swam our legs together amidst the folds of blankets, alternating so our crotches rested against one of the others' thighs. I came out on top, arms tightly around. I was usually on top, and felt comfortable there, being careful not to crush him.


     I grinded my body against his, rocking, moving. My hand stroked his side, then flattened against his cock, against my thigh. We rocked together, tight and steady. He bit his lip, sniffling. I bit his neck, panting. We seized up together, rolling in the passion. Remus cried out, muffled in the blankets as we toppled off the bed to the floor. I shot against him in midair and braced for the fall which came as a hard thump on my back. Fallen together, Remus' fall on top of me did not hurt at all, and I held him tightly as he relaxed from it all.


     "You O.K.?" he asked breathlessly, sniffling. He sounded so weak, yet so concerned.


     "MmmHmm. You?" I stroked his head.


     "Yeah." But he sounded exhausted.


     After nudging Remus so that he would roll off and lie beside me in the nest of blankets, I reached up and retrieved a handkerchief from the bedside table. I used it to clean us off, then took out another for Remus, whose sniffles were getting worse by the moment. He curled onto his side, one leg bent over my legs, one arm draped over my torso, his head resting on my chest.


     He snuffled a moment, as if waking up from the verge of sleep. It was the tickle in his nose again, I was sure of it. And I lifted handkerchief to nose and mouth for him, rubbing my hand up and down his back as his breath hitched and he shook weakly. "heh-Ershuh! Emtchh!" I cupped it around his nose and instructed him to blow. When he was through, he set his cheek against my chest and closed his eyes with a relieved sigh.


     "The sneezes will be gone soon," soothingly I assured him.


     "Mmm," he replied, half asleep already. "S'just a cold. But if you keeb treatig be like this, I'b dot sure I wadt to get better." He sniffled and sneezed again, "eehh-Ehpchoo!" and laid his head back onto me. "Your breathig... your heartbeat... so cobfortig..."


I rubbed his nose for him and strained to kiss his forehead. "G'night Remus," I whispered as the man's breathing slowed. I wrapped my arms around him, folding my hands on his shoulder.




     It was much later when James came to bed, but Remus and I had been sound asleep the whole while on the floor. I woke to a pillow being eased under my head, and an extra one placed for Remus on the side. I realized the blanket had slid off most of me and was wrapped tightly around Remus. I blushed, slightly embarrassed, as James smiled down at me. But I wasn't about to yank the blankets away from Remus in that condition.


     James said nothing, only stared a moment, inspecting the scene, my chest, my package. Then shook his head with a chuckle and bent down, whispering so softly even I did not hear him and touching the blankets with the tip of his wand. Immediately they expanded, growing over my body and tucking around both me and Remus.


     "Thank you," I whispered, snuggling up in the blanket's warmth, pillow under head.


     "Just don't want you coming down with whatever Remus has. Can I get you anything?" He looked much more concerned than he sounded. I could see worry behind his eyes.


     I shook my head. "We'll be just fine." I cuddled Remus closer against me. "Goodnight, James."


     "G'night, Sirius," he replied, reaching down and messing my hair so it nearly looked as bad as his. I tried to pull away but didn't squirm so as not to wake Remus. But I smiled as I watched him climb into his four poster across from us and keep the curtains up so as to keep an eye on us. With another chuckle, I raised my wand and commanded his curtains closed around him. He peaked out with a 'what am I going to do with you' smile on his face, then pulled back into his bed, leaving me to Remus and him to me in our nook between the beds.




     Not long after that Remus stirred and woke with a shiver. I caught two more of his sneezes in the handkerchief and tightened my arm around him in a hug. "Cold? Want me to help you into bed?"


     Sniffling, he shook his head. "I wadt to stay right here with you." He reached down beneath the blankets and gave me a strong, arousing rub. Even having just been pleasured, I felt ready again at his touch.


     And though it was good, I pushed him away. "You need to sleep, Remus."


     But he shook his head again, an evil gleam in his eyes. "I deed you to heal be," he snuffled. And his hand fought its way back over, seizing my cock, stroking my balls. "So do it." He looked as if he would suck me anyway if I refused.


     I let out a gasp and went hard at his touch. He nuzzled me, licked, careful not to bite. It was true only as a wolf could his bite do damage to me, but we had never been eager to take any chances. Then he turned over, presenting me with his ass invitingly. He pulled one of my arms around him, directing it to his nipples. So I played there with one hand a while as my other applied a good deal of lube to myself. I massaged his rump playfully, kissed his back, moved in closer. He was impossible to resist.


     With the blanket draped over us and surrounding us in a soft nest, I mounted from behind. Aware we might be seen, I was determined to finish as quickly as possible; luckily my arousal after his brief but convincing actions made that simple. I sat, back arched, the waning moon shining down though the window onto my face but not below, blocked by the bed. Moony was safe, hidden from his torturer as I took him on the floor like an animal. Like the animals we were.


     I pushed my way in without much difficulty, though Remus bit and puffed harshly into the blanket in slight pain. Or perhaps it was pleasure for he seized up and relaxed around me in such a perfect way just after. In and out I pumped, losing myself in the moments of blind, brutal plunging and retrieving. I knew his depths as if we'd been together like this for an eternity rather than simply a matter of weeks.


     Lost in a formless, blinding pleasure, he sneezed again before I could realize it would happen or do anything for him. "ehh-chahh!" Soft into the blankets to muffle the sound. But he shook under me and I nearly slid off from the pleasure of that. The feel of his ass tightening around me, holding me, was too much to resist. Pumping harder, faster. As his breathing caught again, I flattened to his back and slid in all the way with a great thrust. "heh...ehh-Ihhshhuh!" His body tightened in spasm, ass clenching around me. I locked my arms around his and pressed my face into the back of his neck to keep from crying out as my body was seized in spasm, too.


     I slid out a moment after I was done, flopping onto my back, naked, wet from sweat. "You O.K.?" Remus asked again, grinning madly, rubbing his wrist beneath his nose. I could only nod vigorously and pant. Even when I had regained my breath, I found myself speechless. "Good," he said, sounding quite pleased. And he propped himself up a few inches to kiss my cheek.


     Unable to move as far as the bedstand, I groped for my wand and summoned a handkerchief over to clean us both. Remus, grinning, reached over and ran a fist down my wand. Then up, then down again suggestively. I laughed, pulling him close to muffle the sound. "Even sick you're a sex fiend, Remus."


     He grinned, nodded, and pulled the blankets up over us both. "Odly with you, Sirius."


     I wrapped my arms around him tightly and bent my head to rest warmly against the top of his. "Feel better?" I asked, then quickly corrected myself. "Feel healed?"


     He sniffled but replied softly, "Well od by way I thig." And he snuggled back up half on top of me and fell asleep ever more quickly than the first time. There was absolutely no question as to which of us was the stronger. Or which one of us belonged to the other. No question as he slept on top of me, and I held him tightly. But there was no time to question. Absolutely exhausted, I followed just seconds later.