Title: Needs

Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Harry Potter

Parings: Severus Snape & Lucius Malfoy

Rating: NC-17 or R, slash
Spoilers: tiny bits from book 4
Disclaimer: J.K.R.'s characters/world... my sick, twisted mind
Summary: Set in the Hogwarts dungeon in "present day" for HP books, Severus calls upon Lucius Malfoy, and some basic needs are met.

Notes: After watching HP1 on DVD Snape seemed to call to me. And as I'd never written a story with him, I figured it was just about time. As always, feedback appreciated! :-)





     "Parent-teacher conference, Severus?" Lucius smiled, circling 'round the potions master at his desk with long, slow strides. He stood tall, princely, his face solemn, pale. "Just a week after the holidays?"


     "You'd rather I call and say 'Hullo Mrs.Malfoy, I miss your husband's cock, would you send him all the way over here for me?'" asked he plainly, leaning over a tiny cauldron with a stirring rod and a half-empty vile of something gray and bubbling. There was very little light at all in the dungeon room, but the bright flame above which the cauldron boiled was enough to light the two figures in the room.


     The man stopped pacing and placed two hands on the black robed shoulders in front of him. One had called without a single hint aside from a single, particular tone of voice. The other answered with such a quick arrival that someone outside their pair might assume there were really something the matter, when all it was the desire to warm their loins. "We have never needed an excuse, only a locked door."


     With a swish of Severus' hand the door was locked and bolted tightly. In the dungeon, there were no windows, and a charm on the walls prevented any wandering spirits from bursting in at inappropriate times. "There we are now. Alone."


      "Yes," his soft hands rose, briefly touching the rough face, then sliding down the neck hole and under the black robe to find a warm, bare chest. His hands found the nipples and gave a playful squeeze then slid further, finding the carefully sculpted stomach. "Alone together in this cold dungeon." He was bent so far over that he breathed warmly on the front of Severus' neck. "Why might that be?" Coy, playful, but calm and regal at the same time.


     Severus froze a moment, as if to reply. But instead, he quickly pitched forward in his seat, hand halfway to his face. "heh-chuhhh! Her-chuff!" Recovering but a moment later, he snuffled into the back of his hand wetly. He looked up, back, seeing Lucius' face upside-down. "Because I needed you."


     "Mmm..." Licking his lips, he shoved the chair back, then swug his legs over to straddle the seat. "And you know I've happen to got a thing for... that?"


     With a black eyebrow raised, quite naughtily, "Do you now?" He sniffled and hung his head,  greasy black hair cascading down in front of his face. "Because I might be coming down with a little sniffle or something," roughly said.


     Taunting, sounding almost sympathetic, "Ohhh... the mighty tight-assed Professor Severus Snape has a sniffle?" He ran his hands up and down the front of the man's robes.


     With a raised eyebrow, "Or something." He would never have used a word as silly as 'sniffle', but for the fact that he knew it made the bulge beneath Lucius' robes budge.


     Lucius leaned in close, foreheads touching each other, noses brushing against each other, lips hovering so close that they could almost feel each others. "Well then, that is something, isn't it?" Soft fingers pulled the greasy strands of hair along his perfect part back, tucked behind one ear, and the rest behind the other. He licked his lips and his tongue brushed against Severus' in the process.


Wet, sweet, inviting a kiss but disallowing one. Not yet. Not quite yet. Severus felt a bit of a sneeze coming on, but didn't dare move. He would have his kiss before he broke away for a sneeze. And before the night was through, he would have this man ride him before he came down with what seemed like a rather heavy head cold. But as Severus leaned forward, Lucius pushed back. Severus turned his head, pushed out his lips, but Lucius turned to match or pulled back. Frustrated, he felt the sneezey sensation grow. "You're a sick bastard, Lucius Malfoy," he growled, reaching out and seizing the man's privates. "Now- sniffle- fuck me before I start sneezing again."


     "Heh, heh," Lucius chuckled. "You'd better start sneezing again or I won't even think about fucking you, Professor."


     Giving a squeeze and another sniffle just to toy with him, "Don't call me that. Not with all we've been through, you and I." And though angry, his voice never raised above its lowest decibel, deep but smooth. With his free hand, he grabbed the man's wrist and kissed his arm where the dark mark faintly appeared. Then suddenly, bit down powerfully around it.


     Lucius gasped and pulled back, clutching his arm, too noble to cry out at the pain. To counter, he sneered, "I'd forgotten you were Dumbledore's pawn now."


     "I'm no one's pawn!" he hissed, pushing Lucius very much off him and retreating to a cold corner where he pretended to be reading with immense interest his own poster of the most powerful herbs as if for the first time.


     Lucius stumbled off, rubbing his arm still as the pain began to fade. But his ears perked up as Severus leaned into the corner further with a shiver and "heh-chushh! Hachahh! Hetchoo!" several lush sneezes.


     Lucius walked over slowly, lay his hands tenderly on Severus' shoulders, and nuzzled his face into the back of the man's neck with a soft kiss. "You're irresistible when you're angry."


     "Or when I'm..." he trailed off, paused, took a deep breath, and "hehshooo! Hetchahh!" He sniffed, nose twitching, dark eyes blinking beneath tousled black hair. Only now did his nose feel better. No tickles, just a little sniffley. He rubbed the back of his wrist against it and sniffled. "Or when I'm coming down with a sniffle?" He would drive the man crazy, yes. That was the plan.


     "Or something," Lucius returned with a hot smile. "Besides, you sent for me, remember?" He kissed his way from back of the neck to earlobe, and began pulling at it with his teeth as he worked his hands from shoulders to waist. "Besides, can I help it that you're so incredibly alluring?"


     With a mean smirk of smile, Severus turned back around and sniffled once for effect, then stared into the cruel gray eyes of the man who was much more than simply a fellow Slytherin. "Let's have a drink, then."


     Lucius nodded and moved gracefully back to the desk in a wave of flowing black robes. He took a seat in the professor's chair and straightened his robes out. After sniffing the cauldron, he carefully ladled its contents into two goblets. Looking up, he smiled at Severus and patted his lap in wanting.


     The man whose chair it was sat down sideways, back resting on the high arm on one side of the chair, one leg over the other arm, and the other to the side, leaving his crotch wide and open as an invitation. Lucius wrapped one arm around him to secure his position more than to hold or comfort. They each took a goblet and drank heartily in large, quick gulps to avoid allowing the frothy concoction to rest on their taste buds.


     "You're... getting... much better... at this..." Lucius gasped, attempting to catch his breath as the liquid bubbled it way from mouth to stomach and from stomach to brain, warming him with a soft, intoxicating sort of fuzz. It took only a few moments to reach full potency, and as the dizziness passed over him, he felt the desires of a good high fill him. First some foreplay, then good a fuck, and then some food.


     "Mmmm," Severus welcomed and accepted the praise. "I've had sufficient time to prac-tice- hep-" he gasped, covering his mouth and nose with his hand. "Hushhh! Hehchushhh! Hehchushh! Heh-Sheoo!" he sneezed weakly, almost forgetting to maintain his balance halfway through, as the potion in the goblet began tingling him as well.


     Dropping his empty goblet to the floor with reckless abandon, Lucius wrapped both arms around Severus to keep him steady, and keep him close. The closer, the more intimate. The more intimate, the more arousing. "Would you like my handkerchief?"


     The man nodded yes, his hand still in place, hiding a runny, sniffley nose. So Lucius' hanky was lifted to his face for a rubbing and a good blow with his rather substantial hooked nose. Severus, better but a little sniffley still, nodded his appreciation. "Are you feeling it yet?" he asked, wavering as his head settled with fuzz and congestion mixing into one. "Because I need you to want me. And I need it now."


     Lucius nodded, running his hand up Severus' bare leg to his crotch, feeling all that eagerly awaited him beneath the Hogwarts professor robes. He caught the man with a silent kiss, first on the cheek, then on the lips. Savoring in the kiss that finally came, Severus grasped the man's head. He held it firmly in place and kissed back, powerfully, head tilted just slightly for comfort. Their tongues mingled as lips met and danced about each other. Severus had to sniff loudly through his nose to breathe during the kiss, and it only egged the other man on further, rubbing Severus down below, beneath the robes, and kissing powerfully above.


     And as he affectionately massaged the man's package, Severus stiffened in his arms with more sneezes. Pulling away from the passionate kiss at the last possible instant, and turning his head to the side, he sneezed "heh-umff! Heh-chumfff!" into "heh-Cheumff!" the "heh-keshff" hanky he had held "heh-Chefff!" onto.


     Severus wiped his nose dry and cleared his throat with a bit of a cough. "My apologies," Severus managed, spitting out the words as if it pained him. Then spoke slowly, carefully, pointedly, as if he had rehearsed for hours. "I seem to be a bit," he dabbed the hanky at his nose with an especially wet sniffle, "under the weather."


     "Oh," Lucius managed, nearly convulsing he was so overcome with extreme pleasure. "Oh, you'll be under me in a few." He stood, taking Severus with him, pulling the man's black robes off, stripping him naked in the cold dungeon room. The man stood, looking regal albeit naked, dark, piercing eyes, jet black hair still falling over half his face. Not embarrassed or alone, or even cold. He was the statue of smoothness, the definition of dignity, and to Lucius he was the model of malevolence, despite his moral high ground as of late.


     Lucius pulled from his side his wand, and gave it a spin, muttering the charm in merely a whisper. Three dozen candles burst into being, hovering in the air above their heads. With a simple wave of his wand they snapped to life, lit with flames of every color imaginable. As the colors danced about, the shadows cast began to dance on the floor, inviting them down. The colors were enticing as their heads spun with pleasure from the drink, still. A magical, mystifying setting in the very room that had seen them so many times, so seldomly.


      "I must have you," Lucius spoke, breathy, burning. "And I must have you now." He dropped his own robes, and slithered out of the several layers of clothing he had worn against the mid-January coldness. He went at once to Severus, grinding his crotch against the man's thigh, bending his leg in the back to rest against bare, pale butt cheeks. His eyes closed, head spinning. His arms wrapped around the man tightly, comfortingly, and his face leaned into the side, smelling the hair, nibbling again on the ear.


     Severus warmed to the touch, wiggling his arms out from under Lucius' grasp to hold the man. His arms were somewhat bulkier in comparison to the man who had probably never moved a box without a flippendo a day in his life, or needed to for that matter. And while it was Lucius who seemed to need a fuck quite badly, it was Severus who simply needed Lucius. With a rather Slytherin sort of hiss, he pulled Lucius to the ground on top of him.


     Lucius was always on top, whether it cost Severus a broken rib or a bruised backside in the fall. Their legs were entangled, crotches pushing into one another, thighs holding the other firmly in place to preserve the intensity of the humping until just before--


     "Umph!" Severus pushed Lucius off with what little strength and leverage he had lying flat on his back on the cold stone floor. "Stop... a moment..." he commanded rather than requested, sitting up, putting a hand on his chest as if to catch his breath. Instead, his breathing raced in uncontrolled pants, then, "Need to... sneh-sneeze...eh-heh-Ketchoo! Heh-Chushhh! heh-chuff!" He bent forward with a cough from congestion, and a strong sniffle. The handkerchief had long since disappeared in the heat of passion with the rest of their clothing. The sneezes made him feel lighter than the drink had, and he paused to catch his breath and calm down.


     Lucius, on the other hand, was still much in the mood, rubbing himself, gray eyes fixed upon Severus softly, being uncharacteristically sensitive. "Bless you, my brother." Slowly he reached over, hand against jaw, thumb rubbing cheek. Then his other hand, leaving himself, made its way from his thigh to Severus' then up to his waist, at the side. His hand rested there, as if finding a spot made just for it. And so he held the man, an arm's length away, in silence for some time. "We don't have to--"


     Smiling, shaking his head slightly, Severus chuckled. "I wouldn't have sent for you if I didn't need you. Now hurry up and kiss me. I feel another sneeze coming on."


     Breathless himself, Lucius leaned in, his one hand moving from waist to small of the back, pushing Severus even closer to him in the kiss. A kiss that started soft and ended soft. But the second kiss was just a little harder, and the next even more so. Until the two were caught in a long, elaborate kiss that seemed the end of the world to end. When Lucius finally pulled back, their mouths both hung open, gaping in wanting for the others'.


     Severus turned, cupping hand over mouth. "heh-Keshoo! Heh-cushoo!" Seeing the delight dancing in Lucius' eyes, Severus volunteered himself without a word, lying as flat as possible on his stomach. The cold stone gave him goose bumps and shivers as his flesh met it. But he knew Lucius would warm him soon enough.


     The pale man settled on the backs of Severus' thighs, and reached forward, massaging the soft skin of his sides and back. Lucius lay flat on top of him a moment, cheek pressed to shoulder-blade, arms against his sides. Severus wore him like a blanket, warmed and comfortable. He might have even fallen asleep if not for Lucius' hard-on pressing firmly against his back. Then the hands navigated to his rear, rubbing, massaging, readying. The man didn't need to ask permission, as Severus raised his rear a few inches in invitation. Lucius sat and slid down his legs, allowing Severus to move into position on his hands and knees. After a quick slather of lube, Lucius reached up, his arm lying on Severus back, his other hand bracing the butt. And in he slid.


     Severus sniffled, pangs of pleasure racing through him as his body relaxed and tightened in excitement. And tightened with an expectant sneeze. "Mah... Mal..." he whispered as Lucius began to pump in and out with a delicate, unique rhythm. "I need... heh...ehehh..."


     "I need," Lucius corrected, pushing in harder, pulling out faster. "I need you," he hissed, gray eyes glazed over. "I need to have you." His hand reached down and gently caressed Severus' balls, then, still covered in lube, stroked his cock seductively. And just as Severus was about to sneeze, he moaned softly in pleasure at the touch.


     "Ohh... Mal-foy..." His breath hitched. "ehh...eh-heh...heh-Chishhh! HihCheshoo!" With each sneeze, he shook around Lucius who hissed escalading 'yes's. "heh-Chishoo! Heh-Cheshhh!"


     Lucius only gave a full moan, thrusting in the last time as he came, firmly grasping the man's cock, leaning forward with all his weight against Severus. Severus felt Lucius holding him, pushing him, taking him over as completely as anyone can possibly be taken. Severus followed suit quickly along some invisible rule, bowing his head as his body pulsed and tensed.


     Intensity was all Severus felt until the sensation of soft hands on his side, easing him down flat. He sniffled, rubbing his nose with his wrist as he rolled onto his side, facing Lucius, who lay on his back. With a pleased smile, Lucius used his last bit of remaining energy to pull himself up enough to kiss Severus lightly on the nose. He then fell back against the cold floor, spread eagle and spent, and fell asleep.


     Reaching over, the potions master gathered up the nearest robe and wrapped it around himself. Propped up on one arm, he half-curled up against Lucius' body. His fingers ran gently from the man's mouth to the light mark on his arm. The red bite marks had already begun to change to small black-blue bruises encircling the dark mark of the Death Eaters. "Defense Against the Dark Arts, indeed," Snape muttered with a smile at his handiwork. Letting his left arm with matching mark retreat under the folds of the robe, he lay back down completely, his head on Lucius' shoulder, bony but familiar enough to be comfortable.


     Every man had a weakness when it came to sex. Some private fantasy or desire that made him fluttery and hot. Some were terribly straight-forward, while others were much more specific and elaborate. And if all Severus needed to do was come down with a cold and give a few sneezes, then he was more than happy to do so for Lucius Malfoy. Besides, there were worse things a Slytherin man could be infatuated with than a pure-bred, pale-faced, muggle-hating, menacing wizard of power and wealth. Severus closed his eyes and with a wave of his hand, the candles blew out in a clockwise manor, leaving them in just the dim light from the central fire on his desk. With a kiss to his brother's chin and another wet sniffle, Snape drifted off to sleep as well.