Title: April Fools 1

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: G

Disclaimer: The story is mine. EVERYTHING else is not. No rights. No money. Nothing.

Summary: Fred and George play an April Fools Day joke on the rest of the school and are present to observe the first witnesses to it

Note: Could be read as a Fred/George story but it certainly does not have to be. Written on April Fools Day 2004



April Fools



     Tucking their wands away, they crouched down around the corner. Their eyes were full of eagerness and their ears were open. It didn't take more than a few moments before footsteps sounded. Three people, from the sound of it, who were coming closer with each step. The twins tensed up in anticipation once the footsteps stopped just inches away.


     "Well now, this is certainly something." Dumbledore. It was none other than Dumbledore. Fred and George exchanged excited looks, squeezing each others' hands nervously. They'd been hoping for a couple of first years maybe, but certainly hadn't counted on the first to see it being the headmaster and professors. This was certainly worth staying up all night working.


     "Albus?" That was Professor McGonagall. "What happened to the hallway?"


     Fred had to bite his lip not to laugh out loud. George, on the other hand, clamped a hand over his nose and mouth with a sharp gasp. Fred looked over, expecting to see George look startled or shocked or something of that nature. Instead, he recognized the look on his twin's face as something much more serious to their situation. George had to sneeze. Fred shook his head, silently pleading for George not to do so. George looked back helplessly, his nostrils twitching.


     "I suppose if the second floor is suddenly here at the end of this corridor that means the rest of the third floor would be on the second," Dumbledore responded.


     "Yes, it's certainly some good and, ah, amusing work here. But who in the world has done this?" she asked.


     Fred slipped his arm around George's waist to give some support and reassurance. George was starting to look terribly worried now. His nose twitched. His brow furrowed. The sneeze wanted to show itself now, and it was only George's self restraint, gritted teeth, held breath, and all, that were holding it back.


     The third and final party to speak did so in a low snarl. "Who did this? I'll give you one guess." Snape. Professor Severus Snape. Never one to pass up the opportunity to get the Weasley twins for something. Except this time, he had no proof. Dumbledore and McGonagall knew that as they laughed in agreement.


     Looked like they'd get credit for the joke one way or another. And they much preferred to get the credit but not the punishment. Fred's eyes glowed with excitement and pleasure. George's, however, closed tightly with another sharp breath in. Knowing that if they were found here they wouldn't escape the punishment, Fred covered George's hand with his own and then drew his twin's head to his stomach to muffle the sound if he should lose his battle against the sneeze.


     George nuzzled into Fred's chest, grabbing at his robes desperately as the urge to sneeze seized him too powerfully to resist.


     "Best we head down to the second, rather, the third floor?" inquired Professor McGonagall.


     There was a pause, and then the three pairs of feet turned to walk back down the corridor.


     Fred gave a deep sigh of relief as soon as it was safe to do so without being heard. Not moments later, George tensed and pushed forward into Fred. "HAHShhhhh! hehShuhhh!" The sound of the sneezes was quiet, and there was silence following them. He sniffled and pulled back, rubbing his nose. "Sorry."


     "It's all right," Fred shook his head. "They didn't hear you." He looked his twin over for a moment or two. "But are you all right? Not coming down with something, are you?" He reached up and felt George's forehead with his palm, pushing back the soft red bangs. George looked a little pale, but no paler than Fred was, when he compared their skin tones.


     With Fred's hand upon it, George shook his head. "Nah. Don't think I am. Just suddenly had to sneeze is all and I just couldn't get it to go away."  He sniffled again and rubbed his finger hard against his nostrils until the tickle left completely. "The feeling's passed now. Hey, do you want to go down and see what they make of the fact that the third floor's all upside-down?"


     "Wouldn't miss it," Fred grinned in reply. "Let's take the shortcut, shall we? Head the profs off?"


     George gave an identical grin back and, squeezing Fred's hand, headed off.