Title: Strawberries

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: NC-17

Parings: Sirius/Remus

Spoilers: none, really

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter. I write this only in fun, I mean no harm, I get no money from this.

Summary: Remus, sick in bed, is seduced by Sirius and a container of strawberries.





     Sirius' feet were light and soft as he quickly climbed the stairs to their tower room. He was warm and eager. The others were downstairs at dinner still, then there was a prescheduled snowball fight between houses scheduled out on the Quidditch pitch; so they would have the whole place to themselves. Just the two of them. He opened the door softly, but the sharp intake of breath told him that he had been heard.


     "Siri?" came a soft voice from behind the curtains of Remus' bed.


     "It's me," Sirius confirmed, smiling. Remus and his heightened senses. "And I've brought you strawberries..." He pulled back the curtains and crawled onto the bed, making sure they were drawn behind him.


     Books and papers were scattered across the bed, and Remus sat up against the headboard, covers up to his waist. He had been brought back from the shrieking shack only that morning, and spent most of the day in the hospital wing. But as of the end of their sixth year, he'd been allowed to rest in bed after his transformations rather than always staying in the hospital wing. Remus was always eager to leave and go back to his own bed to sleep and catch up on missed work. Remus gave Sirius a weak smile. Remus' hair was hardly tamed, his face more pale than ever, and his nose a bit pink at the tip. He looked tired of doing work, but thankful to see Sirius. Still, he replied, "thanks, but I don't want any."


     Sirius looked shocked and confused. "What sort of person doesn't want to eat strawberries in bed with his lover?"


     Remus shot him a look. "One who's sick."


     "Bah!" Sirius rolled over onto his back, tongue hanging out, looking up at Remus, albeit upside down. "You've just got a little sniffle. Moony had too many night runs out in the snow." He grinned and rolled back over. "Now, let me feed you a strawberry."


     Remus shook his head, sniffling. "It's not just a little sniffle," he spat. "It's a cold. A horrible, terrible, miserable cold. With a fever and a sore throat and congestion and--"


     "--and you're being a drama queen," Sirius finished, rolling over onto his stomach and crawling forward with complete disregard to the books and papers he was wrinkling. He reached forward with one hand to tug the blankets down. "Now let me reach into those silk pajamas and fondle you while we still have the room to ourselves."


     "Siri!" He coughed and pushed Sirius' advances away. "I don't..." he stopped short very quickly and turned his head. His hand only made it halfway up before "heh-Ihshoo! Ihtchooo! Ihshoo! Uhhh..." With a sigh, he brought his hand up and rubbed miserably at his nose. "Scuse me..." He sniffled wetly.


     Sirius rolled his eyes. "You could at least cover your nose when you sneeze."


     Remus groaned and slid a bit further under the covers. "You could at least watch where you're lying. That's my homework you're nesting in." Remus pushed a few things away from Sirius and pulled a roll of parchment out from beneath Sirius' middle.


     Sirius, unphased by the insult, pulled the paper back. He skimmed the paper. "I'm doing you a favor. This is all wrong. Three parts boa constrictor skin and one part boiled tuber plant oil does not thicken on its own without half a crushed bat wing, and certainly not in two hours. And if you were to add eight pounds of ground milkweed to this it would destroy the concoction. I think you mean eight ounces. And here--"


     "All right, Mr. Show Off." Remus snatched the paper back. He sniffed hard and collected his books and papers, putting them into a rough pile and trading the stack for the tissue box on the bedside table. He took out a few tissues and blew his nose loudly. The congestion overpowered him, throbbing in his ears, and he broke into harsh coughs. Coughing and sniffling, he gave Sirius an annoyed look as he hugged the tissue box to his chest and slid beneath the covers. "Just leave me alone and go eat your strawberries in your own bed." With a deep breath, he pulled a few tissues, one by one, and held them to his nose. "heh-Ihhhshh! Heh-Ihshoo! Ihhchoo!"


     Rolling his eyes, Sirius gave a heavy sigh. "Stop faking..." he said, ignoring Remus' appalled, angry look. "And give me satisfaction." He pawed at the blankets, crawling under, and nuzzling Remus' crotch. The instinctual reaction of arousal there told him that at least that part of Remus wasn't angry at him. A good sign at least. He burrowed through the blankets to come back up out the top, lying on top of Remus for the most part.


     "Sirius..." Remus sighed, sniffling.


     "Is that all you can say?" Sirius asked, pulling out the small container. "When I went to all this trouble to get us strawberries? Hand-picked, washed, and cut... by house elves. But nicked by your handsome rogue of a boyfriend especially for our sexual enjoyment."


     "ihhhShuhh! hehh-Ihhshoo!" Remus clutched the tissue box as he sniffled and blew his nose. "Doe... sniff, sniff... No, I can also say excuse me."


     "Mmm... well excuse me, too." He sat up, throwing back the covers along with him. Ignoring Remus' violent shiver, "because I want dessert and I want it from you." He popped open the container and took out a large strawberry. "Look at it... all ripe and lush... the epitome of sensuality..." He turned it over in mid-air, modeling it for Remus.


     "Sirius..." And this time he did not sound annoyed but weary and worried. "I know you're in the mood to play, but I really don't feel so well." He shivered again.


     Sirius wiggled the strawberry in front of Remus' face. "Come on... eat a strawberry for me."


     Remus shook his head. "I'm really not hun... huhhh...huh-hungry-huh-ihhhshhh! Ihtchoo! Ihhhchoo!" He reached for another tissue but Sirius pushed the box away. "Siri..." he sniffled and wiped his nose on the cuff of his sleeve. "I deeded that!"


     With a shake of his head, "no. You need this." And he forced a strawberry into Remus' mouth, then another into Remus' hand. "Now... my turn. Please." He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, trusting his mate. It took a few moments, and he heard a few sniffles, but there it was in his mouth. He bit down and opened his eyes with a smile. Apparently not even a sick Remus could refuse a puppy bearing strawberries.


     "There, now that you've had one, will you leave me in peace?" he asked, rubbing his nose runny against his shirt sleeve.


     "Not a chance," Sirius said, hands on Remus' cheeks. He popped another strawberry, a small one, into Remus mouth then quickly covered Remus' lips with his own. He kissed, sucked, licked, and pulled back, chewing the strawberry with a great grin on his face. Then he reached down and began rubbing at Remus' crotch. "You can't get rid of me that easily."


     "Siri--" another strawberry stopped that protest as well.


     Sirius tugged his pajama pants down then ran his hands up under Remus' shirt, feeling the warm chest and the strong heartbeat racing. He sucked gently on the man's cock, just to be sure he was ready. Then his tongue slid from crotch to chest, between the buttons of his shirt, to nape of neck. He kissed Remus' nose, then his cheeks, and finally his lips. Their crotches were grinding, their hearts pounding. And though Remus sniffled a little, he didn't protest a bit as Sirius held another strawberry up. After pausing to look into each other's eyes for a moment, they both went for it. Their lips met as they bit it in half and pulled away, enjoying the juices.


     The look in Remus' eyes told Sirius he was ready for other juices. Sirius stripped naked and performed a lubrication spell, only to find himself eating another strawberry, this one willingly given by Remus. Sirius ate it with pleasure. "There, that wasn't so hard, was it?" he said around the strawberry with a grin.


     Carefully, he pushed Remus' legs forward, bent at the knees, and eased himself into Remus. "That's hard," Remus gasped, but gave a loving, reassuring smile. Then he coughed a few times and sniffled, suddenly looking uncomfortable to be there. He glanced to the side, hoping the tissues had somehow jumped back up into reach. His nose was running, throat burning, head throbbing.


     "Hey," Sirius said, reaching up and putting his hand on Remus' cheek, guiding his face back to keep Remus' eyes on his. He leaned forward, his arms holding Remus' legs. "Stay with me." He grinned and kissed Remus again, tasting the sweetness. "With me and the strawberries." And he began to pump.


     Remus sighed, throwing his head back with a laugh, grunting and gasping along with Sirius. His feet curled. His back arched. His breathing raced. Sirius pressed himself hard against Remus' chest, thrusting in hard below, pulling out quickly. A beautifully delicate rhythm they both swayed to. Heat. Sweat. Passion. And the gentle taste of strawberries. Sirius tried to make it last, thrusting but holding back as the pleasure coursed through him. But in no time, the sensations were just too much for them both. He announced his with a fierce growl, fingers digging into Remus' sides. Remus yelled with the pain and pleasure of his, pushing forward with his legs, linked at the knees with Sirius' elbows. More heat. More sweat. More passion.


     At last, Sirius pulled out and collapsed beside Remus on the bed. They were both panting quite heavily. Remus reached over and instead of trying to get to the tissues, he picked up the container of strawberries and offered it to Sirius. Sirius grinned and took one, putting it in his mouth and savoring the unique sweet taste as it calmed him. He took another and turned, sliding his arm beneath Remus' neck, holding the man tightly in a half hug with a shoulder squeeze. He dangled the strawberry above Remus' face, then rubbed it against Remus' lips, teasing. Remus smiled and opened his mouth, slowly taking it. "You know," He said, holding Remus comfortingly, stroking the man's cheek. "You didn't sneeze once the whole time."


     Grinning, but sniffling a little, "Guess your little plan to distract me worked as well as you'd hoped." He raised an eyebrow.


     Sirius pulled the covers back up over them both, cuddling Remus closer to him. He was as transparent as anything to Remus. "Assio tissues!" He rubbed Remus' nose tenderly. "After dessert nap?" he suggested, applying tiny kisses to Remus' cheek again and again.


     Remus nodded, taking a new tissue and turning away. "heh-Ihhhshoo! Heh-Ihshoo!" He sniffled wetly. "Scuse me."


     Sirius pulled Remus' head back in place and continued to administer kisses to his cheek, chin, neck, anywhere he could easily reach. "Nothing to excuse, Love." He gave another tight squeeze. "Now, get some sleep before the others come back all loud and rowdy about Gryffindor beating everyone in the snowball fight."


     Remus snuggled closer. "As long as you stay to keep me warm," he insisted, closing his eyes with an exhausted yawn.


     "Just try and stop me," Sirius replied, giving him a final kiss on the cheek to end the series. He wiped Remus' nose again and pulled the covers up to Remus' chin to keep him warm.


     Remus pulled his eyes open for one last moment. "Considering how unsuccessful I was last time I tried to stop you..." he paused to yawn and closed his eyes again. "Thanks for making me forget about this cold, even for a few minutes."


     Sirius nuzzled him, resting his face against the side of Remus' face, Remus' hair brushing his face, his scent soothing Sirius into wanting to sleep as well. "See, good things can come from having a horrible, terrible, miserable cold."


     "And good cumming happens from having a boy who brings me strawberries in bed," he said with a laugh, a sniffle, and drifted off to sleep as Sirius chuckled and held him tightly. And when the others came in, cheeks red and noses stuffed from the cold of a winter night, none of them noticed the soft scent of strawberries that filled their dormitory room.