Title: April Fools 3

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: G

Pairing: None

Disclaimer: The story is mine. EVERYTHING else is not. No rights. No money. Nothing.

Summary: Fred and George are again accused of doing a prank they weren't actually responsible for. This time people are less amused.

Note: Written for on April Fools Day 2005



April Fools



     As Fred and George headed out to the Quidditch pitch for practice, they were abruptly stopped by Gryffindor team captain, Oliver Wood. "Hold it!" Oliver commanded, holding up a hand. "Practice has been cancelled today."


     "Cancelled?" Fred echoed concernedly. "Why's that?"


     Rolling his eyes, Oliver snapped back, "Oh, as if you didn't know."


     Fred and George exchanged looks.


     Oliver, on the other hand, turned his head and looked away. "hehhh-Ihhshhh! ehhh-HehShhhh!"


     "Bless you," both Fred and George chimed simultaneously.


     They watched Oliver sniff and rub hard at his nose. George narrowed his eyes. "You all right Oliver?"


     "Of course I'm not!" Oliver laughed in annoyance. "Thanks to you two!"


     Again, Fred and George looked at each other, each hoping the other might have some clue as to what was going on. Neither had been sick recently, so they couldn't see how Oliver possibly could have caught a cold from them. "Oliver, we never--"


     Oliver cut Fred off. "It's one thing to have fun on April Fools Day but it's another entirely to mess with your friends. I mean, just this morning every single member of the team except for you two came down with this mysterious virus- did you really think we'd just assume that was a... coincidence? April's too late in the year for colds to be going around... so... Hehh-Uhshhh! Hurshhhh! Huhh-uhhHShhh!"


     "Oliver..." Fred was at a loss, unable to think of anything he could say. "I'm sorry but--"


     "You're sorry?" laughed Oliver, digging a handkerchief out of his pocket. "Fine lot of good that'll do me unless you have an antidote along with that apology."


     Fred and George hadn't.


     Still looking angry, Oliver started on about it again, but immediately quieted and began coughing. He seemed so out of breath when the fit had passed that both twins reached out to him for fear their captain and friend might collapse. Oliver pulled away with a grunt and a sniffle.


     "Maybe you should go up to bed, Olly," Fred suggested.


     "I will," Oliver replied coldly. "Not that you care."


     "Oliver..." started George, taking his turn in trying to explain it wasn't their fault. He felt terrible for his friend.


     But sneezes overtook Oliver this time. He leaned back against a wall to keep himself upright during it. "ehhh-HEHSHhh! hehhChuhhh! huhhShuhh! hahrShhh! Ehhh... ehhh-Huhshhhh! Hershhuhhh!" When they had passed, Oliver shot them such accusatory looks that any apology would surely fall on deaf ears.


     "Go to bed," said George finally. "And feel better."


     "No thanks to you," Oliver sulked, sniffling and snuffling into his hanky as he headed towards Gryffindor tower.


     Fred and George sighed. "Looks like this year the joke's on us," said Fred once they were alone again. "How long do you think it'll be before they realize we had nothing to do with making them sick?"


     George shrugged. "It won't be today, that's for sure. No one will believe us today of all days. Hey, you're not getting sick are you?" He touched his twin's forehead.


     Fred shook his head. "You?"    And George shook his as well.


     With more time to work on the plans they actually had for the rest of April Fool's day, they started back to the tower. They walked along in silence for a while as they thought things over.


     It was Fred who broke the silence as they reached the hidden passage they used as a shortcut upstairs. "You know, this gives me rather a good idea for a joke..."


     George punched his arm playfully. "Even you wouldn't go that far!"


     Fred shrugged. "Only where Slytherins are involved."


     A grin slowly spread across George's face. They headed up the passageway, scheming all the way.