Title: The First Day of Spring

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauder Era

Rating: G

Pairings: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily

Disclaimer: Soooo not mine, I'm sad to say. I'm just playing and mean no harm.

Summary: Remus does NOT enjoy the onset of spring

Notes: Written in exactly one hour on the first day of spring (2005)



The First Day of Spring

     The words that were supposed to be stationary on his parchment began to dance, then grew fuzzy to Remus' hurting eyes. Still, he tried to continue writing. Even the easiest of potion formulas could give him trouble on his best days. Currently he was in the middle of a complex formula and if he lost his train of thought now he was sure he'd never again find it again no matter how many stations he visited. But his quill bumped against the balled-up handkerchief that rested on the paper and the ink was quickly absorbed by it.


     Grumbling, Remus tried to forget how he'd sworn to himself not to ruin another handkerchief like this. He grabbed the handkerchief and crumpled it into a fist. Then he felt a warm breeze brush his cheek and catch the loose folds of his robes. And, as quick as he'd been to pick up the handkerchief, he quickly lifted it to his nose. He pressed the balled-up cloth to the bottom of his nose and breathed out of his mouth warmly against his hand. "ehhhhhh-hehhhhhh..." He gripped the side of the table at which he sat. "hihhhhhhh-K'chttt! h'chhtt! Huh-K'Chhtt!" He sneezed as quietly as he could, which wasn't really all that quietly. Remus let out a deep breath that was one part the rest of the air from his build-ups and one part relief that it was only three sneezes that time.


     He lifted his head and vocalized his frustration. "Would subode blease shut the widdows?" But his request seemed to fall on deaf ears. He looked around the Gryffindor common room where everyone seemed rather oblivious to his situation. Not that he minded the fact that the whole house wasn't watching him fall apart, but he was a prefect and he really would have liked some respect. Though in the lack of respect, he would settle for a few closed windows.


     But the general population most decidedly liked them open. They liked the cloudless sky and warm sun. They liked tall grass and fresh flowers. They liked the soft breezes and sweet scents. They liked... "ehhh... ehhhh-CHIHHH! Hehhh-h'CHTT!" They liked things that made Remus sneeze his head off. "ehhh-HihShtttt! H'Chhttt! K'Chttt! Huhhhh-huh-CHTTT! Argh!" He turned his hand over and rubbed the back of his hand against his runny nose.


     He looked around to see everyone still doing their own things. Several girls sat in a corner, giggling over a fashion magazine. Peter was curled in an armchair, chewing on the end of his quill and looking over his books at some other girls. James was handing a bunch of flowers to Lily, then taking her by the hand and dragging her up to his dorm room. Remus rolled his eyes at this. They'd have to do a few cleaning spells tonight before bed just to get the smells out of the room, or else Remus wasn't going to get a wink of sleep.


     Halfway through a good scrubbing of his burning eyes, Remus' breath caught again. "heh-h-h'CHHITTT!" He sneezed into the back of his hand, then dropped it against the table he sat at alone. He looked across the room at Sirius who was playing cards with a group of fifth years. Clearly Remus wasn't going to get anything out of any of the other Gryffindors, or two of his three friends. "Sirius?" he moaned, getting Sirius' attention. "Close the widdows? Just for a little while?" he pleaded.


     Sirius sighed and nodded. He obliged Remus by waving his wand and uttering the spell that sent all the windows to slam shut and all the shutters to cover them. As the candles in the room sprang to life, giving as much light as the sun through the windows had, groans erupted around the room. "Sorry!" he apologized to everyone. "Just for a few minutes, okay? Go outside if you can't cope." Several people did, in fact, pack up their bookbags and head out of the tower.


     Sirius, however, excused himself from the game and headed over to Remus. "Spoilsport," Sirius teased, taking the seat across from Remus at the table. "Don't you think it's beautiful out there today?"


     Remus replied by giving him a cold look, but his reaction was quickly spoiled by more sneezes into his raised handkerchief. "hehhhh... ehhhh..." Sirius leaned forward a little out of concern. "ehhh-hihhhhhhh... hihh-IHChhtttt! HuhShhhh! hehhhChhtttt! IhChhhttt!" Remus' head snapped back and forth with each sneeze, rendering the handkerchief rather useless for anything when he'd finished sneezing.


     With a sigh, Sirius pulled his own out and handed it across the table. Remus still looked crossly at him. "Go on, Love. Take my hanky. Believe me when I say you need it."


     Wishing he didn't look as bad as he felt, Remus set down his used and ink-stained handkerchief and took Sirius' fresh one instead. He blew his nose and rubbed it as dry as it would get for the moment. "Hate this," he murmured.


     "Awww," said Sirius, shaking his head. "It's the first day of spring. Don't you know what that means?"


     Remus' head bobbed up and down in a fierce nod. "Oh, absolutely. Sbrig beads by eyes burd add by throat itched add by dose... hehh... by dose is stuffy add ruddy add sdee... sdeeee..." He shook his head and motioned with a finger for Sirius to wait for him to finish. "ehhhh-hihhhh-IHHHChhhuhh! IhhhChhhhh! H'Chihhhhh!" Remus had all but given up on the idea of restraining his sneezes even a little now. "ehh-H'Chuhhhh!" He sniffled and rubbed his nose again. "Sdeezy," he finished with frustration.


     Sirius slowly nodded in agreement. "All right. I'll give you that. But spring's also the time when young men's thoughts turn to..." His fingers walked across the table, then took Remus' hand in his. "Well, you can figure out the rest, can't you? You're a clever lad."


     Remus smiled briefly, but then his head snapped back down again. "huh-Chuhhhh! ehhhT'Chhhhh! Hehh... heh-KShhhh!"


     Sirius ignored the sneezes and leaned forward even more. "But I'm cleverer."


     "Oh?" Remus said, mildly interested but not ready to get his hopes up.


     Sirius nodded and squeezed Remus' hand reassuringly. "Because I happen to know what will make you feel better. I mean, in addition to me, of course."


     Remus raised an eyebrow in curiosity.


     Sirius scooted his chair closer and positioned his mouth beside Remus' ear. "A nice, long shower with lots of steam and a bathroom without windows."


     Giving a deep sigh, Remus nodded. "Add a boyfried to edjoy it with." Hoping Sirius would be equally generous with his knowledge of potion formulas later, Remus immediately packed up his school books and papers and led the way up their stairs to the bathroom.