Title: Becoming One

Author: tarotgal
Harry Potter

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: none

Warnings: lots of slash and twincest

Pairings: I don't want to spoil things, but see the warning above
There is no way JKR would do anything like this, are you mad?
Almost too short to summarize. Fred and George have at it, basically. And the sneezing comes in afterwards.

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Becoming One


     Crashing down together- naked, kissing sweetly, upon the bed- it was clear they had to have each other. And it had to happen now. Neither twin was sure when or how such play had come into being. And neither could remember the time when they hadn't touched or explored, on a routine basis no less. And this was very much like any other time. Very much, but not entirely. They were identical, right down to the last freckle, and had confirmed his a dozen times upon careful investigation and study. Not just in the curves and markings of their bodies, but in each and ever sensation.


     When one grabbed the other's cock, he knew precisely how that felt to the other for it was like grabbing his own. Their hands knew each others' body as well as their own, with practiced skill and routines to match. Sensations doubling with the closeness and the empathy of every lick, flick, fuck, and suck.


     The two were caught in the throws of passion, entangled in emotions of desire and conquest. They were identical, it was true, and thus possessed identical needs to show themselves off and show the other up. To give the other something unique, special. To do something to make the other want to come first. They were two, acting and feeling as one.


     Their bodies blurred together, rolling on the bed, blankets askew, crotches pressed to thighs. They humped instinctively, seeking the other out for that desperately desired warmth and strength. Something to rub their burning erections against, something to satisfy them for just a moment, something fast and easy and incredible. Something that made them rock and shake violently, body against body, becoming one with each strong, sloppy kiss. Their lips pressed and pulled, tongues fighting for dominance the same way they were in rolling around on the bed.


     Fred won out in the end, as he did roughly half of the time, planting himself down hard on George's thighs in triumph. He worked his hands up George's body, cupping his face, administering a tenderer kiss as two identical sets of lips met again to agree on the arrangement. George arched his back a little as the hands slid back down, coming to rest between the pale thighs. There was lube involved, there had to be lube involved. But the application was so quick from practice and the sight of their soft, naked bodies so mesmerizing that no one really noticed it.


     Fred caressed George's loins as he might his own, before seizing them eagerly as though in masturbation. A shiver raced beautifully through George, covering his skin with goosebumps as the little hairs tickled Fred's body. Their eyes were shut to conserve the pleasures, knowing their bodies so well that there was no need to see.


     A tangle of limbs, a blending of bodies as they fell into their places. Taking George's cock in his hand, Fred began teasing, rubbing his palm over the head, applying pressure at just the right spot to make George gasp with pleasure. George reached down and slapped his hands over each of Fred's arse cheeks, squeezing in grateful reassurance. His hands were starting to sweat, but his grip firm and encouraging. The sensations his brother caused were much too good to want them to end now.


     With a soft, almost dreamy grin, Fred's fingers now traced down past the cock he had been playing with to George's arsehole. One plunged in, and George inhaled strongly through his nose. It pulled out in seconds, going back in with a companion, long and slender enough to hit exactly the right spot at exactly the right angle. George restrained himself from bucking against his twin's hand. When the two fingers pulled out, and George, eyes still closed, expected a third with a rush of delight, he was instead startled to feel the entirety of Fred's prick. It took him over, making him cry out in relief as he allowed himself to buck instinctively this time.


     One of Fred's hands pressed down hard on George's thigh to steady himself as he gave thrusts. The other hand skidded back up to George's crotch, the now-slick fingers lavishing equally compelling sensations there. Grinning madly, George had to bite his lip to keep from crying out at the pleasure of it all. The hand on his cock felt like his own. The cock up his arse was close enough to be his own. And the man pumping him for all he was worth was so close to him that he could hardly call it brotherhood. They were closer than brothers, closer than twins. At moments like this their bodies melded into one. One of intense pleasure.


     Not to say that Fred was being neglected, of course. No, as Fred's cupped hand raced up and down his shaft, one of George's hands got into the mix as well. Two fingers to start out with penetrated Fred, whose rhythm was thrown as he pushed back against them, tight at first, then relaxing and desperately panting for more.


     "ooh... hah-ready?" said one, sweat beading upon his brow. He leaned forward and gave the other's nipple a gentle suck along with a convincing nip and tug.


     "Can we n-now?" the other asked. An almost breathless grunt answered affirmatively. The twins opened their eyes, staring into each others'. And slowly, together, they began to rock differently. Not just to pleasure each other, but to do it with their own rhythm.


     Fred slid in and out as George pushed to meet him, the thrusts strong and powerful, hot and comfortable, as if they were made to fit each other. George matched his fingers' plunging with Fred's stroking, and he thrust his cock into the warm home of Fred's hand, slipping through with sensations rippling through every bit of him. The gentle bumps that were Fred's slick fingers cupped tightly around his cock, raced up and down the shaft but stopped ever so often to take hold of George's balls with a gentle rub that made them both go crazy. But the warm home George provided Fred's cock was even more welcoming, taking it entirely without resistance but the perfect ammount of pressure.


     "Fred!" George gasped, his body shaking with desire. "Think I'm... I'm gonna..."


     Fred's eyes gleamed back at him as the long fingers penetrated him, pushing hard against his prostate in a way that made him buck furiously, gasping for breath as well. His own cock was throbbing and ready and his hips sped up to match George's rhythm at once when he heard the words. "M-m-me too!" he managed, throwing his whole body into it, desperate for the passion and intensity of a good twin-produced orgasm.


     "Then come!" It was strong, demanding, and all the permission Fred needed. His body tensed and shook and he cried out, tears in his eyes. George followed only a split second behind, taking his eyes off Fred for a while to drink up the moment. "ah-hah-ah-ahhhh-Fred!" The cry was strangled, eaten up by a gentle moan of the orgasm that took the form of "George!" It was all one spectacular, simultaneous orgasm.


     As the blur of bodies slowed and separated back into two separate beings, there was a soft sniffle from the bed over. Oliver Wood reached over to the box of tissues, taking one for his nose, red at the tip, and taking a half dozen to quickly clean himself off. His other hand rested still at his crotch, hanging uselessly between his legs, worn out from overuse.


     Fred leaned over his brother, administering a more tender, relaxing kiss this time, then swung his head back up. "I couldn't tell for a while there if you were going to shoot or sneeze." Oliver's thick lips turned up into a weak smile. "Good thing for us, it wasn't a sneeze, because I don't think I could have held out another bloody second, even for you. If you hadn't given the word when you did... I would have taken him anyway." He pulled himself off George completely, putting a hand out between the two beds. "Give us a few tissues, Olly? We've gotta clean off, too."


     Oliver quickly obeyed, handing over a whole handful, then taking another one for his nose. This time, he really did have to sneeze. "uhh-Hitchoo! Huhh-IKShooo!" Twice, in fact. At the first, directed deftly into the tissue, George sat up in bed to look at him. At the second, Fred turned his attention to Oliver as well. Oliver sniffled, not quite comfortable with it all to blow his nose in front of them right now. "Sorry," he said. "Couldn't help it."


     "You didn't tell us you had such incredibly sexy sneezes, Oliver. Maybe you should have joined us after all?" George joked with a smile on his face but his ears were an unnatural shade of red that, perhaps, could be attributed to the physical exertion.


     Oliver flushed scarlet at the comment, however, pulling out another tissue and pretending to make a whole thing out of having to rub his nose dry. When he looked up, George was settling himself on one side and Fred on the other. All at once, they started touching him. Not in the same sensual way as they had touched each other, but in a down to business sort of way. One hand felt his forehead for fever. Another took over the tissue job, rubbing his nose so gently that it didn't hurt, even red and slightly chapped though it was. Yet another hand touched the small of his back, steadying him. And the final one helped ease him down onto the bed. They flanked him in bed as well, curling up on either side of him as he lay on his back on several more pillows than usual. They drew up the blankets, though warmth was already spreading through Oliver at their closeness.


     "Next time you'll feel better," George said, rubbing Oliver's nose gently for him.


     "Next time you can join us," Fred added, his lips gently caressing Oliver's cheek.


     The three naked bodies were so close now they stuck together in a sweaty tangle of limbs, becoming one again. For as Oliver had not been amidst them, he had been close, nonetheless. And he had shared in it completely enough to be exhausted and need their comfort now


      "uhhhIkshuhh! hehTchuhh! Uhhtchuhhh!" Oliver sneezed, finding more gentle fingers caressing his skin and another tissue at his nose for him. "ehhTchuhhh! UhhChuhhh!" He fell, weakly, back against the pillows, glad that he was being taken care of now as his own physical exertion had tired him out co completely. His jaw dropped again but in a yawn, not a sneeze.


     "Ohhh... did we tire you out, Olly?" Fred asked, smiling, his hand tracing designs on Oliver's chest.


     Sniffling, Oliver nodded. His eyes felt heavy and he had to fight to keep them open. His head, sunk deep in a feather pillow could barely move to make the nod, and he backed out of the gesture sooner than normal, unable to keep it up.


     "Awww," George cooed, nuzzling up against Oliver's neck.


     Fred was similarly sympathetic. "Good thing you didn't join us, then. We probably would have killed you.


     "Just watching you two, sniff, gorgeous blokes, sniff, was enough to do that," Oliver confessed. He lifted a very heavy arm and rubbed a hand against his runny nose, then used it to cover a second, fierce yawn.


     "Our poor, sick, tired little captain." George coughed and apologized. "Or perhaps not so little, yeah?"


     Oliver nodded again, smiling. He slipped his arms beneath what bits of boys he could manage, pulling them close with a squeeze. "My irresistible, ravishingly handsome twins."


     "Mmmmm, that's us," George agreed, leaning in and kissing Oliver's lips gently.


     "In the flesh," Fred finished, mirroring the kiss.


     Exhausted and completely worn out, they all drifted off the sleep, a little bit at a time, as though each wanted to make sure the others were asleep before he fell asleep. It was Oliver who finally gave up the fight first, letting the fatigue and warmth take him over completely as the two redheaded, freckled bodies pressed themselves up against him as tightly as possible. Fred and George managed to exchange the same look with each other before following his lead.