Title: Hogwarts Hallways

Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Harry Potter, during the later school years of the four

Characters: Sirius/Remus
Parings: Sirius/Remus
Rating: R, shash
Spoilers: read the third book
Disclaimer: J.K.R.'s characters/world... my sick, twisted mind
Summary: What secrets the Hogwarts Hallways have to hide. It's a good thing the paintings can't talk. Oh... wait...

Comments: Always appreciated! :-)



Hogwarts Hallways


     The halls at Hogwarts were truly one of a kind. Most of them stayed put well enough, but some shifted and spun with random rooms popping up behind doorways. Once I was walking down a hallway and when I reached the end, I suddenly realized I was back where I can come in. So I set back the opposite direction to get out and by the time I got there, it had spun around so that I was at the entrance once again. At that point, I decided it was much safer just to find another way to class.


     The halls at Hogwarts were large, spacious, with high, curving ceilings and lit windows. Or they're small and comfy, dark enough to easily disappear into. They had paintings and portraits with their own personalities. They had doorways of all sorts, some leading to nowhere, others leading to everywhere else.


     In the evenings sometimes I would spend my time just walking them in thought and curiosity, trying to learn every step and every stone of every one. I would reflect on how lucky I was to be here, what friends I had, what times we had all had together. One evening, just a few days after my last transformation in the shack, I snuck out of the common room and down into the hallways. There was no curfew as of yet, so my chief worry was only bumping into someone I did not care for, namely Lucius or Serverus. Serverus especially had been prying into my personal matters lately, more-so than in the past even, and I did not want him to find me out and about and alone in the hallways. That feeling was amplified by the fact that I thought I was coming down with a little something. Since my transformation, sitting in the cold shack against the wall, freezing and shivering as the wolf in me drained from my senses, I had felt a little sniffley and shivery. Nothing I could not easily cover if I wanted to, but enough to make me a little wary of running into my enemies, or waking up the bedroom. This week had been packed full of mid-year exams and exercises of all sorts, so many were turning to bed earlier and earlier each night to make up for lost sleep. At night, my cold, or whatever it was, felt as if it were getting worse, symptoms amplified. Perhaps it is because of the night itself; my least favorite part of the day, when the moon comes out to play her dangerous games with me. Or perhaps it is because I have less on my mind academically or otherwise to concentrate on as a distraction. At any rate, that evening I was making my way through two handkerchiefs with sneezes, sniffles, and blows, trying to be as quiet as possible. So to keep from waking the lot of them, I tucked a clean hanky into my inner robe pocket and shuffled out of the boy's dormitory, out of the common room, and down through the halls of the castle.


      They were quiet tonight, a welcome thing. I could hear the wind pounding heavy rain drops against the windows, dancing their little dances down the glass in streams of randomness. It was so quiet that when I had to sneeze, and when I did so, "ehh-Emshhoo! Ehh...heh-huh-Ahkeshoo!" those sneezes were really the only thing I could hear, as if I had the whole castle to myself. I stood at one window, looking out over the lake where a single boat sat, tossed by waves as if the whole thing were a miniature version of the ocean which this boat had never seen to know it's power. The power given to it by the moon. Ever-constant. Ever-threatening. I could see it silhouetted in the bright waning moon, tosses about recklessly.


     "Grrrrawl!" It was low, soft, but fierce just the same, and made me freeze in place. The hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood right on end. I turned on the ball of one foot and stood staring at a face illuminated by the same moonlight. Dark, sharp features, a familiar face. He sat on one of the benches, which rested in the cut-outs of the hall. From the entrance of the hallway, looking straight down, all you could see were windows on one wall, and designs on the other. But in reality, across from every window was a small indention which contained a cushioned bench to sit upon. And he sat there now, wearing a maroon turtleneck, tight-fitting, stylishly shrugged at the neck. And a pair of tight black jeans which were very much him. One leg stretched out across the length of the bench, the other was bent at the knee. His arms were comfortably placed about, his head cocked to the side just slightly, looking right at me.


     "Siri?" Fearing my unkempt appearance, I quickly brought my sleeve up to my nose, rubbing it dry. But I caught it not on my robe fabric but the patch there, rough against my worn nose. Lilly had taken one look at my robes yesterday and insisted upon patching them up. I'm afraid this month during the transformation it had been so cold that I must have nested in my robes to stay warm, ripping them with my claws... or my teeth. I remember bits of it... the parts before and after my friends joined me, but those were vague compared to the fun I remember while we were all transformed into animals. I walked now to where he sat, stopping at the wall, both palms pressed against the wall at the corner, my body straight, facing him. I was going for alluring, not sure if I made it. "What are you doing here?" I had not meant to whisper, but my voice decided for itself to stay quiet rather than carry down the long hall.


     He smiled a sort of half smile, one side of his mouth turning up, eyebrows raising. "You weren't in bed." There were many, many things he could have said to follow that which would have given me a better sense of his intentions. 'I missed you' or 'I was curious' or 'I was restless' or 'I wanted to know where you were up to' or 'I wanted to talk to you about so and so' or even 'I was worried'. But the look in his eyes just then, those deep, dark eyes, told me he meant all of the above.


     I nodded. "I took a walk." Simple enough, and true as well. Had he noticed my sniffle? Surely he had not missed such a detail about my person.


     He nodded back, a simple, definite nod. Then he held his arms up, wide, outstretched toward me. He bobbed his head twice in fluid motions, as if nudging me from afar. Or beckoning.


     I quickly glanced behind me then moved forward to him, taking his hands in my own, linking fingers. I loved how easily his fingers wrapped over the backs of my slender hands. I leaned in, kissing him gently on the cheek, then a little less gently on the lips. I settled down across from him on the bench, a bit tight for the two of us, our legs intertwined awkwardly. But to be honest, though I was cramped I barely noticed with his warmth against me. It was not cramped, rather it was cozy. I could still feel a bit of wolf in me, and I could virtually hear his heartbeat from the few feet away.


We didn't speak for a while, he simply squeezed my hand and I his. Then came the sneeze. And though I managed to drop his hands quickly enough to catch it in my sleeve, it still sounded much too loud as it echoed down the empty Hogwarts hallway. "ehhh-Humchuff!"


     "Rhymes with Hufflepuff," Sirius replied, placing a hand on my thigh. "Bless you."


     I nodded a thank you, eyebrows raised, eyes flying open and shutting closed just as quickly, face buried in my robes. Another was on its way, but stuck. Just waiting. Waiting annoyingly. "huh...heh..." My nose tickled wildly; I had to sneeze strongly and had to do it now. "ehhhh-Harmchhh!" Considerably better, aside from needing to get to my hanky now. I leaned forward, lifting my rear off the bench, allowing my free hand to reach beneath my robes and pull the handkerchief out of my back pocket. I snapped it open and traded it for my robes, giving a small, suitable blow.


     He rubbed my thigh again, then moved beneath my disheveled robes as well, rubbing my leg through the pants there, massaging the muscles. He raised a single eyebrow at me, eyes full of hurt, of question.


     I nodded, snuffling, setting the handkerchief down. "I'll be fine," I assured him, letting him know that I wasn't absolutely fine at present.


     "I'll make sure of that," came his gruff answer. He licked his lips as they turned up into a complete smile. He lowered his head, looking up at me with two mischievous eyes. From somewhere in the depths of his throat, he issued another low, menacing "Grrrowl!" Masked by the sound, his hand unzipped my fly without my even noticing he'd reached up that far.


     To help him, I leaned forward, on all fours above his body, face to face with him. He slid my trousers off over my rear, pausing at the spot where, when I was a wolf, my tail was. He had a tail of his own, and I always wondered if perhaps that were a fetish of ours that we never vocalized. Our love-making was most times rough and canine, perhaps it was phallic as well when it came to our tails. I sniffled, but he didn't seem to mind. He noticed all right, but didn't seem to mind. He was pressing hard to get out of his own pants as it was. An immediate concern, to be sure.


     And I obliged him, as a good mate should, but only once my own trousers were around my ankles. I undid his jeans and inched them down past his waist, his hips, his thighs, and that was enough. He wore no underwear, perhaps expecting this from us tonight, perhaps just to be naughty. Normally I might have scolded him, but the sight before me was much too engrossing. I bent down to give it a kiss, soft at first, to be sure he was ready for me. Then harder, taking the head in my mouth, massaging it with my tongue, then letting it slide in more. It caught the back of my throat, raw from my cold, and I pulled back suddenly with more coughs.


     He looked hurt, and reached out to me as I pressed a fist to my mouth. I held my hand up to make him stay in place, and choked out, "I'm sorry... I'm sick."


     He nodded, reaching up, taking me in his arms, bringing me to his chest. I curled up on top of him, snuffling slightly, and slightly ashamed. "My Remus," he whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around me so tightly that I forgot that I had ever been cold in my life. I closed my eyes with a whimper, searching for and securing my handkerchief again. I held it flat against the lower half of my countenance as my breathing halted and sputtered forward, "heh-huh-hek-Ehshhmm! Chishmm!" I gave my nose a more thorough blow, blushing at the ears and cheeks. But he nuzzled me, kissing the top of my head, rubbing a strong hand up and down my arm. "My Remus," he repeated, so kindly that I never doubted a moment that I belonged to him. Wolves almost always mate for life. I sniffled wetly, disturbing myself, and moved to pulled away, but he held me there. "I will make you forget you are sick." A statement of fact. A promise. His hand traced from my arm to my leg, then pulled the hem of my robes up, sliding his hand under, then tucking them back down along with my underwear.


     He tickled me there, like only he could. Soft, gentle strokes on my genitals, making my whole body relax into him with a heavy, heaved sigh. He took a deep sniff of my hair, sighing himself at my scent. "Oh Remus," he growled, giving my cock a firm, warm rub. I grew strong and hard in his hand. In his capable, skilled hand, I was turned on just as much by the fact that his own member pressed into my side as I was turned on by the hand job he gave.


     When I could resist no longer I turned, lying on my belly, tugging my robes up in the front and down in the back so that they covered us in privacy but allowed our privates to get reacquainted. His cock throbbed against mine, and I rocked gently on top of him, rubbing them together. I was more sensitive, and had to pull away soon, so as not to waste myself yet. He noticed and we moved again, changing into another position, this one allowing him to be flat on his stomach, arms folded beneath his head.


     So many times he had taken me, barking my name. So many times I had felt him thrust into me and take me over. So many times I had had my own erection squashed against the bedsheets as he sat upon me. So many times I had been buggered by the greatest lover known to the Hogwarts halls. But this time... this time Sirius had sensed that I needed to be in him. I think- no, I know- that he wanted me to feel in control, to feel powerful. He wanted me to feel alive and in charge and not sick. Not sick as I most certainly was.


     "Sirius?" He looked back up at me as I settled down on his bare, inviting rump, letting my robes fall around me, hiding all evidence of our exploits. "I... If I should sneeze..."


     He nodded, closing his eyes. "Doesn't bother me, my Remus. Go ahead and do it."


     That was a very kind answer, and prompt as well. My nose was already filling with the urge to sneeze. Quickly, I snatched up my handkerchief again, finding a clean, dry spot and snuffling into it a moment before the sneezes took full hold of me. "ehh-Ihhhshmmm! hehhh... hih... huh-Keshmph!" I quickly tended to my nose with another strong blow then tucked the hanky back into the pocket I kept my wand in.


     "Back pocket, Remus," he growled softly, raising his rump a little, a difficult as I was sitting upon it, rubbing my cock against his crack now. I hesitated a moment, attempting to decipher his words. Did he mean... ah, his back pocket. I scooted down onto his muscular legs, lifted my robes, and retrieved a small bottle from his back pocket. Without hesitating, I squirted out a handful and slathered the lube onto myself and a little on him. He liked it rough, but not ass-bleeding rough. And I certainly didn't want to hurt him unduly.


     It took me a few attempts of in and out to get myself lubed enough and him opened enough to continue comfortably. He moaned in delight as I entered and shuddered as I withdrew, but I barely noticed beyond my own shaking and desperate plunging. I wanted to take him so badly that I couldn't have cared how sick I was. I bit my tongue sometime during the attempts and did not even notice until I tasted a little blood.


     Once we were both ready, him lose and willing, me hard and overly excited, I slid myself into his warmth and goodness and stayed there. I leaned forward, placing one hand on the bench, the other on his back. I held him down. He was mine now, and I would have him. I was so close to his head that I could breathe in his scent as well, which was nearly masked by the lube and the lust that overtook us. With my hands down, and me on all fours, I was in perfect position for thrusting, and did so hungrily. I did not pull out all the way, just enough for my cock to feel the motions, sensitive as it was. I pumped hard, fast, growling myself, admittedly. It was a rough session, that much had been certain from the beginning, and I could not help but let my instincts take over. He was my mate, and I would take him. I would take him and I would tame him.


     It was at that point that my nose began to act up again. At the height of excitement, I felt the strong need to sneeze, and sneeze hard. But there was no way to stop; I couldn't if I'd wanted to. My hips thrust forward over and over again, cock throbbing, insides rushing toward climax. I turned my head to the side, towards my shoulder, hoping that would suffice. And suffice it to say, it did. I sneezed twice at first, "ehhh-Hektushhh! Huh-Ahshhhoo!" wet, full sneezes that echoed loudly down the hall, drowning out the grunts and moans of my Sirius. But my nose was hardly done, and wanted two more from me. Just as the first approached, I felt the orgasm inside my reach the same point. I shook, moaning in as soft a whisper as I could between pants and gasps for pre-sneeze breaths, "I'm going... going to cum... I'm going..." to sneeze. But I wasn't able to warn him in time. "ehhkkEHshhhhhh! Heh-EHFESHHOO!" The two sneezes plunged me forward into him, deeper than I had ever before dared to go, as a I exploded with pleasure inside of him. They sounded above my moan, and his yelp, his cry of pain, hiding our intimacy from the world. My body went stiff with the sneezes, with the orgasm, then fell in a worthless, spent heap on top of him.


     I eased out, careful not to spill, and quickly pulled my underwear up to keep from getting my juices on him. But Sirius was unconcerned with this issue, and turned on his side, pulling me with him so that we lay face to face on the bench, his back to the wall, my back to the hallway. My nose was running terribly, and I went to mop it with my sleeve again, but he handed me the handkerchief instead, and nuzzled me affectionately, encouraging me to tend to my nose right there in front of him. I did so, blowing gently, then snuffling strongly and closing my eyes. I was parched, and exhausted. And I was in his arms.


His strong, comforting arms. One wrapped around me at the waist, keeping me from falling off the skinny bench all together. The other worked its way under my head, as my pillow, and stroked my long hair gently, soothingly. His fingers massaged my scalp, sifting strands through his fingers as if he were my comb. He stroked me, petted me. And again I had no doubts that I belonged to him, fully and completely. "My Remus," he said again, with such sweetness in his voice. My eyes were closed, and I desired greatly to simply take a short nap then and there with him, my robes covering our sore, sensitive, spent parts.


     We heard the noise at the same time and froze in fear. I dared not move to pull up my own pants let alone Sirius'. We froze, held each other in fear of being discovered... a fear that was arousing and erotic in and of itself. I felt a wave of passion wash through my already tired body, wishing to be closer to him, wishing to be so close as to be inside again. And as we heard footsteps approaching, coming nearer and nearer, it was at that point that I realized I had to sneeze again. I suppose it was the look of alarm on my face, or the panic in my breathing, but whatever it was, Sirius understood. He pressed me tightly to him, face against his chest to muffle the sound my sneezes would make. My nose was squashed there, hurting and unpleasant, but the tickle died down.


     There was a beam of magical light scanning the hallway for movement, for individuals. But it could not defy science, and could not bend to see us in our hole. And within seconds, whoever had been there was gone. We waited a few minutes in stationary silence to be sure. Then we moved, not to pull up out pants or even to sigh, but to kiss. It was a long, passionate kiss. He tugged on my lower lip and I ran my tongue over his lips, then against the roof of his mouth. I tilted my head, pressing my lips hard against his, then pulled back. I ran my hand down his front, giving his cock an inquiring rub, and it stood at attention for me. "We were almost caught," I told him.


     He nodded, pulling me to him tightly again, not to smother a sneeze but to feel my body. "And you bit your tongue." He ran his hands up my arms, under my sleeves, and dug his them, fingers and nails both, into the flesh of my arms. He wrapped his legs around one of my legs and began to hump me in a purely animalistic manor. He needed to get off, and had I not just cum myself, I would have needed the same. I held him tight, chewing on his ear, whispering to him that I was excited by it, too, but that we were safe now. Safe with each other. I ran my hand down the length of my body, down my thigh, to where I felt his warm cock mashed against me. I held it in my hand, letting it rub back and forth against my leg, against my hand, cupped and touched on every side in a make-shift hole of its own. It didn't take long at all to satisfy him, and I held him tightly in my arms when he went stiff and moaned into my shoulder with orgasm. I think he bit me there, too, but at the time I was noticing other things.


     Slowly, without words, we tugged our pants back up. I zipped him up, and he did me. I stood first, and he followed, tucking in his turtleneck, then straightening my robes and wiping what we didn't want seen from them with my handkerchief. I rubbed my nose with my sleeve again, sniffling.


     "We need to get you to bed," he said, slipping his arm around my waist from behind and leaning sideways to administer a light, caring kiss on my cheek.


     I nodded, keeping my sleeve raised, and sneezing yet again. "ehhh-Kumchuff! EhhhChishhhh!"


     "Bless you," he whispered, rubbing my back soothingly. "Yes, we need to go."


I sniffed a few times cautiously, realizing I could wait to blow my nose until we reached the dormitory rooms and my fresh supply of hankies. I lowered my arm and nodded again. "Whose bed, yours or mine?"


     He was so warm next to me as we walked slowly through the Hogwarts hallway. So rough and such an animal, but so soft and kind at the moment. He was careful to walk at my pace, matching my rhythm, perhaps without meaning to. He leaned into me again, nuzzling my neck and shoulder not in play, but in soothing affection. "Yours, I think. You should be sick in your own bed. And I should lie beside you all night and take care of you."


     I laughed. As affectionate as he was towards me, the idea of Sirius as a nursemaid struck me as humorous. It was like picturing Serverus in a dress. But he did not see the humor, and kissed my cheek again, then stroked my hair. "You're mine, Remus," he growled softly. "And I'll care for you all I like." Of that, I had no doubt. And we made our way back through the Hogwarts hallways.