Title: Gift for Silverelf 2006

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Hermione/Harry/Ron

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or their world. This is fanfiction and I'm just playing for fun, not making any money.

Summary: Harry's sick and, for the first time ever, a little needy.

Notes: Written for silverelf as a holiday gift. Enjoy!


Gift for Silverelf 2006

They stood at the top of the stairs, a mixture of hazy early morning light and candlelight illuminating them in the hallway. Ron's hands were on Hermione's hips, and Hermione's hands clung to the back of Ron's head. Both heads were tilted, though opposite ways, as they snogged heavily.


The two had moved into Number Twelve Grimmauld Place to look after Harry when the war ended. Though Voldemort had been defeated, the price their side had paid in lives had been steep. Harry barely went a night without nightmares, but the daymares were the worst. The only thing that really helped him was having his friends there by his side, all of the time, and the three grew closer in every way possible. And their times together were more than magical. Ron and Hermione had been officially dating for about two years but realized that they really didn't work as well without Harry. So even after Harry made his full, albeit slow, recovery, Ron and Hermione stayed put.


"Ron? Hermione?"


They separated and froze. Ron's expression asked 'Do you think he heard us?'


And Hermione's replied 'He couldn't have.' She looked about. "I don't see any extendable ears."


"So you don't think we woke him?"


She shook her head.


"Guys?" Harry called, again, and the two quickly headed back down the hallway to the bedroom.


Harry lay on his back, lounging against pillows in bed. He wore a pair of Ron's pajamas, white tops and bottoms with a few maroon stripes running lengthwise and the letter 'R' embroidered in script over the breast pocket. The pajamas sat a little wrong on him, too long in some places and too tight in others, but Harry didn't seem to notice. Harry rubbed his eyes and then put his glasses on, blinking at them as though to ask why he'd been left to wake up alone.


"Morning, Harry," said Ron, gently. He climbed up onto the bed at the foot of it and crawled up to meet Harry at the top. He curled his body into Harry's, with a leg bent and resting on top of Harry's lap.


"Sorry we weren't here," Hermione apologized, getting up onto the other side of the bed and kneeling beside Harry. She pressed her hand to Harry's forehead, feeling the faint traces of the lightning bolt scar under her thumb. Then she moved closer, forehead to forehead. Neither method really helped her gauge his fever, but both brought her close enough to hear his breathing and feel his warmth. "You only fell asleep an hour ago. We were planning to make some breakfast before you woke up."


"Only an hour?" Harry asked. He sniffled and rubbed at his nose. "No wonder I still feel tired. Sniff! And sniffly."


"You had a long day yesterday out in the field," Ron said. "And with a bad head cold on top of it... You really should take better care of yourself, you know." Ron rubbed a hand up and down Harry's chest, comfortingly.


Harry laughed. "Why? That's what I have the two of you for."


Hermione kissed his cheek in confirmation. "Then I say you need breakfast."


Harry nodded. "I am pretty hungry." He rubbed the side of his hand under his nose. Then he pitched forward, hand covering his nose and mouth. "hahhChoo! Hah-ahhChooshh!"


"And you need more Kleenex," Ron decided. He pulled a few from the nearly emptied box on the bedside table and handed them to Harry. "We'll be right back, okay, Love?"


"Don't take too long." Harry turned onto his side, snuffling into the tissues, curling up under the blankets, and closing his eyes. Hermione tugged the blankets up to Harry's chin and patted his head.


Hermione and Ron quickly and quietly left the bedroom again. This time, they were not distracted at the top of the stairs, and went straight down to the kitchen. The two hurried about, rushing to get breakfast together as quickly as possible. But after Hermione forgot to turn the stove burner on for the teakettle and Ron burned the fourth piece of toast, they slowed down a little.


Hermione ended up doing most of it, and spilled some hot water on the front of her pink bathrobe in the process. Ron found an unopened box of tissues in the downstairs bathroom and then he helped Hermione carry the two trays upstairs.


They found Harry just as they had left him, but fast asleep this time. Ron sighed. "So glad that we rushed." He set the trays down on the bed and then sat down on the bed, cross-legged, beside Harry. He ruffled Harry's unruly, dark black hair. "Harry?" he whispered. "We brought breakfast for you."


"Hshh, Ron!" Hermione chided in a whisper. "He needs his sleep."


"What about us?" Ron laughed. "We were up all night with him."


"Well," she said, taking off her bathrobe and hanging it over a chair by the window so that it would dry. "Maybe we should try to get some sleep. We can always heat the breakfast up a little later."


Ron nodded. "But as soon as we lie down and get comfortable, he'll wake up again all sneezy and hungry... and needy." He sighed. "He acts like a big baby when he's sick."


"Most men get that way, Ron," replied Hermione, walking over to the bed in her long-sleeved, button-down nightgown. "Remember how needy you were when you had that toothache last year?"


"Thought we all agreed never to speak of that. Besides, I that was an awful toothache. Harry—"


"Harry's got an awful cold," said Hermione.


"But he was always so self-sufficient," argued Ron. "Never complained when he didn't feel well, barely even mentioned it when his scar was hurting, for example. So why is it now he keeps..."


"Acting like a baby?" Both Hermione and Ron looked down to find Harry awake and smiling with amusement. "Thanks so much, Ron."


"Aw hell," Ron sighed. "I didn't mean it like anything."


"Oh, yes you did!" Harry laughed. He reached over and immediately attacked Ron's tummy with tickles. Ron wiggled around, trying to escape, but Harry did not let up until Ron admitted that Harry wasn't being a baby.


"Boys, boys, boys," said Hermione, shaking her head. At the first sign of trouble she had pulled her wand out from the pocket of her bathrobe and aimed it at the trays. The simple, first year levitation spell kept them safe, hovering a few feet above the bed and out of the way of Harry and Ron. She got into bed as well, then lowered the trays. She took one on her lap, and directed the other onto Ron's lap. Harry couldn't be trusted with a tray, especially not at the moment.


"hah-Ahshoo! hahhKShoo! Sniff! hahhShoo! Hehh... hehShoo!" The first had escaped him freely, but he clamped a hand to his nose and mouth for the other two. Ron quickly retrieved tissues for him, going straight to Harry's nose for him. Harry sat, sniffling, while Ron tended to him, even holding the tissues while Harry blew his nose. "Thanks," Harry whispered afterwards.


Ron barely batted an eye as he balled up the tissue and pitched it towards the waste bin not too far away from the bed.


Hermione poured tea for them all, and added the honey, lemon, and sugar in correct doses to the various cups before distributing. Ron immediately went for piece of toast and jam before offering Harry the same. Hermione rested her head on Harry's shoulder as they ate and drank, and Ron ate more than his fair share, as usual, but was also incredibly quick with the tissues whenever Harry needed them.


"You know," said Harry, as breakfast wound down. "I can't remember the last time we were all three home together like this... hahh... during the day- thanks." He accepted another tissue from Ron. "hahhShoo! Ahhh-Hehshoo!"


It was true. On the occasional day when they were all off from their respective places of work, there were always chores and errands to run or people to visit. Today, however, Harry had obviously called in sick, Ron had done the same after so little sleep the night before, and today was a Saturday so Hermione did not have work.


"It is nice being home together, isn't it?" Hermione said, clearing away the trays and dishes, but leaving behind the extra box of tissues. "But I'm sorry it's because you're not feeling well, Harry."


"Yeah," Ron added, "Cause if you were feeling better, we might... well... enjoy our time together a little more." He leaned closer and kissed Harry's cheek, in case Harry somehow missed his point.


Harry blew his nose and then sniffed, trying to get himself in order. "As long as you two don't mind me sniffling a little bit... I think I could manage a little of that enjoyment of which you speak."


"Really?" Hermione asked, kissing Harry's other cheek.


Harry nodded and turned a little to his right. He slipped several buttons of Hermione's nightgown out of their holes and plunged a hand in. It slid down and cupped one of Hermione's soft, heavy breasts. He rubbed his thumb over a nipple and she sighed. "Oh Harry..." She got that look in her eyes, that spacey, dreamy look, and she moved her gaze from Harry to Ron, and then back again to Harry. "Ron?" she whispered. "Are you?" She began to reach over Harry, towards Ron, but Harry's hand was already there, reaching under Ron's bathrobe and boxers.


So Hermione pulled her hand back a little and untied the drawstring around Harry's waist. Her hand was cool, and he gave a start at it at first, but then it warmed to his skin. It traveled about under his clothes, petting, rubbing, stroking. Harry stirred at her touch, but was somewhat distracted.


His right hand was still engaged with Hermione's breasts and his left was slowly stroking Ron's hardening cock. But he needed badly to sneeze. His nostrils flared, and he whimpered. He didn't want to stop, but... "hehhh!" his nose...


"It's all right," said Ron, tissues in his hand as though he'd pulled them right out of the air. "I've got you covered, mate. Go ahead and give me some sneezes."


He got them to Harry's nose just in time. "hehhShuhh! Heh-ahShoo! Sniff! Sniff! ahh... hahhh-HAHShoo! hehChoo! Sniff!"


"I love how you always sneeze in two's," remarked Ron. "Makes it so much easier to... ohh... oh God, Harry! Yes!" Ron groaned as Harry's hand paused in stroking to squeeze Ron's testicles, then circle a thumb over the head of Ron's cock. There was already a drop of moisture there, and Harry used that to his advantage while rubbing. "Harry," Ron whispered finally, with a warning in the tone of his voice.


Harry nodded. "Me too," he whispered to both of them. Hermione slowed her rubbing of Harry's cock, then pulled her hand out. She began tugging up the folds her nightgown while the men helped each other off with their clothes. Harry left his top on, but stripped Ron out of both bathrobe and boxers.


Ron reached over and cupped Hermione's cheek tenderly. Then his hand trailed down... further and further... until his hand found her crotch and his first two fingers slid inside her. She inhaled sharply, then let it out in the form of a sigh as Ron slid the two wet fingers back out, rubbing them against her clit. "I want," she answered, breathlessly, nearly bucking against his hand. She looked at Harry then. "Are you sure?" she asked.


He nodded in earnest. He lifted his head a little to give Ron a kiss. Harry took in the sight of the man, from pale skin and freckles to gentle eyes and fiery red hair. Then he turned fully onto his right side and took Hermione in his arms. He buried his face in her bushy brown hair and held her close as he tired to find the way Ron's hand had gone, just moments before. He sniffled a little bit and held his breath as he navigated. But then his cock slickly slipped into her. Ron took the time to get the bottle of lubrication from the nightstand. After establishing that Hermione was wet enough, he slicked his own cock with a generous amount. He waited for Harry to get settled, then eased his way into Harry. There was a moment or two of grunting, but then Ron was in and Harry gasped in pleasure. Ron pressed himself up against Harry's back, holding Harry tightly, covering the back and top of Harry's head with kisses.


The covers had been mutually kicked down to the foot of the bed, or pushed off the bed altogether, and Harry had shivered slightly at their loss. But now that he was immediately sandwiched between his two friends, he was warmer than ever.


With a familiar rhythm, they began. Harry slid into Hermione with a thrust, and when he pulled out, Ron took him from behind. This time, perhaps because they knew Harry wasn't feeling well, Hermione and Ron moved even more than usual, keeping the routine but gradually increasing the pace as they went along. Harry held Hermione close and felt her heart racing against his chest. He felt Ron's strong arms hold him safe and tight.


It was Harry who came first, as always. Thrusting into warm, tight depths of Hermione and feeling Ron's strong strokes fill him from behind at the same time was far too irresistible. He kissed Hermione's neck and cried out unrestrainedly as he came. Ron quickened his strokes almost impossibly, and leaned forward. Hermione lifted her head and Ron caught her mouth with his own in a wet kiss that lasted the duration of his orgasm.


Ron collapsed against Harry's back, his breaths quick and hot as he recovered his senses. Then he carefully pulled out of Harry, but continued to hug the man. Harry likewise withdrew from Hermione, wincing a little as he maneuvered his spent cock. Harry and Ron both looked at Hermione expectantly, but she was beaming and nodding at them, and they both relaxed fully.


Or almost fully. "hahh-Ahshoo! H'Shoo!" Harry directed then both into a pillow, but coughed and whimpered as soon as they were over. Ron rubbed Harry's back and handed Hermione some tissues. She wiped Harry's nose for him, then kissed his forehead. "Thanks," Harry said again. "Um, sniff, I gotta have something to drink."


Ron jumped up to get some and Hermione fought with the covers from the foot of the bed, trying to get them back into place. She finally gave up and got off the bed to take care of the blankets. Ron returned with some orange juice and Hermione tucked both of them into bed, then squeezed back in, as well.


"You should try to get some more rest," Hermione told Harry.


Harry nodded. He stopped drinking and swallowed. Then his face fell again. He reached out and Ron handed him another tissue. "hahhhAhshoo! HuhShihh!" Harry blew his nose.


"And that ends that box," Ron said, taking the used, balled-up tissue back, stuffing it into the empty box, and tossing the whole thing towards the trashcan. He missed by inches but Hermione had her wand out again and directed it, and a few other tissues which had missed the target, into the bin.


Harry slumped down further under the covers and closed his eyes. Hermione removed his glasses. Ron broke open the new tissue box and handed a tissue to Harry, just in case. Harry sniffed, rubbed at his nose, and nodded a thank you to them both. He felt the two snuggle up to him, one on each side. "Thanks... and sorry for being such a baby. Sniff! It's just that... I've never had anyone to look after me like this before. I didn't realize how nice it was to have that when I'm really not feeling so good." This earned him kisses from both sides, and more snuggles on top of that. "Sniff! Does that mean you'll both be here when I wake up again?" he asked. "Pleeeeeease?" The kisses and snuggled turned instantly into tickles.