Title: Motorcycle Ride

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: R/NC-17

Pairing: Sirius/Remus

Disclaimer: They'd be doing this all the time if I owned them. I don't. Thus I get no money for them or this or anything much else for that matter. LOL

Summary: Sirius takes Remus on a ride. Remus does most of the riding and all of the sneezing.

Notes: I'd been wanting to write a motorcycle fic for a while, but I kept seeing motorcycles all over the place on a drive one day and was inspired to start this



Motorcycle Ride


     There was nothing quite like a good motorcycle ride. Sirius, as always, had instigated this one. He had pulled Remus out of their flat by the arm despite Remus protesting that he was just getting to the good part in his novel. Several minutes later, they were speeding down a highway on the back of Sirius' bike.


     Sirius leaned back in the seat with his hands on the handles and his feet up on the foot pegs. Remus sat behind with his hands on Sirius' hips and Sirius between his thighs. Both wore helmets, but Sirius had on his leather jacket as well, which inflated a little from the rush of wind around them. Remus shivered and hugged Sirius tighter, using the man for cover from the cold and the wind.


     They sped out of town and through the countryside together, passing cars and pick-ups on the road. It was a typical day for spring, minus the rain which would have made the ride much less enjoyable. The day was warm but not hot. The wind was cool but not cold. And there was a smell of something sweet in the air.


     "Honeysuckle," Remus identified, though Sirius couldn't hear him. "That always makes me sneeze," he said a little bit more loudly. In fact, there was already a bit of an itch in his nose from it.


     "Sorry? What's that?" Sirius had heard perfectly well, just wanted to hear it again.


     "I said it's honeysuckle! That always makes me sneeze!" Remus repeated.


     The motorcycle vibrated powerfully between their legs, and beneath their bottoms. Its roar was loud and Sirius revved it deliberately. "Sorry?" Sirius yelled back, a grin in his voice.


     Remus laughed, shaking from more than just the motorcycle. The itch had seized his throat as well now, and he scratched the roof of his mouth with his tongue uncomfortably, even though he knew usually that only made things worse. Remus leaned forward, his helmet accidentally bumping against Sirius'. "Honeysuckle! Makes me sneeze!" he shouted.


     Sirius chuckled as well. "Everything makes you sneeze, Remus!"


     With a sigh, Remus shook his head. People without regular allergies never really understood what it was like. They came off as uncaring berks most times, but Remus knew it wasn't their fault. They just didn't understand the lifestyle. He'd just learned early on how to avoid certain things, and certain situations. He knew what the itching in his throat and nose meant, and he'd learned to avoid a full on attack whenever possible.


     Unless he got away now, Remus would be bursting into a sneezing fit shortly. "Sirius..." he whined. "I'm..." already it seemed too late. He lifted a hand, trying to rub at his nose, but the helmet was in the way and he couldn't get to it. He wiggled his nose a little, but it did not help.


     "You're...?" Sirius teased.


     "I'm..." Remus' breath caught and his eyes closed. There was a throbbing right between his eyes and a strong itch in his nose.


     "You're... what?"


     Remus' voice was high-pitched with desperation. "I'm-" he pushed past the need for a moment, trying his best to finish, to tell Sirius that they needed to get away from there. "Need to... going to..."


     Chuckling, "To sneeze?"


     Remus could only nod, and he knew Sirius couldn't see it. There was nothing else he could do, however, as his breath raced and his body stiffened and his eyes closed and his mouth turned down in a frown. He tried his best to hold back the sneezes, but they escaped rather suddenly. "EhhhSHHH! IIHHCHHH! Heh-CHFFF!" His nose was filled with tickles, so that as soon as these had been sneezed out, more quickly took their places. He did his best to restrain these from the beginning. "HEHK! Sniff! Siri! Eh-heh-IHKFF!"


     "Mmm," Sirius said, feeling Remus shaking and hugging from behind. "Hold on tightly." Worried the man might fall off if the sneezes got too strong, he sped up waited until he rounded the corner and was out of sight before taking off to the skies. He drove fast, breaking through the damp white cloud layer. Once they were hidden from sight of those below, he slowed down and set the bike to a constant pace. Then he looked back. "Remus? You all right, Love?"


     Remus shook his head. Of course he wasn't all right. "IMSh! hehKk! hehSHF! Huh-heh-INKkk!" He couldn't stop sneezing now.


     "Hand over your helmet," Sirius told him. Sirius took off his own and slipped both over the handlebars, securing them there.


     Grateful not to have to worry about sneezing against the inside of his helmet, Remus let the next set of sneezes out without restraint. "IHKShhhh! hehCshhhh! hehSHUHHHH! Ehh-KUTChhhhhh!" He pulled a hand back and rubbed at his nose. It felt a little better, after that last fit. It still itched, but that intense urge was gone now, as was the scent of honeysuckle. "Th-thags... sniff, sniff!" Remus managed with a sigh.


     "I've got a hanky in my right front pocket," Sirius said, leaning a little to the left. "Can you reach it?"


     "Sniff!" Remus reached around Sirius' hip and slipped his hand into Sirius' pocket. It was warm there, much warmer than Remus felt at the moment. Besides the handkerchief, which he located in a few seconds, he felt a familiar hardness. "Got it," Remus said. He blew his nose into one corner and rubbed his nose through it. "Thanks... heh... heh-Chmmphhh!" he sneezed into the handkerchief, and rubbed his nose again. Though it wasn't nearly as intense, the itch was still in his nose.


     Remus leaned forward, nuzzling Sirius' neck and head just beneath his ear. He snuffled a little and then whispered, "You've got a stiff one there." He reached around again and pressed his palm against Sirius' crotch. The worn denim was soft but the heat radiating through was quite noticeable. And quite delicious as well.


     Sirius nodded. "Yeah." He chuckled a little. "It's the bike, you know."


     "Of course," Remus nodded. There was much to be aroused by, on the bike. There was the rush of adrenaline which came from the speed, there was the gentle vibration from the bike itself, and there was the smooth feel of the metal and plastic against their legs and rears. But the vibrating, ohhh the vibrating was enough. Remus felt himself getting a bit hard just thinking about it.


     Another sneeze tickled Remus' nose, and he pitched forward against Sirius at the force. "ihhh-Chuhhhh!" He sniffed hard.


     Sirius chuckled. "Feels like I'm not the only one packing it."


     Remus grinned and tucked the handkerchief into his own pocket, sure he would need it again. He still felt a bit sneezy and sniffly, apart from feeling turned on. Remus squeezed Sirius between his thighs more tightly and slid his hands up beneath the leather jacket. His hands roamed about on Sirius' torso. "You're always warm..." Remus muttered. "It's so nice." He pushed forward with his pelvis, rubbing his cock against Sirius' rear.


     "Yeah, nice. Look, Rem, I'm trying to drive."


      "You owe me after making me sneeze so much."


     "You're blaming me for your allergy?" Sirius laughed. But he tensed as he felt Remus' hand grip his crotch and then slowly unbutton his fly.


     "Not blaming," Remus said, nuzzling beneath the collar of Sirius' shirt. "Just... just getting even."


     "Remus... driving here..."


     "Sorry?" Remus laughed. "Can't hear you. What's that?"


     Remus slipped his hand beneath the waistband of Sirius' shorts and squeezed gently. Sirius groaned, "Ohhh Remus... I... oh fuck that's good." He tilted his head back, resting it on Remus' shoulder. "I... ohh I..."


     "There's nothing to crash into up here," said Remus, trying his best to convince his lover. "We're off the flight route, and the sky's nice and clear up here." He nibbled at Sirius' ear. "Come on, lock the controls. I want at you." Sirius hesitated. Remus pulled his hand back. "Fine. Don't. I've got a free hand. I'll take care of myself."


     Sirius laughed and reached back, pulling Remus' hand back to his crotch. "I'll lock the controls, I'll lock them!" Sirius promised. "Just keep touching me like that and I'll do anything you want."


     Pressing himself against Sirius' back, Remus squeezed Sirius in a hug with one arm. And his hand began giving firm strokes to Sirius' cock through his underwear. Sirius locked the controls and leaned forward a little, grabbing the handlebars. "That's it," Remus cooed. "Just... ehh... just..." His head snapped quickly to the side and he hugged Sirius close to keep himself steady and on the bike. It certainly would not do to fall off now. "heh-IMPHSHH!" He rubbed his nose into his shoulder and sniffled. "That damn honeysuckle." He pulled his hand back from Sirius' crotch and rubbed at his nose.


     Sirius sat back, and looked back as well. "You all right? You want to stop somewhere and get some water?"


     "Nah," Remus sniffed and shook his head. "No, it's just that this tickle won't leave. Do you mind terribly?"


     "As long as you keep touching me you can sneeze as much as you need to," Sirius promised.


     "Well," Remus said, burying his nose in Sirius' hair and taking a strong whiff, then pulling out immediately. "heh-IPShhhh! Heh-EKShuhhh! huhShuhhhh! Sniff! heh... heh-IHTShhhhhhh! Sniff! Codsiderig you sbell like hodeysuckle, it seems that as log as I keeb touchig you I will sdeeze." He pulled Sirius' hanky out of his pocket and blew his nose hard into it. "Sorry. Sniff! Where was I?"


     "'Where was I?' he asks?" Sirius laughed. "Where were you? You were about to fuck my brains out hundreds of feet high in the air, that's where."


     Wincing slightly, he looked down at the clouds. "Don't remind me about that last part."


     "Don't worry," Sirius said, looking over his shoulder. "I won't let you fall. I won't let anything happen to you." His tone was dead serious. Remus looked back, trust shining in his eyes. Sirius was quiet for a moment, then said softly, "We can go home and fuck if you're uncomfortable up here."


     Remus grinned and shook his head. "When I said I wanted you, I meant now. If you can stand the sneezes, I can stand the danger." And considering both were turning them on a bit, neither objected. "Now..." he reached up beneath the leather jacket and then slid his hands down again. He tugged a little at the waist of Sirius' jeans, then slid his hands forward and stroked Sirius' cock through his underwear. There was already a damp spot there. Touching it made Remus as hard as he'd been before the sneezes, if not harder. "Damn but I love you," Remus whispered.


     "Talk, talk, talk," Sirius chuckled. "Time to show it."


     Remus quickly unzipped his own jeans and pulled his pants and briefs halfway down his thighs. Identifying the sound, Sirius sat forward in the seat, lifting his arse up. Remus tugged his pants down a little as well but just in the back. He slid his hands against Sirius' hot cheeks, feeling the softness and squeezing gently.


     "There's a bottle in my other pocket," Sirius said, leaning to the right this time. Remus reached around and pulled a bottle of lube out. It was warm, having been so close to Sirius' crotch the whole time. And it felt spectacular against his already dripping cock. Almost as spectacular as it felt to push into Sirius.


     "Ohh," Sirius groaned with pain. He leaned forward all the way, grabbing the metal handlebars tightly.


     Remus leaned forward into Sirius and pushed in again. "Hurts too much, Love?" he asked as he pulled out halfway.


     Sirius shook his head. "I can take it. Just surprises me how hard you are sometimes."


     Remus chuckled and held onto Sirius' hips. He slid in again and Sirius shuddered but groaned in pleasure. Smiling, Remus rested his forehead on Sirius' shoulder, the leather cool and rough against his skin. He loved the smell of Sirius on a bike, of the aftershave and shampoo and leather. Though this time there was honeysuckle as well. "huh-huh-CHIHH!" He sneezed downward. "KTChuhh!"


     Sirius groaned again with intense pleasure. As the sneezes had shaken Remus and sent him forward, he had gone into Sirius a little more, shaking in him and hitting Sirius deep where he liked to be hit. "That's it," he gasped. "Right there."


     To stay securely on the bike, no matter how the sneezes shook him, Remus reached down and slipped a finger into a belt loop on each side of Sirius' jeans. He clenched more of the jeans in his fist and held on tightly. And he pushed forward harder, his chest pressed into Sirius' back. Sirius' crotch ground against the front end of the bike seat. The scent of the allergen was strong on Sirius still. Remus shook again, with another sneeze. "h'INKhhh!" Sirius moaned, indicating he certainly did not mind the extra movement. Quickly, Remus picked up where he'd left off before the sneezes.


     And as Remus began thrusting, his hips crashing forward into Sirius, Sirius could not resist the instinct to push as well. His pelvis jerked forward, rubbing his erection into the warm seat. But in a matter of seconds, rubbing was not enough. With Remus pushing him forward, Sirius pushed into the seat until he was practically humping it. Sirius was desperate, sensations filling him everywhere, his hips thrusting on their own in time to Remus'.


     He closed his eyes and Remus did the same. Remus felt another sneeze but was determined to wait until he'd finished before he sneezed. He took Sirius with strong but loving strokes, feeling the itch tickling his nose and the motorcycle vibrating between his legs. Sirius' breath came in labored gasps as he tried to hold out as long as possible and enjoy every moment. But Remus dug in too deep and so hard. He came with a groan and halfway through, Remus joined him in ecstasy. The orgasms were long and fulfilling, the wind rushing past them, trying to cool that which burned within them.


     Remus pulled himself back and helped ease Sirius back down to the seat after tugging his pants up. Remus pulled his own back up and gave into the need to sneeze. "hahh..." He pulled the handkerchief from his pocket and cupped it to the lower half of his face. "hehh-CHMmmf! hihKTchmm! Ktchmmff!" He looked up and raised his eyebrows at Sirius over the folds of the handkerchief, thanking Sirius for its use. Sirius nodded back. He blew his nose a few more times.


     Then he wrapped his arms around Sirius from behind with a tight squeeze, both in appreciation and to be sure to keep himself on the motorcycle. Sirius adjusted himself in the now wet underpants and then buttoned up his fly. He switched off the control locks and made a slow circle to turn the motorcycle back around towards their flat. "I told you that you'd have an exciting ride."


     Remus laid his head onto Sirius' shoulder, sniffling. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the rush of air through his hair know, feeling that it could have been colder and he wouldn't have minded. And now the vibrations of the bike threatened to put him right to sleep as the train always did. "It was an excellent ride," Remus whispered, leading into a yawn. "And apart from the honeysuckle, the motorcycle ride was pretty good, too."