Title: Bliss and Complications
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or their world. Wish I did, but I don’t!
Summary: Neville doesn’t want anything to destroy his good mood.
Notes: Written for the Sneezefic Fest 2011 Prompt words: plant, special, pin

Bliss and Complications


As Neville lay on his back in the grass, sun streaming down on his face, he couldn’t imagine life getting any better. His work at the dragon reserve was done for the day. His belly was full of great picnic food. His head was slightly bubbly from the champagne. And the rest of him… the rest of him longed for the man he had with him.

Neville turned his head, smiling over at Charlie. “Want you.”

Charlie shook his head, patting his stomach.


Bravely pursuing his desires, he lunged forward, pinning Charlie down on the grass.


Charlie shook his head and pushed Neville away. He stayed on the ground and curled in on himself a little. “Not now, Love. I feel…” His cheeks puffed as he suppressed a burp. “Something in that basket didn’t agree with me.”


At once, Neville jumped up. “There’s a plant for that. Hold on a second.” He darted away, across the field, and returned a few minutes later with yellow flowers and ovoid fruit. A wave of Neville’s wand dried the fruit. He mixed some of it with water and insisted Charlie drink some down immediately.


Within seconds, Charlie seemed to relax a little. He lay down in the grass with his arm out and Neville took that as an invitation. He lay down and immediately nestled against Charlie’s strong chest. He placed a hand on Charlie’s chest and could feel the strong heartbeat within. He reached around, putting his other hand on Charlie’s back, knowing the dragon tattoo there was playing around the spot he had touched. Charlie tilted his head and moved in for a kiss.


The one kiss turned into many, and if Neville hadn’t been light-headed and turned on already, the sensations now would have been enough to do it to him. His tongue lapped lazily against Charlie’s warm mouth, the wetness familiar and comforting.


Suddenly, Charlie pulled back. At first, Neville thought he might need to burp again. But then, he turned his head and pressed his nose into his shoulder. “ihchh! Ihtchh! Ihshhh!” He shook his head, sniffling as he took a breath. “I don’t… where….” His eyes widened. “Is that fennel?” His face fell, jaw dropping open nostrils twitching uncontrollably.


“It is,” Neville agreed. “Are you… allergic?”


Charlie’s eyes fluttered closed again as he nodded. “ihTchh! Ih-ihchhh!


“There’s a special plant for that. Hold on.” Neville pried himself away. He could hear Charlie continue to sneeze sporadically while Neville searched the countryside. He couldn’t go too far or he risked running into the marker that marked the beginning of the dragon reserve’s grounds. But he had to find… “Ah ha!” Neville raced back. He offered a tissue and a crushed up leaf to Charlie.


Charlie inhaled deeply, even as he sniffled and snuffled, and the silly sneezy expression on Charlie’s face faded. “Nice.”


“Never better,” Neville agreed as he jumped on Charlie again, pinning him down and kissing him eagerly.