Title: Warming Up

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauder's era (7th year)

Rating: PG (if that)

Pairing: Remus/Sirius (da pups)

Disclaimer: Not my boys. Just for fun.

Summary: Snowball fight fun, a few sniffles, and snuggling temptations

Notes: Out of nowhere after work today, I had the urge to browse through Ponderosa's site (okay, technically not out of nowhere since I'm writing an X-Men fic and I love her X-Men art). Though I'd seen this RxS Christmas pic before (and had it on my computer, at that) a little snuggly bunny struck me... and it got a little longer than I'd intended. Then it started to resemble the picture so much I just opened the picture back up and wrote specifically to it.

Picture: http://www.ponderosa121.com/artwork/movie/hp_warmyouup.jpg




Warming Up

     He would never admit Remus was right... but he really should have put on that extra jumper before going out. He could have used an extra layer of warmth just now. Snow was soaking into the legs of his jeans as he knelt behind the bush. And were he not trying to be motionless and silent, he would have stood up and brushed off. As it was, the snow was falling heavily upon him and the wind was brutally sharp, stinging his face. He ducked his head down a little, burying his chin and mouth in his dark maroon scarf and breathing warmly into it to keep at least that part of himself warm. It wasn't that his coat and gloves weren't helpful as well, it was just that it was frighteningly cold out this afternoon and sitting still right in the middle of it made it ten times worse.


     Sirius heard a shuffling right behind him and before he could turn, someone landed right behind him, using him for cover just as he was using the bushes in front of him. Sirius glanced back to see Remus, his cheeks bright red with cold. Of course it was Remus. If it had been Peter or James or Lily they would have pummeled him with snowballs since they were playing teams now during the snowball fight.


     A deep sigh escaped him, though muffled by the scarf, as Remus wrapped arms around him from behind and hugged warmly. "So cold!" Remus exclaimed in a soft whisper, nuzzling his face into the back of Sirius' neck and head. "Can't we just go inside and have some hot cocoa?"


     Sirius felt Remus' fluffy gray scarf blowing against his back, pestering him regarding the tempting suggestion. But he refused to admit defeat. Sirius chuckled and shook his head.


     Unfortunately, the shake made his hair brush against Remus' face, which tickled his nose. Remus gasped and stiffened, realizing he was going to need to sneeze.


     Coming to the same realization, Sirius reached back blindly and stroked the back of Remus' head. He eased Remus' head forward. "Sneeze into my scarf," Sirius suggested. "Quietly! Or they'll hear!"


     Remus' head bobbed up and down, then he buried his face into the scarf wrapped around Sirius' neck several times. "hihhhh... hihhhh-chhhh!"


     Sirius closed his eyes, bracing himself as the sneeze struck and shook him along with Remus. He waited to see if there would be more. But it turned out the sneeze was alone, apart from a few accompanying sniffles which happened as Sirius opened one eye and looked back at Remus.


     The sneeze hadn't been silent exactly, but it had been quiet enough so they wouldn't be found by the other team. Sirius stroked the back of Remus' head again as Remus hugged him tighter to thank him for the suggestion.


     They both froze and held their breath as they heard movement. Suddenly, Peter appeared from behind a tree not twenty paces from them. He looked straight at their bushes, but then turned and moved off in another direction with a snowball cupped in each fuzzy blue mitten.


     Remus' nose was still a little sniffly, and he rubbed his nose against Sirius' scarf again as they both sighed with relief at not being caught.


     As another cold wind blew against them, not at all stopped by the bush whish had the audacity to be planted in the wrong place, Sirius shivered hard. He looked back over his shoulder. "What do you say we win this the smart way?"


     Remus cocked his head curiously and sniffled again.


     "Let's go in and have hot cocoa and get all nice and toasty warm under a blanket in front of the fireplace while the others keep looking for us."


     Remus chuckled and squeezed Sirius in an even tighter hug. Sirius' gloved hand dug beneath Remus' snow-flecked hair and massaged his scalp. The only things preventing them from being more intimate were the multiple layers of clothing that didn't seem to be doing enough to keep away the cold.


     Finally, Remus grinned and nodded decisively. "Hot cocoa it is."


     Even though it was still freezing cold, and he was still wearing just the one layer of clothing beneath his long white coat, just one look at Remus' brilliantly glowing face warmed him more than a fireplace and a hot drink could ever hope to.


     Of course that didn't mean he was going to pass up the opportunity to snuggle beneath a blanket with Remus. He glanced around to be sure none of the others were around to see them. Then he grabbed Remus' hand through two layers of gloves and they made a run for the castle, trying not to laugh out loud until they were safely inside.