Title: Because
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Disclaimer: Definitely not my world and I don’t make a dime from this!
Summary: Sirius doesn’t like doing his homework, but Remus refuses to do it for him.
Bunny: #14
Feedback: Yes, please!




Morning hit the seventh year Gryffindor dormitory far too soon.


Sirius’ snore broke off halfway through and he moaned as he woke up in Remus’ four poster bed, wearing his own undershirt and pants, Peter’s school tie tied around his forehead, a playing card stuck to his face, and James’ miss-matched socks on his feet. He pressed the heel of his palm to his forehead.


“Too much fire whiskey last night?” Remus asked, dressing in front of his wardrobe. “What time did you finally get to bed?”


Shaking his head, “No idea. I don’t even remember crashing. But I’m pretty sure I won the card game in the end before I passed out.”


“Good for you,” Remus said, straightening his tie and turning his collar up to hide his newest scars, a series of scratch marks that ran across the back of his neck. Maybe he would grow his hair out to cover them up. This past full moon had been a rough one at home for summer holiday without the Marauders in their animagus forms to keep him company. “You’d better get up and move your arse, Love. Class starts in forty-five minutes.”


“Plenty of time for a shower. And I’m skiving off breakfast.”


Remus wasn’t sure whether or not to mention homework, but he took the risk. “Did you finish those questions for McGonagall’s class?”


“Shite!” Sirius jumped from bed and moaned again, clutching the bedpost as the room spun. “Quick, Moony, where’s yours? I’ve got to copy.”


“Not a chance!” Remus picked his satchel up and clutched it protectively. “We made a deal for this year. No copying allowed. It’s only September. I’m not letting you off easy already just because you had a few too many last night.”


“Ah,” Sirius said, clearly trying not to remember those drinks while trying to keep the room from spinning out from under his feet. “But that means eventually, for some reason, you’ll let me copy.”


Remus walked over and pressed a kiss to Sirius’ forehead. “We’ll see about that.” He left for breakfast that Sirius had no stomach for that morning.


Sirius groaned, falling back onto the bed and falling on top of James’ legs, causing his friend to wake up with a moan.




Sirius muttered some unkind words about his homework assignment before tossing his History of Magic textbook onto the floor, making Remus wince. “That’s it. I’m never going to finish this essay. I need another foot and a half at least and I’m completely out of ideas.” He turned to look at Remus, who was diligently working at his desk. Remus easily had his required three feet with inches to spare, and he was still going. “Oy, Moony, can I take a look at your answer?”


Remus narrowed his eyes. “Padfoot, I’m not letting you cheat off my paper just because you’re too lazy to read the book for yourself.” He got up from his desk, retrieved Sirius’ discarded book, and handed it to his friend. “Try chapter seventeen. The second half of the chapter references the goblin rebellions’ affects on the wizarding culture of the Middle Ages. And chapter eight is a good one if you need more about the troll invasions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.”


Sirius eyed the book suspiciously. “Sure I can’t just take a quick look at what you wrote? I promise I won’t copy it word-for-word.”


Seeming to think this over as he walked back to his desk, Remus finally shook his head. “Sorry, but you’re not going to learn anything that way.”


With a grumble, Sirius opened his book and turned pages as loudly as possible.




“Come to bed, Moony,” Sirius whispered. Lazily, he reached up and pushed aside the hangings around his bed. He saw Remus sitting at his desk, furiously scribbling on a piece of parchment. And as Remus looked up, he saw Sirius lying naked on the bed, his cock erect and eager for attention.


“I just want to finish this homework assignment. Maybe you don’t have to worry about your Potions grade because Slughorn loves you and desperately wishes you were in Slytherin and that stupid Slug Club of his, but I’ve got to get these combinations down.”


“Mmm. Do mine for me while you’re at it, won’t you?” His hand stroked his cock now, thumb smoothly circling the head. “There will be something in it for you when you’re done. Or, rather, there will be something in you.”


“Shhhhhh! Pads!” He quickly glanced over at James’ bed and Peter’s bed, but there was no movement and nothing was said if either of them had heard. “I’m not doing your homework for you just because you offer me sex.”


“What about if it’s really good sex? Exceptionally good sex? Best sex we’ve ever had?”


Remus stuck the tip of his quill in his mouth and sucked, looking pensive. “Well, in that case… the answer is still no.”


Sirius stuck his tongue out at Remus and let the hangings fall closed. A few seconds later, Remus heard the tell-tale sounds of Sirius touching himself—the light, constant slapping of skin against skin, the soft gasps, the moans. He hadn’t even bothered with a silencing spell.


Remus had to admit he wanted to climb in there and slide on top of Sirius. But this was one of the last grades in Potions class before they broke for winter holiday and he really needed a good mark going into the final semester. He’d never been very good at the practical part of potions, but the written part was at least something he could work out on paper until he got it right, without exploding or melting anything he shouldn’t.


“Oh fuck!” Sirius groaned. He pulled the hangings back again. His cock looked dark, angry and needy. “Remus, forget what I said. Just get up here. I can’t stand not having you.”


Grinning, Remus put down his quill.


“No,” Sirius gasped, shaking his head. “Bring that.”


Remus jumped into bed, the quill between his teeth.




Sirius sat hunched over at his desk in the Gryffindor common room, though his mind was on the upcoming Christmas holidays. He was going home with James to Mr. and Mrs. Potter’s house and both Peter and Remus had been invited there for Christmas dinner. But assignments were due the next morning before the Hogwarts Express came to take students back to London for the break.


Remus came in, a stack of books in his arms so that he would have plenty to read over the break.


Looking up, Sirius blinked. “Did you leave ady books left id the library for the other studedts?”


Faking a laugh, Remus deposited the armload on the floor in front of his trunk so he could pack them in neatly. “I have two whole weeks off with no full moon in them to do nothing but relax. I want to be prepared.” He heard Sirius snuffle and glanced over his shoulder. “Sirius Black! Your necktie is not a handkerchief!”


Ahhtchooo! Hah-Hahtchooo!” Sirius didn’t stop rubbing his tie back and forth beneath his runny nose. “I dod’t care. I’b just too sdiffly.” He sniffled in demonstration and gave a light cough from congestion.


Remus rooted around a little and produced two handkerchiefs from his trunk. He walked over and set one down on the desk. The other he pressed to Sirius’ nose, once he’d pushed Sirius’ hand with the tie away. “Blow, Padfoot.”


Sirius closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and blew his nose again and again. And again. Remus stepped close and Sirius tilted his head, resting it against Remus’ chest. Remus refolded the hanky and Sirius blew some more. Finally, he sighed and pulled back.


“Good boy.” Remus stroked Sirius’ cheek and scratched him behind the ear. Then he pulled a blanket off Sirius’ bed and draped it over Sirius’ shoulders. “Now go lie down.”


Sirius stared down at his homework assignment. Then he slowly shook his head. “I still hab sub Herbology add sub Care of Bagical Creatures hobework left to do.” He coughed. “Oh, add that Charbs essay od dod-verbal sbells.” Sirius chuckled. “Those are the odly kide I’d be able to do right dow adyway.” Sniffing, he nuzzled his cheek against Remus’ chest again. “Cad I blow by dose agaid? Sniff, sniff! Blease?”


Remus found a dry side of the handkerchief and cupped it to Sirius’ red nose. The hanky was damp and warm as Sirius blew and then snuffled and then rubbed his nose into it.


“All right. That’s enough.” Remus put the crumpled, used hanky on the edge of the desk and put the clean one into Sirius’ hand. “Take this and go get into bed.”


He shook his head and waved his hand half-heartedly at his homework.


“If you get in bed I’ll give you a treat.”


Sirius looked up at him. “Subthig better thad a hadky?”


Remus stroked Sirius’ head. “Yes, something better than a hanky.”


Heh…heh…” Remus guided Sirius’ hand up and Sirius held it to his nose. “Hah-Ktchuhhhh! Sniff! Sniff! Sniiiiiifffffffff! Subthig better… a kiss?”


Remus bent and kissed Sirius’ warm forehead. “A kiss and something better than that.”




The hopeful look in Sirius’ eyes made Remus laugh. “No. I don’t think you’re well enough for that just now. Something better.”


“What could be better thad sex?”


Remus put his arm around Sirius and helped guide him up and into bed. “Your body needs rest. Lie down and I’ll tell you.”


Sirius kept the blanket wrapped around him, but Remus brought the comforter up and tucked Sirius into bed. Only seconds into settling in, Sirius’ face fell and he tensed up. “hehhh-Ahshoooo! Ahchooo!” After the sneezes, he didn’t look like he wanted to open his eyes. But he pulled them open and looked up at Remus. “What’s the subthig?”


Remus kissed the tip of Sirius’ wet nose. “The something is that I’m going to finish your homework assignments for you.”


Sirius’ eyes went wide. “Because I caught a bad head cold?”


“No,” Remus said kindly, patting Sirius through the blankets and then going to sit back down at the desk. “I’m not going to do your homework for you just because you caught a cold. I’m going to do it because you were taking it seriously and doing it yourself for a change. That was good of you, Sirius. I’m proud to see you thinking about your studies, especially just before the Christmas holida—“


Remus broke off at the sound of a massive, resounding snore coming from the bed.