Title: Sharing

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: PG

Pairing: Percy/Oliver

Disclaimer: Not my boys, sadly. Please don't sue.

Summary: Percy and Oliver share a fun time out… and some other things, too.

Notes: For Brigidmn




            Percy held the cup of hot chocolate so close to his face that it steamed up his glasses. Sad to part with its warmth, he handed it over to Oliver. They were sharing the same cold already, and there were more than enough germs swapped during kisses, so it seemed pretty natural to share a large cup of hot chocolate. Percy took his glasses off and rubbed the lenses on his lap. He couldn't possibly wait for them to defog on their own, else he might miss too much of the action on the ice.


            The tickets to the professional ice hockey game had been a gift from Percy's family, when they found out he and Oliver would be spending the holidays vacationing in the United States. Arthur Weasley, a lover of all things muggle, had thought Percy and Oliver would enjoy the event.


            And they were, at that. Full of quirkily-handsome men and as much fast-paced action as any given Quidditch game, both men had been spellbound. They probably would have enjoyed it even more if not for the cold temperatures rinkside and their constantly runny noses.


            In addition to the sniffles and the hot chocolate, they were sharing a blanket, emblazoned with the logo of the home team. The blanket was tucked around them from the waist down. The plastic seats of the arena didn't let them sit as close as they would have liked, however they made up for it. Under the blanket was Percy's right hand and Oliver's left hand, fingers interlocked tightly in mutual sympathy and affection.


            Oliver extended his other hand in an urgent gesture for Percy to take the cup back. Percy took it in time for Oliver to cup his hand over his nose and mouth. In all the excitement, with the breakaway rush to the goal at the opposite end of the ice, only Percy noticed Oliver sneeze. “huh-SHooo! Sniff-sniff-sniff!” He rubbed his nose a few times, and squeezed Percy's hand under the blankets.


            Percy nodded in understanding. He took a sip of the hot chocolate and handed it over. Then he reached under the blanket and pulled a handkerchief. It was slightly used but magic, so it didn't matter. He traded it for the cup, but only after Oliver had taken a sip of the still-hot liquid. Oliver took a deep breath to blow his nose and then traded back, cup for handkerchief, when Percy desperately needed to sneeze.


            “ehhh-Ktchhh! hitKShhh!” His sneezes were drowned out by a loud buzzer and the roar of the crowd at the sight of the flashing light the goal judge had hit.


            Oliver cheered and coughed, chasing the coughs away with some hot chocolate. Then they celebrated as publicly as they could, with another hand squeeze and a look into each other's eyes that showed their shared thought of how glad each was to be there with the other.