Title: Still You Want Me all the Time

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Sirius/Remus

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Oh, the pups are SO not mine

Summary: Late at night with a not-so-sleepy suffering!Sirius. Sequel to 'Nowadays You Can't Be Too Sentimental

Note: This was a 60 minute fic. The title is part of the Michelle Branch song 'You Get Me'. Thanks to LadyMiriamele for the lyric suggestion!



Still You Want Me all the Time


     "Remus?" Sirius propped himself up on his elbow to get some height to look down at Remus' curled and sleeping form in front of him in bed. He reached out and poked him. "Remus?" He poked again. "You awake?"


     Remus stirred and batted Sirius' hand away. "Not tonight," he mumbled sleepily.


     Sirius smirked. That was Remus. Always thinking about sex. Or at least always assuming Sirius was thinking about sex. "No, Rem. Wake up. Please?"


     Remus sighed. He was already awake now anyway. He turned onto his back with a grunt to look back at Sirius patiently.


     "I don't feel so good," Sirius told him. "Can't fall asleep."


     "So you thought it would be appropriate to wake me up so I wasn't sleeping either? We could wallow in misery together?" Misery loved company, and so did Sirius.


     Sirius shrugged. "Guess I thought you'd know what to... do..." He stopped and cupped a hand over his nose and mouth to sneeze not once, not twice, but three times. Remus reached up and felt his forehead. No warmer than it had been. And considering Sirius' cold had made him sleep erratically for the last few days, Remus supposed there was no use in breaking the trend now. "Don't feel good, Remy," he whined softly.


     Remus sighed and kissed Sirius' cheek before slipping out of bed. He tucked the comforter around Sirius tightly to keep him warm, then headed to their small kitchenette. "I was having a dream," Remus called back to him. Sometimes entertaining Sirius with a boring personal story was a good way of putting him to sleep. "A good dream. A very vivid dream. We were on a beach making love. The sun was bright and your skin was so warm to the touch. I was rubbing lotion on your back and you were stroking yourself in synch. But I couldn't finish with the lotion. I had to have you right then and there. I pulled you onto the blanket on top of me, kissing your scruffy, stubbled face."


     Remus stopped his story as Sirius interrupted with more sneezes and a few coughs. "Rem, could you bring me the tissues, too? I'm feeling stuffy and sneezey." He asked, waving his hand towards the couch were a box was nestled between the cushions.


     Remus thought of telling him to get it himself. He wasn't an invalid. He had a wand. But that wasn't his style. As the cold kept going back and forth between them, Remus had certainly asked Sirius for the tissues more than once. So he headed over, grabbed it, and tossed it over. It fell short of the bed, and they both laughed. Sirius scrambled to the end and could just reach it. "Get back under those covers and stay warm," Remus instructed when Sirius had finished blowing his nose.


     He returned to Sirius' side not long after with a mug of warm milk in hand. He slid back beneath the covers on his side, and Sirius scooted up beside him immediately. Remus sat back against the pillows and wall, and Sirius snuggled up against him, into his chest. Remus chuckled lightly as Sirius' black hair tickled his chin and lips. After handing the mug over, he flattened Sirius' hair down so it wasn't trying to get into his mouth. Sirius drank slowly, enjoying the thick warmth. Remus pulled the blankets up over Sirius' hunched back, and wrapped an arm around Sirius to keep him warm and steady.


     Even without the milk to help him fall asleep, Remus began to nod off in place. His head slowly lowered, until his chin rested hard on the top of Sirius' head. He remained that way for a few minutes, until Sirius sneezed again, jolting him awake. Then he remembered his position and purpose for being up. "Bless you," Remus murmured around a yawn.


     "Thanks," Sirius replied, rubbing his nose with a tissue.


     Usually at night they dispensed with the formal niceties, but Sirius knew he had just been Remus' way of assuring him that he was awake and being looked after. Though Sirius had taken a few small naps, he hadn't been able to sleep much at night. His nose felt too stuffed and his head full whenever he laid it down upon the pillows, no matter how many were piled beneath his head. At night his throat itched and tickled more. Remus had spent the last few nights fetching water and tissues and more cups of warm milk than either of them could count.


     "You can go to sleep if you need to," Sirius said, not entirely honest in that.


     "Course not," Remus said. "I don't mind staying up if you need me to keep you company or get you things. I want you feeling better... so we can work towards that beach fantasy."


     Sirius chuckled, then sniffed a few times. It was hard to fantasize these days. When they spent their time just trying to stay alive and keep others alive, even thinking such indulgences seemed a luxury. "Even sick and disheveled as I am now, you're still hot for me."


     "But of course," Remus laughed, liking the light midnight conversation. "You're a sexy lad, even sick and sniffley like this."


     "Oh, yeah. I bet," he said, rubbing a finger under his nose.


     "No," Remus insisted. "You really are." He leaned his head forward and turned Sirius' head, placing a strong kiss on the man's lips. The kiss lasted longer than either expected, only ending when Sirius pulled away to cough and catch his breath, unable to breathe through his nose.


     "You're going to catch the cold back from me if you keep kissing me like that, Rem," Sirius said, a bit breathlessly.


     Remus slid a hand down his front, stopping at the hard bulge at the crotch of his pajama bottoms. "Even sick and sniffley like this, you still want me," Remus said softly, smiling.


     In the dark of the room, Sirius blushed a bit. "Well of course I would," Sirius replied. "I want you all the time." He drank the last of the warm milk and handed his empty mug to Remus. His now free hands snapped up to his face, covering it just in time for two more sneezes. Then he groaned in misery. "Just wish I felt well enough to do something about it."


     Remus suppressed a yawn and set the mug aside. He petted Sirius' head, stroking gently. His eyes slowly closed. "Go to sleep," he murmured, half asleep himself. "You'll feel better in the morning."


     "Rem?" Sirius asked, still not feeling quite sleepy enough and wanting Remus to stay awake a little longer. "Did you tell me how that dream of yours ended?"


     Remus tiredly shook his head. "We made love in the warm sand as the sun set and a crescent moon rose in the sky."


     "Sounds beautiful," Sirius said, closing his eyes. "I think I really would like that one day. How about I tell you one of my fantasies as you fall asleep? Maybe it will make you dream of that?"


     Remus shook his head. "I don't need it to fall asleep. All I need is to know you'll be all right for the night. You have water and tissues? Warmth and lots of blankets?" Sirius nodded, then snuggled close to Remus. "Then how about you wait for me to fall asleep, and then whisper it in my ear to see if you can reach me while I dream?" Sirius grinned, but fell asleep not long after from the combination of the milk and Remus' warmth and soft pettings. The fantasy would have to wait.