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Male Characters Sneezing

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Day 4
18+ LGBTQ+
Two hockey players; one shared cold. Written for 2019-2020 holiday giftfics.
Leveling Up
Anthro LGBTQ+
Bryce has a cold and doesn’t want his boyfriend to catch it. His boyfriend has plans of his own, however. Commissioned by Gerplexan
Toward Satisfaction LGBTQ+ Person A is carrying something delicate and there's nowhere for them to put it down when they feel a sudden sneeze coming. Person B comes over to steady them and ends up catching the oncoming sneezing fit for Person A while trying to protect whatever item it is. Written for my 2019 comment fic meme.
Day 9
Jameson, an adventurer, goes in search of a dragon. He isn't expecting to find one like this, however. Written for my 2018-2019 giftfic project.
Scotland the Brave
18+ LGBTQ+
Nevin’s experiences at Celtic festivals usually include losing in Scottish games and picking up the cutest bagpiper there. Because men in kilts...
Fairies Hornpipe
18+ LGBTQ+
John's turn to show how completely obsessed he is with Nevin (and Nevin's sneezes) during their first date. Sequel to Scotland the Brave
Friday Night Adventurers This group of adventurers meet every Friday night to campaign. Except, this week, one of them is a bit under the weather.
Their Give and Take
18+ LGBTQ+
When Parker's sub comes down with a cold, he'd better get used to being the center of attention. (Fluffy, vanilla-ish BDSM)
Sick at a Party
It's time for the museum's annual holiday party. But Parker has a cold.
15. Hold LGBTQ+ Even sick, Jason's a little playful. Part of my More Drabbles project. (Fluffy, vanilla-ish BDSM)
28. Hoarse Dustin's got a sore throat. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Private Lessons LGBTQ+ PG-13 French horn lessons during finals week are filled with even more drama than expected. This could be the last time Dustin and Sang-Ook see each other.
How Bad Could It Be?
Two sneeze fetishists meet IRL… and things don’t go as expected. But perhaps opposites attract?
100. Gratitude
Jo gets distracted. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
The Fifth Date
18+ LGBTQ+
Malik finally makes it to the fifth date with Bernardo. However, things don't go quite as planned.
That One Regret 18+ LGBTQ+ Lucas catches a cold, but doesn't want to go to his usual pharmacy. But avoiding his ex-boyfriend is easier said than done.
That One Day LGBTQ+ What happens the next morning? Sequel to "The One Regret" and available exclusively in my 20th anniversary book.
Steam LGBTQ+ Lucas needs a steam treatment. Sort of a deleted scene between "The One Regret" and "That One Day." Written for the TOS's 20th anniversary.
Stress PG-13 LGBTQ+ David is no stranger to stress. Luckily, Lucas is there to look after him.
new Quiet LGBTQ+ Everything is unusually quiet when David wakes up one morning. Written for day 8 of my 23 Ficlets project to celebrate my 23rd anniversary in the community
Training Session LGBTQ+ Marcus' morning at the gym doesn't turn out exactly as he had expected. Written as a Secret Santa gift in 2018 for gryffin.
That One Conference
18+ LGBTQ+
What starts as a brief meeting between Lucas and Troy at a fitness conference becomes something much more. Once I realized both characters were in the same profession, I had to write a story where they met. The characters grabbed their chance and took control.
A Hundred Different Troys
18+ LGBTQ+
Troy arrives home after the fitness conference. Set directly after That One Conference.
new Day 11
18+ LGBTQ+
Lucas comes home one evening to find David has prepared dinner and a special dessert. Written as a 2019-2020 giftfic.
First Time (#1)
18+ Anthro LGBTQ+
Nathaniel visits the wolf pack's BDSM club, hoping someone can help him out with his sneezing fetish. Master Richard is used to strange requests.
Fantasties (#2)
18+ Anthro LGBTQ+
Turned on by his encounter with the sub, Master Richard decides to play a little. And he makes some discoveries about himself.
Favors (#3)
18+ Anthro LGBTQ+
One of the pack subs has come down with a cold. And Master Richard has a favor to ask of him.
Forever (#4)
18+ Anthro LGBTQ+
Master Richard must make a difficult decision. Oh, and on top of that, he's caught that cold he wanted.
Day 9
18+ LGBTQ+
Hockey players are creatures of habit. Written during my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days project 2011-2012. I really should write more original character stories; this was so much fun.
98. Defeat They couldn't possibly win. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Divided Household LGBTQ+ The Eagles didn’t make the playoffs. But that’s not why Wilson and Rick aren’t talking to each other.
T is for Trophy LGBTQ+ They win at last. Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
new Bubble LGBTQ+ The Eagles are in the NHL bubble and almost ready to play. Written for day 21 of my 23 Ficlets project to celebrate my 23rd anniversary in the community
Sweetie's Story (Escape) LGBTQ+ An introduction to Sweetie. (Part 1 of the introduction series)
Turbo's Story LGBTQ+ An introduction to Turbo. (Part 2 of the introduction series)
Rich's Story LGBTQ+ An introduction to Rich. (Part 3 of the introduction series)
Olly's Story LGBTQ+ An introduction to Olly. (Part 4 of the introduction series)
Rescue LGBTQ+ Nik needs rescuing. AKA why Nik isn't allowed to drive any more. (This falls outside the timeline)

Camp LGBTQ+ One of Coyote's bandmates suggests they go camping. Nature + Coyote = Sneezing

On Ice LGBTQ+ Sweetie & Jamie celebrate an anniversary. Jamie's not going to let a little cold stop him
57. Flu LGBTQ+ Sweetie won't be moved. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
74. Humiliated LGBTQ+ Pit is highly embarrassed. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
77. Spring LGBTQ+ Coyotee's least favorite season is spring. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
80. Clinic LGBTQ+ Olly's clinic during cold & flu season. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
92. Office LGBTQ+ Sometimes Nik has to lay down the law. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
Lunch Date LGBTQ+ Marty and Coyote meet for lunch. And they're seated outside, of course.
Alone LGBTQ+ Tragedy strikes Coyote and he wants to be alone. Which basically means Marty won't leave his side.
Quixotic LGBTQ+ Marty and Coyote go out on an evening date and ridiculous romance ensues. Written for the 132 Moods challenge.
Summer Nights LGBTQ+ Coyote's definitely an extrovert. Luckily, he lives in the right house. A character study... with sneezes.
New Year's LGBTQ+ It’s New Year’s Eve at Strokes. And Nik’s a bit under the weather but doesn’t want to go home.
Valentine’s Day Fragment LGBTQ+ Coyote’s spending Valentine’s Day brooding. Overlaps with "Moving On." Written for a sneezefic challenge.
Balance LGBTQ+ Ducky finds a place of balance among the different parts of his life. Slight reference to the Valentine’s Day Fragment/Moving On but the two can be read in either order, technically
Rumor Has It LGBTQ+ A rumor (and a cold) spread through the Strokes community. And it's pride month.
Visiting LGBTQ+ Jamie pays a visit to a teammate in need. He's not just a goalie.
Day 4 LGBTQ+ A tale with four different Christmases Written for my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2013 project.
Day 10 LGBTQ+ More of what happened during Christmas 2006 with the boys. Written for my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2014 project.
So Much for Romance LGBTQ+ Sweetie & Jamie take a romantic vacation. But Sweetie comes down with something before they even make it to their destination.
Still Okay LGBTQ+ Sin is sick at college. A knight in shining armor comes to his rescue.
Just Call Him Snow White LGBTQ+ The residents at the mansion have been snowed in. Written as a snow drabble.
Day 2 LGBTQ+ Sin realizes that Ducky really is a big baby when he’s sick Written for my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2012 project.
RENT LGBTQ+ Ducky and Sin see a musical. Lots of tissues are involved.
new Bedtime LGBTQ+ It’s just about time for bed for Coyote and Marty. Written for day 23 of my 23 Ficlets project to celebrate my 23rd anniversary in the community
1. Allergy
Two lovers about to be intimate. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
22. Drugs Sometimes you've got to fight fire with fire. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
29. Kink

Time to get kinky! Part of my 100 Drabbles project.

39. Pillow Sin thinks he can make it to his hockey game. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
55. Frost Winter has officially arrived. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
65. Under the Weather
Colin's feeling a bit under the weather. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
91. Chill Jayd'n sometimes regrets leaving the monastery. Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
95. Soft
Coming down from subspace... Part of my 100 Drabble proect.
Oliver Wood and Puddlemere United On Tour LGBTQ+ Oliver Wood is on tour with his team and comes down with a cold while on the road. Sneezefic Annual Challenge, my current love of Wizard Rock came out in the form of a fictional band. This may be the first part of a trilogy.
Nervous Set in a fantasy world, Aaryn takes his guard duty very seriously, but he had a nervous habit. Written for the 132 Moods of Sneezefic challenge. It just sort of popped into my head.
Concupiscence 18+ LGBTQ+ Two men in a cold alley... oh, gosh, I suck at writing this summary. It's just sneeze fetish porn, okay? ;-) The title is my new favorite word and I couldn't resist writing this rather self-indulgent piece.
Dog Walking Alex is sick and would much rather crash on the sofa than take his pup out in the rain. But little does he know, there's more in store for him outside than he thinks. I've been doing a fair amount of dog walking recently, so this sort of popped into my head while I was out one day. Bender's actually a dog in my neighborhood and Skip is sort of modelled after my parents dog, but not entirely
Omens "May I ask why it is you thought it perfectly all right to show up here with a bad cold and risk infecting the whole orchestra?" Written for the Beginnings & Endings Challenge
Reflections Ben's got a cold. Alan noticies. Just a tiny, short thing without a plot but with a sneezing guy
Snapshot of Alexander Churchelle
Alexander relates a few atypical days concerning a cold, his roommate and the boy's prep school he attends. Alexander took me on a ride with this one. And he surprised me at several key instances, especially where Robert is concerned. I had a lot of fun with this one.
Short Something It's a young bloke with a cold... imagination required. A short scene that popped into my head and wouldn't leave until I wrote this.
Chaps Who Wear Chaps 18+ A sneezey cowboy... some toys... some fun. What else could a girl want? A very extreme sexual story compared to what I normally write.
Programming Class A true account of one day in one of my programming classes during winter I believe it was. There are a few interesting lads that catch my attention, as I'm glad I'm not such a normal person :-)
Feeling Fine Bain comes down with a bad cold and his roommate won't seem to leave him alone. Of course, maybe he doesn't mind it for all that long.
Change of Plans A Russian cutie gets a few sneezes durring lecture, which turn into a rather full allergy attack. I don't write many allergy stories, but a few real life sneezes sort of inspired this one.
Pleasures 18+ Stephen comes down with a cold and only briefly resists some natural urges. Slightly different spin on the idea of a sneezing fetish. My intention is to extend this to another piece as well.. with slightly more of a plot.
Number/Time Series:
First Watch
Set in the Scottish Highlands 1735/1736, the youngest lad in the hunting party takes ill. This is the first in the series that I hope will continue to explore through different time periods, cultures, etc. Associated picture: Scottish Highlanders
Number/Time Series:
Second Coming
Set in an underground lair, this story takes a glimpse at the four horsemen. This was meant to be somewhat comedical... you'll understand when you read it. No religious insult intended, I just felt like being creative. Associated picture: The Four Horsemen
Number/Time Series:
Third Try
Set in Milan, Italy around 1389(give or take a few years), this story looks into an artist's apprentice. I had a wonderful researching the artist(who I'm now in love with!), time period and learning a little Italian for this one. A non-jedi twist on the master-apprentice theme. Associated picture: Sketch of a horse and rider
Don't Say a Word 18+ A sensual, sexual understanding follows a man's cold and his fiance's curiousity Not much more to say... I'll just blush and go hide in the corner until it's read.
The Cursed Song 18+ The song that lures men to their deaths... in an odd sf light.Yes, this story is really, er, different. It was written in a matter of hours after gazing upon a certain painting by my favorite artist. It probably could have been done more beautifully without the sneezing, but hey, who wants that? lol
The Tough Guy PG-13 A hockey team's enforcer catches a bad cold during the eastern conference series. Ah, hockey season- I can't get enough!!!!! The guys are way too cute for their own good. I just couldn't resist writing my own story about a hockey team and the adorable members. Had two make up a whole load of character, but the main one is a tough guy and pretty dang cute! *sigh* Hockey doesn't get any better than this! Surprise, suspense, violence, fast play, cute, sweet hockey boys.
Daily Responsibilities A man's cold is overshadowed by his daily responsibilities... most of the time. This story was inspired by a tylenol cold/flu commercial that I thought was adorable. I apologise for the style of this story... it's not my best so I could be re-editing it. But it's a nice, simple story for a change.
How to Catch a Cold A Prince tries all he can think of to catch a cold so he does not have to attend a banquet. It's an interesting set-up with a cute main character and a few surprises,and a predictable, ending :-)
Getting Sick Many times in life, a person is defined by who his friends are.  I wanted to create a story that centered around the friends of the main character more than the main character himself. I also really liked the interplay and all. This is a simple little story, but I think it presents a nice message by the end. Absolutely nothing but 2 gay characters, so don't be frightened off by that. It's not really even important to the story. :-)
Through the Looking Glass Unfin. LGBTQ+ This is my creative baby :-) It was born when I was 6 (perhaps younger, but that is my first recorded memory of it) and evolved into this. The world is backwards in every aspect. I don't want to give it all away, so read and have a good, yummy laugh :-)
The Midnight Shift
Inspired by a late night talk radio host with a head cold, as the inside explanation explains. I also wanted to play a little with another 'wolf' character of sorts. And I liked the opening scene with Cecile way too much. The beginning and ending are here... just the middle is missing.
The Sneeze Lab II Unfin. A sequel to a story I didn't even write! I did a little fantasy playing with the old story The Sneeze Lab (can be found on Gurm's site, Sneezing Girls). The ironic thing is mine will have mastly or all guy sneezing and most male sneezing fans won't have read the first and most female sneezing fans won't read my sequal... but why should only the women get to play with something so creative? *G* It's really short, but it'll get there one day, promise!
The Master Unfin. The master of the house, your typical stubborn male, comes down with a rather lound cold that is mu easier to deny than hide. Some fun characters to begin with, but haven't hung out with them much since.
Playing Sick Unfin. Ah, the common (but so far otherwise unwritten in this community) story of the guy playing sick to miss work. But in my story, he plays sick and actually gets sick. Don't worry gals, his wife will get even...
Cold Research Center Unfin. 18+ Inspired by the Cold Research Centre in Wiltshire. Basically, people volunteered to be exposed to cold viruses for ten days to be studied. One couple in fact honeymooned there (and didn't get sick) but you kinda gotta wonder how many fetishists were in the lot. And if so... what they had fun doing.
His Story Unfin. (future 18+) I wanted to show the male's perspective for a change. Get his views on his wife's fetish, and play with her a little bit, too. Plus the image of a naked cutie under the covers waiting to surprise the one he loves just kinda grew on me a lot :-) This will become an 18+ but right now really has nothing. Oh, also I very much wanted to steel the image from Rob Roy of nice naked man and a woman sitting on top of him, her skirts down around to hide the action.
College Kids Unfin. Just some playing around with a relationship that was based at one house that the guy could take advantage of. Kinda inspired by an ex-boyfriend of my roommate's. He was sick and staying over and kinda cute (they'd both kill me if they read this right now!!!)

Xavier's Story Unfin.
Xavier 1    Xavier 2    Xavier 3

I wanted to create some new things here. First, a strong master-student relationship that was a little out of the ordinary. The same caring as could be found with the Jedi and my "Always two there are" series, but still very different. I also wanted to try my hand at a very unmotherly character for a change. I tend to write the same sorts of characters over and over again, and this was my attempt to branch off. It started at part 1, and I'd intended to leave it there, which is why it comes to a nice end there. But it seemed liked on the forum, and I liked little Xai, so it kept going into something... magical.
Untitled- on a ship Unfin. One of the volumes of my 13 volume series (unfinished and unpublished, lol) took place on a ship and I enjoyed it very much (main character was cute and sick and feverish and all that yummy stuff that I've come to expect from me own). Anyway, wanted a bit of romance and angst and darkness, and I apparently got enough be I never finished it.
Untitled- Road Rules Unfin. Inspired by the real MTV Road Rules. Kinda scary, huh? But really, in the second season one of the lads was sick (due to streaking in the snow, so they said) and missed out of one mission, instead sleeping in a make-shift nest of blankets in the van. Everyone was really concerned and I found it pretty darn adorable, but interesting that the rest didn't get sick.
Untitled- Fantasy Unfin. Started a year or two back, when Liberty Belle started her very first fantasy site that never opened. This was going to be donnated to it, but was never finished either.
Untitled- College Unfin. Started a number of years ago. Every so often I pick it up again, but it's far, far, far from being finished... or very good for that matter.
Untitled- Museum Unfin. Wanted a new sort of character and new sort of relationship. Probably inspired by a recent trip on the metro into DC, but that happens so often that it was probably more random.
The Wedding Unfin. Inspired by... Raz, actually, if you must know. But not close to being finished by any means. Just wanted a new angle, but it started to sit and got dusty on the shelf.
Playing Doctor 18+ Unfin. More experimentation. I very much wanted to put a different spin on a story. Instead of having a sneeze fetishist, it's a woman who likes playing doctor. A little role play never hurt anyone. :-) I just haven't felt in the right mood to do their sex scene yet.
Untitled- High School Unfin. Not sure what inspired this... perhaps the teen board's arise on the scene. I did however want to write a story where two characters were sick and needing the attention of a third. Didn't work well in my case (darn characters won't cooperate) but it was a try.
Cold Slumbers PG-13 Neil, a tough frat boy, catches a cold on the verge of Spring Break. This was inspired by Neil from MTV's The Real World, simply because I love his look and intelligence. I was also looking for an excuse to get a goth on spring break. I apologise for the Trivial Pursuit Drinking game, but hey, they're in college, people are supposed to find every excuse to drink (or so I'm told).
Charm and Sweetness A nervous recruitee, and a recruiter with a cold. Written at request, I fell in love with this story and had fun with a newer sort of story and character interaction. I still think I took the plot too far, but don't think too hard about it and it's an adorable story.
Lights, Camera, Action! 18+ LGBTQ+ Drama, Secrets, Romance, and Passion unfold for a gay couple in the first TOS novella. Yes, the first TOS novella staring two lads I'm completely in love with (I'm Virginia, if you didn't notice. Yes, the fag hag in me speaks out!). It explores a realistic relationship, with flashbacks, love and some fun. Oh, and also threw in my favorite part of RENT in there at the end as well for fun. It's long, but was a lot of fun to write, and I still love reading it
Sequel to Lights, Camera, Action Unfin. LGBTQ+ This is very far from being finished, but deserved to sit beside the other one. As evident from the opening scene... the opening scene is the best. It will further explore their relationship in a realistic, loving manor.
Love A camping trip gone quite wrong for one couple. Another camping one, with some interesting perspectives. A little more sickness than usual, but more mothering as well as I play around with my own overly mothering instinct but hatred of throwing up. The sequel is below.
Luck Sequel to Love, in which the couple takes a trip to the amusement park. I was experimenting with changing points of view here. Plus, I really wanted a cold-prone kindergarten teacher. I'd like to use the character more in the future. And though the tissue allergy is a little over the top, I still find it amusing enough to play with in his already weakened condition. I wrote this after a trip to an amusement park with my best friend and her now ex-boyfriend. There were a lot of photic sneezers in situations I couldn't resist.
Without Control 18+ Dustin: typical tough macho man with a cold. As it explains inside, this was inspired by the inside jeans advertisement that I'd fancied for years... the desperation, the depth, the, er, cuteness! This also has a fetish convention that is the most accurate to my own stuttering, scared one(s).
It's All in the Cards 18+ Little Oliver's never had a cold before, and Aurora couldn't be happier! This one began in my quest to write something different. I was inspired by the thought of someone coming down with a cold for the very first time- with all the interesting thoughts and feelings that go with it. This is still one of my most favorites, and one that I've tried to write a sequal for many a time. There's no actual sex, but quite a lot of playing in a delicious, mischievious sort of way. There are few of my own stories that I enjoy reading an infinite number of times, but this is certainly one.
Timing is Nothing A story about a Scottish man with a "cold," and his dealings with his girlfriend. Basically, I wanted an excuse to use the Scottish accent, and I had a few good professor scenes worked out in my mind that I thought might work out well. This was also the first story of my own that I converted to html. A much nicer read.
The Camping Trip PG-13 A couple, a romance, and a cold. End of story. :-) This was the product of several days on the road and needing some pages of notebook paper to retreat in rather than hanging with the extended family. The names are an interesting story... Mandy and Keith are two people from drama. Mandy was my props goddess (one of two) and Keith was her boyfriend. They were really my ideal couple- really Lady and the Tramp in love. They have since broken up, but I needed two names and theirs popped to mind :-)
The Friendship A strong friendship is pushed to the limits due to the influence of a simple cold. This was written at request, but started out as one of my favorites. Like most of my stories, it seems to fizzle out near the end, but I still think this one is rather cute and sweet.
The Exploration 18+ A quiet night at home for a couple turns into more than either ever dreamed of. A little... well, out there. We all go through a period of experimentation, even in writing. It also brings in a sweater fetish that I don't have, but thought would be useful :-)

The Afternoon of Pleasure 18+ LGBTQ+

A gay couple experiences an afternoon of passion they won't soon forget. This was my first attempt at a story with gay characters and, though I had one or two as friends, I was very nervous about the sex scenes. I had a few people review it before I posted it publically, so the response was good :-) When I read it now... I still can't figure out why they would go to the park after I've already established the hayfever angle... but hey, whatever.
The Train Trip A couple sets off cross country but encounters an unexpected virus... This was inspired by a my fourth cross country trip, one I took on a train (which is wonderfully fun, if you were wondering). This is one of my favorite stories, aside from the few unrealistic sneesing scenes. The wet sweatshirt meeting scene I stole from my 13 volume fantasy series, a scene with a guy named Nick (also) who looked too cute in my mind not to use again here :-) So the story expanded from that and went cross country.
The Cold 18+ A woman "consoles" her husband as he battles with a cold... and discusses her desires. One of the turning points of my sneeze-writing hobby. This was the first story that I spent a long time developing my feelings through. The mothering aspect, the intimacy, the emotions. I've had many people mention that they feel it expresses their own feelings toward the fetish as well. It's not really my best work, but certainly the closest to my own feelings when it was written. The names are taken from a 13 volume fantasy novel set that I had been writing for years. Nels had suffered a few fevers but no full-blown colds in the series; he was married to Lnore. Allie's husband in the series went through several colds and was named Nick. I guess I mixed and matched a little and developed them independantly here because it felt weird to pull them strictly out of my series and use them. My poor characters... *G*
The Day of Ecstacy 18+ A woman discovers her love for sneezing, and for a man named David. This was also at request, but I personalized it a lot for my own tastes and creativity as well. It's a bit typical, but with some interesting scenes :-)
The Perfect Profession  PG-13 The story of one man's career, and the people he sees. Got a little creative here :-) It's a bit weird, but a fun read.
The Internet Attraction 18+ Two sneezing fetishists meet in real life to fulfill their fantasies. This was my first story written on request, and is a bit odd at times, but was fun to write.
The Bookstore The guy behind the couter's got a cold, but who is he really? heehee This was my rather failed attempt at bringing a plot to my world of fetish stories. I do like a few of the images I used here, including my first 'just seen not heard' sneeze.
The Knight A knight and company start on a journey they may not get to finish. Oohhhh, sounds scary, doesn't it? heehee This is definately an attempt at a cool fantasy story that starts off so much cooler than it turns out. Whoo, look at me throwing in perfectly obvious things and hoping you'll be surprised! heehee. The sequal is The Squire
The College Students 18+ Two students out on an anniversary date turned wrong.This was obviously written before I began attending college :-) I basically just liked the setting and hated the title. Heck, I still hate the girl's name... Henni? What in the world was I thinking? It was also my first attempt at a first person story (you'll get a laugh out of the note on the story).
The Lovers 18+ Two sneezing fetishists go exploring. The first sex scenes I'd ever written between two fetish-ists. Rather sad by today's standards, but back then it was innovative and rather fun :-)
The Lovers II 18+ Two sneezing fetishists go exploring while married.I liked the couple so much that I used them again and sent them to see a play that I was in love with (mucho sneezing!) The dedication on this one does a little explaining as well so I won't bore you with more here.
The Honeymoon What happens to a couple to bring them closer the night of their Honeymoon... My first story written for other people who like sneezes. I sent this to Prof.S. at SFO and was so scared at the prospect that I attempted to be anonymous and proceeded to explain that sneezing wasn't a fetish to me, just something I liked and wrote stories about. Bet he's still lauging over that one. Anyway, I still consider this one of the most interesting pieces I've ever written for its content and some of the images.