Wolf Pack BDSM Club #3


The fact of the matter was: subs gossiped. When you worked in a sex club, facilitating and cleaning, it was hard to not notice certain things. And when those things were juicy, it was hard to keep them to yourself. So we subs talked. We gossiped. Of course we did. We traded stories about couples we'd seen doing it right or completely failing. We discussed what we knew about what Doms were doing what. We fantasized about what Doms we wished would take us. We shared everything with each other, but we hushed up quickly whenever one of the Doms came near us.


“Hey, pups. How's it going?” Master Richard called casually as he passed by our group in the corner of the common room. He didn't pause to get a reply to his question, though.


The group of us stood there in silence, as if we all knew how long to wait before talking again.


“Do you know what I heard about Master Richard?” came a voice from behind when it seemed safe. I turned to see a  younger submissive pup named Tail sauntering up, as if he alone knew every pack secret and might consider telling us one day, even though he was so new to the pack he couldn't possibly know much. He was even newer here than I was. Still, Tail lowered his voice, making sure he couldn't be overheard. “Master Richard has a thing for sneezing.”


Several of the subs laughed at this, me included. But I noticed that two didn't. Howl stared wide-eyed at Tail, as if he couldn't believe Tail would say such a thing. And Paws looked anywhere but at Tail, mostly staring at his own paws or at the ground. Paws handled most the first timers at the club, because he had an almost magical way of putting someone at ease. He could introduce someone nervous about playing a BDSM scene to it in the least threatening, least terrifying way possible. And if he wasn't joining in on the conversation now it was because he knew something or had seen something. What was it?


“What, like ah-choo! and he gets all horny?” Bones asked, tears of laughter in his eyes.


“I don't know,” Tail said. “I think it's more like he uses sneezing to take control. He makes his subs sneeze, same as how he makes them beg or suck dick or kneel for him, I guess.”


“That's strange,” said one of the subs.


“That's hot,” whispered another, though I wasn't exactly sure who.


“That's not as weird as what I saw Master James doing with a new submissive last week,” said Paws. “It involved a pipe cleaner, a tub of shaving cream, a phone playing yodeling on a loop, and a parrot.” He had everyone's attention immediately.




And I honestly didn't give that discussion another thought. It was just one more piece of subby gossip floating around—quickly shared and quickly forgotten. Who knew if it was even true? I wouldn't have put it past Tail to have made it all up to get attention.


It wasn't until a day, months later, that I had reason to recall it. It was late fall which meant it was the beginning of cold and flu season once again. I was sporting a red-tinted nose and bags under my eyes that indicated I was squarely in the cold category this time around. All right, maybe vanity is my greatest vice, but it's not really my fault I'm normally so dashing. Anything that gets in the way of my good looks instantly throws me into misery. So I hid myself under my blanket, sneezing and coughing, every opportunity I got so no one would see me. I worked pretty well for a while, at least.


I waited there, napping on and off through the early morning then mid-morning. If my stomach hadn't been so rumbly and if my supply of tissues hadn't run out, I probably would have stayed in bed until my cold passed entirely. “ehh ehh-YIHSchhhhhh! Sniff! Sniff!” I was going to need to blow my nose soon. It was feeling pretty full, unlike my stomach. 


So I headed out eventually, but only when I was sure most of the pack must have already eaten breakfast. I'd be fine with whatever scraps were left, as long as I could get my paws on a new tissue box with as few wolves seeing me as possible.


I put on the navy blue bathrobe that used to belong to my former Dom. It was a size or two too big for me, but I loved the feeling of it wrapping me in warmth, like he was wrapping me in his arms. The sleeves hung down past my hands and the bottom of the bathrobe dragged against the floor. But I snuggled into it and shuffled down the stairs without tripping and down the hallway to the supply closet. My plan was to grab some tissues, hit the kitchen, stuff some food in my pockets, and head back to my room before anyone could spot me.


But as soon as I opened the supply closet door, my plan was for naught. Master Richard was there, in a corner, bending over to search a shelf for something. He looked back when he heard me come in and smiled. “Hey there, Nose.”


I gave him a weak smile, wondering the whole time if I should just come back another time. I rubbed at my sniffly nose. This was definitely not the time to sneeze.


“Bet I know what you're here for.” He extended an arm, plucked a box of tissues from a shelf, and tossed it to me. “Am I right?” 


I nodded. “Thadk you, sir.” I sounded stuffy, and I hated myself for it. It was always the sign my former Dom, Lewis, used to gauge how sick I was. Lewis never let me share a bed with him when I was ill. I always used to have to sleep downstairs on a couch until I could prove I was feeling better and then I still had to earn back the right to the bed, as if a cold meant I had done something wrong. Maybe that was another reason my first instinct when I was sick was to dive under the covers.


With tissue box in hand, I headed to the kitchen. The coffee machine had been thoroughly drained, but Howl had left hot water in the electric kettle, which is what I wanted anyway. I floated around the room, grabbing a mug here and a teabag there. I couldn't find the little bottle of honey shaped like a bear that should have been in the spice cupboard but wasn't.


“It's in the fridge.”


I jumped, startled, then looked over my shoulder to see Master Richard in the doorway, literally leaning against the doorjamb, his arms crossed over his chest. “Wh-what?”


“You're looking for the honey, right? It's in the fridge. Makes it slower to poor but the honey stays fresh longer that way.”


I'd never heard of honey going bad, but maybe this was just another one of those kooky things the pack did that I had to learn. “Ub...” I crossed over to the fridge, opened it, and found the little plastic bear in the door shelf, wedged between catsup and maple syrup. “Thadks again,” I told him.


Now, I did feel grateful, don't get me wrong. But I didn't feel indebted to Master Richard. I could have found those tissues on my own and I could have had hot tea without honey just as well as with. If anything, I felt awkward and self-conscious walking around, making myself tea and stuffing pastries in my bathrobe pockets with him watching me. Was this some sort of dominance game? If so, I wasn't feeling up to playing right now.


Feeling a sneeze coming on, I abandoned the mug of tea on the counter and dove into the box of tissues. Pulling the first tissue from a new box was always a satisfying sensation. There was this feeling that there were so many more tissues there for me, that I couldn't possibly blow and sneeze my way through all of them. This one, though, I needed. “ehhh Ehyushxffffff!” I sneezed wetly. I kept the tissue pressed to my runny muzzle afterward, though, so Master Richard wouldn't see and think less of me.


The worst part of having a head cold wasn't the scratchy throat or the frequent sneezes. It wasn't even the way I looked. No, the worst part was feeling like a burden to the pack. I wanted to help out, wanted to do my part for the club. But I couldn't do that when I was all sniffly and germy and sneezy. I had to keep away, had to keep everyone from catching this from me. I gave a soft blow into the tissue, feeling the pressure in my head lift a little. But in its place came a little itchy tickle I just couldn't rub away.


I got another tissue from the box and held it to my muzzle as it began to twitch. “ehhh yihhhh Ehhhyihkkkkxxffff!” I sneezed into it.


“Bless you.”


I wasn't used to being blessed after sneezing, and I felt myself warm with embarrassment. The teabag must have been done steeping by now, so I quickly threw it away and gathered up the mug and tissues to retreat back to my room where I wouldn't bother anyone. Just to make it clear, I hadn't remembered yet about that rumor.


“ehhhh!I felt another tickle coming on, and I couldn't put everything back down in time to take a tissue out of the box. “yehh!” I turned my head as my breath caught and my eyes closed, prepared to utilize my only option of sneezing into my shoulder. I figured sneezing all over a kitchen where my pack ate was probably the worst thing I could do. But it turns out I didn't need to do either. As I turned my head, I heard quick steps and felt several tissues against my muzzle. “YIHTschxxxfffff!


Master Richard's voice was quiet but dripped with something like seduction. “Bless you again.”


Slowly, I opened my eyes. He was wiping my nose tenderly for me. Even my former Dom never did that for me when I was sick. I realized I kind of liked the feeling, and I nuzzled into the tissues a little, getting my nose as dry as I could, though I knew that wouldn't last long. “Oh sniff! Thag you, sir. Sniff! Sorry, by dose is all stuffed-ub frub cold. Sniff! You bight dot wadt to get too... ub... close....” Master Richard was so close I could have sneezed on him, if the tissues hadn't been there, of course.


“It's okay,” he said. “I don't mind a little sneezing.” Master Richard leaned against the counter. If his goal was to look suave, he had succeeded. “Do you have a minute to talk? I promise I won't keep you from your tea.”


The mug was still warm in my hand, and I knew there was still some time left before it cooled enough to drink it.


“I want to talk in private, though. Somewhere no one can walk in on us. But just talk. I promise that's all.”


My instincts told me to trust a pack Dom; I'd never had cause to believe Master Richard was anything but kind to subs in his pack. And I respected his desire for privacy; some things you just couldn't say over a breakfast table. There was something needy in his expression, though, that made me think before replying. “All right.” The pack rules made it clear we couldn't meet in either of our bedrooms, but maybe there was another option. “One of the scene rooms? They were cleaned last night, so they should be empty this morning.”


“Yeah,” Master Richard agreed at once. “Sounds good.”


We walked down the hall and through the security door dividing the business and living sides of the building and entered the very first practice room at our end of the hallway, on our right. Master Richard wrinkled his muzzle when we walked in, and even though I couldn't smell anything with all this congestion, I was pretty certain it must smell overwhelmingly like the lemon cleaner we used. The smell would dissipate by the time the room would be needed tonight, but now it was still fresh from its early morning cleaning. Master Richard flicked the light switch by the doorway, and the inset lights around the room glowed dimly.  I would have liked to have sat down on the bench, but that would have meant cleaning it again, and I didn't have the energy for that. So I just stood and sipped my tea while Master Richard did exactly what he'd promised and talked. Just talked.


But he paced as he talked, staring at the floor or his paws in front of him. “The thing is, I have this submissive. He came in wanting a very specific kink of his filled.” He took a deep breath and huffed as he let it out. “He loves when I make him sneeze. He's come back regularly for the past seven or eight months, and during all those sessions, I've made him sneeze in lots of different ways. But a few weeks ago he confessed he'd really like to try a new way. He told me he'd love to catch a sneezy cold from me.”


Was he going where I thought he was going with this? No... surely he couldn't be. Could he?


“Nose... God, your name's so perfect, isn't it? Nose, I want you to do me a favor.” He took a step closer to me and met my gaze this time. Immediately I felt my will start to ebb away. This was a Dom asserting himself, using his power and his instincts and playing on mine as well. He knew what he was doing, and it was dangerous. I felt drawn to him, ready to serve, and I had to force myself to keep my wits about me, dulled as they were by my head cold. I took a few steps back, as though his charm was something I could actually feel if he got too close. “I want you to give me your cold so that I can give it to my sub.”


Even hearing him say it out loud didn't make it sound real to my ears. It was strange, yes, but also had the potential of cruelty. What if that really wasn't the sub's wish? What if Master Richard was just playing some sick, twisted game with him? Or with me?


“So...” Master Richard's voice was lower now. He sounded sultry, irresistible. He sounded like a Dom who couldn't be refused. He probably didn't even realize he was doing it. Being a Dom was as effortless and normal to him as breathing. “What do you say, Nose?”


“I...” He leaned in closer, eyes locked unblinkingly with mine. “I...” I felt panic wash over me, as well as an urge to instantly agree and please him. “I...” I swallowed and closed my eyes. “I think I've guhh gotta sneeze again.” With the mug held in the crook of my arm, I pulled a couple of tissues out of the box. It definitely wouldn't do to sneeze all over this room either. “yeehhhhh... ehhhhh HPTSXXXXshhhh!


“Bless you, Nose.” Ugh, even the way he said that sounded so hot and commanding. No wonder Howl had such a crush on him.


And that, if you can believe it, was when I finally remembered that bit of gossip from all those months ago. You'd think it would have occurred to me sooner, given all his talk about his sub who loved sneezing. But, no, it wasn't until I thought about Howl that things started to click into place for me. And I knew that I couldn't agree to his request... not just yet at least.


“I deed sub tibe to thidk about it.”


I thought I caught a flash of disappointment in his eyes, but it was brief and the room was dark, so I might have been mistaken. “Well, it's not a no. I guess that's something. I'll need time to contact my sub and have him come in. And colds are the most contagious at the beginning. So don't wait too long, okay?”


“I'll let you dow by two o'clock,” I told him. That wasn't much time, but I thought it would be enough to do what I needed to do. 


I bet you're guessing I was off to see Howl next, right? Well, you'd be wrong. In fact, I went to see Paws. Paws handled most of the first time submissives that Master Richard serviced, so he was the one most likely to remember this one Master Richard was talking about. I was willing to bet it was a unique enough fetish that Paws would remember. 


I drank my tea on the walk through the security door, down the hall, and then back up the stairs to the subs' floor. I kept going over the possibilities in my mind, wondering what I should do. Was this my chance to feel useful in some way, even though I was sick? A Dom genuinely needed something only I could give him. Who was I to refuse him? But at the same time, the request was so strange... and this cold felt so miserable... I just wasn't sure it was a good idea.


I was nearly finished with the tea by the time I passed my bedroom, so I downed the last of it in one big gulp and left the mug inside along with the food I'd stashed in my bathrobe pockets earlier. I thought about changing out of my pajamas but the idea of putting on any of the tight-fitting outfits I normally wore as a sub didn't appeal to me in the least. Besides, I was still hoping to climb back into bed to hide and get some more rest before all this was over.


After knocking on Paws' bedroom door, I received no answer. I pressed an ear to the door, listening closely as I knocked again. This time I heard some rustling and the sound of a mattress spring giving. “Come in!” a groggy and muffled voice called out.


I tried the doorknob and found it unlocked. So I slipped inside to find the lights off and Paws still in bed. I thought for sure I'd been the latest riser this morning, but I guess I'd been wrong. “Good bordig,” I said, being quiet for no good reason apart from not wanting to hear myself talk. It wasn't as though I was trying not to wake someone up; he and I were both awake and it was almost noon. When there was no reply from him, though, I quickly added. “It's Dose,” I said, hating the way my own name sounded when my nose was stuffed-up like it was. I pawed at my nose, snuffling, but there was nothing I could do about it. “I have sobethig to ask you.”


The large mass of wolf hidden entirely under the blankets shifted. Then I paw reached out. “C'mere.”




“If you want to talk, get under the covers with me.”


I hesitated again. “But I'b sick. I've got a cold.”


This didn't dissuade him one bit, though. “All the more reason to get under here where it's warm. C'mon under.”


I really didn't understand the casual attitude some members of this pack seemed to have about germs. But the offer of snuggling under blankets was too good to pass up, and I really did need to talk to him. So I walked over to the bed, lifted the blanket on one side, and climbed in. I was still wearing my bathrobe and still had the tissue box in hand.


It was warm under there, the air a bit stale and the blankets a bit heavy. But immediately I was pulled into a cuddly embrace. Then Paws pet my back slowly. Slowly. S l o w l y.


My body gave a small jerk as I realized I had nearly fallen asleep, and Paws was probably about to as well. “Hey. Hey, stay awake. I deed to ask you ad ibortadt questiod.”  I pulled back a little so I could get a look at his face. It was hard to see anything in the dark room, under the blankets, but I could just make out the flash of teeth in a smile and eyes focusing on me.


“Go ahead then. Ask away.”


I hadn't given all that much thought to the way I should phrase my question. “It's about ode of Baster Richard's subs,” I began. “Ode of his regulars.”


Paws narrowed his eyes. This wasn't getting me anywhere. Master Richard must have any number of regulars.


“Baster Richard told be he has ode who likes to sdeeze. Add so he wadts to catch by cold to he cad get his sub sick. I trust Baster Richard, I do. But it souds so odd... add if the sub isd't actually idto it... well, a head cold isd't forever, but it's dot like a sbadkig where you cad just go hobe add rub sobe creab odd your backside add feel better id the bordig.”


Paws smiled, understanding my problem at once. “You're a good wolf, you know that? Looking after a fellow submissive like this. It's kind of you.” He thought for a moment then nodded decisively. “I don't know much, but I'll tell you what I can...”


“That's all I... I... wahh... ehhhhh!” I hastily tore a couple tissues from the box. “ehhh-Heyehttxxxxffff! All I want.”


“Bless,” Paws said, rubbing his paw up and down my upper arm as I rubbed and wiped at my nose. “So, sometime in late spring or early summer, there was a first time submissive scheduled to see Master Richard. He was a white rabbit and looked so nervous standing there in front of Mrs. J. that I was afraid he might chicken out and run out the door before he even met his Dom. I was on duty that night, so I got him settled and tried to calm him a little. Then I talked with him about the scene he wanted played out. It was definitely a kink I'd never heard of before, but he seemed so eager when he talked about it, his whole face lighting up with excitement. I've rarely seen a sub so eager on his first visit.”


Here, he paused while I took another tissue from the box, knowing I was about to sneeze again. “ehhhhYIHShhxxxxfffff!” I tried to signal to him with my eyes to keep going, but he waited while I sniffled and dabbed at my nose. “Excuse be,” I mumbled. “Go od?”


Paws continued on. “I went to Master Richard to explain what the sub wanted, and he just stood there, confused. 'I don't understand,' I think he said, or something like that. So I went through the whole thing again, trying to phrase it in the context of service so that he would get his role in it all. But he still looked confused when I was done. Knowing that that sweet white rabbit was back at the room naked and waiting for him, I started to lose my patience. 'Look,' I told him. 'It's pretty easy. All you have to do is grab something that will make his little nose tickle and go in there pretending that you want him to sneeze for you. Just keep up that act and force him to sneeze as if it were your idea all along.' He stared at me for another few moments. Then he pet my head appreciatively and headed down the hallway.


“I checked on the two of them a few times, just to make sure things were going all right. The first time, I saw the rabbit restrained on the St. Andrew's cross on the far side of the room, his little nose twitching with sneezes and his dick standing straight at attention. The second time I checked, I saw him all bundled up in a recovery blanket, huddled against Master Richard's chest.


“He can't have hated the experience all that much, because the sub showed up again just a week later. And then he came back a few weeks after that. Master Richard doesn't have a schedule of regulars, because he likes to keep himself open for first timers, but every time this sub comes in, Master Richard practically drops everything to take him. A few times, Master Richard has been occupied with another submissive, and the rabbit leaves instead of seeing another Dom. So there's definitely a trusting relationship between them. Once I looked in on them and Master Richard was rubbing this powdery puffball at the rabbit's twitching nose. Another time, I was on cleaning duty and went into the room after they were done with their scene to find tiny feathers spread all over the room. Took me ages to round them all up, let me tell you.”


I listened to the whole story, taking it all in. So the sub really did like sneezing, then. Or, at least, he was coming back for more of it. And the sub seemed to really like Master Richard as well. But there was still a big difference between this and wanting to be ill.


I thanked Paws and fought the urge to curl up and nap under the covers with him for the rest of the afternoon. But I'd promised Master Richard a reply by two o'clock, and this sub doesn't break his promises to a Dom. That was one of the first things my former master had taught me.


I found Howl in the kitchen, where he almost always was this time of day, cleaning up after lunch. “Can I get you anything?” he asked me the moment I arrived; he's always so eager to please, even toward fellow subs.


“Sobe soub would be lovely,” I told him, rubbing at my nose and thinking of the pastries still back in my bedroom, uneaten. “I did't really eat breakfast.”


“Ohh no. That's no good. You need to eat well if you're going to get healthy. Sit.” He reached over the table, took my arm, and guided me to sit down on the bench. “Give me five minutes to whip something up.” Before I could say anything else, he put a tall glass of bubbling ginger ale in front of me. I sipped it while rubbing at my nose. I felt a little guilty taking from him, knowing I was really here to drop an awkward question on him. But Howl loved feeding his pack, and I really was starving.


ehhh-YIHshhffffff! Hihshfffff!” I sneezed twice, and Howl glanced at me over his shoulder as he stirred soup at the stove.


“How bad's your cold, pup?”


“Bad,” I replied. “I didn't sleep well... and I feel bad not pulling my weight around here. But Mrs. R said I couldn't work until I felt better.”


“Yeah. That's pretty standard around here. The alphas don't want you getting any of the clients sick, or any of the Doms, for that matter.”


There was a strong thumping of panic in my chest, and for a moment I couldn't breathe. I'd thought about what would happen to Master Richard if I gave him my cold, and I'd thought about what would happen to his submissive client. But I hadn't thought about what would happen to me. Would I get in trouble? Would I be punished? Would I be kicked out of the pack?  


“Soup, sandwich, and apple slices,” Howl declared, setting a bowl and a large plate in front of me.


I hadn't asked for all this but I absolutely wanted it now that I saw it. Hot, steaming soup. Crunchy bread with grill marks on it and oozing, melty insides. Crisp, juicy apple. All my worries were shoved aside to make way for gratitude. “You're fadtastic, Howl.”


Howl smiled proudly and settled on the bench seat across the table from me. “I've got another kettle going as well, if you want some hot tea when you're done with your meal. You're the one who likes that lemon ginger stuff, right?”


“Exactly right.” Howl wasn't just fantastic. He was magical. Hell, he was psychic. Being observant and detail-oriented served a sub well in life. What Dom didn't appreciate a sub knowing what he wanted before he knew it himself? I just hoped I could take advantage of that skill again.


“Good?” Howl asked. “I can heat it up again if it's getting cold.”


“It's berfect.” I slurped spoonful after spoonful of soup and took a healthy bite of the sandwich. I knew my cold was numbing my taste buds a little, but the food still tasted delicious. “Thag you.”


“It's my pleasure!” He beamed with pride. “Anything else I can help you with? You've got enough tissues, I see.”


I nodded and decided to not mention that Master Richard had been the one to give me the tissue box. “Actually... there is sobethig I wadt to ask, sobethig I thig odly you cad adswer.” He nodded, waiting. “It's about Baster Richard.”


His ears twitched.


“Add about sdeezig.”


His ears went flat back against his head. “I...”


“Wait. Just listed, all right? This bordig, Baster Richard cabe to be because he wadts to catch by cold frob be. He wadts to give his sub this cold add bake hib sdeeze. This seebs like a roudabout way of gettig his sub to sdeeze. So by question is: why does't he just use be to get his sub sick? Why does he wadt to sdeeze too?”


I knew at once that Howl had an answer. I could tell it in the way he whimpered and wouldn't look at me. I could tell it in the way he chewed his tongue and shifted where he sat. He knew the answer... but he didn't want to tell me. And I don't think it was all just because he didn't want to betray a Dom in the pack. I think it was because this was about Master Richard.


“Howl, I'b dot after Baster Richard, if that's what you're worried about. I'b dot lookidg for ady Dob.” Wolves don't mate for life. They tend to be faithful when mated, but when a mate passes away, it's natural for them to seek out another one. I wasn't ready to do that. I wasn't sure I'd ever be ready frankly. My Dom had been my whole world, and even though I'd found a pack and a home and a new world now that he was gone, I wasn't interested in replacing him. That was one of the reasons the pack life had been so appealing. Pack Doms and subs weren't allowed to have mates. “I just wadt to uderstad what he's askidg of be add why. That's odly fair. Add I thought, of all the subs here, you brobably dow hib best.”


When I finished this time, it only took him a beat to chime in, “He's not mine. Master Richard, I mean. The pack's rules...”


“I dow,” I reassured him just as quickly. “I didn't bead it like that. Of course you follow the rules. I just dow that you're brotective of hib. So I wadted to bake sure you uderstood this is sobethidg he asked for. I would't get hib sick on burbose. Id fact, I feel weird edough doig it even after he asked me. I was taught to keeb by gerbs to byself whed I'b ill. Add that's why I'b here. To see if you cad helb be figure out what I should do. Because you dow Baster Richard best. Add, as subs, we both wadt to helb hib.”


I sighed and rubbed at my muzzle with a tissue. “ehhh-IHShxxfffffff! Snrfff! Snrffff! Oh, I soud awful. Cad you eved uderstad be like this?”


Howl nodded. “It's not so bad. It's kind of cute, actually.” Seriously, what was with this pack? He looked down at the table, though. “I am protective of Master Richard. If he asked me for something like this, I'd do it in an instant. But I understand your hesitation, because you don't know...”


“I dod't dow what?”


He chewed his tongue again, the tip sticking out of his mouth as he did so. Finally, he answered. “You can't tell anyone.”


“I would't dare.”


“On your honor as a sub?”


“Od...” This seemed a terrible time to need to sneeze. I scrubbed my paw at my nose so hard the tickly, sneezy feeling backed off. I sniffed and tried again. “Od by hodor as a sub.”


This seemed to satisfy Howl. “I've heard him in his room, alone, late at night, sneezing repeatedly. I've heard him sneeze and I've heard him moan with pleasure at the same time. And maybe that doesn't necessarily add up. But he's come right out and told me. He's said it makes him so hot and so hard he just has to jerk off. He likes it, Nose. He really, really likes it. And as much as he probably wants to be the one to give his sub the cold... he probably also just wants a chance to enjoy his own sneezing.”


I honestly wasn't sure if this made the situation better or worse. It was reassuring to hear. It made it all make sense. And, coming from Howl, it seemed like the truth. It was good to know catching my cold wouldn't make him miserable. But, at the same time, this meant he was asking a pack submissive to do something that excited him sexually. There were rules... there were hard lines drawn to separate pack Doms and pack subs for a reason. The club couldn't function financially as an all-in wolf pleasure orgy. We needed to be here for our clients, not for each other. But, at the same time, we were a pack. We cared about each other. We looked after each other. We protected each other. We were family.


“Will you tell Master Richard how helpful I was?” Howl asked quickly but with hope in his voice. His tail thumped against the bench.


“Would't that reveal to hib that you told be his secret?”


Howl's eyes widened. “You're right. Don't do that! But... maybe... say something nice about me?”


With my last spoonful of soup, I smiled at him. “I have dothig but dice thigs to say about you, Howl.”


He ducked his head submissively to accept the praise, and he was all smiles.


There wasn't much time before my self-imposed deadline. So I headed back to my room to think things through alone, and to blow my nose as well. The warmth of the soup and my attempts to breathe through my nose a little while eating with my mouth shut had made it run so terribly it took almost a quarter of the box of tissues to get it back to its normal, stuffed-up state again.


I flopped down onto my bed, letting my head sink into the pillow. I lay on my side, tissue box hugged to my chest, so right in front of me was a view of my nightstand. On it, turned toward the bed, was a framed photo of my former Dom, Lewis. I reached out and ran my paw lightly over the glass, as though anything more would disturb him. “What should I do, Sir?”


What would he have me do? First, he would want me safe and happy. He wouldn't want me to do anything that might jeopardize the life I'd started to rebuild for myself after losing him. Second, he would want me to do my job here as best I could. And here at the club, my job was to serve the clients and facilitate good BDSM experiences. And third.. third, he would want me to respect a request given to me by a Dom, as long as it didn't hurt me. If I treated all the Doms at the club with the same respect as if they were mine, it would have pleased Lewis. My submission was a gift, and it was my place to give it when it was deserved.


But it was also my choice about how and who to give it to.


ehhh-YIHShhooooo!” Just like this cold was.


I felt a sense of peace wash over me that came with finally making a decision. I basked in it for a minute or two, making sure it was what I wanted, then I picked up the phone and called Master Richard.




We met back in the scene room where we'd talked that morning. There was a certain synchronicity in that which I liked. Besides, there weren't many other private places for us to meet up. I brought my box of tissues with me, because my nose was still tickling and running, and I still hadn't changed out of my pajamas and bathrobe; Master Richard had already seen me looking so stunning today, after all.


“Hey, pup,” he greeted me. But he kept his distance to be respectful and just in case my answer was no.   He leaned casually against a wall, head tilted. He had to know how sexy he looked like that. “How are you feeling?”


He got points for that as well. He could have walked in and immediately asked what my decision was. But he was being kind and empathetic. Maybe it was the protective part of him coming out.


“Doe better,” I replied. “I dod't thig it'll be hard for you to catch this frob be.”


Understanding registered in his expression immediately. He straightened and his ears perked right up. “Really?”


I held up a hand, signaling for him to stay where he was and to slow the heck down. “But I have two coditiods.”


Master Richard paused. “Two conditions?”


I nodded. He'd heard right.


“What are they?”


“First... oh... hold od...” I grabbed a tissue at once. “yehhh... ehh-IHShhxxxffff!” My body tried to curl up around the sneeze, even though I was standing. My shoulders rolled forward, my head snapped forward, and my knees bent.


“Bless you,” he said softly. And it made me wonder if he blessed his sub during one of their scenes. It seemed to come so easy to him, like a knee-jerk reaction.


Sniff! Thadgs. Sniff! As I was sayig, by first coditiod is that you take resbodsibility for this.” He looked confused. “If the Alphas get adgry at be for gettig ode of their Dobs sick so he cad't work for a few days, if the Alphas get so adgry at be they codsider kickig be out of the back, thed I wadt you to stad ub for be add exblaid it.”


He whistled, impressed. “When you said you had to think about this, I understood. But you really did think this through thoroughly, didn't you?”


I nodded, sniffing into another tissue. There was a tickle there, and I really didn't want to sneeze again so soon. So I rubbed hard at my nose. Then I rubbed some more, but to no avail. “ehhh-Yihshxxxxxffffff!


“Bless you. And, sure, of course I agree to this. It was my idea. It's my fault entirely if I get sick and can't work, apart from meeting with a certain submissive. The Alphas won't call me on it. It's cold and flu season. We're bound to get sick from time to time. But, if the Alphas get angry, I'll take complete responsibility. I'll even put my promise in writing, if you want.”


I smiled. “I dod't thidk that will be decessary.”


“So that's one. What's your second condition then?”


“That I get to talk with your sub to be sure this is what he wadts. I trust you,” I added quickly. “Add I resbect you. I have doe reasod to believe you haved't beed truthful. But by resbodsibility here at the club is to look after our cliedts. I deed to hear frob hib that he actually wadts to get sick.”


Master Richard smiled. “You are incredible. D'you know that? Of course you can meet with him and get his consent first. I appreciate that you want to protect him. That's... that's exactly what you should do. But I know what he's going to say. This was his idea in the first place.” He took out his cell phone. I watched and listened carefully. “Hello? Hi, it's me. I know you were planning on coming in Friday night, but are you free tonight instead?” A pause. “Excellent. I've got a treat for you tonight and someone for you to meet.” Another pause. “I'll see you at eight-thirty then. I can't wait.” He hung up and slipped his phone back into his pocket.


“Do you have all your regulars' phode dubbers?”


He shook his head. “No. Nathaniel's the only one. Nathaniel's... well, he's special to me.”


“I guess he'd have to be if you're willig to cobe dowd with a cold for hib.” There was a little spark in his eye and I knew he was thinking that this wasn't just for his submissive; this was something he was going to enjoy as well. But he didn't say anything so neither did I. We were all entitled to our secrets here.


“Nathaniel will be here at eight-thirty,” he said, back to business. “I was planning on giving him a bit of attention and then bringing you in as a reward. You and he can have a chat right away before we start the scene. If you are satisfied he consents, you help me catch that cold in your nose while he watches. Does that sound all right to you?”


I nodded. That gave me time to have a decent nap, assuming the sneezes left me alone for long enough for me to fall asleep, and maybe even another bite to eat.




I slept well, for a change. Maybe it was because I'd been up and about so much and exhausted myself. I slept so well, in fact, that I ignored the first alarm I set for myself and kept on sleeping. I wasn't really all that hungry for dinner anyway. In reality, I was too nervous to eat. What if Master Richard didn't end up catching my cold and this whole day turned out to be nothing more than a pointless, worry-filled waste of time? Or what if he did and got sicker, developed complications or something like that?


When my second alarm went off, I smacked it with my paw and immediately reached for the tissue box, though I didn't make it in time. “ehhhhhhIHHPTShhoooo! EhhhhPTschhhhhhhhh!” I sneezed freely, resisting the urge to immediately nuzzle my drippy nose into my warm, dry pillow. Instead, I propped myself up on an elbow and pulled tissues from the box. A couple blows later, and my nose felt worse, not better. “ehhhTChooo! Ehhchuhhhh! Ehhhhh... ehhhh-YIHschuhhhhh!” My head and nose both throbbed, so very full of congestion that had settled while I had slept. There were only a couple options right now—I could keep sneezing and blowing and sneezing and blowing, or I could try to actually do something about it.


So I trudged down the hall to the bathroom. A shower was just the thing to calm my nerves regarding tonight and clear a little of the congestion in my head. I sniffled and snorted in the shower as the steam made my nose run, and I was without a tissue or handkerchief . I couldn't help but think about the way my Dom used to always have a towel ready for me when I stepped out of a shower. Grabbing my own towel and wrapping it around my waist wasn't exactly the same.


Back in my room, I stood in front of my closet for a while, trying to decide what to wear. Putting on my skin-tight, black leather uniform was the last thing I wanted to do after  wearing pajamas and an over-sized bathrobe all day, but I did want to make it clear to Master Richard's submissive that I was also a sub here with the pack. I didn't want him to feel threatened by me or, worse, feel like I was competition. Like I'd told Howl, I wasn't interested in Master Richard as a Dom. After giving it considerable thought, I put on something in the middle—dark washed jeans and a white tank top. I put on a hoodie as well, planning to take it off before heading in to see the sub but feeling too cold to walk through the halls without it. I shoved handfuls of tissues into the pockets of the hooded sweatshirt, so I would be prepared when I next sneezed.  Last, I picked up the silver chain and dog tags I normally kept on my nightstand. I put them around my neck and tucked the tags under the hoodie and the tank so only the chain could be seen. I could still feel them, though, the metal warming against my body. It almost felt as though Lewis were with me, lending me his strength and his sense. My Dom might not be in my life any more, but in this way he was always with me.


As I headed downstairs, more sneezes snuck back up on me. I tried to scrub them away with my paw, knowing that I'd draw too much attention to myself if I sneezed now. But the feeling was sharp and insistent, working it way through my muzzle and tickling my nose terribly. So I pressed a tissue hard to my nose and tried to keep them small, at least. “ehhhhh-ynnghh! ehhh-hngghh! eh ehhh ehh ehh ytttphhh!


I froze, ears twitching, listening for any sound. All it would take was one sub from the floor above to investigate the stairway or one Dom from the floor above to explore, and for certain I would be asked what I was doing heading toward work when I had a bad head cold. But no one appeared. Realizing I'd been holding my breath, I let it out slowly and then continued on my way.


The club was a well-oiled machine. And even though it was relatively early in the evening, it was already fully operational. About half of the scene rooms were currently in use, with Doms checking in at Mrs. J's desk to find out their room assignments and subs scampering around the rooms to check on subs and inform the Doms of any special requests. Master Richard and his client had been assigned to room five, and I was relieved to find Howl was in charge of that room tonight. He and I exchanged knowing looks as I headed in, and I knew he'd be giving us the privacy we were going to need.


Master Richard was already there, waiting anxiously, but his sub wasn't here yet. He paced around like a wolf trapped in a cage, checking the equipment and supplies and then double-checking them. A nervous, insecure Dom was a strange sight to see indeed. I didn't know what I could do for him, so I just hung back and tried to keep out of his way and blew my nose a whole lot. I definitely didn't imagine the way Master Richard's ears twitched, turning slightly in my direction to listen every time I did so.


It wasn't long before the door opened and a tall, white rabbit hopped into the room. For as nervous as Master Richard was, his sub was bouncy with excitement. He was handsome, with an adorable pink nose and long ears that flopped over halfway. He noticed me at once but didn't hesitate to strip down to nothing and drop to his knees in the middle of the room.


“Good boy,” Master Richard said, stalking over, circling, then stopping in front of the rabbit. He touched two fingers to the bottom of the sub's face and guided his head up so he could look his sub in the eye. “Before we start tonight, there's someone I'd like you to meet.” He gestured for me to come over, so I did. I kept my distance, but there was still no disguising my appearance. The soft red of my nostrils. The tiredness in my eyes. He had to have suspected I was ill. “This is Nose. He's one of the pack subs. And he's got a bit of a head cold today.”


The sub's eyes light up automatically. He looked from me to his Dom and back again. “Really?”


As if to prove it, I lifted a finger to my nose and sniffled. The sub's ears twitched. As did his dick.


“Absolutely,” Master Richard said. “Now, he wants to have a few words with you before we get started with the scene today. It doesn't matter what you've told me in the past. This is your scene and your choice now. And you can always safeword and stop what's happening at any point. But I want you to be honest and open with him, all right? You won't disappoint me, no matter what you say or decide.”


His sub answered automatically. “Yes, Sir. I understand.”


“Good. I'm going to let you two speak privately now. Nose? Come get me when you're finished, all right?”


I nodded and waited for him to leave. He turned around and strode from the room at once, not so much as giving a visual hint or a whispered command to his sub about how he should respond to me. I was reassured  by this. “Hi,” I said to the rabbit, keeping my distance. I stood with one arm flat against my side. My other arm was bent, the hand tightly gripping the other arm. “Whed Baster Richard foud out I had a cold, he asked be if I'd—”


“Sneeze on him?” The rabbit finished for me. “So that he can catch your cold and give it to me?”


I nodded. “Is that truly what you wadt?”


He sighed dreamily. “I want him to make me sneeze every way possible. I want to catch his cold. I want to feel it in my nose.”


“You... ehhh...” My breath caught, and I tried for a moment to fight it, lifting my paw up to my nose to apply some pressure. But that didn't seem to do anything. With the other hand I dug a tissue out of my pocket and held it to my muzzle. “ehhh-Htchhuffffffff!” I wiped and noticed how he was staring at every movement I made with something like envy and longing in his expression. “You realize you're goidg to be sick? Dot just sdeezig but headaches add coughs add a sore throat? That it wod't just be here id a scene for fud but sobethig that lasts a week or two?”


“I do,” he said. “And I can't wait. I've got plenty of sick days accumulated at work. Whatever misery I might feel when I'm sick will be worth it. I want him to give me his cold. I want to be helpless and sneezy and stuffed-up just for him. And I'll get to feel it for days.”


He couldn't be more clear in what he wanted, but I just wanted to be sure. “I deed you to give your full, exblicit codsedt.”


“I give it. I want Master Richard to be sick and sneezing on me so I'll catch his cold and sneeze for him.”


I believed him. He sounded genuine. And, besides, his dick was hard just from talking about it; you couldn't easily fake that, not even on a Dom's command.


“Will you do it for us?” he asked me. His deep blue eyes were pleading now. “Please?”


I had one final question for him, though. “What if I do this add Baster Richard doesd't cobe dowd sick? Or if he does add you dod't?”


The rabbit smiled. “Then at least we tried, and it'll mean a lot to me that you did what you could. Maybe one day he'll catch another cold, and we'll try again. I'm just thrilled to get an opportunity now.”


That was all I needed to hear. “Great. I'll go get Baster Richard, all right?”


He nodded and dropped his head back into a submissive stance, chin to chest, to wait for his Dom.


I stuck my head out into the hallway and found Master Richard leaning against the wall outside the room. He hadn't even been watching through the window in the door. He looked nervous, though, at the sight of me.


Not wanting to cause any more anxiety, I told him right away. “I'll do it. Sniff!


A relieved smile spread across his face. “That's great, Nose. Thank you.” And, before I could stop him, he hugged me to him. “I appreciate this more than you can imagine.”


I was pretty sure I could imagine a lot at this point, but I didn't say so.


“Just give me a few minutes to play with him and if he's the good little sub for me, this will be his reward.”


After the hug, he walked around me, heading back inside. But I reached out and grabbed his arm, holding him in place for a moment. I dropped my voice down to the softest of whispers, which wasn't easy because it was raspy and stuffy. “Be careful.”


He was still smiling—grinning, really. “Don't need to be. The whole point is to catch this from you!”


But I shook my head. “I bead your sub. Be careful with his heart.”


Master Richard looked at me for a full minute, considering carefully what I'd said. Then he nodded.


He led the way back into the room and, once I was inside as well, closed the door behind us. He ignored his still kneeling submissive entirely at first, focusing on me but narrating every move so that his sub would hear. “C'mere, Nose. Let's find you somewhere to sit down, 'cause I know you're not feeling good. How about...” He rolled a stool over to a side wall, and I sat down on it, leaning against the wall a little but keeping my balance. “And here's a tissue box.” I couldn't help notice how he touched me now as he got me set up. Just little pats to my arm or my cheek. He was making it clear now there was no safe zone between us now. He was going to get close if he wanted to, and I was meant to let him. “If you gotta sneeze, just sneeze.” And when he smiled at me this time, I knew it was just for me, not his sub. “This is a safe space. No sneezes are embarrassing here. Just let 'em out however they come. No need to apologize.”


Then he left me and walked in circles around his sub. My Dom used to do that, too. I'd always imagined he did it to buy himself time to figure out exactly what to do with me. Whenever I deserved a punishment, I noticed that he would circle for an especially long time. He had always been sure of himself when delivering any sort of command or any punishment, though. I'd never had cause to see Lewis as weak or conflicted. My Dom had always known best.


And so, it seemed, did Master Richard. “Cologne, I think.”


His sub made a needy, excited sound. “But your cologne makes my nose tickle so much, Sir.”


“I know it does.” He put his hand on his sub's head and slid it down until he was cupping the rabbit's cheek. “It makes your nose tickle and itch and run. And I don't want you to touch your nose at all.” The rabbit shivered in anticipation. “No matter how bad your nose gets, I don't want you rubbing or wiping  or anything. You have to ask me. And maybe I'll do it for you, if I decide you deserve it. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“If you're good, I'll give you a treat. Your treat will be getting to watch as Nose gives me his sneezy head cold. But if you disobey me, I'll have to tie your paws behind your back, and maybe we'll just let Nose go back to his bed.”


With a whimper, his sub raised his head, looking up at him with hungry, eager eyes. “I'll be good, Sir.”


“Even when you're so sneezy and your nose is dripping and tickling and you know you could make it feel all better if only you ran your hand under your nose?”


He whimpered again. “Even then, Sir.”




Both of them looked over at me. The sneeze had been quick, but I could have covered it if I'd wanted to. Master Richard had told me I shouldn't, though. It had felt strange to sneeze so openly, but the way both men were grinning at me made me feel a little less self-conscious about it.


Master Richard chuckled. “Can you resist the urge to rub your nose, even with Nose over there sneezing and rubbing his own whenever he likes?” He raised his head, looking over at me. “You all right over there, Nose?”


I played my part well, scrubbing my paw at my nose dramatically and sniffling into the fur. “Snff I'b snff snfffff all right. Sniff! Just snrff feelig snffff a little sniff ticklish sniff sniff SNIFF add sdeezy.”


I saw the sub chew on his bottom lip, his large front teeth worrying it. “I... can control myself, Sir. You... you know I can.”


“Very good.” And he reached down with his other hand, passing his wrist under his sub's nose. I realized, probably at the same time as his sub did, that Master Richard had already applied the cologne. He'd known he'd wanted to play like this since before he'd walked into the scene tonight. I couldn't help but respect that level of planning. He really was an excellent Dom.


The sub's cute little pink nose was already twitching from the scent, which he must have been terribly allergic to it. I wondered how long it had taken them to discover that, whether the sub had told them or they'd taken to experimenting with different scents. I don't think it was for me, but I was beginning to see why they liked this sneezing element so much in their play.


ihhh Ih Ihh I've got ihhh an ihhhhh-itchy n-n-n-nnng! IH IHH IHCHEW!


 Master Richard didn't so much as flinch at being sneezed on, which made me feel a little better about what was in store for him when he was ready for me. And his sub didn't squirm or try to wipe his nose, even though it had to feel wet now, after such a wet sneeze. Poor rabbit. I wondered if Master Richard had thought to bring enough tissues, or if he was counting on borrowing some from the box I had in my lap.


ihhh IHChhhh! IHCHEW! IHHSHEW!” He lifted a paw instinctively but put it back down again before it got to his face. I noticed. So, it seemed, did Master Richard.


“No touching,” he reminded his sub. “That's my job, isn't it?” He grabbed for something next to him and a moment later he had tissues bunched in his hand. Gently, he rubbed and wiped and even let his sub blow a couple times. But then the sub pulled back, eyes closing and body shaking with deep, desperate, involuntary gasps.


It took me a few moments to realize that he must have sprayed the cologne on the tissues. What a trick!  But his submissive didn't seem to mind. In fact, he was grinning even though his face was contorted into an about-to-sneeze sort of expression. “ihhh! IHH HIHCHEW! IHCHEW! IHHSHhhh Ihhhh IHCHEW!


Just being around those sneezes made my cold-filled nose tickle a little in sympathy or need or just coincidence. I started to pull a tissue out of the box, but then I remembered what Master Richard had told me. So I decided it would be good practice to keep sneezing freely, and I merely closed my eyes. “ehhhh-EHShuhhhhhhh!” I sneezed, immediately, cupping my paw to my nose and wishing I'd gotten that tissue out after all. There was too much mess to pull my paw away, so I snuck the tissue in-between and blew immediately. My nose felt warm and sore when I blew hard, but I didn't have much of a choice. And it felt so much better when I'd gotten the worst cleared from it. There was nowhere to dispose of the tissue, so I stuffed it in the pocket of my jeans, making a bulge close to where another bulge might have been if I'd been as turned on as the two of them.


They were both hard, the rabbit's erection certainly evident and also glistening with a drop or two of pre-come, from what I could see. Master Richard was hard as well, and the bulge in his tight leather pants looked like it just wanted to escape and plant itself in his sub's gentle, white fur. Perhaps it wasn't just his sub who was feeling attraction.


IHH... IHCHHHHHHH!” The sub sneezed again, wetly, his nose practically streaming. I could almost feel his need to wipe his nose dry. He slid his paws under his legs, trapping them there to prevent himself from letting his master down. It was a little like cheating, perhaps, but Master Richard hadn't said he couldn't. And he didn't say anything about it now. But he did drop carefully to his hands and knees. He sniffed at his sub, as if trying to identify him. Then he gave his sub a nuzzling sort of rub. I thought it was sweet, affectionate, but I didn't realize until a moment later that he was actually sharing the scent slathered on his neck with his sub.


The sub's whole body swayed, trembling with the overwhelming need to sneeze. “IHHH! IHH! IHHH! HIHHH!” He buried his nose in Master Richard's fur. “IHHCHHIFFF! HIHHCHEFFFF! HIHHSHHFFF!” He rubbed and snuffled and sneezed some more. “Ihhhhhh IHHSHHHH! IHHHSHHHH! IH IH IH IH IHHHHCHFFFFFFFFF!


Master Richard pulled back, replacing his cologne-soaked neck with another set of tissues. These ones didn't make his sub sneeze at all, though. “Bless you. Bless you. You were so good for me,” Master Richard whispered. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to listen or not, so I busied myself with blowing my own runny nose. But I couldn't help noticing the way the sub rocked in his arms, trying to calm his body down sexually. And I saw the way Master Richard pulled his sub's paws out and kissed them, praising their restraint.


“I think you definitely deserve a treat now,” Master Richard said, louder now so that I would hear. The sub gasped excitedly as Master Richard got up. He stepped back, enough to put a good distance between the two of them but still letting himself be seen. If this was his sub's treat, he wanted his sub to have the best seat in the house to watch this.


Nervous, I left my spot on the stool and came over to him. I had spent so long today thinking about if I should really do this or not that I'd forgotten to think about how to do this. I wish he and I had discussed this beforehand. Did he just want me to sneeze on him, or did he want something more intimate? I could lick him perhaps? I felt strange and spotlighted and awkward as I walked over to him. I didn't even know where he wanted me to stand.


But I shouldn't have worried. Master Richard was in full-on dominance mode right now. It was in his nature to lead me and direct me exactly where he wanted me. “Are you all right?” he asked me, stepping close and rubbing his hand up and down my back. “Are you still willing to do this? It's okay if you aren't.” He asked this as if I could possibly say no right now with his sub watching eagerly. But that was the kind of Dom he was, wanting to make sure there was consent, just like I had wanted to earlier with his sub.


“Absolutely,” I replied, trying to tap into the confidence he was exuding, trying to pretend this was just a scene I was playing with a Dom instead of some strange arrangement on display. But even though I felt safe and encouraged, I still felt the immense pressure.


“Good.” He moved in close and put his paws on my hips, squaring off with me. “Now, when you feel the need to sneeze or cough or sniffle, just go ahead and do it. In the meantime...” He removed one of his paws momentarily to locate something in his pocket. I heard a soft click. Catchy dance club pop music started playing in the room, filling the silence.


I had to laugh. This wasn't the sort of music I normally listened to, but it was familiar enough and upbeat. There was nothing soft and sweet about it, nothing romantic or classical. I think it probably put us all at ease. In fact, Master Richard started singing along.


He had a great voice. At the recognizable easy-to-get-stuck-in-head sort of chorus, his sub joined in. I felt the pressure of the moment melt away. I felt myself smiling. This was still one of the strangest situations I'd ever found myself in, but this was making it feel kind of fun. It was a BDSM club-turned-karaoke bar. Not that I could ever tell any of the subs about this, except the two who already knew. I didn't want to be a topic of gossip this week.


A light tickle started to build in my nose, but I didn't want them to get their hopes up in case it went away. But I could feel it tickling, getting stronger and stronger. Before today, I never would have paid such attention to sneezing. It was just something that happened. Except to these two, it was something magical and exciting. And... and it was about to happen. “ehhh-EHShuhhhhh!


They both went silent, staring right at me.


I sniffed, feeling self-conscious.


But Master Richard lifted a paw to my nose, pressing, wiping. “Thanks, pup,” he said softly, almost reverently.


“Still... sniff!” I rubbed my nose against his paw, the fur soft and warm against my sore nostrils. “Still feel... sdeezy,” I informed them.


The sub sat back on his heels, running his hands up and down his thighs with anticipation, but he looked weak and needy, like he was going to overdose on pleasure just from those words. Master Richard grinned and lifted my head, pointing it at his own face. “Good,” he told me. And I wondered, briefly, if there were anything now that I could possibly do that wouldn't be good in his view.


Deciding that there wasn't anything, and not being able to control the urge to sneeze anyway, I just relaxed and let my cold take control. “ehhhhhhhhh H'Tchhhhhh! HehYIHShhhhhh! ehhh-Yehchooo! EhhhShooo! Ehhhhh...


“More?” he whispered in disbelief, but I couldn't open my eyes just yet. I just felt too sneezy.


ehhh-EHShuhhhh! YIHShhhhh!


Finally, I opened my eyes. Master Richard's face glistened. His tongue hung languidly from his grinning mouth. And his eyes shone with gratitude and joy.


“Bless you,” the rabbit piped up sweetly.


Master Richard wiped my nose with his paw and then his arm. It needed a lot of wiping, truthfully. I sniffled and nuzzled and really needed to blow my nose.


“Here,” Master Richard produced a clean, folded handkerchief. He unfolded it with a flourish and held it to my nose. “Go on and blow.”


It was lovely and soft but, I discovered, not very thick. I'm sure I got his paw wet as I blew. In any other circumstance, I would have been mortified. But he didn't mind. He held it unflinchingly at my nose until I stopped blowing and felt like I could breathe a little easier again. My head was still stuffed-up with this cold, and my nose still felt tickly and drippy. But I felt better.


In fact, I felt kind of good, looking at the way he grinned at me, gave my nose a final wipe, and then stuck a finger in his mouth. His submissive whimpered a little at this. And, I admit, the visual was kind of a mix of hot and teasing at the same time. But it was definitely not a look I expected to see from a Dom. And I realized, then, that I was the one in control here, not him. Master Richard needed me. Master Richard was at my mercy. Slowly, I smiled. “I'b godda bake you sdeeze,” I told him. I saw his eyes dilate. I saw his snout wrinkle slightly. “You're godda catch by terrible cold, add thed you'll sdeeze so buch. There's do stobbig it dow. I'b... I'b...”


The momentary control I'd felt over the situation started to ebb. I didn't want to sneeze again so soon, but I didn't have much of a choice. “eh! Ehhh! Ehhhhhhhhh eh eh yehhhh-YEHShuhhhh!” I sneezed into his face. He gasped, inhaling sharply but deeply. I reached down for his paw, bringing it to my face as though I were going to kiss it, but instead pressed it to my runny nose. “I'b godda get you sick with by awful cold.”


“Fuck yes!” Master Richard exclaimed involuntarily. He rubbed at my streaming nose with his hand, swiping fingers under each nostril multiple times. But he also moved in closer, so every breath I breathed was into his face. And I could feel his body press against my front, harder than I ever would have guessed. He wrapped an arm around me, holding me close, rubbing up against me. It was like he wanted to be as close to the germs as possible and didn't know how else to do it without actually being inside me. I glanced over at his sub, wondering if the rabbit might be jealous. But he looked just as eager as Master Richard—maybe even more.


The post-nasal drip made me cough in his face, made me transform back into a submissive. It was just as well. I wouldn't have been able to keep that control up for long; it just wasn't in my nature. “Gotta blow by cough dose agaid.”


He lifted the handkerchief into place. Parts of it were still wet right through, but other parts were still dry, and that was what he surrounded my nose with for me. I took a deep breath and blew. He massaged and wiped and let me blow again and again. And, when I was done, when my breathing finally returned to normal and that horrible wet scratchiness was gone from the back of my throat, he moved in for a kiss.


My nose bumped his. My tongue lapped at his. And my cold became his.


Maybe it had been his ever since he'd spotted me that morning. Maybe it was always supposed to be this way. Maybe this had been inevitable.


But it was a heady feeling, kissing a Dom again, kissing anyone again, really. The love and passion I'd always felt with Lewis wasn't there. But I won't pretend it didn't feel good.


It felt good to be needed again, even if this really was the last way I ever would have imagined it.


He kissed me hungrily for much longer than I'd expected. My nose started to fill, started to make it hard to breathe, and I knew I'd have to be the one to break this off. So I pulled back, gasping and feeling the tickle flare up in my nose again. “ehhh-CHIHHH! YEHHSHUHHH!


Before either of us could do anything for my nose, he kissed me again. I coughed into his mouth, fighting for breath, starting to pull away from him. Then I felt the handkerchief again, with yet another surprisingly dry portion, and I felt his fingers pressing on either side of my nose, encouraging me to blow and clear it again. Which I did.


And, when I was done, I opened my eyes to see him drying off his face with the same handkerchief, which he pocketed. While his hand was there, he switched off the background music. “Feeling okay, pup?”


I nodded.


“Need anything? Tissues?”


I nodded again. “As lodg as they're dot soaked id cologde.”


He laughed and shoved a whole bunch of tissues into my hands. “I need to look after Nathaniel for a minute,” he whispered to me. “You call out if you need me, okay?”


I nodded a third time.


“Thank you,” he said, petting my head. “Thank you for every bit of that.”


And then he pulled away completely, making me shiver at the sudden absence of his warmth. I plucked one of the tissues out of the bunch and wiped my nose. Then I looked over at Master Richard and his sub and the intimate sight brought a stab of pain to my chest.


The rabbit nuzzled his face into the space between Master Richard's neck and shoulders, where it fit perfectly. Master Richard's arms were around him, stroking his back. The sub was shaking a little, overwhelmed. I knew that feeling all too well. He needed grounding. He needed reassurance. He needed his Dom.


I saw one ear bend and rest on top of Master Richard's head. I saw two of Master Richard's fingers rub a circle into his arm. I saw the rabbit's fluffy white tail wiggle. I saw Master Richard's body rise and fall with a deep, satisfied breath, taking his sub's body with him, held tight against him. They stayed like that for a few minutes, just touching and breathing together. Then Master Richard's hand tightened at the nape of his sub's neck, massaging. And the sub lifted his head, smiling. His eyes twinkled, wet but pleased. His nose twitched and Master Richard smiled and nodded. Then he effortlessly pulled the rabbit up to his feet.


Silently, he helped his sub dress. He gave little nudges to indicate how his sub should move, and the rabbit obeyed perfectly. The sub kept moving in for nuzzles and Master Richard returned the nuzzling or stroked the back of his head. “I'll call you immediately if I start coming down sick,” Master Richard told him.


“I'll keep all my nights open. But I'll understand if it doesn't happen this time, Sir. I appreciate you trying.”


Just watching the two of them together--the easy way they communicated through looks and touches, the effortless and instinctual way the sub responded to his Dom—it brought back sensations and memories so quickly I didn't know how to handle them. I felt my eyes filling with tears. I felt the pain stabbing at my chest. And I felt my throat closing up to air. Panicking and not wanting to let them see me cry, I fled from the room. I stopped just outside the doorway, leaning against the wall to keep from falling down. Dizziness and uncertainty danced around in my head. Any moment now I was either going to pass out or completely lose control, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to choose which it would be.


Suddenly Master Richard and his sub were coming out of the doorway together. “See you soon,” he said, seductively, and tapped his nose.


The rabbit grinned broadly. “I can't wait.” Then he nodded at me. “Thanks again. You've no idea what this means to me!”


Absolutely certain I would start crying if I uttered a single word, I just raised my paw and waved back. I tried to smile, but I wasn't sure I succeeded. I felt the corners of my mouth twitch. I felt tears spilling from my eyes. I felt my whole body tremble.


Master Richard gave his submissive one more hug. When his sub was gone, he turned around to face me. “Really, thanks, Nose. I...” He trailed off as he took a look at me. His breath caught. “Nose?”


And that's when I lost it. Gut-wrenching sobs tore their way out of me. I just stood there, bawling, in the hallway.


That is, until Master Richard stepped swiftly in front of me. His arms were bent at the elbows but they pressed on either side of my body as he pressed his front against mine. Then he glided me back into the scene room. He didn't change his hold of me, so he wasn't able to close the door behind us, and he only brought us just far enough inside so that people walking down the hallway couldn't see us. And there we stood together, me sobbing uncontrollably into his chest, and him just holding me close.


He didn't try to soothe me or quiet me. He didn't even stroke my back or tell me I'd be okay. He just held me with his strong arms and let me cry it all out. So that's just what I did. I cried about losing my Dom. I cried about missing Lewis so much it hurt. I sneezed a few times as well, right into his fur, but he didn't so much as flinch. I cried and cried until I had nothing left inside me.


“There now,” he said, leaning back. “Is this... do you feel guilty?”


I gasped for breath. “Guilty?” my voice was weak and wobbly, so uncertain and confused.


“For spreading your cold to me, knowing that I was going to give it to my submissive.”


I shook my head. “Doe... that... that was beautiful. I'b hodored to... heh-YIHSHHHHHH!” I sneezed, spraying Master Richard's face suddenly. “Oh! Oh sorry!”


He licked his lips and breathed in deeply, but he made no move to wipe his face. “Don't be sorry, pup. The whole point was for me to catch your cold, remember? This is just a little icing on the cake to make sure. Sneeze on me as much as you like.” He rubbed a paw up and down my back. “So if you didn't feel guilty, what were the tears about then?”


“I...” I was pretty sure I couldn't cry any more even if I tried, but my voice still trembled as if tears were somehow almost upon me once more. “Seeidg what you two have bade be biss by Dob so buch!” And then, impossibly, I burst into tears again.


“Oh... oh pup.” His arms wrapped all the way around me now and he pulled me aside, bringing me to the recovery corner. He wrapped one of the blankets around me and then cradled me tight in his arms, rocking back and forth as I cried some more. Luckily, the one thing that was in stock here were tissues, and he used some to catch my tears and wipe my nose, which was running badly from all of this. “Do you want me to call an Alpha to come take care of you tonight?”


An Alpha would be able to look after me tonight the way a Dom couldn't, the way Master Richard couldn't. But I didn't want to be evaluated, didn't want them to know how heartsick I still was. If they decided it was best for me to leave the pack, I wasn't sure I could handle that kind of rejection on top of this rotten cold. So I shook my head. Perhaps offering to pass me on to an Alpha was his way of getting rid of me tonight, after all this?


“I'b sorry,” I told him. “I'b wastig all your tibe.”


“No,” he said firmly but reassuringly, so there was no misunderstanding him. “You're not. I have all the time in the world for you. I'm here as long as you need me.”


I needed him. Of course I did. But he already had two subs falling for him. He didn't need another. I could see how easy it would be to respond to him, though. Master Richard was genuine, commanding, protective. Master Richard had a way of making you feel more important than anything else.  He probably didn't even realize he was doing it; his dominance was such an innate part of his demeanor. No wonder subs were so drawn to him.


“What can I do for you, Nose?”


I let out a sound that was something between a sob and a laugh and buried my face in his warm chest again to hide the fresh wave of tears. It had been so long... so long since I'd been held by a Dom, I'd almost forgotten what a comfort this touch could be. Master Richard wasn't my Lewis. But if Lewis had been here, he would have understood. He probably would have shook Master Richard's paw and thanked him for looking after me. Even wrapped up in the blanket, held tight in Master Richard's arms, I felt so weak and vulnerable.


I felt like everything was already out there, raw and exposed. So I might as well go all in. “I lost hib a little bore thad two years ago. He was hit by a drudk driver ruddig a red light. By the tibe I got to the hosbital, he was dead.” My breathing hitched and I swallowed back more tears. “Whed Lewis died, I lost the love of by life. I also lost the secret bart of byself, the best bart of be.”


Master Richard squeezed me tightly in a hug.


I went on. “I drifted uselessly for so lodg. I thought I'd dever ehhhh...” Magically, I felt a tissue at my nose. “hehh-Ehyshhffffffff!” I snuffled into the tissue. And, when I was done, he pocketed the used tissue. At this point, I expected such a thing an didn't say anything.


He hugged me again. “I'm so glad you found your way to our pack.”


I laughed a little more evidently this time. “You're just sayidg that because I have a cold add cad sdeeze all over you.”


He laughed back. “Well, I won't lie. That's definitely convenient and much appreciated. But that's not what I was thinking of. You're such a kind submissive. You give yourself up to it.”


“Look who's talkidg!” I exclaimed. “You're the ode sittig here, cobfortig a sick, sdiffly subbissive who isd't eved your owd!”


“Every submissive in the pack is my own,” he replied softly. “Any one of the Doms feels just the same. If you ever need someone to take you down, all you need to do is ask.”


“Thadks,” I whispered. “But I thidk by baster was the last ode I wadt to do that.”


Master Richard nodded. “Then at least let me do right by him and put you to bed? You're sick, and you've had one heck of a day. You need your rest.”


He didn't even know the half of it. But I did feel worn out, and the idea of climbing all those stairs alone was exhausting. Besides, what sub didn't like a little bit of care now and then? “Yes blease.”


He gently stripped me of the recovery blanket. Then, all at once, he scooped me up. He cradled me against his chest as he rose. I couldn't imagine the sort of strength that must have taken, and I clung on with my arms around his neck. But I needn't have worried. He moved smoothly, even through the doorways, even up the stairs. In fact, the movement was so welcoming that I felt my eyes closing and my body trying to slip into an exhausted sleep already.


When he laid me on my bed, it was with the utmost care and gentleness. I looked up at him, feeling sleepy and sated, and accidentally sneezed right in his face again. “EhhhhhheptChhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh, sniff, Baster Rich—”


“It's fine,” he told me, licking his lips. “Remember? Bless you though.” He tucked me into bed with a tissue box, pulling the covers up to my shoulders. Under the blankets, I wriggled out of my jeans and sweatshirt, dropping them to the floor beside the bed. I left my tank on, and I left the dog tags on as well. I didn't usually sleep with them on, but I wanted to do so tonight so I could feel a bit of Lewis  against my fur. “Can I get you anything else, pup?”


I shook my head. “You'd better get outa here before sobeode catches you id a sub's roob.”


“All right.” He dropped a paw to my head and pet soothingly. “Just one last thank you for how you served me and my sub today. You were generous and incredible.”


I smiled with the satisfaction of a submissive who's done a job so good a Dom thinks to praise him for it. I closed my eyes but mumbled a sleepy, “I hobe it all works out the way you wadt it to, Sir.”


I heard his soft footsteps cross my bedroom. The door opened, and I was asleep before it closed behind Master Richard.