Wolf Pack BDSM Club #2


Richard stood in the shower, letting the lukewarm water rain down upon him, soaking into his fur. Most wolves liked hot showers, no matter what the circumstance, but Richard preferred his to be only a few degrees above cool. Normally, he ran hot, so this way it not only cleaned but also calmed and soothed his body. And he definitely needed soothing tonight after what he'd been through. If he'd stayed in that scene much longer with that sub, he was fairly certain that he would have come all over the bunny rabbit he'd been with. And while that would have been kind of hot, it wouldn't have been at all professional. Imagine a Dom losing control in the middle of a scene? He'd be laughed right out of the pack. So he let the water rush down his body and subdue his erection before the others saw it.


There were five of them in the communal shower at the moment. The club had been busy lately; the services of the wolf pack were in high demand. Richard loved the feeling of being needed like this, all those subs hungry for someone to take them down coming to the pack to have their needs met. He loved breaking in a new sub, figuring out whether to guide him along with a collar and gentle lead or to teach him obedience with a flat palm to the ass before building him back up again. Every sub was a new adventure. Every sub was a challenge. But tonight's sub had been... something else altogether.


He kept going through it in his mind. The utter helplessness that sub felt just from something as simple as Richard's feather. The congestion in his voice, though he still said 'thag you, sir' every time Richard made it worse. The way a sneeze ripped right through his furry body, shaking him, taking him over, yet making his cock rise. The way he'd sneezed so much and felt so good, he'd sneezed himself right into the ultimate mindset a sub could have. Richard wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it. But what he'd seen had been thrilling.


Reaching forward, Richard turned the shower's temperature from lukewarm to squarely in the cool category. And then, when that didn't work, he grit his teeth and turned it all the way to cold. Shivering, he felt his urges die down finally, completely. He just hoped that they would stay that way long enough for him to get to his bedroom. Maybe if he didn't think about what he'd done tonight with the rabbit, he'd manage to make it through without his cock springing to attention again.


After turning off the water and giving a good shake, Richard grabbed his towel and headed out of the shower, toward the row of open lockers. He was shivering even more now, the cold water replaced with a cold room temperature. He was tempted to hop back into the shower and turn it warm just long enough to stop shivering, but it would be easier to just hurry up and get changed.


By the time he reached his locker and was pulling clothing out to put on, several of his wolf pack brothers had finished their showers as well and were on their ways over to do likewise. Normally, Richard loved this part of the night. He loved talking about their experiences. Sometimes someone would share something so hot he knew just by his packmates' faces that they'd all be going back to their rooms and jerking off to the image of it. And sometimes someone would share something so sweet he'd go back to his room and just lie there, wishing he could have been the one with that experience. There was nothing like being with a genuinely submissive man who just knew instinctively what to do and how to please you. That was the sort of heady pleasure a Dom loved... and that was what he'd had so unexpectedly presented to him tonight.


And tonight Richard just wanted to head off to bed right away. He didn't want to talk about what he'd done with the rabbit or what it had meant to him. Not only was there the risk of a visible erection, but the others would probably laugh and make fun of something so strange that Richard had found to be so hot and erotic. So Richard tried to dress quickly so he could make a quick retreat.


“Oh my God, boys, you will not believe what happened with the sub I had tonight!” Derek said, lying down on the bench in the middle of the room. He stretched out on his back, tail wet and dripping still from the shower, paws under his head, eyes staring up at the ceiling dreamily, dick stirring with arousal.


“Spill it,” said Andy, his words muffled by the towel he was rubbing all over his head to dry it. When he finished drying off, he threw the towel at Derek and it landed across his middle. It didn't take more than a few seconds for the erection to rise more firmly underneath the towel. “I could use a good story after what I went through tonight.”


“Okay,” Leon said, emerging from the showers himself, trailing drips across the tile floor behind him. “Now I want to hear both your stories, but Derek goes first.”


Derek grinned. He loved being the center of attention. Most Doms did, of course. There was nothing like a good scene to boost to inflate an already big ego even more. “Okay, so I had a submissive tonight who was a hairless cat.”


“Ew!” Andy made a face. “All that wrinkled skin? Do you find that attractive?”


“Not normally I don't,” Derek said, winking down at his erection. “But I'm a professional. A job's a job. A sub's a sub. He had a handsome face, too, with a dark black nose and bright eyes. Whiskers for days. But the biggest ears I've ever seen on a cat. I mean, I thought the guy might have been have fennec fox in disguise or something!” He laughed. “Anyway, in the scene we were playing, he kept crossing me at every turn. I'd tell him to lick my boots, and he'd just start washing himself, blasé and happy as you please. I'd instruct him to lie down on his back so I could work on his tummy, and he would stretch and arch his back and curl up on the floor with his tail wrapped around his body. Every time I gave him an order, he would immediately disobey it. I knew what he was up to, but was kind of infuriating, actually. And the guy seemed to love watching me lose my cool. He kept pushing every limit and pressing every one of my buttons until I just snapped. I grabbed him, laid him across my lap, and gave his ass a firm whack with the flat of my paw to show him who was in charge.


“He gave this ear-splitting yowl and then went limp against me. Of course, that's what he'd been after the whole time. I could feel his need just then to be controlled, to be reprimanded. You know when you get a sub who's just dripping with the need to be shown his place?” Every wolf in the room nodded. Richard's paw twitched, knowing that feeling all too well and knowing what was going to happen in the story. He loved when a sub really wanted to be taken down.


“So I delivered to him the spanking of his lifetime. Every hit was careful and planned—not too much in one area, working around the tail, not too far down the haunches. The cat continued to yowl, softer than before, continuous, voicing his protest. You know how mouthy some cats can be.” They all nodded again. “So I kept spanking until he went silent. And that's when I noticed it.”


“What?” asked William, emerging from the showers now, pausing to shake the water off naturally, rather than using a towel. “What did you notice?”


Derek explained, “There was a flush everywhere my paw had hit. His whole backside was this lovely light red color. Without fur to cover it up, I could actually see pawmarks I'd made. It was warm to the touch, too. It was a thing of beauty. A masterpiece.”


From the look of that tented towel, Derek thought it was more than just beautiful. And Richard had to admit to himself that picture of a red ass was pretty delicious. Not quite the treat that he'd had in his scene tonight, but certainly something hot just the same.


Derek's paw reached down, toying a little at the towel as if he wanted to sneak right under there and give himself some release in front of all of them. It wouldn't have been the first time. But then his paws were back under his head again, elbows bent on either side. “Boys, I am telling you: you haven't lived until you've given a hairless cat's ass a good spanking. I highly recommend it. It's totally bucket list worthy.”


Grinning, Leon turned to Andy, arms crossed over his chest. “Your turn.”


But Andy shook hid head. “It's nothing, really.”


Which meant it was most definitely something.


Leon's grin widened. “Well, if it's nothing, it should be a quick and easy story to tell. Go on.”


Resignedly, Andy leaned back against his locker, as if it might swallow him up and allow him to avoid this. Knowing all too well what it felt like to have an experience he didn't want to share, Richard didn't press him, but he didn't bail his pack mate out either. Drawing attention to himself would be the worst thing he could do just now, so he kept quiet. Besides, he was a little curious.


Andy plucked at his sleeveless undershirt, black against his gray fur, in complete contrast to his white boxer shorts. “Okay,” he started, reluctant but ready. He had to have known telling this story was inevitable. “There were these twin geese...”


“Oh God,” Leon said, throwing a paw up in the air. “Already you've got the best opening to a story ever. Twins?” Plenty of animals had twin brothers and sisters; larger litters weren't uncommon either. But for two brothers to not only both be gay but also both have an interest in BDSM and identify as submissives... well, that was something unusual and unique to be sure. In all his years at the club, Richard had never seen that. “Please do go on.”


Andy sighed but continued his story. “I had a long discussion with them about what they wanted. Then we began the scene. Everything was going well. I had beak clamps on both of them and I was working them over with a riding crop, just teasing one and then moving to the other. From their reactions, I couldn't tell which they liked better: the physical sensation of the leather tickling lightly against their feathers or the denial of touch when I moved from one sub to work on the other. They were both rocking and humming, and I didn't want to push them too far, of course. It was my first time with them and I didn't know their tells and signals yet. We'd worked out a visual cue, as they couldn't safe word out of the scene, so I kept an eye out for that.


“I kept working on them, going back and forth. And I think I was doing a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. They were enjoying it. But then one of the geese liked it a little too much. He stiffened up and shook his wings, and I thought for a moment he was going to come. I pulled back immediately, not wanting to push the goose that far. But he wasn't coming. He was laying an egg.”


“What?!” Derek and Leon both exclaimed, shocked.


“Turns out, they weren't brothers. They were brother and sister.”


Everyone howled with laughter, even Richard, allowing himself to relax a little. He still wanted to make his escape as soon as possible, without arousing suspicion, so that no one would ask him about his night. But he loved this time together with his pack, listening to stories, being close.


“Honestly, I think we're going to need better help at the front desk,” Andy said, laughing.


“Oh, you bite your tongue!” William said with a slight slap to Andy's muzzle. “Mrs. J is the best! Besides, it's not like you noticed either, and you had them with their clothes off, didn't you?”


Andy nodded. “Yeah, but they were still covered in feathers!”


Everyone laughed again, but Richard found his mind wandering at the mention of feathers. His mind flashed back to his own time with a feather tonight. The way his sub's nose had twitched wildly from his expert tickling. The way his sub had sneezed and sneezed, pulling tight at his bonds but unable to break free, unable to rub at his nose... that had been unbelievably hot. And it was all due to to one feather and Richard's instincts as a Dom.


“I think Richard's got a story to tell,” came Leon's playful tone. “Look at that faraway look in his eyes.”


“He had a good one tonight!” William agreed with a bark. “Share?” William assumed the role of a Dom in the club most nights, but really he was a switch. And when he looked at you with those pretty, pleading eyes, it was hard for any Dom to resist him.


But this was private. This had made him feel something he didn't usually feel. He felt like going straight to his room and jerking off. All that excitement and pressure were building in him. If he didn't take care of himself soon, he was going to explode. And that made him think of all those sneezes exploding out of that rabbit tonight. So uncontrollable. So helpless. So erotic.


“Oh, now you've definitely got to share!” Leon poked him in the side.


Richard felt warmth fill his face and race down his body. His pack just wouldn't understand how hot it had been. He didn't think he could stand them laughing at what had been such a good experience.


But maybe there was some middle ground. “I had a first time sub.”


“Like usual,” said Derek. “Go on.”


“He was here to play out a fetish I'd never heard of before,” he told his packmates. He'd been nervous about that, but he didn't admit that to his packmates. “This rabbit was a born submissive. He took to it naturally, wanting to please me and prove to me he could take whatever I dished out. So we played using his fetish and he got so worked up he...”


“Laid an egg?” Andy suggested.


“Came?” William asked.


“Slipped into subspace,” Richard finished.


“No!” He'd gotten Leon's attention now. “His first time out?”


“Yep. It was a thing of beauty. As soon as he got there, I stopped paying with him. I kept reassuring him that he was all right and he just beamed at me blissfully. I helped him down off the apparatus and wrapped him up tight in my arms until he came out of it on his own. He was so close to slipping back in, I had to keep talking to him to keep him engaged in the world and what was going on.”


“You gonna see him again?” asked Derek.


“I hope so. I'd love to see if I could get him to that point again or if that was just beginner's luck.” This wasn't poker or bowling though. There wasn't that much luck involved. This was about dynamics and play and sexuality and things so innate and personal there weren't even words to describe them.


Leon looked a little jealous, like he'd be happy to jump in and snatch the sub up from underneath him. “So what was the rabbit's fetish? You never said.” 


“No, I didn't,” Richard said, smiling. “Goodnight, fellas.” With that, he sauntered out of the room. Down the hallway, he could still hear them howling and barking out his name, calling him back. But Richard made his escape, climbing up the two flights of stairs to the top floor where all the tops' bedrooms were. He ducked into his room and immediately locked the door after himself.


He grabbed a beer and a sandwich from his minifridge, crashing onto his bed so hard he bounced for a few seconds. He knew if he didn't snack on something now, he'd regret it later, but his erection was hard to deny. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans to give himself some freedom. He wolfed down the sandwich in five bites, but he took his time with the beer.


He stroked his dick through his underwear, remembering the sneezy look on his sub's face. It wasn't something he'd ever thought could be remotely sexy, but the rabbit had acted as though it were the most wonderful sensation he'd ever felt. The overwhelming mix of desperation and pleasure had been enough to push him over the edge. And while Richard wasn't interested in being in subspace, he was interested in knowing how good it must have felt. He was aroused. And he was curious.


Richard set the nearly empty bottle of beer down on the nightstand and raised his paw, sharp claws at the ready. He slid his paw under the pillowcase and took a few swipes at the pillow beneath. Once it was opened, he pulled out a little of the insides. The feathers in his pillow weren't the long kind he used when playing with subs. They were just a white mess, with nothing to hold onto on one end and no strong point to tickle with on the other. But they were exceedingly soft and fluffy against his pads, and he had a feeling they would still be useful.


He grabbed his beer for another sip and then shoved his jeans down to his ankles. With one paw at his crotch and the other flat out with the feathers, he took a deep breath in and out. He was ready. His body throbbed with curiosity and anticipation. Then he buried his muzzle in the fluffy feathers and nuzzled them, inhaling deeply through his nose.


Immediately, his nostrils flared as the feathery fluff tickled his nose. He felt the tiny little things on the outside and just inside his nose as well, tickling, fluttering, teasing. He took a sharp breath in through his nose and a few of the smaller pieces went in deeper where they weren't supposed to be.


His nose began to run and his eyes began to water from the irritation. His breath hitched and eyes closed. A great shudder tore through his whole body, and he stroked at his dick the whole while. “uhhhhh... uh-huhhhhhhhhhh!” His body jumped and trembled in place, and he was compelled to sit up and lean forward, his paw cupped to his nose to keep the feathers there, tickling, even though tingles running down his arm tried to tell him to pull them away or he might sneeze.


Oh, but he felt like he needed to sneeze so badly now! He fought his instincts telling him to get rid of the irritant. He nuzzled more into them and breathed them against his twitching nostrils. “Uhhhhh!” He rocked forward, trying to ease the sneeze out. His tongue lolled loosely out of his mouth as he panted. “Huhhhh! Uhhhhhh! UHHHH!” He felt the ticklish feeling magnify and take hold. “UHHHHHHH! UH HUH HUHHH-IHHPTTSHXXXTTTTTTT!” He sneezed, spraying into his paw.


His eager dick pulsed and jumped in his hand as the sneeze struck, bringing with it a wave of relief so great he smiled as he sighed. Precome leaked from his dick, so he spread it around the head and the knot that was starting to form. Spreading the slickness around made him want to go ahead and thrust into his fist, but he didn't want to jump to that part yet. He still had more sneezing he wanted to do.


Getting a sneeze out, when his nose felt so terribly ticklish, really had felt so good. He thought he understood why the rabbit might have liked it so much. But it left him with a paw full of soggy feathers and a sniffle in his nose. Tissues. He had to have tissues in here somewhere. Making a fist with his wet paw and pressing it to his muzzle in case his nose dripped, he started a search. Usually he kept a box on his nightstand, but the only things on it right now was the plate his sandwich had been on, his alarm clock, and a collection of empty beer bottles. Sometimes a box got lost in his bed. He liked to swirl blankets and pillows around each night before he slept, so sometimes a tissue box got caught up in the mix. He felt around with his good hand, checking under pillows and shaking out parts of blankets. But there were no tissues. Finally, it occurred to him to check his nightstand drawers for the extra box he usually had stashed there next to the rest of his supplies—batteries, a bottle of lube, a couple dildos, a butt plug, and his favorite porn mags.


Sure enough, there was an unopened tissue box. So he ripped off the cardboard top and pulled out a few tissues. He wiped his hand and collected the feathers into the tissue before tossing the whole wad at the trash can by his bedroom door. Then he took out another tissue and wiped his nose with it. He hadn't done this with the rabbit until the end, really. He hadn't wanted to risk doing anything that might make that adorable pink nose stop tickling. But now Richard wondered how miserable and full that poor nose must have felt, all wet and tickly and runny without a tissue during so much of their session. He felt his dick leaking again, throbbing with need.


He tried to ignore it, knowing that he was already so worked up that even a little bit of rubbing would probably be enough to make him come. He glanced over at the clock on his nightstand, but he couldn't remember what time it had been when he'd started doing this. Not that it mattered. He'd been working up to this since halfway through his session with that sub anyway.


His gaze dropped down to the still open drawer, and he eyed the porn magazines. He didn't definitely need them... but suddenly he wanted them. He grabbed the top one, a publication about rebellious submissives, and started flipping through it. Picture after picture of subs waiting to be put in their place looked up at him with fire and need in their eyes. And he couldn't help but wonder for the first time what it would be like to take a feather to their noses. He'd tease the squished little nose of that Persian cat until its whole body shook with cough-like sneezes. Or he'd be all over the huge nose of that hippo, the feather so small in comparison that it would slip easily inside and tickle so mercilessly that he'd sneeze and sneeze and sneeze without stopping. Maybe Richard would even be able to fit a finger or two in such a large nose, tickling the sensitive insides with his furry paws. Or maybe he'd sink into a hot tub with that alligator, the water mixed with pepper so it would come up sneezing helplessly, needing to be held tight in Richard's arms. Or he'd tickle the end of that elephant's trunk, a handful of fluffy white feathers against the pink, holding them there until the elephant's trunk started to wrinkle and tremble, until he had to cradle it against his chest to contain the powerfully strong sneeze that would come out. Richard went from page to page, imagining all sorts of ways to make them all sneeze, to make them all helpless before him, to force them all to submit to him.


As his imagination ran away with him, he couldn't resist any longer. He kicked off the remainder of his clothes, lay back on a pile of pillows, legs spread, his favorite position for jerking off. He rubbed his balls, massaging a little with the pads of his paw. Then he took his dick in his paw and started stroking. The sensation felt fantastic, like little bits of energy pulsating in his needy dick and up throughout his body. With this other hand, he grabbed for the pillow he'd mutilated earlier. He pulled it to his chest then lifted it higher, ripping it open a little more. His stroking quickened with anticipation. He was sure he now knew why the rabbit had liked this so much. Just knowing you were going to be helplessly sneezing in a moment was an intoxicating feeling, and Richard wasn't even the type who liked being out of control. He liked being the controller. But there was something about forcing this on himself that pushed all his buttons in a way he'd never expected. So he took a deep breath in and then out again before sticking his muzzle into the opening.


At once, his nose was assaulted by tiny feathers. They tickled from all directions, a few getting into his nose when he breathed in but most fluttering against his nose from the outside. It was all too much for him. His eyes fluttered closed and his chest rose and fell with mighty, building gasps. “Uhhhh uhhhhhh huhhhhhhhh UHHHH-TCHOOO! HUHH HUHH-SHOO! HEHPTCHHOOO! UHHH-HIHSHOOOO!”  He pulled his nose out, feeling it dripping and twitching, and he swapped the pillow for a few tissues. But there were still some feathers stuck in his nose, and the cool air of his bedroom sent his tickling nose straight into another fit. “UHHHH-HIHSHHHH! UHHHHTChooo! HEPTTSCHOOOO! Uhhh uhhhhhhh UHHHHHHH....” He wavered, feeling so close—so close all over. His eyes were closed as he pressed the tissues to his nose. They felt wet in his paw. Wet like... oh God... here it came!


IHH HUHHHH HUHSHHXXXXXTTTT!” He sneezed into what remained of the tissues. His knot throbbed in his fist. His hips bucked upward so violently and involuntarily he almost lost hold of his dick. Copious amounts of come shot from his dick to splatter his bed and his belly. “HUHSHoooo!” He sneezed again, his body jerking even as his dick kept shooting his load. This was what he'd been after all night, and he was determined to enjoy every second of the sensation. He turned his face to the side and groaned happily into his pillow, the image of the rabbit springing into his mind as his release concluded.


Finally, his hands let go and arms went slack. His panting slowed. He felt so tired he almost didn't want to open his eyes, but he knew he must. Exhausted, Richard still managed to gather enough energy to reach down and wipe off with the same tissues he'd been using to wipe his nose. Then he swirled his blankets around, making a nest out of them on the mattress. On his hands and knees, he turned around in a circle in the middle and then decided the best place to lay his head and collapse into comfort. He was asleep in seconds, and he snored all night long.




When Richard arrived at breakfast the next morning, a steaming cup of tea was thrust at him. Not known to be a morning wolf, he took a sip, thinking it was coffee, and made a face when he was surprised by the fact that it wasn't. “What's this?” he asked, his voice low, husky.


One of the prep subs in the pack, Howl, smiled sheepishly at him as he returned to the stove to check on the state of the bacon and eggs. “I heard you sneezing a lot last night. I figured you must be coming down with something. Tea's the best thing for that.” He quickly gestured to the coffee pot. “But I do have coffee ready, of course, if you want it instead.”


Richard smiled and shook his head. He took another sip of tea. Now that he knew what to expect, he took another sip of the tea. It wasn't half bad, actually. “I'll be fine with this,” he said, noticing how rough and thick with congestion his voice was. He had fallen asleep last night without clearing his nose after all those sneezes; no wonder he sounded stuffed-up now. And his nose did feel tender to the touch. He'd given it quite the workout. And he bet that bunny's cute little nose was feeling exactly the same right now. That thrilled him a little bit to think about. He loved the idea of subs carrying his marks the next day, reminding them constantly of what he'd done to them.


“Did you have any good subs last night?” Howl asked, coming to sit on the other side of the long wooden table, opposite Richard.


Richard held the tea to his lips, breathing in the steam that seemed to loosen his congestion a bit. He sniffed and rubbed his sleeve across his nose. Then he sniffed again and nodded. “Yeah. I had a pretty special one I'm not going to forget any time soon”


Howl got a dreamy look in his eyes. Pack members did not fraternize sexually; not mixing business with pleasure was pack rule number one. But that didn't mean they couldn't fantasize a little from time to time. And Richard had always thought Howl might have a little crush on him. It was hard to tell, though, because of the sub's drive to please. Maybe he was like this with all the Doms.


Richard looked around, his ears twitching, wanting to make sure he and Howl were alone. He dropped his voice to a whisper, just in case. “To tell you the truth, he was so special it turned me on. I could barely contain myself. And when I got back to my room, I had to jerk off at once.”


Howl ducked his head and shifted in his seat, looking embarrassed and shy about finding that statement so hot. “Did... did you think of the sub when you touched yourself?”


“Oh, did I ever! But my mind's usually all over the place when I take myself in hand. Whatever gets me there, you know?”


Howl bounced in his seat excitedly. “And what...” He stopped himself, clapping a hand over his muzzle, wearing a horrified expression on his face. “I'm sorry,” he whispered. “I shouldn't be asking personal questions like these. Please forgive me?”


Flashing his teeth with a grin, Richard replied, “I'm the one sharing too much. Not to worry.” He drank some more tea. It felt soothing against his throat and warm in his belly. His body tingled. Maybe too much. Richard grabbed a plate and loaded up on proteins and carbs from the spread on the table. With the plate in one hand and the rest of the tea in the other, Richard rose from the table. He usually ate breakfast with whatever pack members were awake,  loving the sense of family they had here at the club, but he was feeling kind of horny again after just this brief discussion, and he longed for the privacy of his room. He just hoped he could keep the feathers from the pillow he'd ripped open out of his food and mug. “Thanks for the breakfast, Howl. I appreciate it.” He stood, meaning to go, but he hesitated a moment. “Hey, I'm kind of curious, though. How'd you hear my sneezes last night?”


The bedrooms belonging to pack submissives were on a different floor of the building entirely. Had his sneezes been so loud they could be heard all the way downstairs?


Howl looked embarrassed again. He looked down at his toast, slathered in jam. “I was doing a load of laundry and was passing by. I...” he trailed off, not certain he wanted to admit this.


“What? I won't be mad, pup.”


“I didn't have my ear to your door, I swear it. But I might have... stood outside for a few minutes, listening. You were sneezing a lot. I thought you must be coming down with something. I was worried about you and wondering if I should knock and ask if you needed anything. When I heard you, um, moan a little, I decided I shouldn't intrude.”


Richard smiled warmly, trying to put him at ease. “Aw, thanks, Howl. You're sweet. And I'm okay, really. Just had something stuck in my nose.” Because I shoved it up there myself so I would sneeze my head off on purpose, he thought but certainly didn't say out loud.


“Oh, okay.” Howl nodded. “If you ever need help with something like that again, let me know. I'd be happy to... um... help you.”


Raising the plate a little higher and then raising the mug as well, Richard nodded. “You already help a lot. Thanks for breakfast.”


Howl looked a little let down, maybe a little defeated, maybe a little lonely. Poor pup.


But Richard's erection was back in full force and he really needed to rub one out. “Hey... last night after you listened to me a little... did you...” he trialed off. This wasn't at all appropriate to ask. Howl might have been a sub, but he wasn't Richard's sub. “Never mind.” He turned to leave.


“I did,” Howl whispered. Then he ducked his head, ears flat back, and busied himself straightening the serving plates of food on the table.


Richard took his leave, hurrying back to his room. The idea of touching himself while sneezing and thinking about the massive sneezing fits that submissive rabbit had had from Master Richard's techniques had turned him on immensely. But the idea of a submissive listening to him sneeze and moan with pleasure then jerking off to the memory of those sounds was even hotter. Richard groaned to himself and quickened his pace. It wouldn't do to go off in his jeans in the middle of the hallway with his breakfast in hand and the pepper shaker he swiped from the table under his arm.