First Time


Wolf Pack BDSM Club #1


Nathaniel wrung his paws and rocked back and forth on his large feet. He could turn back now and be no worse off. He could return home to his apartment, grab a bucket of carrots, and chill out in front of the television. He could turn up the volume to drown out the sound of his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend going at it like the couple of rabbits they were. He could turn in early and wake up refreshed in the morning. Or he could take just one exciting hop forward and find his life possibly changed forever.


With a deep breath that puffed out his chest, he held his head high and marched right through the door. At the end of a short hallway was a desk with an elderly wolf sitting behind it, two knitting needles busily clacking together in her hands. Nathaniel approached the desk, putting all his energy into looking confident, so much so that he completely forgot how to move his mouth and speak when he got to the desk.


“How can I help you, Suga?” The wolf said, her speech slow and drawn out in the thickest Louisiana accent he had ever heard.


He stared at her, blinking dumbly but otherwise frozen in place.


“Are you here for some fun?”


Wordlessly, he nodded, staring into her rich, black eyes.


“You do know what kind of a place this is, don’t you darlin’?”


He nodded again. His mouth had gone dry. But the thumping of his heart was so loud he was sure she could hear it from where she sat.


“You’re sure you’re not lookin’ for pizza? ‘Cause that shop’s right next door.”


He glanced around the reception area. There was a display case of collars in various designs, a well-worn whip, and a leather hood with wolf ears on the top and no holes for the eyes, mouth, or nose. Yes, he was sure he was in the right place.


She put down her knitting and rose up in her seat a little to get a good view of him over the desk. “It must be your first time here. Am I right?”


He nodded again, starting to think this was a bad idea after all. He should be home. With carrots. And a soft blanket. And a bottle of beer. And a television marathon about a baking competition. That’s where he belonged. Not here. Here was scary. Here was unknown.


“And you’re here on your own, little one?”


He nodded.


“No big bad boyfriend meetin’ you here?”


He shook his head.


“And unless I’m quite mistaken, you’re a sub looking for a Dom?”


He nodded, quicker this time.


“All right then. That’ll be fifty even.”


Nathaniel’s ears perked up. “But I thought it was… the website said one hundred and fifty for thirty minutes.”


“First time’s special, honey bunny. Not everyone’s as into it as they think they’re gonna be.”


Nathaniel slipped a fifty dollar bill from his wallet, not sure if he felt like this was a bargain or a bad sign. This place had such good reviews online and such an alluring website. It also had a strict policy of no drugs or alcohol, a statement about the importance of consent, and the promise of fulfilling almost any kinky desire. He supposed this was his chance to put that to the test.


“All right then. Guess you’d better start by telling me what you’re looking for tonight?”


Heat burned in him. Anticipation. Excitement. Terror. He cleared his throat and tried to speak. “Um… it’s my first time…  so I guess I want someone… nice?”


It was the receptionist’s turn to freeze. Then she sat up straighter in her chair, dropped her chin to her chest, and peered at him over the rims of her glasses. “You’re in a BDSM club run by a wolf pack. ‘Nice’ is not on the menu, fluffy. Now, tonight you could have the most amazing experience a rabbit has ever had before, but it’s not going to be handed to you. Do you understand me? You’re gonna have to work for it. D’you think you can do that?”


The most amazing experience? Nathaniel closed his eyes, taking a few seconds just to be sure of himself. Then he opened them and looked her in the eyes, defiantly. “Yes, ma’am.”


She stared hard at him for a moment longer. Then a smile broke out on her face. “That’s what I like to hear. Seems you might be in the right place after all. Now you tell me what you’d really like. Don’t be afraid now. I’m eighty-one years old, and I’ve heard it all.”


Feeling empowered, he went up on his toes, giving himself the height he needed to lean over the desk and whisper in her ear.


When he was done, he moved back again, rocking on his large feet. Her eyes were wide with surprise, but her expression was one of mild amusement. “Well now, that’s a new one to me. Sure am glad you came in here and not the pizza shop next door, because I think I might have just the wolf for that. Let me look and make sure he’s on the job tonight…” She searched through the schedule book, running a claw down the page from line to line as she scanned. “You’re in luck, sweet pea. Master Richard will be available in about fifteen minutes. He’s creative, flexible, and open-minded. He’s also real good with first timers. You’ll be in the best of hands, I assure you.”


Master Richard… Nathaniel liked the sound of that. Master Richard. Master Richard…


She reached under her desk and pulled out a towel in a sealed plastic bag. “Now, here you are. Just enough time for you to get changed and get settled.” She pressed a button on her desk and, immediately, a young wolf raced into the reception area from a door to Nathaniel’s immediate right. His tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth, his tail was wagging excitedly, and his ears were perky. He wasn’t exactly what Nathaniel had in mind, but Nathaniel wasn’t in a position to argue. “This pup’ll show you where to go. Run along now, dearies.”


Clutching the towel package to his chest, Nathaniel followed the wolf down a hallway. There were doors on each side, some open and some closed. Each door had a window set into it with a sliding door, allowing it to be opened from the outside. The wolf led him to a dark, empty room. When the wolf flipped the light switch, Nathaniel’s heart leapt into his throat. There was a chair with restraints on one wall, a padded St. Andrew’s cross against the other wall, a swing hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, and a cabinet in the corner that could have held absolutely anything. Was this really where he wanted to be? His instincts told him to run.


But his desires told him to stay. So he headed inside.


The wolf didn’t close the door behind them, which made Nathaniel feel less cornered but also a little vulnerable. Anyone might walk in on them. Anyone would see what they were up to. The wolf leaned against the wall, right by the St. Andrew’s cross. “So, Mrs. J tells me you have an unusual request?”


Nathaniel lowered his chin and laid his ears back against his head submissively. “Yes, sir.”


The wolf laughed, light and bubbly. “Sweet, bunny. I’m not a Dom. No need to call me Sir. My name ‘round here is Paws. I’m just here to help get you situated and comfortable.”


Comfortable? Now he just felt foolish. And Nervous. And confused. Nathaniel didn’t think he’d be comfortable until he met this Master Richard… and even then he wasn’t so sure. It was hard not to follow your own instincts, and it was even harder to do it in a room equipped for what this room was clearly equipped for.


“I’m one of the room monitors on duty tonight. We’ve never had to intervene and break up scenes run by our own Doms, but we make sure the couples who rent our rooms for play are doing so in safe, consensual ways. There will always be at least one of us out here if you need us. But it’s your Dom’s responsibility to make sure you don’t have reason to need us. That being said, what’s your safe word?”




Paws smiled. “Of course it is.” He took a small pad and a pen from his pocket. “Carrot,” he repeated, jotting it down. “Should be easy for you to remember. Our Doms know to end a scene immediately if someone safe words out of it. Our Doms all respect safe words above all else. You don’t have anything to be afraid of.”


“I’m not afraid,” Nathaniel said, his voice shaking revealingly.


“Awww.” Paws pushed off from the wall and walked over to him. He laid a paw on top of Nathaniel’s head and stroked. “Hey, it’s okay. Most everyone is nervous the first time here. You’d be silly not to be. But that’s why I’m here. I’m going to make sure you have the best experience and get exactly what you want.”


Paws’ petting was magical. Reassuring and gentle, not what Nathaniel would have expected from a wolf.  This was probably how he got his name, Nathaniel realized. The rabbit felt himself calming all over, getting used to being around a wolf in this room, in this club, being used to being touched by one.


“Okay,” Paws went on, still petting. “You’ve still got some questions to answer. Let’s talk about the scene you and Master Richard will be sharing tonight. Do you want to speak with him and negotiate something together or do you want the scene to start the moment he walks in?”


Nathaniel considered this. It was somehow easier to think things through now that he wasn’t quite so rattled. And as much as he wanted to make sure that Master Richard was someone he could trust to be his Dom for the evening, it was alluring to think of knowing him only as the wolf who would be commanding and controlling him. “I want the scene to start with his entrance.”


“Good choice.” Paws stopped petting only long enough to scribble something on the paper. He asked a series of other questions about the scene, all the while petting Nathaniel with one paw or the other. And the rabbit didn’t feel so embarrassed to describe his fetish when this wolf didn’t call it strange. “I’ve seen a lot of things in this club, and this isn’t stranger than many of them. And if Master Richard is willing to give it a try, I hope you two have fun. But I think it might be a good idea to have a nonverbal safe signal, just in case you’re sneezing too much to speak.”


Nathaniel’s stomach did a funny little flip. The idea of sneezing that hard was a dream. Could a master here really do that to him? “Um, right. How about if I snap?” He held his paw up and snapped loudly.


“Nice and loud. That’ll work.” He gave Nathaniel’s head a final pet.  “Master Richard likes his subs naked, but there’s a towel if you’re feeling modest or cold while you wait.” He checked his watch. “He’s probably on his way now. I should go, unless you have any more questions.”


Nathaniel didn’t.


“You remember your safe word and signal?”


Nathaniel did. “Carrot. And snapping.” He remembered, but he hoped he wouldn’t have to use either of them. Quickly, he got undressed, folding his clothes neatly and placing them in a pile by the door. That seemed like a good idea. You only got one chance to make a first impression. He stood naked in the center of the room, hands clasped behind his back, ears back against his head, eyes trained on the floor. He wiggled his toes against the cold concrete.


The door opened. Nathaniel’s head whipped up. Master Richard?


“On your knees, rabbit.” Definitely Master Richard.


Nathaniel dropped to his knees at once, wincing in pain as his kneecaps met the concrete floor with the whole force of his body.


A soft paw touched his shoulder. “Careful. Don’t injure yourself now. I don’t want you to be seriously hurt, all right? That would not please me. And you want to please me, don’t you?”


Nodding his head up and down emphatically, Nathaniel reached down and massaged a knee.


“I don’t want you hurt, but I expect you to withstand a little discomfort.”


Nathaniel’s paw snapped behind his back once again. “Yes, Sir.”


“Good rabbit.” The wolf walked around him, inspecting. “You’ve already earned my praise. Now your job is to not lose it.” He kept circling. “I’m going to tease and tickle you. I’m going to push you to your limits.” He paused in front of Nathaniel, cocking his head and smiling, bearing his sharp teeth. “And I’m going to make you sneeze.”


Nathaniel went weak at the sound of Master Richard’s words. This was it. A Dom was going to make him sneeze. It was what he’d dreamed about for so long.


The wolf’s paw raised high into the air and he crooked a finger in a beckoning sort of way. Before Master Richard had even said to come, Nathaniel recognized the sign and was scrambling to his feet. He walked in step behind his master, head bowed, ears back. He let himself be led over to the St. Andrew’s Cross on the wall, and a mix of fear and excitement rushed through him, ending up right in his groin. He knew this was a BDSM club, not a sex club, but he wasn’t so sure he’d be able to make it through this without at least showing some sexual arousal. He hoped that was all right.


“You’re so excited already, and we haven’t even started,” Master Richard said, nodding approvingly at Nathaniel’s dick. “Perhaps you don’t need me after all?”


“I need you,” Nathaniel blurted out. “Please, Sir.”


The wolf rushed him then, practically body slamming him up against the cross. Taken by surprise, Nathaniel hardly knew what was happening. One moment, he was about to beg and the next he was tightly restrained, arms and legs strapped on. He couldn’t free himself. He couldn’t touch himself. And he couldn’t rub his nose. Oh, how he wanted to rub his nose, though. He always did that at home, when he tickled it and made himself sneeze. He loved the feel of his wet nostrils against his fingers. But this was going to be even better. He hoped so, at least.


“Naughty rabbit doesn’t say thank you to his master for arranging such comfortable accommodations?”


Nathaniel bit his lower lip, his two large, front teeth biting down hard with nervousness. “I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”


“That’s better.” Now Master Richard paced back and forth in front of him. “I like to hear from my subs. I like to know what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling. I like to know what they want so that I may consider granting them their wish… if they’re good, that is.” He stopped in front of the rabbit, teeth bared again. He spoke in a threatening whisper, “What were you thinking about?”


Nathaniel’s breath caught. He whimpered. “I was…” He swallowed. “I was thinking about rubbing my nose.”


“Rubbing your… nose?”


“Mmm,” Nathaniel confirmed. “I like when my nose is touched.”


“And now you can’t touch your sweet little pink nose.” The wolf grinned. “Now that’s my job.”


Nathaniel realized he’d been holding his breath. He gasped, letting it out and drawing more air quickly to stammer, “Y-yes, Sir.”


And, at once, there was a finger at his nose. It was warm and strong and smelled… like pepper. How? He  looked to see that Master Richard was concealing something behind his back. Knowing what he must do, Nathaniel rubbed his nose into the wolf’s short fur, inhaling sharply, deeply. He felt his nose burn and start to run almost immediately, reacting to the irritant. He looked up at Master Richard through watering eyes and the Dom wore a completely merciless expression. Nathaniel’s heart raced.


“What do you say?” Master Richard said, leadingly.


“Th-thank you… Master Rih Richard.”


Master Richard nodded and rubbed at his nose some more, making his nose waver between needing to sneeze and not needing to. There was pressure. There was comfort. But there was also the pepper. And, damn, his nose just couldn’t hold out. Nathaniel could feel it twitching and tickling, the need building inside it. “ih ih ih ih Ih Ih Ih IH IH IHHH-TIHCHEW!” Though his range of motion was significantly limited, his head still snapped forward just a little, making him both sneeze and press his nose harder against Master Richard’s finger. He pulled back, sniffling.  At once, he knew what he must say. “Thank you so much, Sir. Sniff!


“Oh, I’m just getting started. Do you think you can handle more?”


Nathaniel’s dick jumped and his whole body tingled with anticipation. “I can handle as much as you wish to give me, sir.” Master Richard’s approving smile made Nathaniel’s heart just melt. He wanted to be made to sneeze but, more than anything, he wanted to impress and please this Dom. So he twitched his nose, trying to indicate that the wolf should touch it again.


Smiling, Master Richard drew a soft finger beneath Nathaniel’s nose. This one didn’t seem to smell like pepper. It didn’t smell of much apart from soap and Master Richard. But it rubbed back and forth, wiping his nose dry and clearing his nostrils a little so that he could smell more clearly. Three rubs. Ten, Fifteen. Seventeen. Twenty-three. And then, suddenly, the twenty-fourth one came and he smelled the pepper again. It was stronger and thicker than before. Instantly he felt it in his eyes and deep within his nose. A burning, insistent tickle that just had to come out. “ihh ihhhh ihh ihhh ihh!” The sneeze built, all fluttery and ticklish as the urge worked itself through his nose, ending in his nostrils. “ihh ihhh ihhh ihhh ihhhhhh!” His head dug back against the cross’s padding as he gasped. He froze a moment, on the verge of sneezing, almost not sure himself if it was going to come out or not. He was so close to sneezing. So close.


And then Master Richard twisted one of his nipples. Nathaniel gave a surprised sound—half-squeal and half-yelp—and the fragile sneeze backed down.  Nathaniel felt the sexual tingle there instead, which wasn’t unpleasant. But it wasn’t a sneeze. Still, he whispered a disappointed “Thank you, Sir.”


“If the sneeze was so skittish, it wasn’t meant to be,” Master Richard said. “When the right one gets in your nose, you’ll be so utterly helpless against it you won’t be able to stop it. That’s what I want to see from you. I want to make your body that helpless. I want to make you sneeze so uncontrollably you’ll beg to make me stop even though it feels so good in your nose and so good to your body. Do you understand, sub?”


And the tingle inside Nathaniel intensified, warming him with instant heat. Hearing a Dom talk about sneezing like he really understood it was more of a turn-on than he could have dreamed. He squeaked again and nodded. “Y-yes, Sir.”


The rabbit knew it wouldn’t take much to get him there. Just a little more of this pepper would make him sneeze like that, he was sure of it. His nose was already tickly and itchy.


And just as he thought it, he smelled it again. Master Richard brought the scent close and, desperate to sneeze, Nathaniel inhaled deeply. At once his eyes shut and mouth dropped open, tongue going slack against his two large front teeth. “ihhh… ihhhhh… IHH… IHHHHHH HIH-CHEW! H’CHEW!


“Two? Those were beautiful. Want a third, little bunny?”


Nathaniel tried to nod, but his nose was tickling again. “ih ih ihh ihh ihhhtttcheeew!” Sniffing wetly, he instinctively rubbed his nose into the wolf’s warm hand when it pressed to his nose. The fur was soft against his twitchy nose, calming it just a little. But they both knew it wouldn’t take much to set it off again. “Th-thang… sniff! Th-th-thag y-you ihh! Mas-hh! Master…” He tried to get out. He pulled his eyes open, trying to communicate his gratitude for the multitude of sensations rushing through him right now. This was bliss, pure and simple. He could continue on like this forever.


It was then that Master Richard pulled the pepper from behind his back. It wasn’t a small pepper shaker from a kitchen table. It wasn’t a plastic canister even. It was the largest pepper mill Nathaniel had ever seen. It was about a torso’s length high, wooden with smooth curves and a split near the bottom where it could be turned. Before Nathaniel could even marvel at how much pepper must be inside, Master Richard lifted it, holding it right above his nose, and began grinding.


The rabbit’s blue eyes went wide. Freshly ground pepper rained ceaselessly over his nose. He gasped in shock and in pleasure and inhaled a whole noseful of it. “IH!” he gasped again, nose tickling violently, breathing in even more as he did so. The ticklish irritation was almost too much to stand, but he couldn’t move away, couldn’t even push it away. He could safe word out or snap his fingers; that might be the only way he would breathe properly again.


But he didn’t want to. He wanted to sneeze.


IH HIHTCHEW! HIHSHOO! IHHCHEW! IHT’CHEW! CHEW! CHOOH! IHH IHHHCHEW!” He sneezed, tears running down his cheeks, nose running toward his upper lip. But he couldn’t do anything about either one of those. And he couldn’t stop sneezing. The pepper kept falling, and so did his eyelids. “IHH CHEW! Ihhh IHTCHUHHH! IHTCHEW! HIHHCHEW! H’CHEW! H’CHEW! HAH-CHEEW! Yuhh… uhh ihhh-HIHCHEW! K’TCHEW!


The sneezes sprayed out in front of him, unrestrainedly. He sneezed on his chest, making his nipples go even harder. He sneezed downward, catching his throbbing dick in the spray. And he also sneezed out in front of him, no doubt sneezing on Master Richard, though Master Richard didn’t say a word and didn’t move out of the way. It was hot, the idea of sneezing on his Dom and his Dom liking it enough to stay there. So as much as he liked the feeling of the sneeze against his fur, he lifted his head just as many times. “ihh-CHEW!CHEW! TTSHHHOO! Sniff! Ihhh ihhhSHEW! Ihhh-ihhhCHEW! ihhhCHEW! Sniff! Sniff!


Suddenly there were fingers at his nose, rubbing again. He wanted to tell them to stop, that they were going to make the sneezes go away. He already felt the tickle backing off, in fact. But he couldn’t tell his master what to do; that wasn’t his place. Luckily, a few more marvelous sneezes trickled out from his terribly sneezy nose before it was all over. “Ihhh-t’CHEW! EHShooo! Ihhchoo! Ihchew! Sniff! Oh… ihh-TIHchew! 


Master Richard allowed him to catch his breath. Now he was more sniffle than sneeze, certainly, but his body hummed with satisfaction. He hadn’t been able to stop. His master had done that to him. His master had known just what he’d needed. And his master had somehow known when it needed to end.


“Are you all right, sub?”


Whimpering, Nathaniel forced his head to bob up and down.


“You did so well. Did that feel so good?”


Nathaniel’s head nodded affirmatively even faster.


“Then you won’t mind if I get this last bit of pepper out of the pepper mill? It seems stuck in here. I might have to shake it and grind even harder.” He stepped forward, placing his thigh up against Nathaniel’s crotch. “Do you mind if I grind harder, little rabbit?”


Nathaniel’s breath caught, but he bravely lifted his head, sticking his nose in the air to accept more pepper. “P-please S-s-s-sir!”


He heard the grounding sound before he smelled any more pepper. He felt the tiny bits assaulting his nose, tickling on the outside every bit as much as the inside. He reared back as far as he could, head digging into the padding. And he thrust forward with a sneeze, feeling his master’s hard body against his, sneezing all over both of them. “hihhh-CHIIIIH! Ihhh-TCHEW! IHH-CHESHHHEW! H’CHEW! Ihh ihhh CHEW! IHSHOO! IHHHCHEW! IH IH IH IH IHHHHH-CHEWWWW! CHEW! CHEW! IHPT’CHEW!


Oh, the sneezes had felt fantastic coming out, but pepper irritated his nose. It burned so badly! It filled his nose and wouldn’t let go. His nose and eyes were streaming. He could barely catch his breath to say thank you, and couldn’t open his eyes at all. This wasn’t torture; this was misery. Just when Nathaniel wasn’t sure he wanted to play this anymore, he felt something cold and damp and wet envelope his nose. He responded at once with a desperate squeak. His nostrils flared and nose nuzzled, as if trying to force the whatever it was right into his nostrils to stop the burning. A few moments later, the coolness was removed and a bit of plastic penetrated his left nostril. A quick burst of coolness invaded his nostril, cooling and calming it instantly. The thing, the nozzle (he suspected), moved to his right nostril and squirted wonderfully soothing mist into his poor, hot nose. Coolness wrapped around again, just as welcome this time. Then something soft and dry wiped at his face.


Nathaniel whimpered, not wanting it to be over so soon but loving the sensation of being cleaned up. Master Richard’s paws moved with tenderness, drying his eyes and cheeks, mopping up beneath his nose and then drying his chin and chest as well where he’d sprayed them with sneezes. “Now, how does that feel, my snuffly little rabbit?” He asked, pulling back.


Forcing his eyes back open again, Nathaniel started to answer, started to thank him for the wonderfully erotic sneezes and the wonderfully unexpected care.  But then he felt a little tickle in his belly which wasn’t just a rush of excitement. Craning his neck and looking down, Nathaniel saw a fluffy white feather. This wasn’t over. His Dom was only just getting warmed up. Master Richard held the feather the way someone would hold a weapon, ready to use it and knowing precisely how to wield it. Nathaniel was not sure he’d ever seen anything hotter.


Master Richard drew the feather up the rabbit’s body, moving ever so slowly, the anticipation building inch by inch. Nathaniel just knew that feather was destined for his nose—his super sniffly, sensitive nose now after its adventure with the pepper. Whatever Master Richard had done to it had calmed it of its burning urgency. But Nathaniel felt absolutely sure that just a little tickling would set it right off again immediately.


Oh, how he wanted it now. He wanted that feather tickling his nose. He wanted the tickles and desperation and more uncontrollable sneezing.  And he wanted Master Richard to make it all happen.


But Master Richard, apparently, did not. “Now I’ve got you all cleaned up the way I want you. You’re so handsome… but so helpless, hmm?” His eyes flicked toward the restraints still pinning Nathaniel’s wrist to the padded cross. “This time… no matter what happens… I don’t want you to sneeze.”


Nathaniel sucked in an involuntary breath, like he’d been punched in the stomach. Not sneeze? But his nose… and his dick. They were so ready. He wanted to sneeze so badly, and that feather was getting closer and closer. If it came too near his nose, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep from sneezing. But he looked at Master Richard’s face and saw a stern, no-nonsense expression. The Dom meant every word of his command. The feather stopped at the base of his neck and tickled there a little. Nathaniel fought to not giggle.


“I want to hear you promise. No more sneezing.”


As much as it pained him, Nathaniel’s instincts right now screamed at him to obey his Dom. So he nodded. “I… I promise, Sir.”


“You promise to not sneeze anymore?”


“I… I…” He took a deep breath to gather his resolve and mask his disappointment. “Yes, Sir. I promise to not sneeze anymore.”


“You promise to not sneeze… until I tell you to?”


Despite himself, Nathaniel whimpered. This was just too good. This man really was a master. “Yes, Sir. I promise not to sneeze again until you tell me I may.”


Master Richard nodded approvingly. “That’s what I like to hear. You know how to make your master happy, don’t you? Clever little bunny. But how clever are you exactly?”


And up came the feather. Nathaniel had a fleeting glimpse of it right in front of his face before it dipped down beneath his nose. Master Richard touched the end of it lightly to the outside of one of Nathaniel’s nostrils.


Nathaniel tried to hold his breath, tried to tense up, but his effort was utterly useless. He sneezed immediately, though he managed to hold half in. “ihhtchhh!” He opened his eyes to see wet against the wolf’s muzzle and cheeks, though he was drawn most to the stern look of disapproval in the wolf’s eyes. “I’m sorry! Sniff! I’m so sorry. My nose was just so ticklish after the pepper. I really couldn’t help it. I’m so sorry.”


Master Richard made a production of drawing his hand over his face, wiping every bit of his fur dry. “I’ll accept weakness from you once, but only once. You had better not let it happen again. From now on, you don’t sneeze until I tell you it’s all right to do so. You let that sneeze build and build, growing stronger and stronger, completely filling that nose of yours, but you don’t let it out until I give the word. You are my sub. You’re here to obey me.”


“I know. I mean, I am,” Nathaniel said, quickly. “I’ll try.”


A low, rumbly growl came from Master Richard, and he lifted up one side of his muzzle to show teeth. He snarled, “You’ll do better than try. I control your sneezes. Not you. I alone say when they get to come out, no matter how desperate you are.”


Nathaniel felt himself go weak, almost light-headed with pleasure. “Yes, Sir.”


“Otherwise, I can just put this feather away and there will be no more playing, no more sneezing.”


The rabbit’s breath caught. He certainly did not want that. What if he got so angry he walked away and just left Nathaniel there? One of the assistants would find him, naked and sniffling, the next day, perhaps, hanging there in shame.  There would be no fun at all in that. “Please, Sir. I’ll do as you say.” He flared his nostrils invitingly. “Please…” The tickle really was half the fun. If his Dom could bring him to the point of helplessness and make that feeling last and last, then Nathaniel was willing to do his part to make it happen. “Please… just tickle my nose for me?”


The stern expression on Master Richard’s face had given way to something between amusement and approval. “All right. I’ll tickle your nose again for you, because I’m in charge. Every tickle you feel in there, I put in there for you. Every sneeze is mine and mine alone. And I say when I want them to come out.”


Nathaniel’s body rushed all warm and tingly, but he nodded enthusiastically and closed his eyes. He clenched his jaw and held his breath, preparing for the worst.


But the worst didn’t come. What came was the sensation of something tickling his nostrils. It wasn’t light and fluffy—it was sharper, stronger, not quite so tickly. But his nose was so sensitive it reacted anyway. The point of the feather moved in a slow but steady circle, outlining one nostril then making a figure eight to outline the other.


Every bit of Nathaniel cried out to sneeze. He needed to. He wanted to. But he knew he must not. “ihh! Ihh!


The feather made it all the way around his nose, causing the whole thing to twitch with tickles. But Nathaniel held the sneezes back, just as he was supposed to. He beamed with pride, hoping to receive just a little bit of praise or acknowledgement for doing well. Instead, what he got was the feather beginning again, circling one tender nostril ever so slowly then doing the same to the other.


As soon as he realized Master Richard was just going to keep at this until he sneezed, some of his resolve faded. “Muh… sniff!” Oh, the sniff just made it worse. His nose felt more ticklish now. “Mah-Master? I’m not sure I c-c-can h-huhhhh hihhh ihhhh hold ohhh on muh-much m-more.”


“I haven’t given you permission to sneeze yet.”


“Nuh-not y-yet,” Nathaniel agreed, but his eyes were trying to close and he had already lost the fight to hold his breath. “B-but my n-nose nuh… nose is so sensitive nuh-now.”


Master Richard’s feather made another lap around, wiggling a little bit this time to make it extra tickly. He turned his head, trying to get away, but the feather followed him to the right and to the left, up and down as well. His body shook, unable to withstand the fierce, intense need to sneeze.


Nathaniel whimpered and closed his eyes despite himself. “Nuh Nnnnngg! Nuh-no… Iguh… I guuhhh… I gotta sn-sneeze!” He tried to warn his Master. It was all too much to stop now. “Nnnnnhh! Ngghh! Enngg! Ihhh! IhhhTSHWW!


Master Richard stepped back with a growl of frustration.


“I… ihhh-H’CHHEW! Snrfff! I’b sorry!”


“Oh, you will be sorry,” Master Richard countered. “If my sub ever dares disobey me, he must receive a punishment.”


Ashamed, Nathaniel thought again about his safe word. He didn’t like the idea of punishment, but he knew he deserved it. His ears flopped down to the back of his neck as he hung his head submissively. “Yes, Sir.”


“And here it is.” Immediately, he stuck the feather up one of Nathaniel’s nostrils and deftly twirled it in place.


The sensation came over Nathaniel so suddenly, there was nothing at all he could do. “IHHHSHEW! HIHCHEW! H’CHEW! CHW! HSHW! ihhhCHEW! IHH ihhh ihhh IHCHEW! H’SHEW! HIHCHEW! IHSHEW! IHHKCHEW!


Even after Master Richard pulled the feather out, Nathaniel kept sneezing.  The tickle in his nose was too strong now—all that irritation building up, making his nose overreact. His nose was desperate to clear and protect itself. “ihhh ihhh hitchooo! Hehptshooo! H’CHEW! H’SHOO! Eh hehhKTshew! Hihhtscheww!” He gasped for air, nose streaming, body rocking back against the padded cross and forward, straining at his bonds, with every sneeze. “HEHtschooo! Hehhhchew! hehShooo! Hehh ehhh hehhhhhhhh EHTchewww!” Oh, they felt so good. He was dizzy and light-headed, but they still felt amazing coming out, each one such a relief in its release. And they wouldn’t stop. “Hehchoo! Hihhtchoo!” But Nathaniel never wanted them to stop. “hehhh EHHHH HEHHHH HEHKTschoo! IHKCHEW! CHEW! CHEW! CHEEWW!


The next thing he knew, he was floating. He was still aware of sneezing, still aware of Master Richard and the feather, but now he felt above it as well, in some heady, blissful stage of euphoria. Every sneeze brought with it even more relief now, his body tingling all over as he felt each sensation take hold and get expelled. He was hyperaware of the tight straps on his wrists and his legs, as they rubbed against him. The padding against his back felt deeper, softer. And every touch of Master Richard’s feather brought with it exciting promise.


Each sneeze tore through him uncontrollably, pleasure rushing through his body in amounts he’d never before experienced. This was it. This was what he’d been made for. He existed only to sneeze for his master. And it felt so good to do it, he never wanted to stop. He closed his eyes, overwhelmed by it all.


When he finally opened his eyes, Nathaniel found he was no longer on the cross. He was wrapped tight in a plush blanket so soft he couldn’t help nuzzling his cheek repeatedly against a bit of it close to his face. And his Dom’s arm was wrapped even tighter around his body, secure and protective. He lay, cradled on Master Richard’s lap, while Master Richard wiped a soft cloth at his runny nose for him. Blinking, stirring, sniffling, Nathaniel asked, “What habbeded?” His voice sounded stuffed-up and weak, but it was filled with both confusion and contentment. Though he had no memory of being released from the restraints and no idea of what those feelings he had experienced were, it was impossible to feel worried when he was being held so tight like this.


“Something beautiful,” Master Richard replied. His voice was deep and soothing now, making Nathaniel want to drift back off, return to that euphoric feeling he’d just experienced when every bit of his body had tingled. “Stay here with me, sub,” he commanded, and Nathaniel obeyed at once, looking back up at him again. This earned him a paw that stroked his cheek comfortingly. “You sneezed yourself into subspace,” he explained. His grip around Nathaniel’s body tightened reassuringly. “Wouldn’t have dreamed that would be possible, and it’s rare for a sub to get there during his first time, regardless, but somehow you did it. I’m so proud of you.” He hesitated, pausing in his stroking of Nathaniel’s cheek. “May I give you a kiss to show you I appreciate you sharing this with me?”


Nathaniel nodded and, at once, he received a tender kiss on his worn out nose. Then a fresh, dry cloth was back to wipe for him. Being cuddled and attended to like this felt wonderful. He wondered how long he would be allowed to stay here like this. Surely his time must be up by now?


Master Richard seemed to know his thoughts all too well. “We can stay here like this as long as you need to, until you’re ready to get up. Then I’ll help you put your clothes back on and make sure you leave here safely.” He paused again. He wiped at Nathaniel’s nose again. “But I do hope that, one day, you find your way back to me. This was exhilarating, and you were a wonderful submissive, so eager to obey, so respectful. I would love the opportunity to do this again with you some time, when you’re ready.”


In answer, Nathaniel turned, snuggling close against the wolf’s warm, furry chest. “I would like that very much, Sir.”