It's all in the Cards

NOTE: VERY +18!!!


"Come on," she coaxed, pulling him onto the couch and pushing pillows under his head. "Let me do a read."

He nodded, rubbing his hand under his nose and sniffing. With a flair, he took off his shirt, and let it drop dramatically to the floor; she giggled at his humor. He then proceeded in helping her light the abundance of candles around them, and then settled back, making his chest as level as possible.

Aurora was a fun woman. Gothic in style and tastes, with long black hair to her waist and a slender body cloaked in black velvet. Her eyes were as blue as the sky, her lips as red as fire, and her face as white as the snow falling on the ground around the castle. And Oliver adored her. There was nothing at all he would not do for her. And nothing, he knew, she would not deny him if he asked. Oliver had been orphaned. Not in the usual manner, for there was nothing usual about Aurora or anyone she was associated with. He was given to Aurora as payment for a certain… love sp...ll... when he was but a child, and remained in her keeping well up till now, in his twentieth year. He was well built, looking more than fine with his shirt off, as he was now. Short blonde hair, deep sea green eyes, and such a handsome face that no women could resist him.

Aurora finished lighting the candles and sat herself down on him, straddling him at his waist, and pulling her cards out. The manor house was dark, lit solely by the flaming candles. The couch, velvet too, but red, was soft and plush, and caressed his naked upper body, the way he liked it. The woman shuffled the deck with skill a few times, then held it out to him to cut. He sniffed again, selecting a spot in the middle, and handing the deck back to her. She smiled and tossed her hair over her shoulders as she began. One by one she slowly placed the cards in form on his chest, the way she always did.

But this time Oliver was a bit unsure of himself. He'd had a strange feeling come over him all day- one of fatigue and ache. And right now his nose was not only running, but full of tickles, the kind that eventually led to a sneeze. There was no way he could admit his weakness to her, for she wanted him to be bold, handsome, strong... And now his nose was really tickling. He thought, perhaps, he might actually sneeze before she was through... and she would surly be displeased if he disturbed her cards in the middle like that. But there was little he could do right now.

Aurora was just about to start on the card of probable outcomes when she noticed the rise and fall of his wondrous chest was becoming a bit irregular. Her eyes glanced upon his face before she dared ask if there were anything wrong. There was Oliver, wrinkling his nose in frustration, sniffing lightly, with his nostrils flaring. His eyes were squinting, his mouth half open. The poor little thing... "Oliver? Dearest... are you all right?"

He nodded roughly, sure he was not at all right, but not about to tell her about it. "Yes.. Fine..."

"Are you... positive?"

He nodded almost viscously, trying to get her to hurry up. "Yes! Yes, Aurora! Yes! Please, just <sniff> go on!"

She giggled and laid out the next card. "Something tells me that you have a wee tickle in that handsome nose of yours... might that be right?"

He shook his head. "No, really <sniff> I'm <sniff> fine! Please...finish..." he was wiggling his nose wildly, using the whole lower half of his face.

She giggled some more and set down the next card, then the last four all at one time the way she was accustomed to doing it. By this time, Oliver was making soft sounds, almost moans, but more like soft, halting breaths and gasps. Finally Aurora finished, with a usual sigh, and knew poor Oliver needed a reprieve. "You may sneeze now, Oliver," she said with a giggle, placing her long, slender hand over his nose and mouth and letting her other hand gently caress the side of his face.

His eyes closed, and Aurora could tell the allowance had come right in time. His head tilted back into the pillow a tad, and his chest filled with deep breath. "HummCHUSHHH!" he sneezed wetly against her hand, the cards shaking and falling as his body lurched upwards at the force. The handsome Oliver sniffed and opened his eyes to see her smile. He sat up in a panic and swung his feet out from under him, and around to the floor. He covered his own nose and mouth this time, as his body tensed up. His shoulders hunched, his eyes squeezed shut, and he took in that single deep breath. "HumCHUSHH! HimmmCHISHH!" Aurora picked up the scattered cards, keeping a close watch on Oliver, who continued to sneeze. "HuumCHUSHH! HumCHOOSHH! HumCHUSHHH! HumCHUSHH-CHUSHH! HummCHUSHHH!"

"Blessings!" Aurora called out in happiness, leaning over to him and hugging him tightly. "You're sick, aren't you?"

He shook his head. He didn't get sick. She knew that. "I don't get sick. You know that."

"Ah!" she said mysteriously, with a kiss to the cheek. "But you are, aren't you?" He didn't answer, and didn't have to. "Aaawwwwwww, my little Oliver's first cold! This is so exciting!"

He looked over at her, shaking his head in plain display. "But... I don't get sick!" He could feel his nose running, and wiped with the back of his hand. "Huuuhhh..." Oliver turned to the side to avoid hitting Aurora. "HumCHSHHH!"

"Yes..." she kissed his nose as he sniffed, rubbing at it lovingly. "You do..." She got off the couch, squatting down on the floor, so she was directly in front of him.

"huhhmCHISHHH! Huh huh huuuuuuummmCHOO!" he sneezed, just barely missing Aurora by holing his hand up to his face. He felt terrible about it.

She cooed sympathetically, and held his hands tightly in hers.

His whole body shuddered, and his face dropped yet again into an expression of distress. "huhh," he tried to slip his hand out of Aurora's but she held them too tightly with only one of hers. He tried to turn his head to the side, but she hand gentle hold of his cheek and wouldn't let it move. It was almost as if she were inspecting him as it happened. And as the urge fully came upon him, a realization popped to mind. He managed to squeeze one hand out of her grasp for just a moment as he cupped tightly over his mouth and nose, bending forward with force, "huuummmmCHOOOSHH!"

She smiled.

Once he had recovered, he let his jaw drop. "You mean that you did this to me?"

She giggled. "Well, not directly me, of course. But I did something to help it along." She jumped up to hug him tightly, her excitement overflowing. "Ooooh! I'm going to take such good care of you!"

He sneezed powerfully, into the shoulder away from her, falling back onto the couch in weakness. "I hope you enjoy it more than... than I... oh no, here it co... comes... HuhmCHUSHH!" he sneezed, not even covering his mouth that time but still redirecting it to the side.

"Splendid! Splendid!" the woman exclaimed, hugging him, cradling him, holding him. "This is going to be simply marvelous!"


Oliver's bed was wonderful. Hand-crafted over a hundred years ago by a man Aurora had been quite fond of, it stood as sturdily now as it ever did. It was a giant sleigh bed, suited for ideal comfort and decked out with the same abundance of pillows that the rest of the house was comfortably fashioned in. And there he retreated, with Aurora at his heals, to slide wearily under the covers and shiver at the coldness of them touching his body.

"Wouldn't you like to change first?" she asked, plumping a pillow for him.

"No," he sniffed, almost whining. "I don't feel like it."

"Interesting..." she whispered to herself, kissing his cheek and sitting down on the side of the bed. "Tell me what it's like."

He looked at her in disbelief. Not only did she want for this to happen, not only did she use her powers to make it happen, but now she wanted to know what it was like? "What do you mean?" There had to be something more to it.

"Tell me how it feels. What feels funny. What feels different, bad, good, and how it feels. Tell me everything."

He shook his head. "Sometimes I don't understand you, Aurora." He rubbed at his nose. "But at least I've stopped sneezing for the moment." He noticed her eyes light up at the mention of the word sneezing, and decided that, if he was to explain at all, that was the place to begin. "If you really do want to know, I'll start with the sneezing, all right?"

She nodded eagerly, biting her lip.

This was going to be difficult, but he figured he could handle it. If only he could keep from sneezing long enough. "Well, it's this really light, sort of tickley feeling in my nose. It starts from the very back, and works its way forward until it's sort of got a hold of my whole nose. Then comes this full tingle in my nostrils, and I can feel it work its way down my spine, tensing me up, controlling me, almost. Then my breathing becomes shorter and harder, and I know that it's coming quickly... " his voice faded away as he noticed that she was no longer staring into his eyes, but right at his nose. He would have laughed, if he'd had it in him, but went on anyway. "And right before it comes, I feel myself freeze, as if it's one last moment of peace before the inevitable. And then... then... " His nose began to tickle. "Hang on for... one... sec... sehhh... " his whole body shook gently. "HumCHHHHHH! HumCHISHHH!" He sniffed and rubbed at his nose with his hand, then gently, discretely with his sleeve. "Uh, sorry, where was I?" He looked over at Aurora to see her hand at her crotch, but her eyes fixed upon his own again, and her face looking ever so calm. Oliver realized that she was not even aware of her hand's placement, and he wasn't too sure he would draw attention to it quite yet. She was a very mysterious woman- she had to be, after living for seven centuries- and Oliver was always secretly trying to unveil the mysteries about her, many as they were. And this, he sensed, was going to be a good one.

"You were right before the sneeze," she answered, her voice flawlessly and abnormally calm.

"Oh, yes," he said, not believing for a second that she hadn't trained herself to act so pacified. "That's right. Well, right before I sneeze, I freeze for a moment, as the rush runs through me." He began to pick his words more carefully. "I feel it coming, and I go weak. My face falls, mouth opens, eyes shut tightly. And then suddenly I take in a very deep breath. I can't control it then, it's as if it takes a hold of me. And then it comes bursting out. It seems to fill my whole body at once, pulling at me in those several seconds of the release when my nose quivers and I submit fully to its force." He looked into her eyes, to find them focused on his nose. And he glanced down at her hand, astonished to see that it was now rubbing slowing, back and forth. Oliver smiled. Just a little longer, he told himself. "So I can feel the light spray on my chest when I sneeze, for my head snaps forward and downward with such hard force--" A soft moan escaped her lips, but Oliver pretended he hadn't heard it; Aurora looked rather embarrassed but coughed to hide it. "And finally it's over, and my whole body feels an overwhelming sense of relief." He paused, closing his eyes for a moment, taking a breath, then saying softly, with courage, "My Lady, you are... touching yourself."

Startled to realize it, and have him realize it, above all else, she jumped up from the bed. She dared not go, lest it look like fleeing in shame, but she dared not stay for him thinking her a terribly odd person.

"HumSHUSHH! HumCHUSHH! HummCHISHHH! HumCHUSHH!" he sneezed, holding his hand up to his face but not too close, so she could still see him.

"Oh, Oliver... I'm... I'm so sorry."

He smiled, holding his hands up to her. She took them, and sat back down on the bed. With a squeeze of her cold, shaky hands, he realized she was not at all as calm as her face would have led him to believe. "This is an adventure, Aurora. For you as much as for me. I've never, to my memory, been sick. And you, to my memory, have never acted as though you liked it so much." Her mysterious blue eyes looked down at the bed. "I can see that it excites you. That is out in the open now. The question is, what would you like to do... " he paused to sniff and rub his nose on his shoulder, since he still had hold of her hands in his. "Correction: What would you like ME to do with it?"

"Oh, Oliver... Oliver..." He leaned forward and, dropping her hands, took her in for a warm and loving hug. "Thank you for not being angry with me."

"Angry, My Lady?" he inquired with a laugh. "You being turned on by me without my even trying... <sniff> and you think I would be angry for such a thing? Nay! Never!"

A smile came upon her face. "Was I touching myself for very long?" she asked, wanting to know how long he suspected it.

"Aye, you were." He rubbed his nose, and sniffed, feeling another tickle coming on. Then he did something quite unexpected. He guided her hand to his muscular chest. And as she lost herself in the majesty of his building sneeze, he carefully slid his hand under her skirt without her seeing. Just as the sneeze was about to his, he touched her through her panties, gently. It was neither a rub, nor a hard press, but a gentle, loving touch to let her know he was there. But she squealed in surprise and pleasure at it, causing her to jump slightly. It was a small movement but, coupled with one mighty "HummmCHUSHHH!" directly, wetly, and freely right at her, it made her hotter than she could ever remember being in her entire life.

"OLIVER!" she shrieked, jumping back a moment later. "You can't!"

He smiled. "What, touch you there?"

"Yes! I mean, No! I mean... you can't!"

He laughed, rubbing the same finger under his runny nose. He'd touched her there more times than he could count, but the passion behind her eyes even now was something he'd never seen before. "You didn't by any chance... like it, did you?"

"Well..." she said softly, sitting back on the bed, only at the far end, out of his reach. "Did you?"

He nodded. "Ooohhh Yes. I did, very much!"

She looked down at the bed, then at him. "Thank you, Oliver."

With a grin wider than any other he'd ever had before, "You're welcome, My Lady Aurora."

He pushed the covers down, and she slid under, his cold body next to hers made her shiver once, quickly, suddenly. She began to unbutton her dress, but he stopped her. "No, I will do it," he said softly. "Like I always have." He unbuttoned it slowly, letting his eyes close, and letting her lean forward and rub his nose lightly with her own. She had such a beautiful nose- nice, round nostrils. His was rather slender and a little pointed at the end, but when his nostrils flared... it was so perfect.

Second button, then third, quickly. At the fourth, he slid his left hand under the fabric and began caressing her right breast. She was as tall as he, but had such small, delicate parts. Fifth, sixth, seventh buttons and her whole chest was fully exposed. He massaged her breasts blindly, her nose still at his, her excited eyes looking deep into his own tired ones. Then both hands slid up to her shoulders, slipping the dress off, letting it fall down to her waist naturally, as she was sitting up. Then came the fun part. Instead of pulling it down now, he worked his way in from the bottom up. His strong hands raced up her legs and thighs, dangerously close to a certain place. A few tugs and the dress was slipped down a few inches. She pushed it down off herself fully with her fe0et, and then pulled back.


He silenced her with a kiss. "It's what you wanted. And it's only the beginning."

She smiled and kissed him back.

He sneezed.

It was so unexpected that she would have jumped back and banged her head on the hard headboard if Oliver hadn't grabbed her and hugged her to him.

"Blesses..." she whispered, as one of his hands fondled her nipple, and the other began rubbing gently down below.

"Oh, Aurora..." he said, losing the sentiment altogether as the pre-sneeze expression passed over his face, "I think I mi... mi..." he felt her throbbing against him. "Mi... might h-have to sn... " He knew he wasn't going to get the word out, but tried anyway. "Snn... sne... ssn.. snee.. sneeeehhh... HUMCHISHHH! Humshishh... HumCHISHHHH! HumCHOOO! HumCHISHOOO!" the sneezes backed away a little, but they were ready to come at anytime, still. Timidly, softly, he finished up, "Sneeze."

She was shaking now, her panties soaked through to his hand, her hips almost pushing forward with each shake. It was amazing how something so simple could cause something so wonderful...

"What do you want?" he asked her in a whisper. "I'll do it."

She was too close to say much else but... "J-j-just f-finish!"

At that moment, Oliver felt a strong sensation fill him fully. It was going to be fast but quite strong. "I... I..." he could not even finish the warning, "HumCHISHHH! HumSHOOO! HUMCHISHHHOOO! HUMCHISHH!" He rubbed her through her panties quick, fast, making her almost shriek at the amount of pleasure. "HumCHIISHHH HumCHOO uhhh... uhhh.. humSHIISHH!" he sneezed, just as she gave a final thrust of her hips and fell back with a cry.

Her eyes were closed, her body motionless from it all, and yet, trembling weakly. "INCREDIBLE!" she whispered. Looking down at his face. "Blesses."

He rubbed at his nose, sniffing. "Where'd I put... th... thhh... huuuuhhhhh HumpCHISHHH! Thhhuuhhhhh HumCHUSSHHH! humSHISHH!" Oliver rubbed his nose again. "The handkerchief?" Just as he said it, he uncovered it, wiping his messy nose.

She had calmed down much by this time, and felt her heart going out to him. "Oh, Oliver! Are you ok?"

He nodded, watching her cross her legs, and close her eyes. He realized a second wouldn't be too hard... if only the sneezing would return. He coughed and blew his nose, watching her thighs tighten and her hand slip between, cupping her crotch once more. He grinned. He hid the handkerchief under the pillow and relaxed, letting the tickle in his nose build naturally. "Ar..." he could barely talk; this was perfect. "Aurora? I... I... I think th-this is going to be a... a very... a very wet one." She whimpered, opening her eyes again, squirming. "I think I'll n.. n-n-need the handkerchief... but I don't know where... where huh..." he held it back "where it is." She looked from side to side a moment, as if searching, but didn't find it. This was too good, Oliver thought to himself. "C-c-ccccad I use <sniff> your pppadties?" His nose was running more than ever. Even if she refused, he'd probably have to anyway, else smother them in the pillow.

She nearly lost it at the sound of the words, but managed to nod vigorously anyway, moving to take them off, but he stopped her.

"D'No," he said, his nose plugged and still tickling. "Leave theb od."

She whimpered as he pulled the covers over himself. He crawled down to sit between her spread knees. His head hovered over her crotch, about two feet above, waiting, hesitating. In all he'd done with her and all he'd dreamed of doing, this was for some reason the most exciting. Perhaps it was the simplicity of it, the fact that something he had always been without, something so natural, was able to do such wild and unbridled things to her. And he LOVED being able to do it to her.

He rubbed his hands from her knee to her crotch along the soft, smooth, creamy inside of her thighs. She spread her legs more in reaction, moving her hands down to slip off her panties, instinctively. But Oliver grabbed her hands and held them tight, together, the way she'd done with his before. He sniffed, and her body rocked, yearning for release.

"Oh, Oliver... oh, Please!" she went to press her thighs together; she had to be touched. She needed to be touched. But he was between her legs, and she was helpless. She began moaning lightly, as he fingered her ever so gently through her soaked panties, rubbing her in small circles, teasing her a bit. She begged again, the muscles in her legs tensing, her legs stiffening, raising her crotch up off the bed, then back down, the up again in a rocking pattern.

Then he stopped.

She moaned in near desperation.

He had stopped because he was frozen, his face contorting with a very strong, very fierce sneeze. The build-up was nearly silent, and she strained to hear it above her loud gasps. "Uhhhhh" he finally breathed in deeply, and her body pressed against him. "HUMCHHHHHHHHHOOO!"

Her body reacted like never before, going above and beyond the force of the sneeze in a thrust and explosion that topped any feeling that could ever be described by simple words. The only thing that comes close is the strongest of screams, the fullest of freedoms, and the purest of painful pleasures.

When she had energy enough to open her eyes in amazement, Oliver lay there half asleep, nose running profusely. She kissed him tenderly on the cheek and used a corner of the blanket to wipe his nose. Then she laid an extra blanket over the bed and blew the light out. Oliver stirred.

"Aurora?" His teeth were chattering, his body shaking.

She was instantly concerned. "Are you alright?"

He shook his head. "C-cold."

She felt his forehead. "You're really burning up, Lad!" She quickly got a cloth and soaked it in cold water. Lying down on top of the blankets beside him, she dabbed it at his neck and behind his ears, then rested it on his forehead. His eyes were closed. "Oliver? Oliver, you still with me?"

He nodded. "So cold... and tired." He sniffed and winced as he ran his hand against his nose. "But too cold to sleep." His eyes opened and looked upon Aurora. "Hold me?"

"Oh, Oliver!" She hugged him once, tightly. "I'm sorry... here," she guided his eyes closed and put fingers on his temples. "This will help your fever down so that you may rest. Once asleep, then it will run its course." She let her energies run through him, soothing him, cooling him. Soon his breathing slowed and a peaceful smile appeared on his face. "There you are, Oliver. There you are." She checked his forehead to find it a few degrees cooler, but warming back up. "May you sleep soundly in comfort. When you wake, I will be near. Breathe slow and deep and filling. Till the morn sun doth appear."

Aurora retreated to her room and undressed to slip beneath the sheets of her own warm bed. Out went the candle, and she was asleep before the smoke cleared.

* * *

Shivering, Oliver woke up alone and disoriented. It took a few moments of sitting up and looking around at the pitch-black room with his head spinning to remember what had transpired and what was happening. He was sick.

"HumpCHUSHH! HehCHUSHH!" He was very sick.

With a groan he cared not to suppress, he pulled himself out of his damp bed. His sheets and pillow were soaked with sweat, and he feel chilled to the bone. Oliver changed into a loose silk shirt and looser pants. But after standing for the whole 3 seconds it took for that, he became dizzy and collapsed to the floor with a thud and second mighty groan.

Aurora hadn't heard it. She was sound asleep.

He pulled himself up, sitting on the floor with his head on the bed. He was beyond chilled now, beyond cold. And the only thing he could think of was how warm Aurora's bed always was. She'd told him many times that the nights after they shared urges, they were to sleep in separate beds. But he didn't feel well. He needed warmth. And more than that, he needed her. As one strong chill rushed through him, he made up his mind. With great effort and a third deep groan, he headed over to Aurora's room.

Aurora always slept naked, covered in layers of warm blankets, with pillows on every side of her. She always said it made her feel protected and comforted; those were two things Oliver badly needed right now. So with a deep breath, he went to her, climbing under the covers with her. She slept on her side, one leg stretched out, the other bent and resting on one of the pillows. He slid in beside her, his body pressed against hers, and gently rested his head not on a pillow, but on her breast, his running nose rubbing against the skin between them, the way he used to when he was much younger. It was a comforting sensation to them both. She sighed in her sleep, wrapping her arms around him instinctively. He smiled, sniffled, and let himself fall to sleep in her warm arms.

He woke several times that night, not being able to breathe from his stuffy nose and congestion. Many times he would slip away and into the hallway to blow his nose or cough, but once, he felt Aurora's arms around him too tightly. He feared waking her, for if she found him there she would surely be angry, but he felt a sneeze coming on... Oliver squeezed up his face, his body tensing with the feeling. "Huhhhh," he exhaled softly, his breath quavering as a chill rushed through him. He felt her tense up against him, as well, a smile spreading on her face. For a moment, he thought she might be awake, but her breaths did not change, and her eyes stayed shut. But it gave Oliver an idea.

With his face still buried between her breasts, he rubbed his nose against her, the cold wetness making her shiver in reaction. He cupped one breast with his hand, rubbing his thumb against the nipple gently, circling and massaging it. Her body shuddered against his, her legs opening wide, one going up against his, then hooking over his legs, moving up against the pillow in such a way that it made her gasp in pleasure. He could feel the sneeze coming, and could tell by how stuffy he was that it was going to be rather wet. Not messy, just wet. Very wet.

"Huuuhhh," his nose circled her other nipple, rubbing wetly as he began squeezing the first more. He shuddered, the sensation flooding through him; it was a wonderful feeling--one he wondered how he'd gone without for so long. His body pulled back, tensed up, and he took in a full, deep breath. "Hhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh--"

And it stuck.

He shook his head, rubbing a wildly tickling nose against her chest. His fingers raced down to cup her cunt, amazed at how incredibly wet it was even after all they'd been through that evening. His thumb stroked her gently, increasing in speed. He rubbed his nose up to the nape of her neck, the side of her face, to her ear, where he then sniffed.

This time she shuddered-- greatly.

She began pumping against the pillow, moaning in delight.

The sneeze returned. "Huuuuuhhhhh--" he could feel it building; he could feel everything building. He buried his nose in her neck. "HUUUUMCHSHHHH!"

Her back arched, her whole body thrusting forward against the pillow, and against his body. With a few more, small pumps, it relaxed, her breathing slowing, lessening, but with a heavy, exhausted pant still.

But Oliver was not done in the least. He sneezed again, over her breasts, as he rubbed her so fast his hand was a blur. "HuuuumCHEOOO! HummmmCHHHH!" She came again, amazingly, her body moving with a rhythm as old as time itself, even in her sleep.

It was the basest of pleasures, the most primal of urges, and as he sneezed again, and again...

When the sneezey sensation in his nose had finally passed, he did what he could to tidy up, realizing now why he had not been allowed to sleep with her in bed the night of their fun... but he loved being able to do it to her, and was more than worth it.

* * *

Oliver had hoped to wake first, so he could retreat to his own bed before she found him, but after a restless night of sniffling and sneezing, it was not to be. Aurora woke to discover Oliver cuddled beside her. His nose was bright red and had a small drip running freely from one nostril. His face and hair were drenched with sweat, his shirt half off and showing his masculine chest. She found him irresistible in an instant and she squirmed against his body, realizing what had transpired the night before; she needed a shower. She pulled away from him slowly; he stirred, sniffing strongly, and pushing his face deeper into the pillow, pulling the blankets to him. Pulling the blankets up and over him, he gathered them in his arms, and cuddled them against his chest as if he were cuddling with Aurora still. She smiled, wiping his hair from his forehead and noting at how cool he felt now. His fever must have broken overnight. "Sleep well, my dear Oliver."

When Aurora returned, Oliver was on his back, his mouth open, his nose flaring with each breath that resulted in a light, stuffy snore. She giggled, setting the tray of breakfast she'd made him on the ground and sliding under the covers with him. He looked so adorable, so cute... so sexy, that she couldn't resist a little morning playing. She brought out a feather.

It was small, and sturdy with a pointed tip. Aurora lay on her side, propped up by an elbow, a dreamy expression on her face. Gently, she directed the feather over his upper lip and up one cheek to his nose, then down from the top of the bridge of his nose down to the tip. He wiggled his nose, but nothing more. His nostrils were bright red, flaring lightly with each gentle breath. So gently- very gently, she traced the tip of the feather over his nostrils in circles and figure eight's. She watched in fascination as Oliver's nose twitched. His red nostrils flared widely with sudden gasps. His open mouth dropped to let heavy breaths out. "Huuuhhh... Huhhhhhhh..." Aurora smiled. His chest rose and fell, his body shaking with the force. "Hhuuuuhhhh..." She moved in close, her friskiness getting the best of her as her legs spread wide, taking him in against her, wrapping her legs around him. "Huuuhhhh..." her hands began to shake, as did her body, and the feather slipped from the rim of his nostril to the inside of one, tickling it so completely. "HuhhhhuuuummmSHOO! HuummmCHISHHOOO! HummmShooo HummCHISHH HummCHOO!" he sneezed.

Oliver opened his eyes and rubbed his hand under his nose with a powerful sniff.

She orgasmed against him.

He smiled and sniffed again, rubbing her gently as she came down from it; she was soaked.

She tried to wish him a good morning. "G-goo..." her eyes were closed, her breaths deeper and quicker than she had expected. She was so close to another. Her hand dropped the feather and went straight down to push his hand away and take over. Her body shook tremendously and as her mouth opened for a moan and her eyes rolled back, she caught a glimpse of his face. His expression was one of pain, face long, eyes closed, mouth half open, whole head tilting back in the most amazing pre-sneeze expression Aurora had ever had the pleasure of being witness to. Before this cold, she'd seen him sneeze but twice before, and since the cold, the varying degrees of each sneeze were amazing to see--but this was beyond the typical, beyond the normal. There was something about this sneeze that filled him from top to bottom in every inch of his spirit.

"Uhhhhhh... huhhhhummmmmmmCHISHHHOOO!" He sneezed.

She roared, then passed out.

Oliver recovered, blowing his nose, startled to find her unconscious. He quickly slapped her cheek. "Aurora? Aurora?!"

She came to slowly in a few minutes, a large grin spreading upon her face. To Oliver's terrified expression, she sent a kiss and a warm, soft, "Good morn, my dear Oliver."

He smiled. "Good morn, Aurora."

She stood, going to the basin and washing her hands while Oliver crawled out of bed. As he stood, the room began to spin, and he found himself back on the bed, lying back with a wet cloth on his head.

"Stood up too slowly, Dear," she said, caressing his cheek. She smelt of strawberries and vanilla.

"Ooh..." Oliver said, sitting up and putting his hand on his forehead to keep the cloth in place. "Slower then?"

She nodded, helping him sit back and wrapping a clean blanket from the cabinet around him. "I made you breakfast."

His jaw dropped. "Wait-- how long was I passed out just then?"

She laughed. "I made it before you woke this morning, don't worry." She brought him the tray and cuddled up beside him. "Do you mind if I take a small nap?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Please do." She kissed his cheek and with a thank you, she slipped off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

* * *

Aurora woke in the early afternoon to an empty bed. She changed the sheets and changed from her robe to a sleek, black silk dress. The strong smell of paint hit her nose, and she followed it to the kitchen to find the counters covered and the windows opened. Oliver stood in one corner, paint brush in one hand. He wore pants only, his feet and chest bear save the beads of sweat. Seeing her, Oliver stopped at once and turned around with a smile. "Did ye have a good sleeb, Aurora?" he asked, sounding stuffy and congested.

She nodded, trying to conceal her laughter. "You have..." one long, slender finger pointed to the bridge of her nose, "...paint right... there..."

His cheeks went red and he lowered his head as he rubbed the back of his hand against his nose. Looking back up, "Gode?" It had only smeared the spot a bit.

"Nope, still there," she said, watching him rub again at his nose, sniffing.

"Gode dow?"

She shook her head, going to him. She gathered up material in the sleeve of her dress, licked to wet it, and rubbed gently at his nose. He pulled back, blinking hard.

"That t-tickled," he said softly.

"Sorry." She truly meant it that time, too. "There, all better."

"Good..." he whispered, closing his eyes. "Because I must... I must sn..."

She breathed gently upon his nose. "You must what, my Dear?"

"I m-must sn.. sn... snnneeeee... sneeeeeeeze-HummmCHUSHHH!" He bent forward, in half, arms shaking at his sides.

She apologized and kissed him again. "You shouldn't have to work today."

"But <sniff> I promised that I'd... I'd... ihhh.... HummmmCHSHHHHOOO!"

Taking the brush and closing up the paint, she led him to the living room and laid him down amongst the pillows.

"But, the walls--"

"That can wait until you're well, Oliver."

As much as he loved being able to do this for her, he was tired from so much sneezing, and achy from the cold. "Aurora, I--"

"Hush, hush," she said softly, handing him a handkerchief to blow his nose in. "I am tired, as well. You don't have to make my body rush to have me enjoy this, my Dear. Just hold me."

He held her close, running his hands through her hair, stroking her arm. She rubbed a hand up and down his back at the same time. The two lay there for quite some time, comforted by the other's presence. That is, until his nose started to tickle. Aurora was gently falling to sleep, and he felt the sneezey feeling rush through him like a chill. He thought to slip away, but she held him too close, and he did not wish to wake her with his absence. So he bent his head down and buried his nose in her shoulder, sniffing in her sweet scent with each gasping, building breath. The sensation built inside his nose, causing his eyes to close and tear ever so slightly. "Uhhh" he breathed out, muffled in her shoulder, in the fabric of her dress, the black silk embracing him, comforting him. He had always loved this dress of hers, and loved her in it even more. His hand instinctively went to her left breast, cupping it, rubbing his thumb gently over her nipple, finding it already firm and pointed. The feeling built in his nose, and he felt the urge to pull back and take a deep breath, but he kept his face buried in her shoulder. "Uhhhh...." It was close now, there was no stopping it. He rolled the tip of her nipple between his thumb and first finger and she shuddered against him, wrapping her leg up and over his. Then the sneeze came, strong and full, wet but not too loud, muffled entirely as it was forced into her shoulder. "UuuuhhhhmmmmCHSHhhhh!" He sniffed wetly, rubbing his nose against the fabric.

Suddenly he felt a hand on the back of his head, stroking gently. He pulled back to see a blissful smile on her face and a sympathetic look in her eyes. "Bless you," she said with a smile. "Are you all right?"

He nodded, rubbing at his head. "Actually," he sniffed, "I thik I bight like to go to bed, dow..."

"Oliver, are you all right?" she put her palm to his head to find it cool. He had no fever...

"Yeah, just a little tired... is... is that ok, Aurora?" He sounded horribly congested.

"Of course, dear, of course."

She helped him to change, and then into bed, where she sat beside him, rubbing a hand up and down his thigh. "Oliver?"

He looked up at her, his eyes tired. He nodded.

"Can I ask you a question?"

He nodded again, turned on his side, still looking up at her.

"Are you angry with me for... for taking pleasure in your suffering?"

He yawned and sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed so he was right next to her. "I could never be angry at you for such a thing."

"Really? You're not just saying that?"

Oliver smiled and shook his head. "Have you beed so caught ub in all this that you have dot doticed, milady?"

She blushed. "Noticed what?"

"Doticed that I ab fascidated by your reactiods."

The ancient but beautiful woman's cheeks were bright red. "Really?"

"Yes, really." He sniffed and dabbed the handkerchief at his nose as it ran. "In fact... I thik..."

"You think what?" She bit her lip.

"By dose is ruddig and I have a tickle... I think I bight... bight... "

She shifted beside him, crossing her legs under the sleek dress that fit her form like a glove.

"Uhhhhhh... hhhmmmmm..."

She shifted again, her smile growing.


She sighed, closing her eyes. "You are so amazing, Oliver."

The look of pure pleasure on her face made him smile back. He blew his nose a bit and cleared his throat. "Aurora?"

She nodded, looking over at him.

"Can I ask you a question now?"

She nodded.

He took her hand and guided it from his thigh just a few inches up and over. "Do you believe me now?"

Still biting her lip, she nodded.

"There's no need to be hesitant, Aurora. It's a passion, it's an urge, it's a wonder. And to see what it does to you makes me enjoy it as well. Your wildest fantasies, Aurora, cannot compare to what I am dying to lovingly do to you."

Her eyes lit up and closed for a moment, a finger on the side of his nose. "In that case..."

He gasped, his eyes closing and his face scrunching up as she looked on happily. "Huhh... huuuuuuummmmm... hummmmCHHHHOOO! HmmmCHOOO! Huuummm CHUSHHHH!" he sneezed thrice, spraying her face lightly.

She took her finger off his nose and smiled, looking into his face with such passion and urge and wonder as he had just described.

"You <sniff, sniff> look as though you <sniff> have an idea brewing, Aurora."

She nodded, putting her finger on his nose once more to produce a gentle, "HuuuummmmpCHUSHHH!"

"Yes," she said, stroking him, pushing him back against the bed. "I believe I do, my dear Oliver."

"I... I... " he struggled to talk through the building sneeze, smiling all the while with mischief. "I thought you said that I... that I dihhh.. huhhhhhh I didn't have to... to.. tooohhhhhh... hhhuummmmCHHHISHH! CHOSHH! I didn't have to m... muhhh... uhhhhCHISHHH!" His fingers fumbled at the buttons of her dress as his body shook weakly. "Uhhhhhhh... HuuummmmSHOOO! I didn't have to make your.. your bod... your..." he pulled the dress down her slowly, tracing it with his nose from the nape of her neck to her crotch. She shuddered, pushing herself against him, rubbing the side of his nose with her finger. "Your beaut...behhh.. beautiful bohhhh hummmCHHHOOOO! Your beautiful, sexy <sniff> body... uhhhhh huhh... hhhuuuummmmmCHOOOOSHH!" Each forced him against her, his nose poised lovingly against her clit. She let her finger slip from his nose as he sniffed again, following with a natural sneeze from his cold. "HHhhmmmmmCHHHIIISHHHEEEW!!"

She cried out in happiness, in pure ecstasy, then falling back weakly against the bed.

Oliver moved back up, rubbing her there still to keep the feeling alive, though he knew it would not go away anytime soon. "I thought," he tried again. "That you didn't need me to make your body," he paused, circling with practiced skill, "rush for you to enjoy it."

She nodded, moving her hand beneath his britches to rub him as well.

He gasped, his mouth open, his eyes closed; ecstasy seeping out to him as well.

She nearly lost all sense she had left to see him like that. "You don't," she said, her voice light. "What I need is for you to enjoy it."

Though he did not speak another word, nor open his eyes, the incredible smile on his face told her that he enjoyed it as much as she, if not more.

Her whole body shaking with pleasure, it was all she could do to carefully place one long, slender finger on the side of his nose.

As another sneeze built up inside his nose, breathlessly, Aurora whispered her ultimate fantasy into his willing ear. And with a final nod and smile, they experienced it together.