Naked and sniffley, Stephen wrapped the blanket around himself as he crashed on the pull-down bed that he'd, well, pulled down. It was a tiny studio pad, certainly not room enough to sustain the two men who lived there together, and to make space enough the bed was usually stored in an upright position. But, feeling a case of the sniffles and sneezes coming on, Stephen had pulled it down for some use. His body, blanket covering, curled on the mattress, head against a pillow, teeth gritted.


            Ever since he'd begun sneezing that morning, he'd felt rather horny, and now that he was alone and rather naked, and in bed… well… But at the same time, he'd told himself he would take care of himself this time. Nothing dirty, nothing improper, nothing but a simple cold that he would sleep off… at least until Corry came home from work.


            Stephen's nose twitched at the itchy, tickly sensation. Here came another sneeze. He reached is hand up, brining a corner of the blanket to his nose and mouth, pressing the fabric right against the bottoms of his nostrils. “Kutchoo! Ahh-kchoo! Kuttchhh!” Rubbing the fabric against his nose, sniffling, he sighed. How very good those had felt to let out. How very good indeed it would feel to let it all out.


            But no... no, this time, this cold, things were going to go right. He reached his hand out from beneath the warmth of the blanket and grasped his handkerchief. He guided it to his nose for a short, wet blow and some sniffling. He always blew his nose in a series of soft little spirts. As he did so, LeRoy, the boys' gray and black striped kitty pounced onto the bed beside him. Now this was fortunate because he certainly wasn't about to do anything improper with the cat right next to him, staring at him. LeRoy purred, kneading claws into the blanket, then coming over to rub against Stephen's half-exposed bare chest. “Heya,” he said, his voice lain with heavy congestion. Sniffling, he dropped the handkerchief and gave the cat a rub, sweaty palm on the soft, short hair. Suddenly he felt the urge to sneeze again. It crept up, pulling at him, making his full nostrils flair. “huh…Hahhh…HaKutchhhah! Kuffchashh! Kechooo!” By the time he had picked the handkerchief up again and rubbed his nose thoroughly in it, the cat was gone, hiding under the couch no doubt. Loud noises had never quite been its thing. “ehhh-Kuffchah! eehhhKetchhahh!


            And boy, was Stephen horny now. It wasn't really his fault; he couldn't really help any of it. Every since he could remember, sneezing had gotten him going like this. When he was little, he simply liked doing it, tickling his nose with a feather or pepper or whatever else was handy in the dead of night, or before parents came home from work. When he matured a little, however, there was much more to it. Every time he caught cold, or something tickled his nose terribly, he'd get such a hard on that he was glad most times to have an overprotective mother to keep him home from school. And on the days when she went to work and he was home alone… there was very little to be done but indulge his urges. But now things were different. He'd matured more, he'd moved in with a spectacular man who loved him, he'd outgrown such a childish urge. Well, almost.


            His hand, holding the handkerchief, slipped down beneath the blanket and gave a few firm stokes. Oh, how incredibly good they felt. He buried his face in his pillow, trying to control himself, but it was no use. His nose was running, his handkerchief damp and welcoming, and the sneezes were as constant as anything. Pulling, guiding, controlling his weak, sickly body. He wanted, needed to pleasure himself.


            He sniffled, throwing the blanket off and shivering with the chill. He sat with his back against the headboard and pillows, legs sticking straight out in front of him, and his cock sticking straight up as well. The urges were building inside of him, playing off his cold, off his suffering, making him feel incredibly pleased already. He held the handkerchief to his nose, giving a small rub, then a good, hefty blow. Stuffy, sniffley, sneezey, he made one last check to be certain the cat wasn't around, and that he was otherwise alone. And at that, he lowered his hand, handkerchief and all, gripping his large package through the cloth. Another sneezey feeling was already at hand, and he moved his hand away to keep his member exposed. “eh-heh… huh…” build-up. This was not the time for build-up. He wanted to sneeze now, and fast. And wet. He wanted, finally, to let it all out. “ahhh…a-Katchumm! AhhKutchoo! Keffchahhh! Kushhhhhh!” He clenched his teeth at the last one, spraying softly over his chest, waist, and privates. But oh, how nice it had felt. The surprisingly cool, but not cold, spray on his throbbing cock enticed him and caused him to rub himself now with the damp hanky. Quick, firm, the sort of jerk-off that was so sweet and intimate for no matter how many men he laid with, or how many times he laid with his love, there was nothing like the perfection of masturbation. Pure pleasure exactly perfect at every moment. Anything he wanted, he would get, and get it hard and fast until he came. Not better than sex, just delightfully different. His other hand ran from rubbing his nose to the nape of his neck, to his naval, then to his nether regions. He tickled his balls, and rubbed a sweaty palm up and down a bare thigh.


Stephen felt another sneeze coming on already, and as much as he wanted this to last forever, he also wanted to orgasm and lose himself in the pure bliss of the moment. He rubbed harder, starting to chaff a little, but he knew a few fresh cold sneezes would take care of that. Oh, the anticipation was murder. He wanted it so badly, and he wanted to sneeze. Strong, masculine, overwhelming sneezes that were his and his alone. Sneezes that took control for seconds at a time, leaving him relieved and wet. Oh how relieved and wet. He rubbed harder, his nose running more now as the sneezing began. “eehhk…eh-Kuhhhhh…” almost… it was almost there. All he could think about was sneezing, how good it felt, how moist and tender he was already, and how just one more set of stimulating sneezes would bring it on. He closed his eyes, everything building at the same time. So sexy. So irresistible. He had to sneeze now or he was going to lose it. And then it came, wondrously. “ehhh.. Kehhhh…KuFFtchhhh! Ketchhhhh! Keshhhhhh! Keshhhhhooo! Oohhhhh!” he moaned as he lost it, throbbing, tensing, pulling everything together as he shot and strained and suffered.


            When it had passed, he relaxed again in bed, opening his eyes, snuffling. He reached for his blanket, rubbing his very runny nose on the corner. “Bless be,” he muttered with a short cough from the intense congestion. He really had to blow his nose soon. But first, he wiped up with the handkerchief


            When done, he slid off the bed, stumbled, naked, to the bathroom where he deposited the hanky in the laundry bin and sat down on the closed toilet seat. It was covered with fuzziness like a carpet, which tickled his rear and, though he was tired from that, he wished Corry were there to put him right. This was a tease. He pulled the toilet paper roll and blew his nose using the last few squares of the paper stream, still attached. Then he moved a few squares down the roll and repeated, blowing first in a large, unpleasant bubbley mess he was glad did not lost long. Then in smaller, dryer spurts until his nose felt remarkably better. Tearing the whole thing off the roll and trashing it, Stephan lapped some water up with a cupped palm and returned to bed. He wrapped back up in the blanket and, feeling content but still ill, fell right to sleep in a ball.



~ * ~


            And that's where Corry found him when returning home from work that afternoon. Immediately he knew something was wrong, and by the look of the pale man in bed, it wasn't something Corry would be able to help much with. He quietly kicked off his shoes and pulled off his tie. He loosened his belt, dropped his slacks to his ankles, unbuttoned his shirt and left it all by the door. Now in white socks, a white t-shirt and tighty-whities, he got into bed, sliding around Stephen from behind, cupping his body around for a tight, loving spoon.


            Stephen woke, feeling arms closing in around him securely. “Corry,” he muttered in recognition with a smile that showed in his voice.


            “Whath the matter, little Love?” Corry whispered hot to the back of Stephen's ear. “Thsick in bed all day?”


            With a nod. “Yeah. Caught a cold.” And with that, his nose began to tickle again with a sneezey feeling. “Actually… I think I'm…” he trailed off, feeling a hand sliding down and stroking his cock. It had been hours since he last relieved himself in that way, and he responded to this touch, apparently ready to go again.


            “Then thsneethe, little Love. Don't hold them in on my account.” He nibbled on the man's ear enticingly. “I want you pleathed, and pleathed right.”


            hehh…” Stephen wasn't sure he could have held them in if he'd wanted to. The urge was so strong, and he was feeling so weak in his lover's arms. No need to take care of himself any longer. No, not with Corry home. “ehhhh… hehUkshhh! Kuhshuuhhh! ketchahh! heh-Ktisha!


            “Ohhhh, God bleth,” muttered Corry, stroking what was now a very hard, standing cock. “You liked that, hmm? Good thsneetheth?”


            Stephen nodded, sniffling. Corry understood him so well. And Corry was pressed firm into his back, ready to go at it as well. “I feel so sick add sdeezey, Corry-Love. Will you do subthig to helb be feel all better?”


            Aggressively, the man growled. “Oh, I'll make you feel better all right. I'll make you thso ethcited to be thsick again. Thso ethcited that you'll want to catch a cold every day. Thso ethcited that you'll forget you're even thsick at all.”  He quickly got naked himself and rolled the man onto his back. “Now I want to give you thsomething you can't give yourself, my Thsneezey One. And I want you to bloody enjoy every thsecond.” Down on all fours, he slipped the man's cock into his mouth, working his tongue and lips over the organ like working his magic. Between sucks, “How're you feeling?”


            Stephen lay on his back, legs spread, enjoying to the fullest. “Damn good,” he answered, sniffling.


            “Gotta thsneethe yet?”


            He shook his head. “Not yet… oh Corry… stop…” He winced, trying to hold back. The man was much too good at his work and he would have lost it already.


            Corry growled, looking up with blond hair fallen over his face and bright blue, sparkling eyes. “No one tells me to thstop,” he snarled and roughly turned the man over. Soft, tender cheeks staring back up at him invitingly. He rubbed his palms over both, then reached over to the bedside table and slopped the lube over himself and a little over Stephen. “Just for that, I won't tell you all the dirty thoughth I've been thinking about you all day.”


            Stephen reached over, brining the blanket to his nose, rubbing. “I feel so sick, Cor… give me a break?”


            Corry lay down with his chest to Stephen's back, distributing his weight. “Only if you give that thsexy little nose of yourth a few rubth with thethe long, gentle fingerth of yourth.” Stephen nodded, raising his hand to his nose, rubbing gently, swiping back and forth. “Want a hanky, little Love?”


            Stephen nodded, sniffling constantly. Corry took care of him. Corry would take care of everything. Corry handed him one of his own and rubbed it against his nose for him.


            In reaction to the rubbing Stephen's breath caught. He felt another sneeze coming on. “Cor… I'm going to… sneeze again…”


            “Mmm,” Corry slipped down, with one more squirt of lube, he pulled the cheeks apart and poked himself near the opening. “Then thsneeze for me, kinky boy. Thsneeze your thsexy little heart out.” He reached down and tickled a finger against Stephen's nose.


            ehhh…” Stephen smiled, closing his eyes. He was going to sneeze. And it would be wonderful. “hehh… kehhh…


            “Come on…” Corry pleaded. “I'm hurting to wait, Love. Your orgathm might depend on your thsneething, but mine doethn't have to. If you don't thsneethe thsoon, I'm taking you,” he threatened with a randy sort of growl.


            Feeling somewhat frustrated, “I… can't quite…” and then he felt it. A strong, sensual sensation. “Get ready… here it comes…” of course he did not need to announce it, but it turned him on to do so.


            And Corry had no trouble getting ready. He slipped in with a grunt, his hands on Stephen's back for support. He paused a moment, reveling in the beauty of the feel. Feeling surrounded, contented, and very, very ready.


            The sneezes began almost immediately after the entry. “uhh-kechhhhh! Kufshhuhhh! Ketchhoo! ket…ketchoo!” He was caught between sneezing and moaning, and so he did both, as Cory pumped in and out with firm, engrossing strokes, arching his back and tensing with orgasm. He did his best not to moan loudly, too, but it was difficult. “ehh-Kuffffshhhhoo!


            After pulling out, Corry, without having even stopped to catch his breath, turned Stephen to the side and wiped his nose. He lay in front of the man this time, wrapping one arm around. He ran the handkerchief gently over the man's pink nostrils. “Bleth you, bleth you, bleth you, bleth you,” he whispered. “And thank you. Feeling ok? Did I hurt you?”


            Stephen shook his head. “Feel ok for subeode who has a head cold and just got fucked up the ass. God, Cor, you are idcredible. Sniffle, sniffle. Snifffff! And so sweet…”


            Corry nuzzled Stephen, wrapping both arms around him. “Anything to make you feel better. And hell, you know it'th ethciting to watch you get yourthelf thso hot from thsneething.” He grinned, followed by a yawn. “And thsure ath hell maketh my job eathier to d—” He broke the embrace to hold the handkerchief back up to Stephen's nose.


            ehhChooo! Heh-Ketchooo!


            Nice timing. Good reflexes. “God bleth.” He closed his eyes with another yawn, wrapping his arms back around. He nearly always fell asleep after a powerful orgasm; it was expected “When I wake up again… I'll take care of you, ok?”


            Stephen nodded, giving his nose a few gentle blows into the hanky. “Thadks…Sniff, sniff! My cold can wait for you, Sweetie.” He yawned too, closing his eyes, enveloped in warmth and caring and utter relief.