Title: Bedtime
Fandom: Strokes ‘verse

Pairing: Coyote/Marty
Rating: PG

Summary: It’s just about time for bed for the pair.

Notes: Written for day 23 of my 23 Ficlets project to celebrate my 23rd anniversary in the community






Coyote’s sneezes were frequently the first thing Marty heard from his partner in the mornings, but they weren’t often to be heard at this time of night. “Bless you, sweetheart.” He put down his phone and leaned just the few inches to the side it took for him to catch Coyote’s jaw in a gentle kiss. He caught himself before asking if Coyote had taken allergy medicine; Yo wasn’t a kid and never appreciated that question. Besides, he hardly ever forgot.




Though maybe this was one of those rare instances where he had forgotten.


“I took it.”


“I didn’t ask.”


“No, but you were thinking about it.”


“You’re right, I was.”


Coyote gestured to Marty’s phone. “Sorry if the sneezes are distracting.”


“I was just mindlessly scrolling.” He’d meant to stop checking his social media feeds at least half an hour ago and head to bed, but he hadn’t because snuggling on the couch beside Coyote was his favorite way to spend an autumn evening. Marty smiled. “And your sneezes are still cute to me, even after all this time. ‘Cause they’re you. And I love you. I just wish they didn’t bother you so much sometimes.”


“They’re not that much of an inconvenience unless I’m doing something important like singing or trying to blow you.”


Marty laughed out loud. “That’s important?”


“Oh, yes. Extremely important.”


Marty gave him another kiss, one that lingered on Coyote’s lips for a while, paying them proper respect. He only stopped for a moment in order to whisper, “Prove it,” before resuming the kiss.


He was immediately swept into Coyote’s arms and held close, even as Coyote’s body shook with another sneeze. “h’Chooo!”