Don't Say a Word



     The minute hand was just rounding twelve on the eighth hour at night. Gregory sat in his favorite chair, a large, bulky armchair he'd purchased years ago for his first apartment. He was fully engrossed in the daily paper and an article about global overpopulation, his dull green eyes behind glasses scanning each word as it flew past him. Finding it continued later on, he licked a finger out of habit and flipped to the right page, though it took both arms stretched out wide to physically turn the pages, and then another few seconds to fold straightly and straighten the pages. His fiancé Elizabeth sat in the center of their couch, chewing on her pen as she stared at the pages in front of her, on her lap as if waiting intently for a chance to use the pen but making sure to think it through fully first.


     Gregory's paper rustled as he stood halfway, bending forward with the paper in one hand, as his other hand reached back and pulled out his handkerchief, a neatly folded white square. Sitting back down, he gave it a shake to unfold it and lifted it to his mouth and nose. He leaned back with a deep, almost silent breath and shot forward as if in spasm, "hatchoo! hetchahh!" He gave a soft sniffle as he rubbed his nose harshly, then stood halfway again to return the handkerchief to his back pocket. Then he gave his nose a rub with one finger and shook the paper once to straighten it back into place. Before getting through even a few more sentences, he stood again and, sniffling, pulled out the handkerchief again. "heh-ahchooo! hetcheshhh!" then gave his nose a weak blow. "heshhhhhnnnxxst!" Looking up from the handkerchief as he repeated the movement of giving his nose a rub and then standing to tuck it back away, he caught Elizabeth's curious eyes. She sat still, her left eyebrow raised, chomping on the cap of the pen in a questioning manner.


     Greg sniffed and shook his head, "Sorry, I think, sniffle, I may be, sniffle, coming down with a cold." As if to corroborate, his nostrils flared and he stood again, putting his paper down on his chair to remain standing as he pulled out the now only slightly wrinkled handkerchief and put it up to his face. "heh-ahchhh! hetshooo!" he sniffled wetly and remained with his handkerchief up, his eyes closed as he bent forward just a little with a third. "ahhChishhoo!" His eyes opened widely and gave a strong blink. "heshhugxxsttttuh!" he blew. "I just seem to have the sneezes tonight," he said with a rub to his nose as he tucked the handkerchief back into his pocket. "I... sniff, sniffle, I don't know what's wrong with me."


     Elizabeth stood with a smile and put her hands flat on his chest, then slowly ran them down his front to his waist slowly, then lower, cupping his privates with a gentle, familiar firmness. Then back around his upper thighs to his behind. She leaned forward, breasts pressed against his chest with just a little pressure, her nipples rising up through the thin cotton shirt she wore as it brushed against him. Her hands found their way into his back pockets. Her left hand slid in easily with room around his wallet, though she couldn't really feel his butt through that. Her right hand slid into his right pocket with the handkerchief, feeling its softness and only slight dampness. She pressed her hand tightly against his rear, forcing his pelvis forward against her. He put his hands on her ass as well, to let her know he wished that contact to continue. He squeezed her cheeks gently, feeling her lushness. "Lizzy... Lizzy..." he murmured, breathing in her scent. She answered by bending her leg back, her stocking foot touching his hand as it bent at the knee. Her hands were pulled out of the pockets and fingers gently tickled their way halfway up his back. Then she pulled her leg forward, her knee rubbing up from his knee to his crotch, rubbing gently, then to his waist. There, she stretched her leg out and wrapped it around his back, at his behind. His grip on her butt increased and she did the same with her other leg, aside from rubbing his crotch as he leaned to his left and it would be difficult to reach there for the same effect. She wrapped her other leg around him and folded her hands behind his back so that she was off the floor completely with him supporting her. She felt him begin to stiffen and smiled, gazing at him alluringly.


     He held her up, sniffling, turning his head to rub his nose into his shoulder to try to alleviate a tickle. Not succeeded, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath with a strong pre-sneeze face. Elizabeth leaned in, kissing him straight on the lips just then, making the sneeze back off in surprise. She teased his tongue and the roof of his mouth as she moved her lips against his, tilting her head to the side a little. He eased his tongue forward against hers, pushing the kiss--until he pulled back and turned his head to the side, losing his strong grip on her. She jumped down, leaving one hand on his shoulder. "ehhhCheooo! hehhehhshhh! Huh-ah-Chooo!" he sneezed freely to the side, straightening up with a sniffle and a rather pained expression on his face. She reached her hand up from his shoulder to the bridge of his nose, pushing the glasses up for him, then returning her hand to place. He rubbed his nose with two fingers and sniffed wetly, in need of another blow. Reaching back for his handkerchief, he found it wasn't there. Elizabeth had one hand behind her back. She looked down at her crotch with a smile, drawing his attention to make him look as well, then feel. He reached one hand to her crotch, giving a smooth, warm rub through her jeans as he reached between her thighs to pull the handkerchief out, letting it rub up against her firmly as he did so. His was nose now running and badly in need of a blow, and he granted it with a wrinkle of his nose as it was buried beneath the white folds. "huh-eehggssixxxssttttttt-ahhh..." he sighed at the release and sniffled, looking and feeling miserable. "Lizzy... I'm not sure I feel up to... I really think I've got a cold," he rubbed at his nose desolately, "in my nose."


     She moved her hand from his shoulder to his back and bid him turn around. Then, moving her hand to the small of his back, she guided him across the living room and to the bathroom. She pulled out a clean white towel for him and a matching washcloth, setting them down on the closed toilet lid. She then took his bathrobe off the hook and placed it beside. Greg sniffled and she looked up to see him going again for his handkerchief. She pulled a tissue out of the box on the toilet tank. Handing it over, she gave him a reassuring pat on the back as he began to sneeze again. "hehshooo! AhhShooo! hetchuhh!" She handed him another two for blowing his nose, which he did presently.


Meanwhile, she squatted down at the bathtub, turning on the water, letting it warm up, and then pulled the tab to run the shower. Greg, who was slowly undressing, smiled as she kissed him gently on the lips and then patted him on the back before leaving the bathroom.



     He finished the shower in no time, finding that it had actually made him feel much better. Pushing the curtain back and stepping out onto the bathmat, he shivered and reached for the towel, pulling it around his shoulders. She entered, having heard the shower's end. She was wearing a matching white bathrobe, and wrapped her arms around him securely, hugging him warm. "Shower cleared my sinuses a little," he said softly, kissing the top of her dirty-blonde haired head. She helped him dry, then dressed him in the bathrobe, typing the tie loosely, then grabbing his hand and leading him to the bedroom. His hair, wet, stood up as dark brown spikes and he needed his glasses mainly for reading so they were left on the bathroom counter. The tissue box, however, did come with them. As they entered the dimly-lit bedroom, she shed her bathrobe, to show a scantily-clad form. She wore a blue silk and lace top which barely covered her, straps holding up material which glided over her breasts but cut off for a mid-drift between the top and matching blue silk panties. With a fierce shiver, Gregory looked her over wantingly. He went for the tie to his bathrobe and she shook her head. Elizabeth tightened the tie and led him to the bed. He sat on his side, against the pillows and headboard, his legs bent up but pressed together beneath the bathrobe. Elizabeth sat down beside him, crossing her legs and bending them against the bed to the side. Her thighs tightened in pleasure and she let her hair fall back behind her, exposing her breasts.


     Gregory went for them immediately, fingering one nipple, then the other, feeling them rise to his fingertips immediately with hardness. He smiled, "Oh, Lizzy..." Suddenly, he felt another tickle in his nose and sighed, raising one hand to his nose and mouth. Just as the pre-sneeze expression crossed his face and his eyes began to close, he felt her hand at his left foot. She ran her hand slowly up his leg as he breathed in deeply to sneeze. "I... I've got to... hehIhhhhshhhhh! huhshooo!" Her hand stopped right away, lingering right before his knee.


     He narrowed his eyes at her in confusion as he wiped his hand on the bed sheets. He waited for her to continue to move her hand higher beneath his robes... he wanted her to move her hand higher. But it remained in place, and she was frozen, with a happy grin and hard nipples. They drew his attention again, and he fingered them, then he ran his hand down her front to her crotch, fingering her gently there as well, amazed to find she was so wet there that it had already soaked through somewhat. She let him feel for a moment, then pushed him away with a shake of her head. She dug her fingers into his leg, massaging, clawing.


"Oh pleeease?" he begged, leaning forward, inching closer. But she kept her hand where it was, placing one finger of the other hand on his nose. Then, used it. She gently scratched the bottoms of his nose with her fingernail, softly, tenderly, tickley. He drew in a deep breath, eyes closing. He felt her hand creep up his leg, over his knee. He realized now that she would only touch him when he was sneezing, devious fox. So he tried holding back the sneeze. But that too was too difficult, feeling the urge build inside himself, barreling out in no time, wet and full, "hek-Ihhhshhhhhhhh! Heh-Ahshhhhhhhiishhhh!"


     She stopped moving her hand, as it stopped right against his crotch. His testicles were warm, tingling with desire. His member was hard, and getting harder. He blew his nose so he was clear enough to talk. "Lizzy, please rub me. You have no idea how much of a tease this is. Please Lizzy? Please?"


     But she shook her head with a sly smile. No sneeze, no jerk-off. That seemed to be the deal as it sat. And the way he felt right now, he accepted it wholly. He sat patiently, wiggling his nose, trying to make himself sneeze. "Lizzy... I know you want me to sneeze for you... but..."


     She guided his hands to her breasts. Her nipples were hard through the silk top. He was immediately drawn to them, distracted from the game as he suckled, reaching around with his hands on the small of her back, the skin smooth and hot at the midriff. His teeth raked the nipples, one by one, then his tongue massaged, and he sucked through the fabric. When he could take it no longer, he pulled the top off her head and suckled straight from them, his mouth on one, his hand on the other, fingering with his finger. His other hand went to her crotch as he muttered, "Let's see how you like being teased, then."


     But Elizabeth liked it very much, her self-control being leagues above Gregory's. Some may have given the excuse that she was a woman and it was easier for her, but with such a gentle, arousing rub on her sex through the panties, and with both breasts getting full attention with rough, wet rubs, and with a loving husband sniffling constantly through all of this... well, control was something that was growing short on her end as well. And she feared that if he did not sneeze soon, she would end all the fun too early.


     Just as her hips began to push forward at the rhythms of his rubbing, he pulled back, putting his finger beneath his nose, quivering with the urge as he tried his best to hold himself in the pre-sneeze position for as long as it lasted. "hehhh... ehhhhh... hehhhhhh..." True to the game, she gripped his penis gently and began rubbing. It did not hurt him, her touch was so soft not to chaff, and she rubbed as much over the head as the shaft, making him go crazy with desire. "Ooohhhhhh!" he moaned, feeling himself growing close. "hehhh... heehhh...eekehhhh..." Greg was not certain which was worse, wanting the sneeze to come out, or wanting the orgasm to. Both urges were so strong, so debilitating. One alone was enough to reduce him to complete helplessness, but both at the same time and he felt completely controlled, dominated by the urges of his lover's play.


     She continued to rub, gently, enthusiastically, with her own special style she knew drove him mad. She alternated moves, keeping it guessing just long enough to keep it from ending the game. But everything was coming to a head so intensely she could not be sure it would last much longer.


     Finally, he could take the sneeze no longer, not even having time to lower his finger before bursting out, "yehhhh... ehhh-IHHSHHHHHHHH! EHH-CHISHHHH-UH!!" His whole body throbbing from the powerful release... and the halted rubbing. He fell to the side on the bed, curling into a fetal position, wincing as the feelings in him died down. Angry at himself for not having held out long enough, "Lizzy, one ore try?"


     She shook her head, caressing his cheek, rubbing a tear from one eye that had formed from the strength of the sneeze. Then, as he was level with it, she guided his head to her crotch.


     Enticed by the wetness that already came through them, and the beautiful lace print that adorned her flawless, pale skin, he buried his face there. He licked through the fabric, then pushed his face against her sex, rubbing his nose against it until, "ehhhh... hekshhhhhhhhhh! hahtchahhh!" He pulled away, a bit of a blush to his cheeks. "I'b sorry," he sniffled, taking two tissues to blow his nose. "I did't bead to sdeeze... to..." his face fell again. Another sneeze, a strong one, approached; he struggled to get the words out anyway. "Did't bead to... ehhh... sdeeze od you there, ehhh-hept... ehhhh..."


     In answer, she guided his head back there, rubbing her hands through his hair soothingly as one might pet a loyal dog's head. Unable to hold back, he sneezed against her crotch once more. "ehhh-Ihhshhhh! ahChooo!" Then rubbed the runny nose against it before pulling back to find she had more tissues for him. "Did you like that, my Lizzy?" She only smiled pleasantly, then mischievously.


First, she reached to him, plunging her hands beneath the bathrobe, rubbing at his chest, his shoulders. Then, with a swift motion, pulled the tie off his bathrobe. She bound his hands together with it behind him with her special knot that could be undone with the pull of one end but otherwise was quite strong. She always believed in allowing himself a way out. With the tie gone, his bathrobe flopped open, exposing his whole front to her, hard and ready, his whole body an anxious tense.


 Second, she leaned back on the bed so he was lying down, her knees bent in the air. She lifted her rear off the bed just enough. Her index fingers on both hands ran down her bare chest and beneath the band of the panties, slipping them down to her thighs. She rested her rear back down, and slid the panties off the rest of the way, tossing them off the bed. Before a hungry-looking Gregory could even touch her, she giggled and pulled the bed sheet up to her chin.


     He attempted to strip off the bathrobe, but with his hands tied, it would not be able to come off all the way, so he left it in place, his front wide open, it falling off one shoulder though. He stared at the gorgeous body of fiancé aching for him beneath the sheet. He could see movement beneath, and her nipples sticking up through it. The movement, he realized, was her own hand at her crotch. Her other hand came out from beneath, held up in the air, with one finger bending to beckon him closer. But as he went to kiss her crotch, she held his head back, just out of reach.


     Confused, he glanced eyes up at her, keeping his head as close to where he wanted it as possible.


     To make him understand, she rubbed a finger beneath his nose, against the bottoms of his nostrils, then pinching the bridge of his nose tightly. Immediately, he drew in a breath and pushed his way forward, into her crotch with the spasm of the sneeze, "ahhChehhh! huhShoooo!" Soaking the spot of dark blanket quite visibly against her crotch. Then when he touched her tongue against her there, she did not hold him back. Gregory was beginning to understand.


     With a grin, he reached up to caress one of her breasts, but she held his hand back from there as well. Now, he completely understood and sat down, straddling her with his hard member resting at her crotch. His chest puffed with deep breaths, and his eyes closed in expectation. Before too long, he snapped forward with several wet sneezes that he did not make any attempt to cover, directing them down to her. "ahhhTchoo! Ahhh...ehhh... ehhhEhshoo! ehhIhhshhhh!" soaking her front. And when he went to rub strong thumbs over her nipples, she did not protest. "ehhIhhhhshhhhhhhh-oo!" he sneezed again, one left over, spraying her all the more. The cold, wetness against her breasts was as arousing as his fingering her nipples, and the expression on her face begged for more.


     He delivered, moving to kneel with his legs on the outside of hers, his hard member brushing through the wet sheet at her crotch. He was on all fours now, knees and elbows as his hands were still behind his back, with his face right to one breast. "Lucky for be..." he snuffled as they waited, "this cold is bakig be feel so terribly sdeezey." He sniffed, rubbing a visibly running nose against her breast, restraining the urge to blow. "Lucky for you..." he corrected, his jaw dropping, eyes closing as his face and body tensed up, his legs squeezing her legs together. "I'b goig to... to sdee... sd...ehhh... hehh...ehhhhhhh... sdee... agaid..." he leaned forward into her. "ehhIhhhshhhhh! hehhhTchahh! ahhSheshhh! Ehhhh..." he managed to move himself to the other breast. "ehhIHSHHHH!" soaking them both quite completely. She pushed her crotch up against his in reaction.


     He gasped, moaned her name, and pushed back. She reached up and licked his neck, then bit his ear. That was her sign.


     All at once, he released himself from the bonds and pulled the sheet down, pressing his body against hers. He let her spread her legs, and he rubbed a hand against her crotch, which was dripping wet with her juices alone. She grabbed his shoulders, rolling with him so that now he was beneath her. She sat upon him, slipping onto him, gripping his legs between her thighs. She ran hands up and down his front, lying into him as much as she could, pushing against the weak, sickly form of the man she loved. She could tell he needed to sneeze again, and she still had piece of mind to pluck out a tissue and hold it to his nose for him. "ehhIhhhhphhh! AhhhHuphhmm!" he sneezed into it, then blew his nose as she held it for him. Though she knew the sanity would not last for long, as aroused as she was. She wanted him. She wanted him now. She wanted him badly.


     He was tense, sniffling, straining to keep his eyes open to look upon her. He put one hand on her neck, massaging beneath her ear, the other fingering his favorite of her two nipples. Their bodies rocked together, the feelings building, tingles becoming rushes, rushes becoming throbs, throbs becoming pains. Pains becoming--"Oh Lizzy!" She bit his neck in reaction as they rocked, pushing against each other, with each other.


     They collapsed weakly on the bed, Elizabeth having rolled off as carefully as possible. She held her arm out and he rolled into her, sniffling, almost whimpering, giving a deep sigh as he rested his head on her shoulder and her arm wrapped around him in a tight hug. She kissed his cheek, his forehead, his lips, his nose. With her other hand, she caressed his cheek. Sometimes she hummed, but she was still too out of breath this time, and exhausted herself.


     He went heavy in her arms, clearly falling asleep. Then he tensed again, pressing his nose into her, the spot of chest by her shoulder and right above her breast. "ehshhhhoo! ahhTchuhhh!" He sniffed weakly, miserably.


     "Shhhhh..." she hushed him, rubbing his nose with a tissue for him, then kissing his lips lightly again and giving him a reassuring squeeze of a hug.


     "Lizzy..." he mumbled as a grin passed over his face and he fell to sleep in her arms.