Title: Concupiscence

Author: tarotgal

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Two men in a cold alley... oh, gosh, I suck at writing this summary. It's just sneeze fetish porn, okay? ;-)



     The two pairs of tennis shoes raced down the back stairs. The door flew open, banging against the brick wall then swinging back. Bracing himself for it, he held a bent arm up to hold it off and held the door open long enough for both of them to sneak through. The alleyway was dark and deserted. Steam from heating grates wafted up, hiding the alley well from any passersby on the sidewalk or street. It smelled foul from two large garbage dumpsters, but only one of the two men could smell it and he couldn't care less at the moment.


     "Thag gooddess," Theo sighed, rubbing his forefinger alongside his nose. "S'good to get away at last. I've had to sdeeze for- hehhh!"


     Olson grinned, cocking his head to the side. "For what, Baby?"


     "ih! hih! For- hihhhh!" Theo replied, the sneeze building up despite his struggles. "For... for... hihh! H-had to... sd... sdeh... ehh!" Though he pinched his nose between his thumb and forefinger, he could not keep the sneeze back. And, frankly, neither of them really wanted him to. "hehhhT'Chooo!"


     "Oh, bless you," said Olson, reaching his up. His fingertips ran the side of Theo's face and found a place near the top where they could hide behind the chestnut locks of hair. He leaned forward and placed a strong, meaningful kiss on Theo's lips. "God you're beautiful when you do that," he said as soon as the kiss was over. Then he moved in for another, tilting his head to the side to allow maximum coverage of lips upon lips. His other hand found Theo's hip and scratched at the dark denim with fingernails practically bitten to the quick. "It's been driving me crazy all night."


     "Been drivig you crazy?" said Theo with a light laugh. "I'b the ode who keebs deedig to..." Hazel eyes shut and his lips quivered as his mouth hung open. "Deedig to... sdeh-sdeeze," he finished quickly, with determination. "hehh-Tuhchuhhhh! Ah!"


     "Ohgod," Olson exclaimed, salivating and pressing his body at once into Theo's. "A double." He went weak at the knees but held onto Theo, practically clinging to him for fear of missing a moment.


     Theo nodded as his breath caught again quickly. "hahhChoo! Snffff!"


     "Bless you twice," said Olson. He pulled his hand into his sleeve a little, grasping the cuff with the tips of his bent fingers, then rubbing that part of his red shirt sleeve against Theo's nose. "Got any more in there for me?" he asked, voice practically shaking as he felt the warmth that was Theo's nose and breaths against his hand and sleeve, and feeling the slight dampness which came from an especially good few sneezes during what was an exceptionally bad head cold.


     "Got a whole budch," Theo replied thickly and sniffly. He sniffed then rubbed his nose into Olson's sleeve with a sort of sick and snuffly version of a nuzzle. "Thidk you cad hadle theb?"


     Olson gave that only a moment of consideration before shaking his head. "Pretty sure I'm going to lose it any second now," he replied. His erection pressed hard into Theo's thigh already, but a bit more grinding had them both gasping and groping.


     Hands worked on buttons simultaneously but each on the other's fly, sharing in the triumph as jeans gave way to underwear. Grey boxer-briefs in Olson's case, with the cotton thin and his cock beneath so ready and sensitive to the slightest sensation. In Theo's case, it was white Y-fronts, a thick double-layer holding in his package until skillful hands crept in and touched.


     It was time for both men to gasp again, and hands began flying up and down with serious rubbing motions. Strong, hard rubs, sometimes brushing against skin, sometimes underwear. Each man rubbed the other's crotch desperately, feeding off the heat in the other man's pants and wanting to get the other man feeling just what he, himself, felt.


     Arms and torsos moved along with the rubbing hands, both of them shaking with the effort it took to continue. But they shook below the waist as well, for much different reasons. Thighs trembled, hips rocked, and hard-ons forced themselves against warm hands.


     "Ole," Theo gasped, eyes closed and breath hitching. "I have to... sdeeze 'gaid... ihhh? ih-heh..."


     "Ohyes," Olson panted, resting his forehead on Theo's shoulder. Their bodies were hot and so close, but there was still enough room between them to continue quick rubs. He could feel Theo moving, gasping helplessly and wanted to watch.


     So he threw his head back and stared at Theo. "ehh-ihhh! F-for you, Ole-Hih! HIH!" Nostrils flaring, corners of his mouth twitching, brow furrowing. "IHHKShooo! Hihh-IHShoo! ehhTChoo!"


     "Fuck you're gorgeous!" Olson groaned deeply, his eyes fixed on sniffling Theo. His hips bucked forward and he groaned again with intense pleasure. Theo grunted, working hard to rub the other man while thoroughly enjoying what Olson was doing to him. There was absolutely nothing sexier than knowing you were successfully turning your lover on.


     The night was cold, but beads of sweat shown on both foreheads. Olson stuck out his tongue for an instant to wet his lips, then bit his bottom lip. His breathing was heavy but shallow, and loud through his half-open mouth. Theo's was similar for a moment, then broke into vocalizations. "huhhh... hehh-ihhh!"


     Olson grunted deeply, thrusting himself at Theo so hard that they crashed back a step, slamming into a brick wall. If Theo felt it, he made no note of it. He had another sneeze coming on. "ehh-Yiihhhh!"


     The sound of the building sneeze was nearly drowned out by the sound of voices. They were loud and coming close, not from the stairway and door but from the end of the alley. Most likely it was just people walking by on the sidewalk in the middle of the night, but if they heard noise they might be the types to poke down the alley and investigate.


     Olson's free hand came up and cupped over Theo's mouth. His index finger pressed against the bottom of Theo's nose, and thumb pressed along the side. Theo's eyes closed regardless of the efforts. "ihhh!" His lips moved against Olson's hand and Olson could feel breaths in and out on his palm, cool and hot respectively. "hihh! Hehh!" Hands in pants moved so fast they practically flew, hastily trying to distract from the sneeze and beat each other off just in case company arrived. But when the sneeze struck, all either could feel was force as it overpowered them both. "HEHTChshttttt!"


     The hand still held there did as much to muffle the sneeze as muffle the sound of Theo's groan during orgasm, which happened only a split second later thanks to Olson's overly-enthusiastic rubbing.


     Theo's hand slowed and stopped briefly as he found his release. Then, sniffling madly into Olson's hand, his own hand rubbed madly at Olson's crotch again. In the span of half a minute, Olson was coming with several loud gasps and a moan purposefully held in the back of his throat.


     "Ahhh..." Olson sighed deeply afterwards, smiling at the end and giving a chuckle. "Aw, yeah." He pulled both somewhat wet hands back and rubbed them on the sides of his thighs, the dark denim hiding all.


     Weakly, Theo leaned back against the wall to keep from falling over from exhaustion. "hih-Hih-HIH-Chushhh! Snff!"


     "Bless you," Olson said, finally, gazing back at Theo. Then he rubbed his nose and cheek against Theo's, kissing lightly and enjoying the sounds of more sniffles in close proximity to his ear. "And bless your cold."


     Theo chuckled into Olson's ear, making the man shudder as the breath tickled. He sniffled hard, making the man go weak again and shake even more. Theo wrapped his arms around him, and they held each other steady. "Bless you, too. You and that marvelous fetish of yours."