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On September 23, 1997, I launched the Tarot of Sneezing website. On September 23, 2017, to celebrate twenty years of sneezing goodness, I published Still Around and Still Writing: Twenty Years with tarotgal. It collects twenty of my favorite stories, including two stories that will never appear elsewhere. Also in the collection are four sequels and a commentary section with my thoughts or interesting facts about each of the pieces. There is also bonus content in-between each of the twenty stories, from finished story excerpts to prompt drabbles to parts of unfinished pieces. The collection is packed full of sneezes!

Many of the stories, though certainly not all, contain male characters sneezing. A large number involve sneezing from colds, but there are a mix of other causes, as well. And some certainly have adult content. Please be aware of this before purchasing. Below is a list of the stories I chose for the collection. There are also some preview pages as PDFs below.


  1. The Honeymoon (male sneezing, male/female relationship)
  2. The Knight (male sneezing)
  3. Day 9 (male sneezing, male/male relationship)
  4. Their Give and Take (male sneezing, male/male relationship, BDSM)
  5. Chaps Who Wear Chaps (male sneezing, female/male relationship)
  6. Escape AKA Sweetie’s Story (male sneezing, male/male relationship)
  7. What Goes Around Comes Around (genderqueer sneezing)
  8. A Flash, A Spark (male sneezing)
  9. Private Lessons (male sneezing, male/male relationship, male/female secondary relationship)
  10. Nervous (male sneezing)
  11. The Fifth Date (male sneezing, male/male relationship)
  12. Oliver Wood and Puddlemere United On Tour (male sneezing, male/female & male/male relationships)
  13. Dog Walking (male sneezing, male/female relationship)
  14. Snapshot of Alexander Churchelle (male sneezing)
  15. Concupiscence (male sneezing, male/male relationship)
  16. That One Regret (male sneezing, male/male relationship)
  17. First Watch (male sneezing)
  18. It’s All in the Cards (male sneezing, male/female relationship)
  19. Daily Responsibilities (male sneezing)
  20. How Bad Could It Be? (male and female sneezing, male/female relationship)

Extra Content:

  • Drabble: Hoarse (male sneezing)
  • Unfinished: Story #14 (male sneezing; male/male relationship)
  • Sequel: The Squire (female sneezing)
  • Quotations
  • Sequel: T is for Trophy (male/male relationship)
  • Excerpt: Lights… Camera… Action! (male sneezing)
  • Sequel: Sick at a Party (male sneezing, male/male relationship, BDSM)
  • Short Something (male sneezing)
  • Plot Bunny
  • Unfinished: Home Sick (male sneezing)
  • Drabble: Clinic (male & female sneezing, probably)
  • A Tail Raiser (female sneezing, female/female relationship, anthro)
  • Unfinished: Story #59 (male sneezing, male/female relationship)
  • Drabble: Chill (male sneezing)
  • Her Magic Touch (female sneezing, female/female relationship, BDSM, golden showers)
  • Unfinished: Story #63 (male sneezing)
  • Drabble: Soft (male sneezing, BDSM)
  • Unfinished: Story #36
  • Excerpts: The Cursed Song (male sneezing, female/female & female/male relationships)
  • Sequel: That One Day (male sneezing, male/male relationship)
  • Drabble: Allergic (male sneezing, male/female relationship)
  • Excerpt: Second Coming (male sneezing)
  • Excerpt: Third Try (male sneezing)
  • Drabble: Drugs (male sneezing)
  • Unfinished: Nothing to Sneeze At (male sneezing)
  • Drabble: Under the Weather (male sneezing, BDSM)
  • Drabble: Gratitude (male sneezing, male/female relationship)
  • Commentary




Lulu, a self-publishing print-on-demand company, is the only place this collection can be purchased. Lulu alone will know your name, address, and purchasing information; that is not shared with me, the author. So your purchase is anonymous, for all intents and purposes. If you would like to let me know you purchased and enjoyed the collection, you are welcome to use my email address tarotgal@tarotgal.net.