“For me?” she asked, running circles around his nipple.

            He sighed, taking her hand and giving it back to her to get it off his chest. She was too much of a temptation, and knew too well how to get her way.

            “I heard a couple is even honeymooning there. Come on, can't you imagine how sexy it will be for us?”

            “The scientists?”

            She frowned. “Forget that part. We'll be helping humanity.”

            “We'll be getting off.”

            “And you think that couple won't? There have to be others like us out there. And it's good money. Just think of how easy it will be once our noses start to run.”

            He lay there in thought a moment, then answered. “All right. I shall call them first thing in the morning.”

            She giggled, kissing him passionately. “I knew you'd see rea… oh, Jamie,” she cooed as she rolled over him to find him aroused.

            He chuckled as he slipped his hands beneath her slip. “All I see is you.”





            “Well, looks like this is it,” James said, opening the door for his wife, Laurel. He emptied the truck of their suitcases and the couple made their way to the front door of the large mansion house.

            A butler met them at the door. “Names, please?”

            “James and Laurel W—“

            “First names, only. Thank you. Your room is number 342, up the stairs and on the left. You'll be taking part in the contagion study, as many of the couples here will be. Instructions will be found in your room and doctors will be in to see you shortly. We hope you'll enjoy your stay and bless you in advance.”

            James and Laurel exchanged looks, then trudged up the flights of stairs to their room, eager at the possibilities.

            First came the unpacking, upon Laurel's orders, then they set to work reading the paperwork. “It says here couples are forced to divulge if they have sex or not each night, and how many times,” James said, feeling a bit uneasy.

            “Well, you know how many germs can be carried from one person to another through intimacy. Just think of how sick we would make each other if we somehow managed to sneeze on each other during sex.”

            James smiled. “Perhaps we should have a quick go at it now, just for comparison. Well verses sick…” he pulled her to him, running his hands down her sides. She giggled, tossing her head back.

            The door opened. Laurel and James jumped away from each other, blushing a bit, as two scientists entered. “James and Laurel?”

            The couple nodded.

            “Welcome. We're here to explain the particular program you two will be involved in, answer any questions, and get some of this paperwork out of the way.” The scientists took seats across from where James and Laurel sat on the bed, hands held in comfort. “Now, as the man downstairs might have mentioned, you will be involved in the contagion study, as many of the couples here will. The purpose of this study is to closely observe how quickly and to what effect cold germs will carry from one person to another. Therefore, one of you will be exposed to the virus, and the other will not. There are of course chances the second person will catch a cold, and there are chances he or she will not. Every day at a designated time, each person will visit the clinic. There is a well clinic, and a sick clinic. Please visit the appropriate one and be honest with the doctors there. We will run some tests, but nothing too involved, and send you back.”

            The second doctor took over. “Mealtimes are listed in the packet we gave you. Nine o'clock for breakfast, noon for lunch, and six o'clock for dinner. The dining room is on the first floor, as is the swimming pool, if you care to use it.”

            James held up his hand to tell them to pause a moment. “You mean, we're allowed to go anywhere in the house?”

            The scientists nodded. “Except other guests' rooms. But yes, we're also studying contagions on a large scale, attempting to simulate a real world environment. There are many people here who are going into this well. We want to see how long it takes before germs start to circulate. So, we have a few rules.”

Laurel nodded. “Which are…?”

            “1- Tissues and handkerchiefs may be used, but disposed of only in your designated bins. These will be found in your bathroom, with your name on it. We suggest handkerchiefs, as they are softer. 2- If you do not wish to use either, sneezing and coughing into your hand would be fine, but do be careful not to infect this hallway, as we are trying to study the passing of a cold from one partner to another. 3- When in public, any of the other halls, the dining facilities, the pool, etc., and feel the need to cough or sneeze, you may do so any way you wish. If you'd like to sneeze freely, that is your prerogative. Your dinner-mates may kill you, however, so check with them first.”

            The second doctor picked up. “Which leads to 4- be respectful of others. Many people are here for different reasons. Some are trying hard not to get sick, while others are counting the seconds until they come down with a sniffle. 5- A reiteration… please be honest with the doctors in the clinic. We've opted not to record or tap into each room, to allow everyone needed privacy. But to be scientific, we do need to know certain things. 6- The dining hall, hallways, ballroom, laundry room, and many other public facilities will be continuously taped, so that we may monitor what goes on. 7- Enjoy yourselves. Let us know if there's anything you require.”

            “A map of the building is in the packet. Extra pillows and blankets can be found in the closet. Tissues and handkerchiefs are in the dresser drawers. Water jugs are in the bathroom. Need anything else, just call 0 on the phone there.”

            “Oh, and your times…” the second doctor thumbed through the papers. “James, you are to report to the clinic everyday at 2 o'clock. And Laurel, your time is 2:15. As it is 1:30 now, you can still make it there today on time. Are there any questions?”

            Still a bit stunned the couple shook there heads no.

            “All right. Enjoy your stay here!”

            The doctors left, and James and Laurel stared at each other, wide-eyed.

            “So, what do you think?” Laurel finally had the courage to ask.

            James' mouth slowly turned up into a smile. “I think I'm gonna like it here.” He puled Laurel to him, kissed her powerfully, and began stripping her clothes off, as she did the same to him.

            “Before and after?” she managed, panting as he touched her.

            “Before and after and after and after and after…” his voice died down into a soft growl as he ravished his wife.





            “This is it,” James said, giving his wife a kiss before their broke hands and he entered the 'well' clinic for what he hoped would be the first and only time.

            “You must be James?” he heard a woman's voice ask.

            He spun around to see a gorgeous woman walking towards him with a clipboard and a small tray. “You can call me Jamie,” he replied, entranced.

            “It says here you are scheduled to be a carrier. This is all right with you?”

            He nodded. “It is.”

            “First we need a little information about you.”