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Fanfiction: Supernatural


Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Secret Sam’s tired out from the trials and Dean’s just plain tired.
Day 10 Sam's photic sneezing complicates a hunt.
Day 7 Sam's got a cold but doesn't want to worry Dean.
Day 1 Sam's allergic to all the things and decides to take a holiday from his meds.
Vigilance Sam's got a cold, and colds and migraines really don't mix well.
Day 8 It just figures that Sam's allergic to a holiday.
Day 3 Who knew that angels could have allergies? Not Sam and Dean.
Day 1 It's finals week and Sam is committed to studying, even though he's got a cold.
Day 12 Dean returns to the bunker from a hunt to find Sam's still sick.
Day 11 Sam's got a sneeze fetish and one day, in the car, he's just got to hear Dean sneeze.
Day 1 Sam is sick on a hunt, but something strange starts to happen to Dean.
Lavender Bear Sam's been having migraines, so Dean gets him a teddy bear that also functions as a cold/heat pack. Problem is, this particular bear is also an aromatherapy bear, and it turns out Sam is really allergic to lavender.
Sneezing in the Shower Dean sneezes a bunch in the shower and right after he gets out.
Five Times Dean Ran Out of Tissues and One Time He Didn’t See title!
Calling for Help When Sam’s sick the only place he can get any sleep is all squished and bundled up in the back seat of the Impala. King-size motel bed? Doesn’t do it. The comfort of his own room? Not happening. The Impala is home, and it’s the only place he wants to be when he feels crummy.
Find a Place to Make Your Stand Sam has a very bad very sneezy cold and dean mother hens him and Sam secretly loves it.
Reversal Dean is physically and mentally de-aged to ~5-6 years old and comes down with a bad case of the flu. At first Dean is hesitant to accept comfort from Sam, but after Sam does all the things Dean always did for him when he was sick as a kid, Dean turns into a regular little snuggle bunny. Written for a 2012 meme prompt from Sinnerforhire.
Cute? Sam's cute. That's all there is to is.
More Cute? Some more cute... and some heartbreak, too.
She Who Entangles Men Sam's still pretty messed up from the cage and won't go outside and freaks out at being touched and that kind of thing. So Dean gets him a cat.
More Choices We Make Dean and sick!Sam are in the Impala. Sam's all shivery, so Dean gets him a blanket from the trunk. One problem: blanket is suuuuper dusty.
By the Roadside Sam falls asleep in the Impala. Sick!Dean stifles all his sneezes because he doesn't want to wake Sam, BUT stifling only makes him sneeze more.
Light Sneezing Sam and Dean share a sneezy slashy cold.
Dean’s First Snow Day Sam’s got a cold. Dean shovels snow. It’s all good.
Guess What Day It Is? Sam has a really really really bad cold. Dean makes him soup.
Not Speaking Dean and Sam are too old for the silent treatment, but that’s exactly what they’ve found themselves doing.
The Voice in His Head Sam never had to be good at taking care of himself - that was always Dean's job. Naturally, the first time he comes down with a cold at Stanford is a struggle because he has no idea what to do.
There’s Something Else Wrong with Sam Dean has a cold and knows that Sam has this particular kink and is turned on because he knows what it does to his brother every time he sneezes.
Side Effects May Include Sam has a sneeze kink Dean still doesn't know about. Dean gets this bad head cold and the meds he takes are making him horny.
The Choices We Make Sam desperately needs money during college. The only place hiring near campus right now is a garden center.
Late Night With a Quarter of a Box of Tissues One of the boys is sick (sneezing, coughing, the works). The other one puts Vicks VapoRub on his chest to help him feel better, but the smell drives his nose crazy.
Happy Birthday, Sammy It's Sam's birthday, and it's right at the beginning of May, during the peak of tree pollen season.
Thunder Oh, Dean. It started off as just a cold -- annoying, but he can deal with it. And then there's a freak thunderstorm and maybe a tornado warning and the closest refuge is the animal shelter. On cat adoption day.
Winchester Luck It’s snowing out, but Sam and Dean are on a hunt.
5 Times Sam Was a Teddy Bear and 1 Time Dean Was See title!
Bunker Fever Sam deals with the aftermath of a snow storm. (Season 8)
A Mess The car is stuck. So are the boys.
Agent Tough Guy Dean's allergies are really messing with him.
Something Old, Something New Thanks for comin’ to my rescue.
Shapeless Heap of Quiet, Sniffling Unhappiness He's so sick he doesn't even stick his head out from under the covers.
Pressing Pause Dean is getting a cold. He sneezes once. Then twice. Then three times...Hey, is there a pattern developing here?
Aches and Pains Sam always powers through his colds, because there's usually a job to be done. So when Dean finds Sam still in bed, wearing the same sweatpants and t-shirt he was wearing last night, he knows it must be really bad.
When is the Last Time You Slept? Irritated by the question, Sam doesn’t look up.
Noise Complaint But Paul Gregory didn't have the best luck, and the universe seemed pretty keen on driving that point home.
In a Perfect World Dean wears hearing aids. He's not totally deaf, he doesn't sign at all (or not very much), he's just hard of hearing. And he usually takes his hearing aids out at night to sleep. But that means he can't hear Sam sneezing in the middle of the night.
The Collection Sneezekink Sam starts collecting handkerchiefs, without even really realizing that he's doing it. A pack at a Walmart, a bandana at a truck stop, and then one day he realizes he's got a huge stash of hankies in his duffel.
The Right Blanket Ever since they were kids, Dean could tell what was wrong with his little brother just by what blanket Sam wanted.
What He Missed Sam is back from Stanford.
Finally This is a bit different. Dean has a sneezekink for his OWN sneezes and illnesses and allergies.
Murder by Sneeze It's sneezekink!Sam's birthday. Dean does everything right.
Snowed In A snow storm strands Dean in the impala and Sam in a motel (with a cold).
When Everything Falls Apart Things are different now. And though Sam’s happy, he still thinks about the way it once was.
Day 6 After Sam crashes the car, Dean's mad at him.
Day 5 Sam has come down with the worst cold ever.
Day 4 Sam is cursed to sneeze. Dean to the rescue!
Day 1 Dean gets super excited about Christmas and drags Sam to a winter fair even though Sam is sick.
Magic Sam knows how to cope with a cold when he’s hunting.
Panic Room Sam, Dean, and Bobby are forced to take refuge in the panic room. Sam has a miserable cold. Usually he likes to retreat when sick, but there's nowhere to go and no privacy. He's forced to suffer through this cold with his every sniffle on full display. Also, cold medicine and tissues were not super high on Bobby's priority list when stocking the panic room.
The Wait Sam does a lot of waiting.
Day 2 When John leaves right before Christmas, the boys seize their opportunity to finally have a normal Christmas.
Day 6 Sam has allergies and Cas has a mission.
Day 9 Sam's got a cold and is completely out of commission.
It's Gotta Be Four in the Morning We're hunting a pack of fledgling vampires. Shouldn't be a problem for us, except this one here has to go and get all sneezy on me.
Enough Stranded in the car during a snowstorm, Sam keeps Dean warm.
Change is Inevitable Sam is just coming down with a cold when Dean picks him up in the Pilot.
But the Impala Needs Fixing Dean has a cold but the Impala needs fixing up.
After the Snow The snow has stopped, but Sam and Dean aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
Out of Bed Dean doesn’t want to spend his birthday in bed, even though he’s sick.
4. Summer Summer means ragweed. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
15. Control Sometimes it takes control to banish a demon. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
19. Feather Feathers can be revealing. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
20. Anticipation Dean wants Sam to sneeze so badly. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
36. Impatience A sequel to Aniticipation. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
40. Suffer A sequel to Impatience. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
79. Headcold A sequel to Suffer. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
26. Dog Little Sammy finally gets a dog. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
31. Hold Back Castiel needs to learn how to hold his sneezes back. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
46. Terrible Sammy feels terrible. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
51. Lonely Dean feels lonely. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
54. Waiting Waiting room--says it right there in the name. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
76. Bath Dean and Sam in a bathtub. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
97. Honey Cas tries to take care of Sam and Dean. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
99. Smother Sam tries to stay quiet. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
First Thing In The Morning First-thing-in-the-morning-in-May sex. With hayfever Sam and sneezekink
Round Up the Usual Suspects After the cage, Sam doesn't remember the movies he's seen.
The More Things Change What happens every time Dean gets sick.
The More They Stay the Same How about a fic that's a series of snapshots of the boys being taken care of at Bobby's house when sick or injured through the years?
Deeeeean & Sammyyyyyy The boys are both sick, they can't get a hotel for whatever reason, so they're sleeping in their car and it's cold and there is lots of cuddling and sniffling and runny noses going on.
Six Weeks Dean comes back from Purgatory with brand new allergies and he cannot stop sneezing and he has NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON until Sam figures it out and maybe laughs at him but also takes care of him.
Sam is a Big Guy, Okay? Sam’s sneezes are just regular old sneezes, maybe a little on the loud side sometimes, but otherwise they come and go like the average sneezes they are. Unless Sam is sick.
Roller Coaster Ride Dean isn't sick. No, really. But, he's dreaming that he is. He's dreaming really vividly that he's sneezing over and over, and he can feel the tickling and everything.
Double Standard It’s Dean’s way or the highway, especially when it comes to colds the Winchester boys catch.
Back in the Saddle Now that Sam’s rejoined the hunt, it’s just like old times. Almost.
He’s Everything You Need Dean doesn’t just live to take care of Sammy—he gets off on it.
Befores & Afters Scenes of hurt/comfort from before Sam figures out about Dean's care-giving kink... and scenes set afterward.
No Chick Flick Moments Dean gets all wet and muddy.
Raise the Dead Dusty house meets Sammy’s nose.
A Dog Named Dean They don’t sleep together any more, but they do cuddle.
Out In the Rain The Impala breaks down one night, and Sam and Dean get caught out in the rain trying to fix it on the side of the road, which really sucks when Sam’s been coming down sick.
A is for Allergic Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
B is for Bronchitis Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
C is for Convalescence Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
D is for Dusty Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
H is for Hay Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
J is for Jamies Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
L is for Lust Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
P is for Porn Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
R is for Reassurance Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
V is for Virus Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
W is for Wings Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
Breadcrumbs Sam finds a trail of breadcrumbs.
How? Dean gets a cold and Sam is like "How?" and there are absurd amounts of Kleenex.
The Opposite of Nostalgia Dean has a hell of a cold. Problem is, so does Sam.
Solo Saxophone When Dean gets injured mid-hunt, it’s up to a sick Sam to finish.
Day 2 Sam and Dean have settled down and shopped for curtains. Now they're trying to celebrate their first Christmas and going all-out.
Dean Hearding Dean hearding is harder even than cat hearding.
Day 7 A continuation of my fic "Dean Hearding" in which Sam and Dean weather the storm inside the cat-filled B&B.
Day 9 Sam gets a harsh dose of reality at the worst possible time.
Day 12 This was the most important course in Sam Winchester's career as an undergraduate college student.
Day 8 Sam and Dean get trapped in a cave.
Day 9 Sam’s got the sniffles. Dean’s on edge. Castiel is confused.
Day 10 Sam’s allergic to… something.
Day 5 It’s Christmastime and the Winchester boys are both sick.
Day 7 Allergies and hunting aren’t a fantastic combination.
Day 9 Dean’s feeling sneezy and Sam’s kind of okay with that.
Day 10 Sam’s got a puppy! Unfortunately, he's allergic to it.
Day 11 Sam is secretly thrilled when Dean crawls into bed with him one morning.
Bonus 2 Why you shouldn’t hunt ghosts when you’re sick.
Game of Wills Sam takes a few hours to nurse his cold and Dean winds up in trouble.
Surprise Ending Dean has a cold and Sam reads to him.
Damn Those Weather Forecasters Sam has a cold and they're in a motel with no heating and shitty blankets. Dean cuddles him to keep him warm.
Fairies are Worse than Witches Dean is really really sick at the Roadhouse and Ellen makes him soup. Tomato rice soup because it's all she's got lying around. And Dean...he maybe...cries. A little. :)
After the Fight Dean gets hurt really badly on a hunt, and feverish!sick!sneezy!Sam is having a hard time getting him back to the motel, but he's determined.
Alterdative Bethods Dean has a cold and Sam puts his feet in a basin of warm water.
Unanswered Questions Sam has a cold (or whatever) and crawls into Dean's bed in the middle of the night. Dean wakes up in the morning and is just like AWWWW and cuddles the shit out of Sam all day, ofc.
Invisible Strings Dean is down-playing a really bad cold. He puts on a pretty good act of being okay when Sam's watching, but when he's alone he's a mess. (Spoilers for Season 7)
You'll Thank Me Sam has a bad cold and his nose is sooo chapped and sore from all the tissues. Dean rubs moisturiser on it for him.
Silence Deaf Sam watching Dean sneeze. This can be gen, slash, whatever. He can have a sneezekink or not. I'm just interested to see what it's like from the point of view of a person who can't actually hear a sneeze. Engage your other senses, writerly folks! Go! :D
Of Crushed Tissue Boxes and Bad Codes I would like any fic, whatsoever, exploring the sharing of a cold between the two brothers. It can be gen, slash, sexy kinktimes, or not.
1. Convalescence Dean needs the Impala as much as his brother when he's sick. Part of my More Drabbles project.
7. Prayer Dean doesn't normally pray. Part of my More Drabbles project.
19. Familiar After Purgatory, everything seems different. Part of my More Drabbles project.
1. Convalescence (Again) Sam needs to recover. Part of my More Drabbles project.
Drabble 2 Has Dean hit his breaking point?
Drabble 6 Sam's sneezy and Dean breaks a promise.
Drabble 10 Sam handles his cold like a hunter now.

Weechesters & Teenchesters

Title & Ratings Description & Information
The Letter I is Lucky If Dean didn’t want him to play with his food, why’d he serve Sam alphabet soup and not some boring chicken noddle? Written in honor of the launch of the Alphabet Soup discord group.
Cold & Flu Book Sam's job is to keep his family safe and healthy.
Convergence Sam’s sick. So sick the school nurse needs to send him home from school. But that’s okay with Sam because he feels lousy and knows Dean’s going to take care of him and make it better. Except that Dean doesn’t do that this time…
This Was the Worst Teen Sam is going through a growth spurt, and none of his favorite jackets/hoodies fit him anymore. They haven't had time to get him any new clothes lately, either. But Sam is sick and achy and cold, and all he wants is to cuddle up in comfortable layers.
Father's Day John is too busy bossing his kids around to realize one of them is getting sick.
Dutiful Brother There's a really bad ice storm, and Sam's sick, so they take refuge in the first motel they find. But they're also out of cold medicine.
Helpful Brother “Did a trip to the store tire you out?” Sam chuckled.
Ten Minutes Sam and Dean are sneezy. They are in the Impala on the way to a hunt, and one brother voices their concern to the other brother that he doesn't think he can be quiet enough during the hunt. An argument about 'control issues' ensues.
Guess Who’s Allergic Somebody has been hiding and taking care of a small furry animal (think kitten, rabbit, guinea pig sort of thing) in their dorm for most of the semester. Now that finals are approaching, the school is doing a dorm inspection, so Somebody has to take their pet with them to class. Guess who's allergic.
Winchester Brother Override Privilege Dean has a cold and gets super clingy. Sam deals.
Hoodie Times Dean always liked to wear Sam's hoodies when he was sick.
Four Hundred Degrees No, Sam, I do not want to breathe in steam, because it's already 300 degrees in the shade and that won't help this stupid cold. Now shut up and leave me alone until Dad gets home.
Fort Winchester Sequel to Four Hundred Degrees.
Smile Sam’s smiles don’t come easily.
Sammy von Count At first, the counting had been cute.
They’re Just Sneezes Sam woke up with a bit of a cold that morning, but he insisted he was fine and they both went to school. Now, it seems to be getting worse. All of Dean's mothering instincts are telling him to take care of Sammy, but he has to force himself to stay in his seat and let Sam take care of himself.
One Long Afternoon Nesting in the backseat of the Impala when sick is the best thing ever. I want to see a fic set entirely in the backseat.
Daddy’s Little Soldier I'd love to see a fic where John comes down with a cold. Young Dean and Sam worry about him. And it's up to Dean to take care of Sam (because John can't do it) and take care of his dad as well.
Twenty Questions Sam's acting weird and Dean notices.
And Then the Sky Opened Up Dean’s just trying to get home so he can sleep off his cold, but he’s got Sammy to look after.

Alternate Universe

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Bouncing Pogo Sticks Hogwarts AU: Dean isn't feeling well and wants a certain someone to notice.
Fnese Adora Characters are cursed to be sneezy-allergic to the one thing they love more than anything else in this world.