Title: When Everything Falls Apart

Author: tarotgal
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Dean/Sam/Jess

Disclaimer: Not my characters! I make no money!
Summary: Things are different now. And though Sam’s happy, he still thinks about the way it once was.
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2016 Comment Meme: Fandoms, Sneezes, Fiction, Art—You Know How This Works!  

Prompt: Person A and B are together. But they like to invite a third in from time to time, shake things up.  Person C is someone they know/work with/mutual friend/etc. A and B were already showing interest in C. But that attraction shoots up 150% when C comes down with the sneeziest head cold imaginable (or the sneeziest allergies, if you prefer!)



When Everything Falls Apart


Everything began to fall apart just after dinner. Dean had picked at his food, which wasn’t a good sign, and had barely touched his pie, which was an even worse sign. Sam marched his brother back to the motel room, popped him into a hot shower, and then tucked him into bed. When Dean didn’t fight against any of this, Sam was certain his big brother was getting sick.


Dean didn’t do sick very well. He couldn’t hunt well when he was sick. And when Dean couldn’t hunt, Dean was miserable. Before Stanford, Sam would try to cheer Dean up. They’d cuddle in bed for warmth and watch movies. They’d take a ride in the Impala and blast music so loud it drowned out the sneezing or hacking coughs. And, well, sometimes they’d jack off together.


But a lot had changed since Stanford. They never talked about all those times discovering each other now. Sam wasn’t sure if that was because Dean was ashamed of it or because it would just be weird to bring up in front of Jess. Since Jess had joined them on the Road, Dean had been thrilled to have people he trusted to hunt with every day, and they were getting closer and closer to figuring out what happened to Dad. But the thing that Sam and Dean once were together didn’t seem to exist anymore.


Sam would have been sad about that, if he weren’t wrapping his arms around Jess every night, feeling her cuddle close as they fell asleep together. Dean made up excuses to go out every so often to give them private time together. Dean didn’t even mind driving while they made out in the backseat like they were teenagers instead of college dropouts who hunted demons fulltime. That was just how it was now: Sam and Jess together with Dean leading them from hunt to hunt across the country.


Until the night that everything started falling apart and Sam, in a panic, had to try to put things back together before what they had was lost.


Dean started sneezing around eleven. Sam got him the box of tissues from the bathroom and made him swallow a small, plastic cup of NyQuil. But Dean’s sneezes weren’t going anywhere. In the end, he’d told Sam to just go to bed and try to sleep. Sam had obeyed his big brother, like he always did, but even as he wrapped his arms around Jess and tried to cuddle close to fall asleep, he knew he’d never be able to sleep.


uhhh-Chooo! HuhhChooo! Huh-HIH-Chooo!


Sam was hot all over. Tingles and urges raced through this body. There was need and arousal, sure, but there was also shame and nervousness. Normal people didn’t get turned on by their brothers. Normal people didn’t get turned on by sneezing. There was no way Jess wouldn’t find out now.


“Um, Sam?” she whispered.


Shit. Already he’d been discovered. How could he answer? What could he say? “Yeah?”


“Dean doesn’t sound so good.”


Oh. “It’s just a cold. When he’s sick, he sneezes a lot at first, and then it settles down so it’s mostly coughing after the first day.” Sam could feel his cheeks burning red, but she wouldn’t be able to see that in the darkness. “He’ll be all right.”




Sam fought the urge to touch himself. His cock was hard, tenting the sheet and blanket. And Jess was snuggled up right next to him. There was no way she could miss it. But maybe if he didn’t touch it, didn’t call attention to it, she wouldn’t figure out why it was there.


“Sam.” Again, this came as a whisper, but this time it sounded softer, gentler somehow. “It’s okay, if you want to go to him.”


Sam’s breath caught, and for a moment he was unable to speak or even think. All that existed was the panic.


“I know you two used to… I can see it in the way you look at each other. And it’s obvious you like the way he sneezes. So why don’t you go to him? I’m sure you’d both feel better if you did.”


Jess happened to be the sweetest, most amazing girl in the world. She understood. She was even urging him to go to Dean. Which was why he absolutely couldn’t. She deserved better than that. She deserved a boyfriend who didn’t get off on his brother’s sneezes. “No…” he whispered back, though the word broke in his throat. “It… it’s not normal.”


“Hunting demons isn’t normal either, but you still do it. And I do it with you.” She plunged her hand down, under his boxers, and grabbed hold of his erection. Startled, he sucked in a breath. “If you like, I’ll do this with you, too. But, either way, Dean sounds miserable and needs company.”


And that was how Sam, with all the shattered pieces of his relationships with the two of them clutched against his chest, let himself be led over to Dean’s bed. He got in under the covers on one side. Jess got in on the other. And they both cuddled close to Dean instead of to each other.


“How’re you feeling, Dean?” Jess asked, rubbing her hand in a circle on his chest.


Blinking in the darkness of the motel room, Dean looked from Jess to Sam and then back to Jess again. “Confused,” he replied. But already his voice was all stuffy from cold and it came out “Codfused.” Sam’s cock jerked excitedly at the sound of the congestion. “Whoa there, Tiger. I’m dot so sure… you… hahhh-huh-KChoooo!


And then Sam hears it. At first, he honestly thinks he’s making the sound. It’s soft and high-pitched, full of desperate need. Then he takes a breath and realizes the sound isn’t coming from him. Or from Dean. It’s Jess. Jess, who’s wriggling out of her nightie and pressing her body right up against Dean. There was no mistaking this, not even for cold-ridden, NyQuil-fuzzy Dean. Somehow… Jess liked this.



“Jess?” Sam began.


“Shhhhh. We’ll talk about all this later. I promise. All of us. Right now, you and I are here to make Dean feel better.”


Sam suspected that there was more to it. If it were just about Dean, she’d be sitting on the side of his bed with a cool washcloth for his forehead and a couple tissues in her hand, not naked and practically humping him. But Sam had no interest in calling her on this. Not with his hardness pressed to Dean’s hip and Dean’s breath hitching again.


huhhh… huh-guys? Huhhhhh-IHHHChooo!”  He sniffed hard. “Dot that I’b dot abbreciative or idterested, but this cold’s kickig by butt six ways frob Sudday. Dot sure I’b goig to be ub for buch excebt sobe sdee… sdeezing. Huh-huhCHOO! Sniff! Actually, bake that a lot of sdeezig.” He reached up wipe his nose with his sleeve, but Jess already had the tissue box up and Sam had already pulled one out.


Wiping his brother’s nose was a sensation he hadn’t experienced in years, but all the memories came rushing back to him as he did it. All the times they stayed home from school because one of them was sick, the times Dean was so feverish and out of it Sam had to look after him, the times they showered together with Dean all weak and sniffly and leaning on Sam for support so he wouldn’t fall. And all those times jerking off in bed, on the couch, in the shower, and even silently the back seat of the car because Dean’s sneezes were the most amazing ones Sam had ever known. “Good,” he squeaked, burying his face against Dean’s shoulder. “I want you so much right now.”


Dean’s kiss on the top of his head was reassuring. So was Jess’ nuzzle and kiss on his cheek. He felt like he should apologize for being so strange. But, compared to some of the strange things they’d seen in their lives already, he suddenly realized he didn’t have to say a word. They were already here, already understanding, already doing this. All Sam had to do was enjoy it and maybe wipe Dean’s nose for him whenever it ran.




Sam squirmed excitedly against Dean and reached down, finding his brother half-hard already. His hand slid to the side, easily finding and cupping one of Jess’ breasts. Her nipples were pert, hard as diamonds against his thumb. They weren’t just playing along for his sake. But, still, he had to ask. He had to hear it. “Are you sure you want to do this?”


“Very sure,” Jess replied, in a voice that had its own gasp of pleasure just behind it.




Dean snuffled into the tissue Sam pressed to his nose. “Sure,” he agreed. “If you two will actually have be.”


Jess’s gentle kiss against his jaw was one answer. Sam reaching into his underwear and fondling his balls was another. Dean relaxed against his pile of pillows and slid his arms around the two of them, pulling them closer.


They were barely settled like this when Dean’s breath began to hitch. “Oh… heh… oh God… thidk… heh! Heh! Huhhh! Thidk I’b heh godda…” Sam whimpered and grabbed at Dean. “huhhhh! HUhhh! Here it hehh! Here it cobes-heh… HEH! HEHHHHHHH!” For a second, Sam thought the sneeze had gone. There was no sound at all, apart from Jess’ heavy breathing. Then, finally, it burst from him, “hehhh-EHHHHHHHPTDSchhhhhhhhhh!


It occurred to Sam, as he began thrusting desperately against Dean’s hip, that this was how it was always supposed to have been. It had been Dean and Sam for so many years, just the two of them experimenting and taking comfort in each other. And it had been Jess and Sam since college, months of bliss and tenderness and support. But this—the three of them, together—was what he had been looking for his whole life without even realizing it. He hadn’t gone to college to be normal after all. Because whatever this was wasn’t normal. But it was perfect for him. Perfect for them.


Jess moaned when she came against Dean, and the sound sent Sam over his edge as well. He cried out, coming so hard and fast it barely registered when Dean sneezed again, all wet and helpless and for them.


Dean came not a minute later, two sets of hands all over him, wiping at his nose and stroking his leaky dick and cupping his balls and rubbing his chest. Dean’s groan came with coughs and snuffles and Sam had handfuls of tissues for him to blow into and get cleaned off with when it was over. All Dean could do was lie there, spent and exhausted to a degree that the cold medicine hadn’t been able to achieve.


“Thadgs,” Dean said, once he had regained his breath. He turned his head and pressed a kiss to Sam’s forehead. “I bissed you so buch, Sabby. I bissed this.”


“You missed having a three-way with me and my girlfriend? How come I don’t remember ever doing that before?”


Dean chuckled. “You dow what I bead.” He blew his nose, gurgling into a clump of tissues Sam held for him. When Sam pulled them away, Jess swooped in with a fresh tissue, wiping his nose dry.


“You should be thanking Jess—we both should.” Sam’s eyes twinkled affectionately in the dimly-lit room. “This was all her idea.”


Jess shrugged and reached over, rubbing her hand up and down Sam’s arm. “I’ve spent two months on the road with the Winchester boys. I’ve gotten to know you both pretty damn well. I learned that Sam has the strangest and maybe hottest fetish I’ve ever heard of. And I learned that there are only a handful of things that Dean really loves. Right up there near the top of the list is sex. If that didn’t make him feel better, I knew nothing would.” She leaned across Dean and kissed Sam. Then she settled back down and kissed Dean’s cheek. “Now that we’re all tired out, I suggest we all get some sleep and wait to talk about this in the morning.”


Sam snuggled in close. It had all fallen apart so quickly, and the pieces were never going to go back together the same way again. But now he realized the picture on the puzzle wasn’t what he’d thought it would be. It was different, bigger, better. Things hadn’t been falling apart so much as falling into place.  And Sam wanted what they had now to stay together like this forever.