Title: Murder by Sneeze
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Meme Prompt: It's sneezekink!Sam's birthday. Dean does everything right.


Murder by Sneeze


“You’re killing me.”


“Then you get to be one of those people whose birth date and death date are the same day. Congratulations.”


Sam punches Dean in the arm, and Dean pretends for a second to be hurt. Then he sneezes. “huh-huh-EHN’Shhhhhh!” A soft, wet mist falls upon Sam’s hot skin and he wriggles with need under Dean’s body. His knees caress Dean’s hips. His toes curl into the blanket spread across the backseat.


Sam reaches up and his hand shakes. Embarrassed, he pulls it back.


But the motion doesn’t go unnoticed. “Hey. Sniff!” Dean nuzzles close, getting his nose right in there, wet and sniffly against the spot where the little dab of cheap cologne is. “Huh!” His sharp gasp makes Sam buck. “Heh-eh. Huhhh… huh-ehhhhhh… eh-eh-eh-hehh-heheh-Eh!” And his build-up makes Sam wriggle again like he can’t take this anymore.


But they both know Sam can. They both know he wants this. They both know it’s the only birthday present Sam Winchester’s going to get this year. Sam’s expression is a pleading one. He doesn’t just want this; he needs this.


“I… I can’t… huh… trying to hold it, Sam. But I-ehhh… I gotta sn-sneh-sneeze so bad”


Sam whimpers. “Keep talking.”


“Don’t huh! Don’t know if I eh-heh if I can.” But they both know Dean can. He’s done this before, though not quite like this. This is special. “eh… tickles hehh so much in my-ehhyehhh… hehhhhh-huh-uh… gotta… uhhh…


Sam reaches up, momentarily fascinated by Dean’s nose. The wildly flaring nostrils. The wrinkle lines at the corners of his eyes that match the one on the bridge of his nose. The flush of skin beneath his nose from so much sneezing and rubbing and sneezing some more, from so much attention. The tip of Sam’s finger traces carefully the curves of Dean’s nostrils.


EH-HEH-oh-oh, when you do that!” Dean’s hands grip Sam’s shoulders, fingers digging in deep. “ehhh… makes me-ehhh-makes me need to sneeze hehhhh even more!”


Sam gasps as well. “Dean!”


Dean buries his nose against Sam’s scent-heavy neck and lets loose. “Yiihhh-huhShishhhh! Ehh-hehSchhhh! hihhShhhh!


Sam whimpers and starts to come, grinding up against Dean’s body. But Dean’s not done yet.


eh-ehhHehshh! Ihhh-huhshhh! Uh… this tick… tickle-hschhh! Ihhh… id… id by dose… hehschhhhh!” He’s sneezed so much without break that he’s all stuff-up. Probably a quick blow will fix that, but Sam has no intention of letting his brother off that easily.


“More,” Sam begs, coming hard now, wanting to hear another sneeze as he does.


“Cah-can do-ehhhHIHShhhh! huhhGihtschhh!


When Sam’s done, he holds onto Dean, not wanting to let him go. He knows they need to get back on the road. They’ve been driving for days, not even stopping at night to catch a few hours’ sleep in a crappy motel room.


Dean snuffles wetly into Sam’s neck, rubbing his wet nose which must still be full of tickles.


Sam strokes his hand up and down Dean’s back. Then he goes back to touching Dean’s nose. His finger slides along the bridge and circles around the flushed nostrils again. “You’ve got to promise me… every year… we do this.” Sam’s sure he’ll never get too old for this.


Dean grins. “I brobise, Sab.”


“Oh God.” Sam breathes out deeply at the sound of Dean’s gloriously stuffed nose. “You’re killing me.”