Title: First Thing In The Morning
Rating: R
Pairing: None
Disclaimer: Not my boys
Notes: Written for sexualoddity’s Sneezy Supernatural Boys Appreciation Society comment meme

Prompt: First-thing-in-the-morning-in-May sex. With hayfever Sam and sneezekink Dean obviously.



First Thing In The Morning


There are very few things better than waking up to find Sam Winchester’s tongue swirling around your right nipple. One of them is waking up to find Sam Winchester’s tongue swirling around your right nipple and his sniffly, ticklish nose nuzzling your bare skin. Hell, even without the tongue part, that was hot.


Dean’s hand finds his brother’s head and fingers thread through the longer hair. Sam keeps it shorter in the springtime, for good reason, but it’s soft from so many showers—sometimes two a day, if they can swing it. Dean enjoys the sensation, the wet teases, until he can’t stand not looking. Then he opens his eyes and see’s Sam’s staring up at him. Hopeful. Horny. “Oh hell yes.” No matter how many times they do this, it’s amazing every time.


Sam lifts his head, a small smile on his face. “Woke up feeling so sneezy. Didn’t leave the window open, did you?”


Sam knew perfectly well he hadn’t. But the statement makes Dean smile back. He remembers the one and only time he’d done that by mistake and Sam had sneezed his head off for hours, even on medication. After that, Dean had decided small allergy attacks were a lot more enjoyable than the full-blown ones. And Sam’s hayfever had not let him down since.


Dean’s hand slides from head to shoulders and back, feeling the soft warmth of Sam’s white undershirt. They did laundry every day if they could squeeze it in, so Sam could sleep in something fresh and clean. Thank goodness he wasn’t allergic to dryer sheets. “Are you miserable? Do you want to go shower?” Dean closes his eyes again, inwardly chanting to himself ‘please say no. Please say no.’


Until Sam sniffles and whispers, “No.” His head snaps down, nose pressed hard into Dean’s bare chest. “hutttttSchhhhhhh!” It’s light and airy and didn’t do a thing to get rid of the tickle Dean knows is playing there. But it does something to Dean. Dean arches upward. Sam’s on top of him, and Sam is not light, but such is the power of Dean’s arousal when Sam sneezes on him.


Sam slides down the bed and nuzzles Dean’s boxer briefs, that are tight and, suddenly, too restrictive. Dean reaches down to shove them off, but Sam stops him. “Let me.”


Dean’s not a fan of this turn of events. Sam always tries to push foreplay on him, tries to get Dean to give up a little more control. And Dean is perfectly capable of taking off his own underwear thank you very much.

But Sam grabs his wrists, pins them down to the bed. Panic sets in, his heart thumping madly in his chest. He had to get away. Had to fight. He pushed against Sam, thought about sending a knee right to his chest. He could throw Sam off if he gathered all his strength.




Dean freezes. The spray had been fine, gentle. He had barely even felt it. But he wants to feel it again. Dean goes weak, boneless. “Fuck me,” he moans.


“Gettig there,” Sam replies, just a little stuffed up. Just a little sniffly. Just a little sneezy too, Dean hopes. Sam gives his nose a boyish kind of rub, as if he’s suddenly embarrassed by it. And Dean suddenly realizes there is no getting his underwear off now around his solid erection.


Sam tries anyway. Teeth pull a little at the waistband. But mostly Sam presses his nose into Dean’s crotch to rub his nose. He sniffles and sniffles, breathing out warm breaths on Dean’s already warm crotch. It takes less than a minute for another sneeze to rise up. And then Sam’s hands slide under to squeeze Dean’s asscheeks while Sam’s nose rubs. “heyyIttshhh! Ehfshhh!” He gasps and sneezes again. And again. Until Dean’s white underwear is so damp it’s almost transparent. “heyIhffshh! hitttSchh!


Dean cries out and moves again to get rid of his underwear. This time Sam doesn’t stop him. And Sam helps until the underwear is down just far enough. Then Sam can’t help it and presses his nose right against Dean’s dick. His breath hitches, and he rubs harder. “ihhh…


“That’s it. Just sneeze… Sneeze now.” 


He lifts his head, and Dean watches his eyes flutter, nose twitch with itchiness. “D’not yet. D’not udtil you’re ready. I dow ihhh how it hehhh…” He ducks his head again, really rubbing his twitching nose against Dean’s skin.


Sam’s got a point, much as it kills Dean to admit it. He loves when a burst of sneezing comes just as he’s ready to come. He never gets the timing quite right, tries to hold out until the big finale. But sometimes, with Sam’s sneezing, there isn’t one. Though, most times, Dean just can’t make it past what amazing sneezes Sam sneezes. “Sneeze,” Dean tells him.


Sam lifts his head again, along with a finger to indicating that one is coming. His chest rises, mouth drops, eyes close. A few beats go by and then he obeys Dean’s order. “ehh… ehhIHshhh!


Dean flexes his fingers, practically begging. “Come up here.”


Sam shakes his head. “Uh-uh.” He sticks his tongue out again and laps languidly at Dean’s balls. He sniffles and snuffles and sucks. He’s so fucking good at sucking. Dean thrusts into Sam’s ready mouth. Sam gives him blowjobs sometimes on the open road, when there are no SUVs or trucks to be seen. But a blow job while Sam is sniffling, on the verge of another sneeze, is beyond amazing.


Just watching Sam fight against a sneeze so he can suck Dean off is almost better than the actual sneeze; it’s no wonder Dean can never make it long. The younger Winchester’s nose twitches fiercely. He takes sharp breaths, drawing air in even as his mouth is around Dean’s dick. His breaths out are shaky through his mouth or stuffy through his nose. He sucks, swirls his tongue, and then finally pulls away, mouth turned down at the corners. “ehhhh-IHIPtshhh!” He raises his hand, swipes it under his slightly drippy nose, and smiles at Dean.


“You don’t have to do this, you know,” Dean says. He feels oddly obligated to give Sam a way out. He’s using Sam for his sneezes; he knows that. But to Sam it’s more than that.


“Let b’me edjoy you edjoyig this.” He sniffles, scrubs the back of his wrist against his nose. “Oh, so tickly!”


“Ngh!” Dean gestures again, and Sam just grins.


“Albost. I feel a… ehhhh… adother… ihhh… cobig od… Heh-eh-ehhh-IHFSchhh! Ehtshhhh! Heh-HEH!” He pinches his nose and ghosts his flaring nostrils against Dean’s abdomen. “Gotta… Are you ready?”


“Hell yeah,” Dean whispers, almost unable to take it. He’s leaking, throbbing, so fucking ready. “Sneeze. Please… just sneeze.”


Sam pauses, and for a second Dean is terrified the sneeze is stuck or, worse, that it’s gone away.


But then Sam’s eyes close and his head snaps downward. “eh-HuutttShihhh! hehshhhh!


Turning his head, Dean buries his face in a pillow and groans as he comes.


Afterward, he sits in bed with two handfuls of tissues. One handful he presses to Sam’s face, the other he uses to wipe himself. Sam snuffles helplessly and takes the tissues from him. “Shower now? Meds after?” Dean asks as Sam blows his nose. It’s weird how fast he can go from lover to big brother.


A slow smile creeps onto Sam’s face. He crawls up the bed at last and settles beside Dean. “Both cad wait.” He nuzzles into Dean’s neck and sniffles into Dean’s ear. “I still feel a little sdeezy.” Dean feels a soft kiss on his skin.


Dean’s breath catches and his insides squirm excitedly. “Sneeze,” he whispers.


Sam does.