Day 11

Title: Day 11
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I wish they were mine. I definitely don’t get paid for this.
Summary: Sam's got a sneeze fetish and one day, in the car, he's just got to hear Dean sneeze.
Notes: Written for my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2017-18 project project for Anonymous.

There were four duffle bags in the Impala. Dean and Sam each had their own bag containing toiletries, clothes, and any other personal items they cared enough to lug around from town to town instead of keeping back at the bunker. For Dean, this mostly meant skin mags of hot Asian chicks. For Sam, this was usually the book he was currently reading. Then there was the duffle that was half full of equipment. At any given time, they could grab it and stuff it full of whatever else they needed for a hunt, like a more mobile, carry-able version of the Impala’s trunk. Of course, both of them preferred the sort of hunt that only required one or two shotguns to deal with, but sometimes you had to be fully armed with backup weapons, just in case. The fourth duffle bag was black and usually lived in the trunk, just in case the Winchesters had a passenger or two in the backseat. This bag held their toys.

There weren’t many of them, to be honest, but they didn’t venture out without them, just in case they both found themselves in the mood to play or just in case they were out doing interviews or working a case and ran into a cat.

Just the sight of Dean’s nose starting to twitch with tickles was enough to send Sam straight for the bag. Of course, they liked it best when they were near the bunker and could play in the comfort and privacy of their own place; the novelty of having their own place still hadn’t worn off for them. And they could make do with any old motel room in any old town they happened to be in. A nice bed with a sturdy headboard was almost universal and, even if there wasn’t one, Dean was a good enough actor. But then there were the times they were literally in the middle of nowhere with no access to things like controlled temperatures or mattresses or motel housekeeping carts with their seemingly endless supply of tissue boxes. It would make all the sense in the world, during those times, just to go for a run or find a cold river by the roadside to jump into—anything to keep those urges at bay. But the thing is, Sam didn’t want to do that… and neither did Dean. When they were horny and not in immediate danger in the middle of a hunt, the two Winchesters took full advantage. So they needed the bag.

“Are you sure about this?” Sam asked, kneeling on the backseat as he unzipped the duffle bag.

He always asked.

And Dean always said, “Bring it on, Sammy.”

So Sam always did.

First, he tacked blackout curtains over the windows and the divider between the front seat and the back. They were in the absolute middle of nowhere, far from the main roads. The chance of anyone seeing them was small, but not one Sam was willing to take. This was his kink and his embarrassment if someone happened upon them.

As soon as the world around them was gone, leaving only Dean and Sam, they both hurried to undress. There wasn’t a whole lot of room here, but they’d grown up in the back seat. They knew how to shift and maneuver about without bumping their elbows. They undressed themselves and each other, stealing kisses after every other item of clothing was shed, pushed into the space between the backseat and the back window.

Sam took just a brief moment to admire his brother’s body, so strong and rugged, before getting ready to bring Dean Winchester down to a helpless, begging state. Sam had this little bullet vibrator that had always been used for sex but never the way it was supposed to be used. Smiling, he turned the base to switch it on. The sound of the gentle but steady buzz filled the car. Bringing it, as requested, Sam laid the buzzing bullet alongside Dean’s nose.

Dean’s nose had been broken a dozen times over the years. It was incredibly sensitive to vibrations like this. In fact, it didn’t take more than five seconds for Dean to start wiggling his face around his nose, squinting, pursing his lips, furrowing his brow.

“Got a little tickle?” Sam asked playfully.

“No,” Dean lied. “I’m ­hhhh I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound fine. You sound like you’re fighting off a sneeze.”

Dean’s nostrils flared and his cheeks went red with heat. “No… I’m-hihh! I’m… fihhh ihhhhhh fine.”

“I don’t believe you,” Sam whispered. “I think you’ve got a sneeze in that nose of yours just for me. And I want to see it.” He wanted to hear it and feel it and, oh God, even just thinking about Dean sneezing for him got him all hot and bothered like absolutely nothing else could. He felt a little bad for torturing Dean like this, for making him sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. But the fact that Dean was just as hard as he was right now did wonders for his willpower, helping him go on with this. “Come on, Dean. Sneeze for me.”

“I… I don’t… HIH!” Oh, this was a strong one. Dean pressed his lips closed and tried to wrinkle his nose. But the sneeze was too much for him. He couldn’t hold it back, not this one. And they both knew that once Dean started sneezing, it would be even harder for him to stop. “hih! Ihhh! Hih-IHHH!” Dean reached up and pressed two whole fingers against his nose.  His ring glinted in what little light poked through the curtains as Dean scrubbed the fingers back and forth in a desperate attempt to keep from sneezing. And, for just an instant, it seemed that he might just succeed. But then. “EHPPTXXX!” He half-stifled into his hand. With a long, wet sniffle, he looked up at Sam. “Bless me.”

Sam’s mouth went dry. A rush went through Sam’s whole body, weakening him, making him want to throw himself right onto Dean, grind right into him, and come hard. One sneeze from Dean and Sam was just about done for. Sam sat there, frozen, looking down at Dean. His body trembled, trying to hold everything back a little while longer. He wanted lose himself during a whole fit of large, lovely, full-bodied Dean sneezes; he didn’t want to lose it on one half-sneeze.

Understanding, Dean reached up and took Sam by the wrist. Dean guided it back down so that the bullet vibrator was right up against his nose again. “That’s… that’s it…” Dean’s eyes fluttered. “I feel… feel like ihhhh I’m gonna sn… gonna snee-ihhh ihhhhhhh! HIHH!! sneeze again! Ihh-Hptxxxx!” Dean stifled into his palm. “Sniff! Bless me.”

All he had to do was tilt his head a little to press his nose to the vibrating bullet again. “ehh-HEHHH!” They were coming stronger now; Sam could tell. Dean rubbed madly under his nose, his knuckles grinding hard against his nostrils in a fruitless attempt to hold off the sneezes. He looked amazing like this, so very, very sneezy. “ihhh hnnng! Hih-Nnghhh! Ehh ehhh hehhhhh nngggh-ehhhh-EHHHHHH-EHHH-HIHHKxx! Bleh-Uhhh… h’nxxx! Snnrrrffffff! Bless me”

The stifled sneezes were almost too strong to be stifled, and Sam really had to marvel at his brother’s control. The only problem was: Sam was the one who was supposed to be in control here. “If you insist on doing that, I’m going to have to…” Sam pulled out a set of padded handcuffs.

“Think that’ll stop me?” Dean said, already sounding a little congested.

“You can’t stifle without your hand there and we both know it.” With one hand on Dean’s shoulder, Sam pulled him up just enough to slip the handcuffs beneath, nudging Dean’s wrists there as well. One click. Two clicks. And Dean’s sneezes were all his now.

Sam brandished the vibrator and pressed it right to the bridge of Dean’s nose. Dean inhaled sharply. His eyes shut at once.

“Ohhhhh. You can feel it already!”

“N-nuh no… ihhh hihhh!

Sam chuckled. “You’re so incredibly sexy when you do that.”

hihhh… ihhhhhhhh… hnnggg! Ihnnggk-huhhh nihghh-ihhhhhh-IHHHHH-HIIHHHHHH! HIH… HIH-CHUSHHHHH! Uhh… bless sniff! bless me.”

“Bless you,” Sam echoed. “See? You can’t stifle your sneezes unless you’ve got those two fingers under your nose.”

“I thought… you love when I do that.”

Sam whispered, “I do. I really, really do.” Then he pressed the vibrator to Dean’s nose. “But I love when you do this even more.” Seeing Dean bucking upward helplessly with each sneeze, and knowing Sam had caused it, was the best feeling ever. He never wanted this to end.

HAH-SHOO! Huhh-SHIShhhhhhh!” Dean’s nose kept quivering, twitching. There was another sneeze, but he pretended there wasn’t. “Bl­ehh ehhh blesss ihhh bless mihhhhhh ihhh HIHHhhh HIHHH-HIHSHUH!

“Bless you,” Sam pecked his cheek. Then kissed his nose. Then kissed his nose again. “Those were so sexy.”

“I’ve… hahhh… I’ve got another for nnngh… ihhh for you ihhhh! Get ihh-hihh read ihhhhhh ihhhh hihhhhhhh HIH-ready-HIHHHHHHH-HIHShkshhhhhh! Sniff! Bless be. Sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff!

Sam got a box of tissues out of the bag and wiped Dean’s nose for him.

“Uh-uh.” Dean shook his head, sniffling even more. “You gotta let be blow.”

Sam loaded his fist with about a dozen tissues and put them up to Dean’s face. Dean took a deep breath and eagerly blew his nose. “Thadgs,” he said when he was done. “By dose… sniff! Add it’s all your fault.”

Sam grinned. “Yes, it is. And it’s only just beginning.”

It was time for Sam’s secret weapon. He reached into the duffle bag and pulled out something sealed up in a large Ziplock. It was a rusty orange sweater vest, and it took Dean far too long to recognize it. It wasn’t until it was right under his nose that there was a glimmer of understanding. “Ub… Sabby…”

“Fuck, I love when you say my name like that, with your nose all stuffed-up from sneezing so much. Sneezes that I made you sneeze and, oh God, come here!” Sam had to kiss him. And put his arms around him. He wanted to be so close to Dean right now. Closer than close. He wanted to be inside Dean so bad, but he didn’t want to say it, because Dean would tease him about being a needy girl. So he tried to convey it all in the kiss. The powerful, binding kiss.

When Sam pulled back, everything in him telling him to go in again for another kiss, he gestured to the sweater vest. “Look, Dean, I know—”

“Bridg it here.” Dean gestured with his head. “Add get the tissues ready. I’b godda sdeeze so buch the floor of the car’s godda be covered id tissues by the tibe we’re dode. Add you’re godda be cobig so hard it’ll blow your bide.”

“Promises, promises,” said Sam, breaking the vest out of the Ziplock. The last time Dean had worn this, he’d been posing as a representative of child protective services. And he’d been visiting a house that had three young children and nine young cats. Every single one of the cats had taken a liking to him, kneading into the wool, rubbing against his chin, snuggling onto his shoulders. The vest was absolutely covered in cat fur and dander and guaranteed to make Dean sneeze his head off. “Close your eyes, and take a deep breath.”

Dean looked him in the eye for a moment, mouthed to Sam that he loved him, and then did as he had been told. It only took his already mildly ticklish nose a minute before his eyes began watering and his nostrils began twitching.

“Sabby!” he gasped. “I feel… like I godda… sneeze…” He spread his legs and arched his back, unable to lie flat from his hands still handcuffed there.

Sam knew this was his invitation. There was lube in the bag, right between two more boxes of tissues.

h’ihhtchhhh! Hihshhh! Hihshh!

Sam hurried, not sure he could last much longer if Dean was really having an allergy attack. If sneezes were Sam’s weakness, then Dean’s relentless, unrestrained sneezes were his Kryptonite. It took him less than a minute to find himself slipping in and out of Dean, feeling so much pleasure as Dean sneezed at him.

ihhh-HIhshhh! Hihshhh! Hihh-KIHShhh! Hnn-IHSHhhh!” Dean looked miserable, sneezing nonstop. But one part of him showed he was hardly miserable in the situation. His erection was hard and eager against Sam’s belly, and Sam’s slick hand gave it attention. His other hand held himself up, so that Dean had enough room to breathe and, of course, sneeze. “hih-Chihh! H’Chishhhh! Hehshuhh! Heh-Kshhhh!

Dean pried his watering eyes open, fixing his gaze on Sam. Sam breathed a light kiss onto Dean’s runny nose. “If you want me to wipe your nose for you, I’ll have to stop stroking you. I only have one free hand.”

heh-CHIHsh!” Dean shook his head. “Just… rub… hehh-Kjshhh! Hihshuhh!

“Rub your nose? Rub your dick? What do you want me to—”

Hnngh!” Dean shook his head again, biting his lower lip. “I wadt… hih-IHShhh! Wadt to sdeeze ihh-HIHshh! Chishh! Wadt to sdeeze for you.”

“You… you are,” was all Sam could get out before he came, Dean right behind him, sneezing through the whole thing, though not as loudly as Sam’s moan.

ihhKsh! Hih-hihshh! Ihtshhh! IhhChhh!

Sam stayed in Dean for a few extra minutes, basking in all the pleasure. Then he grabbed for the tissues. Before he cleaned up the mess, he wiped at Dean’s nose. He didn’t have to tell him to blow, Dean did. Repeatedly. But he still needed to sneeze.

IhhHihshh! Ihkshh!

Sam grabbed the duffle bag and found the Benadryl. Dean dry swallowed it and took over with the tissues, blowing and blowing. He blew his nose as Sam got cleaned up. He blew his nose while Sam got dressed. And he blew his nose even as Sam got Dean dressed. Then he pulled his brother into a warm hug, whispering thank yous in-between Dean’s sneezes.

heh-hih-IHPtshhh! Ihkshhh!

Sam kissed his cheek. “I still don’t understand why you like this.”

Dean laughed. “I thidk that’s by lide. Sniff! You add sdeezes, Sabby.”

Your sneezes, Dean. They drive me crazy.”

ih-hihhtchh! Ihch! Hihshh!” Dean blew his nose and then returned the kiss.