Title: More Cute?

Fandom: Supernatural-Weechesters

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Nothing's changed in the last few hours. They're still not mine.

Summary: Some more cute... and some heartbreak, too.


More Cute?


“But... she's so cute. And she doesn't have a home, just like us.” There were tears in Sam's eyes. “She won't be any trouble, I promise. I'll look after her. Can't I keep her?” Sam held the tiny calico kitten to his chest with both arms, both to cuddle her and to protect her from his father's large hand coming close.


But instead of taking the kitten away, the hand reached down and cupped Sam's shoulder, then slid down to Sam's back and patted. John settled himself on the floor next to his youngest son. “Sammy, we can't have a cat. There's nowhere to keep one in the car for one thing. And for another--”


hehtchh! Heh-Ehtchhh!


“Cats make your brother sneeze.”


Sam looked over to see Dean sitting on the far motel room bed with a tissue box on one side and a small pile of balled-up tissues on his other side. Dean's eyes, when they were open, were red and just as teary as Sam's. Sniffling, Dean looked over at him helplessly, apologetically.


Sam knew he'd suffer through this if Sam begged him to. Dean had always given him everything. This was Sam's chance to have a pet for the first time ever. And Sam had always wanted one.


But it was also Sam's chance to do something for Dean. After giving the kitten one more stroke between its furry orange and white ears, he handed it over to his dad.


It looked so small in his dad's big arms, and its little green eyes stared at Sam, not understanding what was about to happen. Sam bit his lip to keep from crying as John put his kitten in a box and carried her out to the car. Sam looked out of the motel room window as the Impala drove out of the parking lot. There was an animal shelter a couple blocks away. Dad had promised he'd take the kitten there. He wouldn't just let it free by the side of the road. He'd promised.


“Sammy? Come here.”


Sam pulled back from the window, catching his reflection in the glass. Tears streamed down his cheeks, but he wiped them away as he walked over to Dean. Sam climbed up onto the bed and sat beside his big brother.


“Sorry you can't keep her. But she's really cute. Someone's going to want her in a second.”


“I already want her.” The tears were back. Dad wasn't here to see them, which was good, because he always said that Winchester men didn't cry. But Dean didn't mind. Dean pulled him over, with a warm arm around him, into a hug.


Sam nestled into his brother's chest, sniffling.


But then Dean pulled back, sniffling.


He pulled several tissues from the box and pressed them to his face. “hehhTchhh! Ehtihshh!” He jumped off the bed, laughing in-between sneezes. “I hehhh forgot the-eh-Tihshhhh! cat ehhKTshhh! fur on your ehhtihshhhh! your shirt!”


Sam pulled off his sweatshirt immediately and threw it on the floor between the two beds. “Sorry, Dean!”


“S'okay. Ehh-hitchh!” Dean wiped his eyes and blew his nose.


Sam stood in the middle of the motel room, trying to keep his distance so Dean wouldn't sneeze as much. He stared down at his feet. “Dean? Um, are you allergic to dogs?”