Prompt: It's Sam's birthday today! And it's right at the beginning of May, during the peak of tree pollen season. Year after year after year.



Happy Birthday, Sammy



Dean’s eyes met Sam’s through the near darkness. Sam nodded in silent agreement, and Dean pulled out his Zippo lighter. If they were going to do this at all, it had to be now.


eh… ehh…” Except Sam’s nose had other ideas. He started to back away, survey his limited options.

“Wait, I gotcha!” Dean swooped in and cupped his bandana to Sam’s face.


ehh-IMphhh!” Sam’s mouth remained open. He sniffed as Dean pulled the bandana back. “Thanks… sniff! Sniff! I appreciate it.”


“Purely selfish reasons, kiddo. I want to eat some of your cake. And I can’t do that if you sneeze on it, can I?” Dean chuckled and flicked the lighter open again. “Ready for the candles, or are you gonna sneeze again?”


Sam waved dismissively. “I’m fine now. Go ahea… ah…


“Thought so.” Dean started to pull his bandana back out of his pocket, but Sam had already turned away, hands cupped to his face.


hahh-EHSSCHHHHHH! Uh! He scrubbed at his nose with the side of his hand, then rubbed at his red eyes. “Just sniff just one year I want to get through a birthday without sneezing my head off.”


He glanced over at the small pile of presents Dean had gotten him. There was a squishy rectangular one that was obviously a new-to-him flannel from a second hand store, and there was a less squishy rectangular one that was obviously a book he’d probably lifted from Bobby’s last time they were there. Not one of them were tissues or fancy new allergy meds. “Just light the candles before I…” Sam rubbed hard at his nose. “Just light ‘em up, Dean. Sniff!


Dean flicked the lighter and broke into song.