Title: Light Sneezing
Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Prompt: I've been writing all of this allergy stuff, but I am a total cold whore. So, Sam and Dean (or Jared and Jensen) sharing a sneezy slashy cold.... go



Light Sneezing

Sam thinks maybe his temperature’s rising up to fever levels, because he suddenly feels overheated in bed. So he puts Lovecraft down for a minute to strip off his shirt and wiggle out of his underwear. He doesn’t even mind when Dean rolls onto his side and, shivering, takes all the covers with him. Sam leans back against his pillows and tries to keep his mind on his book. But not even these delightful stories keep his mind from the way his head throbs or the way his nose drips. If it were just allergies, he could pop a pill and just stay inside all day. But this is a full-blown head cold that just won’t go away.


After a couple days fighting it, Sam and Dean both succumbed to its misery, paying off their motel room for the week and crashing hard with half the boxes of tissues in the tri-state area.


Sam slides a finger between the pages of the book to keep his place and reaches over for the tissue box on the nightstand. He feels a sneeze coming on and he’s desperate to muffle the sound. It’s bad enough Sam can’t sleep; he doesn’t want Dean up as well if he can help it. So he clumps a bunch of tissues to his nose and mouth, breathing hot, heavy, congested breaths into them as his breath starts to race. He flips the book over, face down over his bare lap, and brings his other hand up to cup around the lower half of his face. It feels like it’s going to be big and that usually means loud.


His breath catches. There’s a tremble. And a shudder runs through him, making him wish he had at least bit of the blanket back after all. But there’s no time to recover it now. He takes a final, strong breath, and pitches forward. “h’effffff!” The sneeze is so strong he sees darkness and a starburst before his eyes as he opens them. But the dizziness is gone in a second.


The bulge beneath the covers beside Sam grunts and stirs. Sam holds his breath and waits, hoping it’ll go back to sleep. Instead, it convulses for two muted sneezes. “etchah! heytchah!” There’s a groan and Sam grabs a few more tissues out of the box. He stuffs them under the mound of blankets. A second or two passes as the blankets shift and move. Then even the sound of his nose being blown is muffled.


There’s a cough and a few snuffles before Dean emerges. He blinks until he gets used to the light. Then he looks up at Sam. “What tibe is it?”


“Four-thirty eight.”


Dean swears, rolls over onto his other side. He nuzzles his face into Sam’s bare him. “Still cad’t sleeb?”


Sam shakes his head. Every time he lies down or starts to drift off, he comes awake coughing from congestion. He thought a book would take his mind off it, but he hadn’t gotten much read because he kept stopping to sneeze.


eh…”  Dean knows how that feels. He angles his head down, searching for a bit of the white sheet. “Hettshihhhhh!” The bed rocks a little and he sniffs as he rubs his nose dry.


A bit of a whimper escapes Sam and he tries to cover it up as a cough, but Dean isn’t fooled.


Dean grabs for the book and Sam’s dick shoots up at an unmistakable angle. Grinning, Dean skims the book page then folds down a corner.




“You wadt to lose your blace?”




“You wadt to go back to readig?”




“Thed shut ub about it, bitch.” His arm swings around and he drops the book over the side of the bed. Dean snuggles closer, drapes his arm over Sam’s middle. “Man, I feel sneezy.” He sniffles wetly and leans forward, trailing his nose along the length of Sam’s cock.


Sam sucks in a breath as his cock twitches. “You jerk…”


“Wadt be to stob?” He pulls back. “Wadt be to tuck you id add you cad try to go to sleeb?”


“I can’t sleep,” Sam says. “I feel too sick.”


“Yeah?” Dean perks up.


“Yeah. My nose is all runny and my head is stuffed full and my throat is sore and—“


“Sneezy? You feelig sneezy?”


Sam smiles. “So sneezy.”


Dean waits a beat. Then, “Brove it.”


Prove it? In any other situation, Sam would have called Dean on sounding like a teenaged girl. But he’s too busy grabbing for the tissue box again. He sniffs and coughs and breathes heavily into the tissues. Dean reached up and pulls Sam’s hand down so he can watch.


Sam’s nostrils flare as he takes a quick, deep breath. Then his brow furrows, mouth turns down, eyes squeeze shut, and nose crinkles just a bit at the bridge. “huhh-KETChuuhhhh!” His breath catches the second he’s done, hitching uncontrollably. His hand moves, instinctively, toward his nose. But Dean holds it back down. And then he slides up, closer, moves Sam’s hand over to his own crotch to give it something better to do. Sam’s mouth twitches slightly, even though it’s dropping open, ready for another sneeze. “HAHHH-Cheewww! Hah-YIHShoooo!


His hands down Dean’s sweat pants, Sam sniffs wetly and rubs his nose into his bare shoulder. “Uh sniff, sniff! Dean?”


“I gotcha.” Dean grabs a tissue and folds it against Sam’s nose. “Blow, kiddo.”


Sam nuzzles and blows. God, Dean’s good at this. Years of experience and all that, yes, but also personal interest. They don’t talk about it—ever. They don’t talk about how horny one of them gets whenever the other gets a little sneezy. They don’t talk about that rush of excitement they feel when they catch the other’s cold. They don’t talk about how good that light spray feels tingling against hot skin or how the urgency of sneezes is so like the urgency of an orgasm. They don’t talk about any of it. They just enjoy it together.


Uh… Sab… I got ode…”


Sam strokes and cups and “You’ve gotta get these pants off.” His wrist’s already stretching the wristband.


Dean tries to take them off. His lifts his butt off the bed and slides them down. But then the desperate-to-sneeze feeling comes over him so intensely that he freezes in place. “ehh… ehhh!” Sam presses himself against Dean, tries to get as close to him as possible. He feels Dean gasping for breath. He hears the congested catch and rattle in the breaths. He knows it’s about to come: the sneeze. And it’s going to be good. Dean’s got his fist wrapped around Sam’s cock. And he’s got his damp nose pressed against a sensitive part of Sam’s neck. “Ehhhhhh-Hitchhh! Heytchuhhh!


Sam comes. It’s embarrassing, really, how easy it is, how quickly it got to him in the end. But he’s been horny all night, lying next to Dean, and this is just the last straw. One last, gorgeous, sneezy straw. Dean sniffles and gasps and his head hangs as his body shakes. “Hehschhhh! Hetchihhh! Huhshhhhh! Huhh-IHHShhhhh!” And Sam is wet and covered and spent.


He’s got just enough energy to swirl his thumb over the head of Dean’s cock and slid his fingers up and down. He knows it’s his turn, knows it won’t take much at all, knows Dean’s ready for it too. And his head feels so stuffed, nose feels so tickly. “Dean,” he whispers. “I think I’m going to sneeze.”


“You’re dot,” Dean replies, tilting his head back, looking up at him with hope.


“I am,” Sam insists. “I can feel it. It’s coming… It’s…” He’s got to sneeze. It’s too much for him to jerk Dean off at the same time. It’s too much for him to even fucking get the words out to announce. The sneeze just comings in gasps and tickles and this strong urge from somewhere in his nose or throat or both together. And then it just comes. Barreling out. Strong and wet and just for Dean. “YIHHHhhKShuhhhhhh!


Dean groans. Sam sneezes. “IhhhKShhh! IhhhhCHhhooo!


Sam feels dizzy, but he blows his nose instinctively as Dean rubs a tissue at it. He leans back into his pile of pillows against the headboard and feels Dean’s arms wrap around him. They settling down, sitting upright. Sam’s not so warm now. He pulls the sheet and blanket up over them both. Dean pulls the tissue box onto Sam’s lap.




Note: I have badbastion’s amazing “Light Reading” as one of my computer desktop wallpapers. So this fic is inspired largely by it: http://badbastion.livejournal.com/26002.html