Title: After the Snow
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Dean

Disclaimer: Not my world or characters or anything. I make no money from this!
Summary: The snow has stopped, but Sam and Dean aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
Author Notes: Written as a snow drabble for January 26, 2016.


After the Snow


Sam needed cold medicine. And he needed it yesterday. The blizzard had hit sooner than expected and Sam’s cold had gotten worse faster than expected. They had enough provisions and supplies on hand to last them a week, but they were swiftly running out of tissues and Tylenol. Worse yet, Dean was running out of patience.


It had stopped snowing two days ago. Two days, but they hadn’t been able to leave the motel room. The snowfall had been high, a foot more than the weather channel had estimated. And with the raging winds, some of the snowdrifts were easily five feet. And that was before the plow came through. At the end of the parking lot, they could see a massive wall of snow at least twelve feet high. The truck hadn’t put down any salt or sand after it, however, so the parking lot was a sheet of ice.


Not that it mattered. They couldn’t drive. They couldn’t get to the impala. They couldn’t even see the impala, just a mound of snow where they knew they’d parked her. A snowblower had come through in the middle of the night to clear the walks in front of the doors, but all the snow it spat out had been sprayed at their doors, trapping them inside until it melted or someone came by to dig them out. Sam and Dean had shovels, but they were the sort to dig up coffins, not remove snow. Even so, the shovels were in the back of the car, and there was no getting to them now. All Dean could do was stare out the window at the place he knew the car to be.


“It isd’t goig to belt ady faster with you bacig lige that.”


Dean turned from the window. How long had Sam been awake? “And your cold isn’t going to get better unless I can get you some medicine.” Restless, he began packing again. “It’s one thing to be stuck inside when it’s snowing out, but now? I just want out…”


“Do you really? I… De… Ihh-YIKKShooo!


Dean turned back again. “Bless you,” he said, softly. “God, Sammy. If you keep doing that, I…”


“You what?” Sam lifted up the blankets and shivered at the cold air sneaking in.


Dean crawled beneath the covers. “I just want you to feel better.”


Sam’s breath caught. He leaned into Dean, pressing his nose into his brother’s neck. “hih-ihhh-Ihh-YIH-KTSchhhhhhhhh!” Dean’s breath caught. He stiffened all over. “Doe sniff doe you dod’t. You wadt be sick add sdeezig add right here where you cad take care of be. Sniff! Sniff!” Sam’s hand cupped his nose and mouth. “Ihhhh-yihhhh… Yigggshhhhhoo! Sniff!” His hand came down and cupped Dean’s crotch. “Add where I cad tage care of you.”


Dean groaned and grabbed the pillow with fists clenched tight. “Let it snow.”