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Fanfiction: Whoverse

Doctor Who

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Vacation Destination The Doctor and Clara get stuck on what seems to be the wrong planet, and the Doctor suddenly isn’t feeling very well.


Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Gloomy There was absolutely never a good time to run out of tea. But now was an especially bad time.
Day 7 Every autumn, a virus attacks the Torchwood Hub.
Happy Birthday Drabble One of Several Birthday Drabbles written for Lady Korana
The Sensitive Nature of Delicate Flowers What if one of the alien plants Owen is experimenting on in the hothouse is something that Ianto is CRAZY allergic to?
I Can Take Care of Myself A character travels back in time and happens to run into himself. Only his past self is sick.
Maybe You Should Go to the Doctor "Do you know anyone who can handle cold germs so strong that they reduce a time traveling, immortal alien to a sniffling, snuffling mess?"
52. Snuggle Ianto doesn't want tea. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
78. Message Ianto relays a message. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
U is for Unconventional Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
Day 5 At Torchwood, Ianto simply can't take a sick day.
Day 3 Ianto dreams of the perfect first date.
Day 2 Jack comes down with something and Ianto stays up to take care of him in more ways than one
Day 6 Ianto is sick and sleepy, but Torchwood can't seem to function without him.
Day 7 Naughty boys.
Irony Jack will do anything at least once. Eventually, that policy has to backfire.
Snapshots After Ianto makes a wrong move and catches a cold, he's confined to the Hub until it runs its course.
Rain, Rain, Go Away The team--and Cardiff--get a little too wet.
Gift for Lady Korana Ianto has a cold, a fact that barely registers with Jack as they've got more important matters to deal with.
Gift for BVB 2007 Jack is sick and Ianto looks after him.
Anything Can Happen An early morning alert forces Jack and Ianto into a bad situation
Day 6 General sick!Jack and naughtiness.
Day 8 Jack and Ianto are stuck in the woods during a snowstorm.
Capturing the Unpredictable Ianto isn't feeling well and doesn't want to leave the hub.
Bonus 1 Jack notices some things about Ianto.
Day 10 Jack's sneezing is dangerous.