Maybe You Should Go to the Doctor


“Maybe you should go to the doctor.”


Jack looked up from his handful of tissues, eyes half closed, mouth half open, nostrils constantly twitching. “He's... dot that kide of doctor. uhff-huff-CHOOShhh!


“Pity.” Ianto set the tea down on the nightstand. “I could have used some help with you. Do you know anyone who can handle cold germs so strong that they reduce a time traveling, immortal alien to a sniffling, snuffling mess?”


Despite being almost entirely miserable, Jack managed a small smile at this. “Owed would be laughig his ass off to see be like this.”


“You're probably right about that. What about that... what was her name... Martha Jones?”


Jack flushed slightly, and Ianto had the feeling he didn't want anyone to see him like this if he could help it. Shaking his head, Jack snapped forward again with another sneeze. “huhhh-UHFChushhhh!” He wiped his nose and reached into the tissue box for another tissue only to find that the box was empty. Understanding, Ianto quickly dug a handkerchief out and handed it over. Jack used it to dab at his nose. “Thadk you. Sniff! Guess I'll just have to settle for a differedt Dr. Jodes thed.”


Ianto nodded and prepared to assume his new duties. He unclipped his cufflinks, one by one, and set them down next to the cup of tea. He took off his suit jacket and neatly rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt. He picked up the teacup and settled on Jack's bed next to him. Even half undressed, he was more dressed than Jack, who wore just boxers and an undershirt as he leaned back against pillows. “My prescription is tea, tissues, and...” Ianto leaned against Jack's side and kissed his cheek. “Touching.”


“I defiditely like Dr. Ianto Jodes.” He took the tea and sipped it as Ianto tugged the blankets up over both their laps. “But what if too buch touchig leads to you catchig this? Who would we call thed?”


Ianto thought about it for a moment before answering, “Jubilee Pizza. They deliver.”