Title: The Sensitive Nature of Delicate Flowers
Fandom: Torchwood
Prompt: So, um, what if one of the alien plants Owen is experimenting on in the hothouse is something that Ianto is CRAZY allergic to? And *that's* why Jack likes to have fun with Ianto in there.



The Sensitive Nature of Delicate Flowers


“C’mon.” Jack squeezed Ianto’s hand, leading him toward the hothouse.


Ianto’s arm extended as Jack pulled and his feet stayed still. When his arm was stretched as far as it would go, he stumbled forward a few steps on the catwalk. The momentum caused a yo-yo effect, sending him to Jack and then causing them to backtrack a few steps. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they leaned against the railing for another kiss.


As soon as Ianto could break away, he shook his head. “Fuck, Jack, I can’t wait. I want you right now. Right here.”


Jack glanced at the hothouse, then back the way they’d come up the stairs. Then he made quick work of Ianto’s belt, zip, and pants. Ianto’s eager cock rose to meet his hand.




Jack crouched behind a fern in the hothouse. It was a stupid place to hide, really. He’d hidden there before and had always been found in a second. But if you had to crouch naked somewhere in the Torchwood hub, there were far worse places to do so than in a warm, climate-controlled room.


Jack waited. And waited. And waited some more.


He’d taken his watch off at the start of the game, so he couldn’t be sure how long this round was taking. But it somehow seemed longer than usual to Jack. Ianto surely should have found him by now.


When he started to lose feeling in his toes, he resigned himself to standing up and going in search of his lover.




“Good night,” Ianto said formally though warmly as Tosh headed out through the tourism office. She was the last. They had the hub to themselves again. There had been so much alien activity lately, Ianto suspected this would never happen again. But, eventually, things had died down enough for the others to head home. He knew he should probably do likewise; he was running low on changes of clothing. But, first thing was first. “Jack?” No answer. He tried more loudly. “Jack?”


Jack appeared in the doorway of his office, grinning. “Bet I know what’s on your mind.”


Ianto blushed.


Jack sauntered over and slipped an arm around Ianto’s waist. “So… how about we head to—”


“My place,” Ianto finished.


Taken off guard, Jack blinked. “Excuse me?”


“We’ve never had sex at my place before, and I need to go pick up some things at home anyway.” His finger traced invisible designs into Jack’s front. “What do you say?”


Finally, Jack grinned. “Sure. Why not? But I’ve got to warn you: if it takes too long to get there, I’m going to have to sit between your legs in the car and amuse myself.”


That seemed a risk Ianto was willing to take.




Because of the sensitive nature of the alien plants Owen was cultivating in the hothouse, you couldn’t leave the door open. In or out, quick as can be, that was the name of the game. And, yet, Ianto stood in the doorway, hesitating to take a single step further.


Jack smiled at him from across the room, dozens of plants separating the two of them. Far too many and too much between them. Jack wanted him now, wanted him close, wanted to be in him. “C’mere.”


Still, Ianto hesitated. “How about we do it over by the—”


Impatient, Jack navigated around the plants. Curving leafs and tiny seedlings and towering stocks and clingy vines. He took both of Ianto’s hands and kissed the uncertainty away. “What-kiss-would-kiss-you-kiss-like-kiss-to-kiss-do?”


Ianto pulled one of his hands away from Jack’s lips and used it to press against his nose. “Jack… every time I’m in here…”


“Hmm?” Jack kissed the underside of ianto’s wrist, where shirt cuff met tender skin. His teeth played at the button, slipping it through its hole.


“I… if’Chahh!” He pulled his other hand away and held them against his chest, turning away, curling in on himself. “I’m going to have a sneezing fit if I stay here any longer.” He sniffled wetly against his hand. “Jack, I’ve got to-ihhh- go.”


Light on his feet, Jack maneuvered himself around a flowering something-or-other to block Ianto’s path to the door. An arm swept Ianto up, feeling the protesting body instinctively yielding to his touch. “No you don’t. You’ve got to stay here with me.”


Ianto tried to shack his head, even as his hard-on pressed desperately into Jack’s thigh. “But I’m allergic… sniff… There’s something in here I-ihhh!I” He scrubbed at his nose just as Jack’s fingers took hold of Ianto’s arse. “Jack!”


“Sneeze,” Jack insisted. “It’s all right, really.”


“It’s…” Ianto tried his best to protest, but whatever it was inside the hothouse that made him sneeze was doing its job far too efficiently already. His eyes, already tearing up, closed. “It’s nuh… nohhhhh… ih-Hihh! Ih-Chahh! IhChahh! Ih-HIshahhh!


“Oh, bless,” Jack crooned, hooking his leg around Ianto’s, rubbing himself even harder against the man.


Ianto sniffed, laughed, and sniffed again. “Ih-if I didn’t know any better… ihhh-HIHShh! I’d say you were turned on by this.”


Jack cocked his head then kissed the base of Ianto’s neck, right he could feel Ianto gasping for breath. “Good thing you know better. And bless you.”


“Thhah… hahh… hah-Ihashhhh! IhChuh! H’chah! Thank you.” They were starting to come faster now, the sneezes. Right now they were just sneezes from a tickling nose, but pretty soon it’d be a full-blown allergy attack where he wouldn’t be able to talk or move or do the things Jack especially liked him to do during sex. No kissing or stroking or anything good. Just sneezing.


But Captain Jack Harkness didn’t seem to mind. He refused to let Ianto go. He kept continued kissing and fondling. And then, as he undid his own pants, he guided Ianto down to his knees.


Ianto knew the drill and, under normal circumstances, would have been all too happy to oblige. But his breaths were irregular, the urge to sneeze terrible. He tried kissing Jack’s cock, tried taking it in his mouth. But it came over him like a wave and he lost all ability to do anything but sneeze. So he buried his face in Jack’s warm crotch and gave in to what he couldn’t control.


hah-Tchhh! hahTchooo! Hahh-Kshuhh! ihhChah! EhChahhh! HETChahhhhh! Efshuh! Ehhshhh! Ih-hihShhh! herEHHShhhh! Ehhshhhh! Eh=hehkshhhH!” Ianto shifted slightly, finding a dry spot to rub his nose into. “hahshhh! Ahshhh! H’chooo! Hahhshahhh! ehChahhh! Ihhhshhahh! Ih-hihshahhh! Eh-hah…” He felt Jack’s fingers slipping through his hair, petting affectionately. He felt Jack’s cock twitch, as if it couldn’t wait any longer for action.


But Ianto’s allergy attack was far from finished. “ihhhShahh! Ehchahh! ihChah! IHHHChah! Ehshahh! HEHShuhh! Ih-ihHitchhh! ehffKshhhh!” Jack’s pants were unforgivably damp now, yet Ianto couldn’t stop. “Ihhh-HIHShhh! IffShahh! ehhShahhh! Heh-hehAHshhhh! Hahshuh! Hahfshhhhh! Ihhhh… ihhhHIHShhh! hahShhh!” Jack began rocking, twisting, shaking. Ianto tried to pull away, concerned, but Jack held him in place and Ianto had no control over the situation whatsoever. “ihhhHitchhh! Hihtchahh! Hahshhhhh! hehShuhhh! ihkTchahhh! Ihtchooo!


Sometime there, amidst the sneezing, Jack came. Ianto wasn’t sure when exactly. And he certainly had no idea why. He’d barely touched Jack; all he’d done was sneeze. And even that he wasn’t quite finished with. “ehChoo! IhhhChahh!


He felt himself being pulled up and walked along. Cloth was thrust at his face, and he accepted it gratefully, clutching it to his nose. He was aware of the metal catwalk underfoot and the lack of plants brushing him on either side. He caught his breath and blew his nose until the tickle died down again.


“Open up,” Jack commanded, and though Ianto smiled at the idea that it might mean Jack was going to have him up against a wall, legs spread, buttocks well-lubed, he knew it meant Jack had something even better for him. His jaw dropped and two pills were placed on his tongue. He chased them down with half a glass of water, sniffling in-between gulps before walking again.


He suddenly found himself in Jack’s shower, hot water rushing around him, rendering the hanky in his hand all but useless. But the sneezing fit had stopped. When he opened his eyes, Jack was in front of him, dripping from the shower spray but smiling that mischievous, self-assured Captain Jack Harkness smile of his. “Are you all right?”


Ianto considered for a moment then shrugged. His nose had stopped tickling, that urge to sleep deep in the back of his nose was gone. “You know, I’d be better if I could just do anything but sneeze in there. I can’t even enjoy myself to come.”


Cool hands slid against Ianto’s sides, resting at his waist. Jack pulled himself to Ianto, rubbing against him. “We’ve got the whole rest of the night to work on that. I want you coming over and over with every fantasy you can think of and some we might have to invent on the spot. Believe me, what you just did back there was worth it.”