Day 2

Title: Day 2
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I wish they were mine. I definitely don’t get paid for this.
Summary: Jack comes down with something and Ianto stays up to take care of him in more ways than one
Notes: Written during my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2013 project for rainbowbluebird

ehh-CHIiiii!” Jack takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. Then he massages the bridge of his nose with thumb and forefinger.

“You’ve been sneezing quite a lot today,” Ianto says, sweeping into Jack’s office uninvited to deposit three file folders on his desk. “The autopsy photos, when you’re ready for them.”

“Thank you.” Jack lifts his head. “And, yeah, I think I’m coming down with a cold.”

“Hmm.” Ianto stands back, arms crossed. He can’t help noticing Jack doesn’t look like he’s at his best. “Is it just the sneezing, or…”

“Mostly. But my throat hurts. So does my head. And I think I’m running a temperature.”

Ianto walks over and presses the back of his hand to Jack’s forehead. Jack seems warm, certainly, but Ianto can’t tell how much warmer. “I should call Owen in to—”

“No.” Jack shakes his head, shaking the hand off. “He can’t do anything to help. Cold remedies don’t work on me.” At Ianto’s doubtful expression, he adds, “Believe me. For decades I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. I just have to suf… suf… suf-fer-ehhhCheehhhh!

Ianto cups Jack’s forehead this time. His thumb strokes the bridge of Jack’s nose. “How about herbal teas? Hot showers? Rest?” Jack’s blank look makes Ianto chuckle. “All right. Looks like we have a few things to try, then. Go lie down in bed and I’ll put the hot water on.”

“The case—”

Ianto shoves the folders into Jack’s chest. It wasn’t exactly light bedtime reading, but if it got Jack into bed, that was a good start. He’d just need to come up with a way to keep Jack in bed.


Ianto wakes to the sound of a forceful sneeze and the bed shaking. Prying one eye open, he looks over to see Jack sitting up in bed in what has to be an uncomfortable position, neck bent at a weird angle, not enough pillows behind him. Ianto pushes his own pillow over. “Bless you,” he croaks sleepily.

“You haven’t caught my cold, have you?”

“Mm, no.” Ianto rolls onto his side, looking up at Jack.

“Want me to leave so you can get some sleep? You keep waking up every time I-ihhhh… have to…” Ianto grabs a handkerchief from the stack on the nightstand and hands it over. “ihhh-hehhh…” Jack lifts the hanky up, nestling his nose in it as his mouth drops open. “ehhh-IHHShhhhh!

“I don’t want sleep. What I want is for you to stay right here.” Ianto rubs Jack’s arm as the man blows his nose. “How’s the resting going?”

Jack shrugs.

“Bored out of your skull?”

Jack nods.

“I can do something about that.” Ianto smiles and props himself up on an elbow. His hand slides down, rubbing Jack’s chest. “But first, I’m going to go get you a different kind of tea. This one might help you breathe easier. In the meantime, I want you to get out of these clothes and under the covers. Keep warm until I get back, all right?”

At three in the morning, the Torchwood Hub is quiet. Only the occasional beeping of one of Tosh’s computers and the whistle of the teakettle break the silence. He heads back to Jack’s room with a steaming cup of herbal tea. The bedside lamp is set to dim so that Ianto can see that Jack lies on his bed, stretched out, naked in all his glory. In his best office manager-type voice, “Thought I told you to stay warm.”

“I ab warb,” Jack insists, with a voice so stuffy Ianto can guess he was sneezing his head off while Ianto was gone. Jack snuffles and reaches down and stroking himself, three fingers sliding up and down his length before his whole hand wraps around to give himself a pull.

“You’re hot,” Ianto agrees. But he sets the drink down then pulls the comforter around himself as he crawls up the bed to Jack. “Let’s keep it that way.” He presses himself to Jack’s front, the comforter covering them both now. “Drink your tea, and I’ll touch you.”

With a sly smile, Jack complies. Jack loves games, and that’s what Ianto’s betting on. Give him a reason to play and he’ll stay.

Ianto’s careful to not do much while Jack is drinking the tea; the last thing he wants to worry about is burns. But he languidly touches Jack, squeezing his thighs, working his way inward, cupping balls, rubbing cock. He breathes warmth onto Jack’s member, which stirs and jerks with every touch, trying to invite more attention. Ianto goes slowly, but as long as Jack drinks his tea, Ianto touches him.

By the time the tea is finished, Jack seems relaxed but horny as hell, rocking his hips forward as invitingly as possible. Ianto scoots up and sits on Jack’s lap, weighing him down. Jack’s staying in bed whether he wants to or not. Ianto leans close, going in for a kiss. Their lips merely brush before Jack violently tears himself away.

ih-no-ihhhhShhoo!” He waves his hand in front of his face. “So sneezy… ihhh-EHShhhhhh! Chshhhhh!” Jack wipes his palm against his nose.

Ianto waits it out patiently, hands on Jack’s chest. Then he leans in again, the potential kiss warm on his lips.

Jack’s breath catches this time before their lips have a chance to meet. “eh-eh-CHISHHHH!” He narrowly misses Ianto with the spray, embarrassed, frustrated, sniffly. “This isd’t goig to work.”

“It will,” Ianto assures him. He wiggles in place, his arse rubbing against Jack’s faltering erection. “But maybe we should skip the kissing for now, until your nose settles down and stops tickling. But there are plenty of other things we can do.”  Ianto grabs a handkerchief, unfolds it, and holds it tight. “And now, when you sneeze, I’ll be ready.”

“I wish it would stob…”

“No,” Ianto shakes his head and fights back a yawn. “It’s kind of nice.”

“What?” He rubs the back of his hand at his nose this time.

“The way your face screws up then the expression you make before you sneeze. The way your body convulses when you sneeze, it feels good beneath me.”


“Really good, Jack. Even sick, I want you.”

Jack looks like he doesn’t know what to say to that. Then his face screws up for a second, like he’s wincing, dark eyebrows meeting. His face falls, going slack, mouth dropping open and nostrils flaring. Ianto lies down on top of him, feeling the man’s chest rise with involuntary gasps. He cups the hanky to Jack’s face. “ehhhhChishhhhhh!” And he feels the sneeze against it. His hand remains dry, but he feels the rush against his palm and the way Jack’s nostrils twitch against the cloth. “Uh… huh… sorry…”

“Don’t apologize. Just…” He hitches the blanket up higher and scrubs the hanky at Jack’s nose. “Just fuck me, Jack.”

Jack does. His rhythm is slow, slow enough that, when he pauses to sneeze, it doesn’t disturb anything. In fact, it increases the anticipation. Jack teases the orgasm from him, one thrust at a time. Jack goes deep, strong, enjoying each and every thrust and the little sounds Ianto makes as he gets close.

“Wait-hehhh…” Jack stops in place and Ianto whimpers. “I… eh-Hihshhhh!” He rubs his nose into the handkerchief before Ianto can rub his nose for him, saving time so he can get right back to his rhythm.

Ianto breathes heavily, heart racing. “Do that again.”

“Wibe by dose?”

“No.” Ianto chuckles. “Sneeze again. Please. The way you jerked inside of me when you sneezed… you went so deep. Do it again, Jack.” He kisses the man’s neck, chin. “Do it again and I’ll come.”

The flicker of excitement in Jack’s eyes makes Ianto grin.

“I’m so close.”

“Well, lucky for you, I’ve got a head cold. So it’s dot goig to be too hard to… to ihhhh…” Ianto reaches up, getting the handkerchief in place. He clenches tight around Jack’s cock. And Ianto has a brief realization that Jack’s I’m-about-to-sneeze face isn’t all that far from his I’m-about-to-come face, which happens to be his favorite sight in the world. Then Jack’s face relaxes, as does his body. He breathes out deeply. “Sorry. Got away frob be.”

And not in a good way. Ianto tries not to look so disappointed.

“Wait… I think… ehhh… eh-hehh… yep… I think I… ihhhh…” Ianto’s anticipation reaches its zenith. He’s holding his breath. He’s holding onto Jack. He’s got his own cock in his hand, pumping uncontrollably. Even if Jack doesn’t sneeze this time, he’ll probably come all over the man’s chest anyway. But he hopes—desperately hopes—he’ll feel that sensation again, because it was so amazi— “ihhhh-HISHhhooo!

Ianto bites back a moan so that he can be sure to hear Jack’s needy grunts as he takes Ianto until his own orgasm. And so that he can hear those sniffles and one more, uncovered, unrestrained sneeze.


Ianto completely loses himself in the pleasure of it all.

Afterward, Ianto regains his senses. He carefully slides off Jack’s cock, being sure to keep the covers over them, despite the fact that they’re both overheated now. Ianto uses a handkerchief to clean them off, and Jack laughs at his ever-tidy teaboy. “I’ve still got a cold, though.”

Ianto knows, but he notices how Jack doesn’t seem to want to think about getting up out of bed now. He’s exhausted, spent, and satisfied. Ianto presses a kiss to Jack’s cheek. “I’m going to get a new cup of tea for you, and then we’ll get comfortable and make it through the rest of the night. How does that sound?”

Jack’s arm wraps around Ianto and presses Ianto close to him while kissing his temple. “Souds good, if I get to helb you cobe agaid todight.”

Ianto feel dead on his feet. Leaving this warm bed and Jack’s embrace to head back to the kitchen is just about the last thing he wants to do. But Jack already sounds a bit clearer, and Ianto will definitely need a full pot of coffee to stay up for the rest of the night with Jack.