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Fanfiction: Stargate

Stargate SG-1

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Day 9 Daniel's only able to do his job thanks to allergy medicine. What happens when he doesn't have it any more?
By the Light of the Lamp Bedtime for Jack & Daniel
Day 4 When the whole team gets sick offworld, they're stuck there until Dr. Frasier can figure out how to help them.
Making Sense of Symbols Daniel's caught a cold bad enough to send him home from work... until he'd desperately needed back on base.
Finding that Someone Daniel arrives at work to find that someone has received a visit from the Soulmate Goose of Enforcement. Naturally, Daniel's allergic to geese.
Allergy Shots Daniel needs allergy shots.
Let’s Go Home. You’re Too Sick. “Not,” was the only word Daniel Jackson managed to get out before his breath hitched.
27. Garden In the Garden, it's hard to know what's real. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Choosing Though not feeling his best, Daniel hides his condition in order to go on a mission, but doesn't manage to hide it long enough.
Gift for Snowshie Daniel comes down sick and finds himself pushed around from one place to another.
Snow Drabble 5 They're stuck inside and bored.
Geeky Daniel's a sniffly language geek. Written for my Sneezefic132 challenge.
2005 Gift for Snowshie Daniel's a little too devoted to his work and Jack has to pull out all the stops. Written as a gift fic for Snowshie during the 2005 holiday season.
Vacation Jack likes his vacations. Assuming he can actually get one. I wrote this for Kai as a gift for coming in first in my song guessing competition.
T is for Torn Daniel. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
Sympathy vs. Empathy Daniel's always the one with the allergies on off world planets. Well, almost always.

Stargate Atlantis

Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Tickle Rodney has an excellent, fool-proof plan that requires John to sneeze.
Let Me Get You a Glass of Water Rodney sniffles and rubs the back of his wrist at his nose. It just won’t stop running.
14. Genetics Not everyone has the ATA gene. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
When There's Work to Do Rodney wants to work, but John has other ideas. (Set in Xanthe's BDSM Collar-verse)
Day 1 Rodney’s got a cold, but he still has to save the station from certain disaster.