Title: Allergy Shots
Author: tarotgal
Rating: G
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, season 1
Disclaimer: Not mine! I’m just playing!
Summary: Daniel needs allergy shots.



Allergy Shots


Feeling another sneeze coming, Daniel chose a spot of wall and leaned against it. It felt like he was miles away from his lab. His lab with the comfortable chair he’d just broken in. His lab with the box of tissues on the desk. And the backup one in the drawer of the desk. And the other backup one on the bookcase. For now, he settled for nestling his nose in the crook of his arm as his chest heaved with involuntary breaths. “Eh-Ihffshhh!


“Bless you!” Jack was annoying. It was his smile and how easily he could breathe without little allergens making his nose tickle. Annoying. Infuriating.


“Hi J-Jack-eh-EHFschhh!” Daniel only barely caught this one in his sleeve. He scrubbed the green material back and forth against his nose where the itch and tickle were growing worse.


Jack scrutinized him for a second. “Are you all right? You look…”


ehhh-HihShhhh!” He rubbed at his nose and then at one of his itching eyes.


“I thought Doc Frazier was giving you allergy shots now so your allergies wouldn’t be so bad.”


Daniel sniffed. “She is.”


“Then they’re not working.” With a sigh, Jack grabbed Daniel’s arm. “I’m taking you over there. Right now.”


But Daniel pulled free, slipping his arm out of Jack’s grip. “I just came from there. Just got the shots. That’s what’s making me sn… snehh-IHPTshhh!” His shoulder rubbed against the wall as he pitched forward and, damn, it itched so badly. He scratched through his shirt, paused, then scratched some more.


Jack frowned. “You’re a mess, Space Monkey.”


“It’ll wear off in a few hours.”


Jack nodded and took Daniel’s arm again. “I’ll help you back to your lab.” Jack was wonderful. It was the way he guided Daniel back and set the tissue box right in Daniel’s lap once he got there. Wonderful. Helpful.


Daniel dipped his hand into the tissue box and helped himself to three at a time, feeling the congestion lessen each time he blew his nose. And then he grabbed the stone tablet on his desk to set to work on its translation. That part, Jack didn’t stick around for, of course. But by the time Daniel was done, he didn’t itch quite so much any more.