Title: Snow Drabble 5

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Stargate SG-1

Rating: PG13?

Pairings: Jack/Daniel

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue, please.

Summary: They're stuck inside and bored.

Word count: 500

Notes: More snow day drabble writings (2/24/05, 2/25/05, 2/26/05). As I'm not terribly fond of Jack & Daniel playing house fics, this nonetheless spilled out of me. Sorry about that.



Snow Drabble 5


      "What's it doing outside?" called Jack restlessly from bed.


     Daniel, with a cup of hot chocolate in each hand, took a detour from kitchen to bedroom to pass by the large glass windows in the living room. He started to reply, but a tickle in his nose delayed it. "ahhh-Chihhh!" He sniffed, relieved he hadn't spilled. "Remember P9X-274?" Daniel called back.


     Jack smiled at the memory. "Sure. White sand beaches, average temperature of eighty-five, bright sun, cloudless sky."


     "Well," Daniel paused in the doorway to the bedroom and leaned on a doorjamb. "Well, it's nothing like that. Think about the surface of P3R-118. Snow, ice, and fierce wind as far as the eye can see."


     Jack groaned and Daniel laughed. Jack opened his eyes, glaring at Daniel. "What's so funny?"


     Daniel shrugged and headed over. He sat down on the bed and waited for Jack to sit up before handing over one of the cups. "It's just that I've never known you to be so depressed about a vacation."


     Rolling his eyes and rubbing the bridge of his nose with thumb and forefinger, "Well, this is hardly fishing up north. This is snowed in and stuck inside. The satellite's out, the beer's gone, and I can't even enjoy you properly because of your cold. How is your cold, by the way?"


     Daniel shrugged again as he drank. Nothing went so well with a snowstorm as hot chocolate, but as the former continued, supplies of the latter were dwindling. "Do you remember how I was back on PK4-89?"


     "Was that where you were so sick you couldn't leave base camp and Teal'c had to carry you back to the gate? Or was that the one where your nose was stuffed-up, you mistranslated a few words, and we found ourselves at gunpoint?"


     "Neither," Daniel said. "The one where I had a cold and needed to go back earlier than planned."


     Jack sighed and spoke with sarcasm. "Don't know how I could have forgotten that. So eventful."




     Offhandedly, "Bless."


     "Thanks." Daniel reached for the box of tissues on the nightstand.


     "So... any guesses about when the snow will stop?"


     Daniel shrugged. "Remember PQ5-9747?"


     Another groan, though this one accompanied by a chuckle. "How long are you going to communicate in planet references?"


     Daniel gulped down the last of his hot chocolate and fell back upon the bed. "As long as we're unable to get back to work."


     With a sigh, "Bored too, are you?" He set his cup aside as well, and pulled Daniel closer. His hand slid beneath the black shirt, feeling warmth and making him smile. "Too bad we can't do anything about that."


     "Who says we can't?" Daniel sniffled and rubbed at his nose. He slid his glasses off. "Sure I have a bit of a cold. But don't you remember P4X-640?"


     Jack paused in thought as Daniel skillfully undid Jack's belt with one hand. "Was that the one...?"


     Grinning, Daniel nodded and slid his hand into Jack's jeans.