Title: Gift for Snowshie

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Stargate SG-1

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Rating: G/PG

Disclaimer: These characters and their world are as not mine as they could possibly get.

Summary: Daniel comes down sick and finds himself pushed around from one place to another.

Notes: Written for Snowshie for the winter holidays, 2004



Gift for Snowshie


     "We don't really need to go through all this," Daniel said as he pulled a handkerchief out from somewhere on his person. He usually carried a few in the pockets of his uniform, just in case he might encounter an unfamiliar allergen. This time on this planet, however, it was not an allergy. Daniel rubbed his handkerchief back and forth beneath his nose. "I mean, it's just a small cold. Chances are I picked it up from Earth any... anyway- ahhSchhhhhhhh!"


     Jack glanced over his shoulder. "Bless." But he did still go straight for the MALP as Sam dialed back home on the DHD. Daniel moved out of the way of the opening gate as well as the MALP so that he would not be seen sniffling and sneezing in the background of Jack's communication. It was bad enough that his condition would be discussed in great detail. He did not need everyone working at Stargate command watching him as well.


     The fact that Daniel already felt the need to sneeze again did not help matters. Daniel buried his nose in the folds of the handkerchief, drawing several breaths through the cloth. Then he pitched forward with sneezes. "ahh-EHSchhhhh! AhhhTChhhh!" He glanced around to see that the others were waiting for him to finish before starting the transmission back to Earth. Daniel quickly blew his nose.


     The gate was opened and Jack called over. General Hammond's voice traveled through the radio. "Is everything all right, SG-1?"


     Jack took off his hat and ran his hand through his hair as he nodded. He addressed the camera. "Daniel's got a bit of a bug, Sir. We're not so sure what it is or where he picked it up but we don't want to come back before he gets checked out, just to be safe. Think you can send somebody?"


     Daniel listened long enough to hear that they were sending a small team. Teal'c came over to stand by his side as Daniel fought against the most recent tickling sensation in his nose. He preferred not to sneeze while the transmission was still going on, but it did not take long for him to lose the fight. "hahhh-hehShhhhhhh! hehhSHIHhhhhh!" He wiped his nose then lowered his handkerchief to waist level, keeping it at the ready for the next sneezes. He looked up, meeting Teal'c's eyes and gave a sheepish but apologetic smile. "You would think I'd be used to sneezing in front of others by now."


     Teal'c spoke reasonably, which was quite comforting. "Whatever you have does not seem very serious, Daniel Jackson. I am sure it will not be long before we return home."


     Daniel was hopeful that might be the case. "If it wasn't for these military guidelines I would be." He knew perfectly well that they were beneficial to all. It might be devastatingly horrible to bring a virus from another world over into theirs.


     "Hey. Don't go knocking the military. You've got good healthcare," Jack said, coming over to stand beside the two of them as the gate flushed outwards and several Stargate medics came out wearing protective suits. "Little scary looking of course, but good."


     Daniel sighed and looked warily at the equipment they had brought with them.


     "I'm sure they just want to check you out thoroughly here before we head back," Jack told him with much more inflection in his voice than Teal'c but not even half as much reassurance.


     "I was hoping you wouldn't say that," Daniel said worriedly as the team of doctors in the bulky yellow plastic suits headed straight for him. Overwhelmed, Daniel sat down on a nearby rock. He was shivering a bit more now that the sun was going down and the two moons on the planet were rising.


     There were pokes and prods, blood drawn and tests preformed. They checked the other SG-1 members as well, but concentrated on Daniel. Daniel tried his best to keep his sneezes to a minimum, especially as the doctors sat rather close and watched him even more closely.


     "HIHShhhh! hahhShuhh! hahhTchhh!" Daniel snuffled into his handkerchief and folded it out of habit. He looked up and watched the small beeping and whirring machines the doctors had brought with them.


     Jack sat down on the rock beside Daniel and patted his back. Daniel leaned into the touch, and Jack's warmth. "Shouldn't take much longer," Jack told him.


     One of the doctors came over to them just then. "Seems like you just have a cold. We can't find any reason to keep you here. But Dr. Fraser will probably want to keep you in the infirmary for a while just to be sure it's nothing too contagious or dangerous. I doubt you'll even need to be in isolation."


     Daniel nodded with resolve. "I expected as much." He groaned when he stood up and waited for them to dial back to Earth again. Resisting the urge to lean against Jack, and not wanting to find out what would happen if he sneezed just as he stepped through the stargate, Daniel cleared his throat and stood up straight as he crossed through.


     Thanks to his head cold, the journey back seemed terribly draining. On the other side, in the gateroom, Daniel felt his legs give way before he could stop them and he would have hit the metal ramp had Sam and Jack not grabbed hold on his arms on either side and held him up. Before he knew what was happening, he found himself ushered through the halls and helped up onto a bed in the infirmary. "It's just a little cold bug," he insisted as his head sunk into the comfortable pillow.


     "Nonetheless," Jack said, gently clapping him on the back, "You need to take it easy. Got it, Daniel?"


     Daniel nodded and looked around at his other team members. He had seen them look worried before, and this wasn't worried. Slightly concerned, perhaps. Even that was not an expression he liked to see, especially as he was sure this really was just a cold. "You all don't need to wait around for Dr. Fraser to examine me." They departed with well wishes and Jack gave him an affectionate hair ruffle for good measure.


     Several tests and a nap or two later, Daniel woke to find himself still in the infirmary but with several blankets draped over him and his boots removed. He smiled as he saw Sam heading toward him from the far end of the infirmary. He propped himself up on an elbow and scooted back to make room for her on his bed. Against the white beds and machines lining the walls, Sam stood out with her blond hair and her green and black uniform.


     And her bright, comforting smile. "Hey, Daniel. You look a little better. Did you get a good sleep?" She hopped up and sat down on the side of the bed beside him.


     He nodded. He would have preferred being in his own bed back home, but he was used to sleep being hard to come by and he wasn't complaining about getting some. "Still feeling rather sneezy," he admitted, rubbing at his nose. He had been given a full box of tissues which he was ready to make good use of now. Not awake more than a few minutes and his nose was again tickling. "And a little lonely, I guess."


     Her expression showed that she knew he was glad to see her, but she also knew who else he wanted to see. "Colonel O'Neill's in a meeting with Hammond at the moment. He said he came by earlier when you were asleep and he didn't want to wake you."


     Daniel had expected as much. Visits from his friends and being woken periodically to take decongestants seemed to be the only things to interrupt his simply lying in an infirmary bed for hours on end. His friends could at least have had the decency to wake him and try to engage him in conversation. Or more, especially where Jack was concerned.


     At least he had been awake for Sam's visit. "Well, I brought you a few books and that tablet we found on the planet," she said, holding them up. "I don't know if you feel up to working..." She sounded very doubtful now.


     But Daniel looked eager. He took them at once and flipped through one of the books, wondering how she had managed to bring the few books that he had needed to work on the translations. There was no telling how long she must have looked through his shelves and stacks in order to locate these. "Thanks so much, Sam. I definitely needed something to do."


     She smiled and rubbed his arm through the blankets. "I know I like keeping myself busy when I'm not feeling so hot. I figured you might like to work on the tablet, especially if you're stuck here."


     He smiled back appreciatively, but still reached for the tissues. He extracted several at a time and cupped them to his face, turning away from both her and the tablet. "h'CHHH! hahhPHSHhhhh!" As though in some sort of routine, he blew his nose and then dropped the tissues over the side of the bed into the trashcan beside. Then he pulled a few more out so he would be ready for the next sneezes. "Sorry."


     She stroked his arm in a way that told him she didn't mind. "Do you need anything else? I'd be happy to pick something up for you before I headed home. Or if I can stop by your place and get something on my way back."


     "You're going home?" he asked, sounding slightly jealous.


     Sam nodded. "Just for the night. I'll stop in and see you in the morning."


     "You won't find him here," Janet Fraser said, rounding the corner with a file in one hand and a thermometer in the other.


     Daniel's face brightened. "You're letting me go home?"


     She shook her head. "I'm afraid you'll need to stay on the base a little while longer. Just to be sure there aren't any complications."


     He sighed. "I was afraid you'd say that."


     Janet smiled. "Look, I'm pretty positive that this is nothing more than a cold. But there's no reason for you to stay here. You can go crash in one of the bunk rooms if you'd rather." Daniel sat up, eager to go. Not only were the bunks much more familiar and comfortable, they were private. "Let me just check your temperature once more first, all right?"


     He chuckled and nodded, relaxing again. He looked back over at Sam, who stood. "Thanks for bringing these by, Sam. I think I've got everything I need, though."


     She nodded back. "Feel better, Daniel. Call me if you change your mind."


     Daniel waited for the beep from the thermometer Janet had stuck in his ear. Then she checked his eyes, mouth, and nose. The latter made his nose tickle a little, but he didn't sneeze until she'd backed away to scribble something on the chart.


     "hahSISHHHH! HIHSchhhh! Sniff!" He blew his nose and crumpled up the tissue as he dropped it into the trashcan with the others. He cleared his throat. "Sorry. Everything all right?"


     Janet smiled. "Apart from the obvious, yes, everything's fine. You can take off. But stay on base, all right?"


     Daniel nodded and got up, gathering the tablet and books up as well. He swayed unsteadily on the spot, cupping a hand to his face. "h'CHSHHHH!" He sniffled and picked up the tissue box.


     "Yes, you'd better take that as well," Janet said, nodding towards the tissue box. "I'll make sure someone stops by to see you're taken care of."


     Daniel took off at once, sniffling and heading straight to one of rooms. Once there, he stripped off his uniform until he was only in boxers and a white t-shirt. Then he slipped beneath the covers. The sheets were crisp and white. The blankets were heavy, grey, and made of wool. They made him itch, but he was used to folding the sheet over the top so he wouldn't touch the blankets themselves. And while Daniel was anxious to get started on the translations, he barely had enough time to take his glasses off and set them on top of the books on the floor beside the bunk before he fell back to sleep.


     It was Jack who came in to see him the next day. He brought with him a bottle of juice and a box of tissues. He raised an eyebrow and cocked his head a little to see Daniel lounging in bed with books spread out across it. "This is you taking it easy?"


     Daniel held up a book which seemed to be one of the thinner ones. "Just some light translating work. You don't see me in my office, do you?"


     "Guess not," said Jack, chuckling. "But this wouldn't be the first time I've found you working in bed. This translation is hardly crucial, and I can think of better things for you to be doing right now. Like going home and getting some rest." Jack sat down on the side of the bed and brushed his hand against Daniel's cheek, then ran his hand through Daniel's hair. "I stopped by Doc Fraser's. She said you're fine to leave the base."


     Daniel's face brightened again. "Oh, how I was looking forward to hearing that!"


     Jack smiled back. "Though, ah, you might need some supervision. Just to be sure there are no complications, you know."


     Quickly, Daniel closed his book. "Well that sounds like a good idea. I could probably use some help getting home anyway. I can't manage to go five minutes without sneezing."


     Jack's eyebrows rose again. "Really?" He glanced at his watch. "Because I've been here nearly that long and--"


     "hahh... hahhhTShhhhh! hahSIHSHHH!" Daniel blew his nose in a way that easily proved his point.


     "Got it," Jack said with a nod. "And bless you." Then he motioned for Daniel to get up. It took a few moments for Daniel to get up and about. Jack returned the tablet and books to Daniel's office and returned with clothes from Daniel's locker. By the time he'd pulled on the black turtleneck and green pants Daniel was feeling a bit more awake and steady on his feet. He still felt a bit sneezy, though, and took with him what was left of the box of tissues from the infirmary as well as the box Jack had brought. Both the tissues and the juice turned out to be nice comforts on the drive home.


     Though he was not feverish, Daniel was tired. And while he was awake and aware of going from the base over to his apartment, it all seemed like a series of hazy events. From the car ride to the walk up the several flights to showering and changing into pajamas before climbing into his bed.


     It, too, felt familiar but was infinitely more comfortable than the standard bunk had been. The sheets were blue cotton and soft to the touch. The blankets were light but thick. He curled up on his side at once and felt them being tucked around him. Then the bed dipped behind him and he knew Jack had sat down upon it. "Jack," he whispered softly.


     Jack slid up behind Daniel and wrapped an arm around him over the blankets. "Shhh, Danny-boy. SG-1's got an unscheduled leave of absence until you get better and I intended to..." and he emphasized this part, "enjoy the opportunity fully."


     Daniel turned his head, smiling rather slyly back at Jack. "Oh yeah?"


     Grinning, Jack started to nod. But he stopped when he saw Daniel needed to sneeze again. Daniel turned his head and cupped his hand to his nose and mouth. "hahhShuhhh! hahhChihhhhhh! Shishhhhh! Uhhh..." he sighed.


     Jack reached over and dropped a box of tissues in front of Daniel in bed. "Yeah. But I think some things will have to wait until you stop sneezing." Still reaching over Daniel in bed, he pulled out several tissues and eased them into Daniel's hand.


     Wishing he hadn't ruined the moment, Daniel rubbed at his nose and snuffled into the tissues. But he felt Jack hugging him from behind, and felt Jack's hand running through his hair. Daniel sighed appreciatively. "So you're going to stick around and wait for my cold to pass?"


     Jack nodded and eased Daniel's glasses off with one hand. With care, he folded them and placed them on the nightstand. Then he continued to run his fingers through the soft brown hair. "I'm not going anywhere."


     Daniel continued to smile as he closed his eyes. "I was really hoping you would say that."