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Fanfiction: Pirates of the Caribbean

Title & Ratings Description & Information
A Pirate's Night Will Turner comes down with a cold after a bout with a thunderstorm or two and spends a night reflecting and sneezing, the poor lad.
Blacksmiths, Bravery, and Benevolence A story basically in two parts. Part 1 deals with Will returning with the governor and Elizabeth, then becoming a blacksmith's apprentice. Part 2 follows him on one atypical day as a blacksmith's apprentice with a head cold. The two parts really do go together in spirit, I promise. But they are very different.
Sea Dogs Coming off a routine raid, Jack gets a little hurt. And Will, who's attempting to use Jack to connect to his pirate roots, makes some progress though he's not the only one who learns a thing or two.
Short Tale of the Nose-less Pirate Will's sneezing and Jack decides a short story's in order. Written for the SF Winter Holiday Callenge.
Leaving Will's a bit disappointed about being sick, but doesn't want Jack to leave.
Stranded Jack and Will are stranded on a deserted island. Will's miserable, and only gets more so by Jack's blasé attitude.
To the Ship Jack has his reasons for wanting to head back to sea.
Unexpected Circumstances Will meets up with Jack for some fun but an unexpected allergy gets in the way.
I'll Have to Go to You Then Jack wants to get a sick Will back into bed. 500-word drabble
2005 Gift for Silverelf Jack has a cold and Will has a bit of a weakness for that. Written as a gift fic for Silverelf during the 2005 holiday season.
Talk Like a Pirate Sick Jack & Will fluff
Gift for Pnkelephante 2006 Jack has a cold and a case of indecision