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Weiss KreuzWolf's Rain
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Reasonable Requests
Dee gets sick and Ryo does his best to make him feel better. Written after I requested boykissing requests.
Gift for Gayle
Ryo comes down with a cold during a time of year he's already not especially fond of. Luckily, he doesn't have to suffer alone for too long.
Plans and Progress
Dee, as usual, comes up with a plan to get into Ryo's bed and his pants. Literally this time.
Isn't it Romantic
Shuichi does catch a cold after Yuki kicks him out one night. But Yuki's weakness for the younger man brings them both to bed in the end.
Winding Down
Ryuichi has a concert, K has the sneezes.
Gift for Aimee
Feeling sick, Tatsuha practically invites himself into his brother's place, looking for a little comfort.
Gift for Ren
Inuyasha comes down with a little sniffle and the others all look after him, much to his displeasure. But as he actually has a pretty bad cold, he doesn't really mind the care quite as much as he pretends to.
Weiss Kreuz-
Not Far Behind
The boys return from a mission, tired and cold, but none more-so than poor Ken.
Weiss Kreuz-
Short Farfarello and Nagi drabble
Weiss Kreuz-
The More Things Change...
In the midst of mission turmoil, Ken comes down with a cold and starts longing for the way things used to be.
Weiss Kreuz-
Snow Drabble 1
Excuses, excuses, excuses... and a little playfulness
Weiss Kreuz-
Mission Complications
Weiss has a mission and must cope with the fact that colds spread fairly easily when boys work and live together
Weiss Kreuz-
2005 Gift for Magictoes11
Because of a cold, Ken's stuck manning the shop while others are off on a mission. Written as a gift fic for Magictoes11 during the 2005 holiday season.
Weiss Kreuz-
Gift for Ren 2007
Aya is not immune to the cold making its way through Weiss, much as he would like to have been. Luckily, the others don't have to know that.
Wolf's Rain-
Finding Paradise
Short short short practice ficlet with a sneezey Kiba and a snuggley little Hige.
Wolf's Rain-
Lunch Date
Short ficlette in which Hubb and Cher have a lunch date to discuss Hubb's side case about the wolves.
Witch Hunter Robin-
Still they search. But for what, is the question. This is just a short little fic that explores Amon... and his relationship with Robin
Yuri On Ice-
5. Manipulate
Yuuri needs a reason to stop practicing. Part of my More Drabbles project.
Yuri On Ice-
It Takes Practice
Yuuri practices taking care of a sick Victor.